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  1. All tubes are NOS Mullard - I asked the guy I buy tubes from for “the most tube sounding , non-solid state” combo I could get. He recommended the Mullards from the Blackburn plant. This combo really improve the Tubecube 7 well beyond what I expected. Unfortunately the Mullards cost close to what the amp does. Worth it, YES.
  2. My sub is a KSW15 and has low level RCA ins and outs. The RCA outs are filterable at 50 or 80Hz. So nothing below 80Hz going to Tubecube 7 Tidal —> iPhone —> DAC —> Sub —>TC7 —> Heresy
  3. I have a Tubecube 7 that has NOS Mullard EL84s and 12AX7. Playing through a pair of Heresy speakers and a subwoofer it sounds pretty amazing. Has a great 3D sound stage and good cymbal coverage. The sub picks up the lower frequencies as the Tubecube is 3.5 watts per channel. Using a iFi DAC and iPhone for tunes. Have taken this setup on vacation with RB51ii bookshelf speakers, fits in a medium size bin. Really is a nice sounding amp and not a fan of the SINO tubes that come with it, amp really came alive when NOS Mullards installed.
  4. @rplace thank you for the picture of your setup and really enjoying the thoughts and conversation on this thread today. Must admit you have me interested in open baffle now. 🙂
  5. While I do subscribe to the “Tim the tool man” approach - more power - I am courteous as to when you will drive the speakers with 2200 watts. I have done PA work for many years and have used 2000 watts to fill a large area which did not translate well to the home environment. On a side note I tried a Crown 1500, first version of amp, on the bass bins and was disappointed in the sound stage at home, very flat, same with main speakers in PA use. The 1500 does work well as a subwoofer amp and is powering the 1502 sub I have. Since you have the XLS 1002, third version of that amp, are you happy with the sound quality?
  6. I went through something like this with the Jubilee bass bins. The McIntosh amps, 200w per channel x2 at 8 ohms, I have are not capable of bridging with the two woofers in the bass bin so I asked Roy about running each woofer with a separate channel of the same amp. Not speaking for Roy on your question, he told me I had other issues and he did not recommend the 2 channel approach. Essentially 200w was plenty for the bass bin at home. I experimented with speaker position which did make it better. Chris A did help me with the DSP part. I was having lack of bass issues and was trying to use what I had to fix it - 2 of those Mac amps so trying to figure out how to bridge or use 2 channels on each bass bin. End result was speaker position and then adding a 1502. is there a problem you are trying to fix?
  7. McIntosh MC240 is another great choice. I like it better than the Fisher’s mentioned above.
  8. Thank you, will give it a try.
  9. Please put the 20 Hz PEQ settings in this thread as I am interested in trying them. Also agree, that is not a mid-bass cabinet.
  10. RIP. Loved him as Chang, the Klingon nemesis of Star Trek VI: The Undiscovered Country.
  11. The best center channel speaker for a Forte IV is a Forte IV, the best for a Cornwall IV is another Cornwall IV. I went down this path with the Chorus II when talking to Chief Bonehead - he said another Chorus II for the center is best. So I not holding my breath on the center channel speaker. As for subwoofer I recommend a 1502. Tried non-horn loaded sub’s with fully horn loaded speakers and was never satisfied - like adding mud when using a direct radiating sub. Admittedly I mostly listen to music and in stereo, have a separate home theater system for movies. P.S. Yes I know Chorus II’s are not fully horn loaded.
  12. it's bigger - it's wider-it's heavier - ‘From the video it looks like significant changes / improvements to both the high and low frequency sections. Really looking forward to a demo of the new Jubilees.
  13. Oh, all except my subwoofer amp are McIntosh which have sounded great on all Klipsch speakers I own. Subwoofer amp is by Crown.
  14. Also important is the type of music you listen to. I have been happy with 3.5 watts for quiet listening and then ran 600 watts per channel for rock / metal. Most of my listening is at lower volume these days so 30/40 tube watts to 300 solid state watts. Actual power usage typically below 20 watts on a tri-amp 3way system system. And below 10 watts on the Chorus II’s.
  15. When the show started it said “Batman - In Color” Not at my house, dad waited for the B&W TV to die before getting the RCA XL100 color set. Big difference for Batman show. Alfred was my favorite, some episodes he was Batman as Bruce Wayne had to appear at the same time as Batman.
  16. Really enjoying this thread as I am curious about other DAC options. I do need to consider MQA as I use Tidal. Things being what they are I am limited in my ability to purchase the more expensive DACs so looking more for good price/performance. Thanks for all the info.
  17. I have an nano iDSD LE for portable use and an nano iOne running my Jubilees. Must admit I like the iOne. Problem is these are the only ones I have heard.
  18. Also you could install a battery disconnect to stop the drain. We have those on our drag car as well in case of accident.
  19. I am not the expert........ if I did this I would use the same “Group” size batteries, either two parallel 12volt batteries or two pair of 6volt batteries with each pair wired in series and then wire the two 6volt pairs in parallel. My thinking on this is when charging the batteries there will be equal distribution and charge levels and equal load when starting. I used to work on 1980s electric cars, kind of like a golf cart but more batteries and enclosed. On the other hand you could get a battery tender to keep the battery charged, I use one on my drag car since I don’t drive it much. They are made with solar panels as well.
  20. Bob helped me with many speaker questions, I will miss him. RIP
  21. Is anybody using iFi DACs? I’m happy with the two I have.
  22. I have heard the EL84M's are recommended and have many good reviews, certainly less expensive. I worked with the guy I buy tubes from and asked for the most "tube" sound possible - hence the Mullards. So am thinking either are a great choice. Wife did notice the change going from Sino to Mullard and commented without being asked - amazing how much a different brand of tubes can make.
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