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  1. I really hate the kind of finish they decided on for the front of it. Ick is all I have to say....
  2. They're actually 7 inch drivers, but all the other info is correct. The bass extension is exceptional. While they're obviously not as loud as RF-5's, they have better low end extension (I don't need a sub at all with them, except for things like pomps and pipes). They're a bit more laid back, but I kind of like that. I used better crossover components than those found in the factor models, so the mid and high detail is a little bit better. JT, thanks for mentioning the bigger old mcintosh amps...somehow I had completel yforgotten they existed [:$]
  3. It's a McIntosh MC-2105. I used to think it's 105 watts per channel was plenty, but with the proacs and their lowly 88 db sensitivity, I'm thinking not. I'll probably upgrade to something with a bit more authority sooner or later (though I do really like how the mac sounds).
  4. Hey now, I'm only 17. I still have a little while before I become a true parasite.
  5. Over the long weekend, I finally got around to putting the finishing touches on my DIY Proac Response 2.5's...What can I say but amazing? Though for home theatre I'd give the edge to the old RF-5's, due to the efficiency and sheer power, for music, hands down Proacs...They sound absolutely incredible. They don't look bad with the red maple either. Unfortunately as I'm typing this, I'm starting to think about upgrading my preamp and amp...oh well, what can you do.
  6. ?<?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?>More likely to skipLess likely to skipNo difference
  7. Thanks... It is tuned to 31 hz. I have the promedia 2.1's and it absolutely destroys the sub in that system, and based on what I have heard of the 5.1 sub (my friend owns that system) it does the same with that. One however, must take into account that it cost about $200 for just the parts, and you don't get any satilites, amps for those sats and whatever else. Because I tuned it so low and in such a large enclosure, it's not particularily loud, but it makes up for this in cleanliness, as well as low end extension. The RSW-15 is definitely superior, but this sub actually sounds much more neutral/flat, and is just as enjoyable to listen to for music (which is where it is needed). This computer setup is used for mixing/recording music.
  8. A shot that better shows the sub with the rest of the components....
  9. It's a quatro indeed. Not a bad sub at all for the money.
  10. Just got back from my cabin and took a few pictures...
  11. I'm really happy with it. It's definitely not the loudest thing around, but it's very tuneful/accurate and plays quite low. You are correct, I think that might have been my first post in a good 5 or 6 months.
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