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  1. https://www.facebook.com/marketplace/item/283067097352164/
  2. I have a buddy in sub station design that will take a go at it. But while the topic is up I do have $1300 set aside for tube gear right now. That will go on the La Scalas. Any recommendations?
  3. There are certainly some geranium. In the left side of the unit there is what I believe to be a headphone amp with RCA geraniums. The amp has the same on top of the unit. I have wired foot switches on guitar pedals and built pedal kits but those always had schematics.
  4. Still some gremlins to work out but I have pots cleaned and a decent grasp of the crossover. The horns sure are the shining star here. Reproduction of voice is excellent. Amp is working well. It has 4 channels and 4 RCA input. One high and low on each channel. The crossover has one set of inputs and a high and low out for each channel. I think one of my current issues is with the A B stereo switch. One side of the pre is louder than the other. I think I will have to send it to a tech...
  5. Just before bed I brought them up slowly on my Variac. I only got a few minutes in. it all lives! I have some cleaning to do on the pots and connections. I will report back.
  6. I always appreciate and seriously consider advice of all sorts. At the end of the day you have to go with your own gut.
  7. I am surprised to see the prices. I don't think I have the heart to take these apart. I will have to take care of it for him.
  8. The pre, amp and power supply are made on a bread board with 60s parts. As I understand the maker or the speakers made all of these components. No labels or volume control on the amp or supply. The labeling on the pre is a worn waterslide and still has the pencil marks for the hole alignment. All the labels on the back pencil led too. The bottoms are plexi on the amp and supply. Gut shot of the pre.
  9. The 4 Jensen's are Flexair 15" 3015D03-H1
  10. Here are the horns. Driver Reads JBL LE85. 16ohm. It's dark blue and has a red wax like substance crusted on the screws. Horns make a downward bend.
  11. I took a gamble and there is a mess of components and such in my jam room. I believe I have a preamp, Power amp with power supply , crossover and a ???. Also have two additional Jensen 15s and boxes of transformers and other parts. I was told it was running not long ago. The man who built all this worked at the University of Michigan and was some sort of computer engineer. He passed on at 88 years recently. The power amp has 4 sets of banana connecters one for each HF and LF. They are not marked. There are 4 RCA jacks that are also not marked. Luckily the black box that I believe is a crossover still has the HF and LF RCAs connected and they are different lengths. I hope I can get this man's system running. I was only expecting a set of speakers.
  12. https://www.facebook.com/marketplace/item/687799992560756/?ref=facebook_story_share
  13. A good bit of it is curiosity. I do also enjoy they way they look. Would fit in well with my 57' modern home. My experience with speakers is limited to the La Scalas I picked up two months ago, a sellers home made 2-3/4 walled home made speakers and disposable junk such as 80s-90s boom boxes. These would no be for my main listening area. Maybe my inexperience is showing here. They could be complete junk and a far cry from the quality I get from the La Scala right? Many thanks to everyone that has taken the time to search and weigh in. Pretty cheap for end tables though right?
  14. These are for sale at $200 close to home. Cabinets look nice. From sellers other items they come from someone's 1960s home and look to be around 32" tall with a 12" speaker. Any idea on their origin? Thank you
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