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  1. Big Technics amp

    I’m posting this for my nephew. He just had his trailer and mower stolen Saturday and sadly he has to sell all of his gear to replace them. This is a mammoth amp quite rare and is in superb condition. He’d be willing to ship but, at this time have no idea the packaged weight or shipping cost. He’s in west Georgia and would be willing to deliver within a reasonable distance. https://atlanta.craigslist.org/wat/ele/d/technics-soild-state-amp/6509983191.html
  2. Big Technics amp

    Price change bump 1050
  3. Big Technics amp

  4. Hey guys, So a couple weeks ago I was fighting with a pair of kg5.2 and the old woofer crackle thing that a thousand people have had trouble with. I reglued surround, dust cover and cone to the spider and....,nothing still there but, only when driven hard. So I chalked it up to my Sansui 7070 clipping because my st-70 plays them fine but, doesn’t push the woofers near as hard. So I promised I’d never buy another pair of the newer kgs, well guess what I lied!! Picked up a pair of kg 5.5 and what a shocker these do the exact same thing. I beefed up all the internal wiring and that didn’t solve anything, so my big question is can those old electrolytic caps cause this problem? I don’t mind ordering some and putting them in I just don’t want to waste my time and money if it’s not going to resolve the problem. Oh yea on the 5.2 I reglued the rear panel that nearly blew off while playing them, must’ve been a glue shortage in Hope Arkansas the years the kgs were built because whoever woulda thought that a tiny bead of hot glue would hold these things together, but that didn’t resolve the problem either. Frustrating!! Help please!! thanks, Mark
  5. Chorus for $300 in Tampa, FL

    Looks like the Chorus have been removed from the list.
  6. Woofer snap,crackle,pop... wth?

    Absolutely, even the kg4 can beat it down with no problems. I will whisper quietly and say the the lines after that just don’t have the same build quality of the heritage and extended heritage lines. Have you seen the 22guage wire used in them? Sheesh! and i already mentioned the glue issue.
  7. Big Technics amp

    Saturday bump, this is listed on the auction site now but, price still stands here. Will ship now, Packaged weight is 50lbs and 18x18x14. buyer cover all PP fees. These are rare to find in the US and if they come up they go for a lot more than 1,100. thanks!
  8. Woofer snap,crackle,pop... wth?

    Yea I can see where that could be the problem and crazy thing is the guy I bought them from had a 7070 and he said they were doing the same thing. They don’t do it off my other amp but, the tube amp doesn’t push the woofers to the excursion that the Sansui does. I have to be honest that it’s usually past 50% volume before they start to crackle too. I’ve just read tons of past posts about people having this problem with the kg_._line and have a hard time believing that everybody’s got faulty amps. So you don’t think the old xover caps could be the problem? That’s the only thing I didn’t do on the 5.2s. Thanks Ron.
  9. Maybe my wife is right

    Idk, I hadn’t really thought about selling mine but, a guy I know was gonna buy an old st-70 for 750 and I told him I’d sell my B.L. vta st-70 for 700. So he thinks he wants it but he had to put new tweets and xovers in his Lascala so he’s put me on hold till he gets more money together.
  10. Maybe my wife is right

    Well, I haven’t advertised my Bob Latino st-70 but, there is someone very interested in it so it might be time to switch things up. This technics is an impressive and quite gorgeous amp but, he needs to move it ASAP to replace his mower and trailer that was stolen last week. Frame looks awesome too. You are the man of a thousand projects, 😁.
  11. Maybe my wife is right

    Hey Jerry, I figure you might be looking for tubes but my nephew is selling a massive Technics amp I think it’s rated at 160/ch. if your interested he just lives in Carrollton about an hour from you. Cornwalls look phenomenal by the way! Mark
  12. I bought these with the intentions of building baby Cornwalls but, have decided not to start a new project right now. These have k-700 horns and type e crossovers. All original internals, I’d rate them 7-8 cosmetically, no water stains or busted corners. One side has a chip about the size of a pea, they look like they’ve been poly coated. Really want to sale but, would consider trades for either other vintage Klipsch (I can throw some cash in for the right trade) or integrated tube amp in excellent or restored condition( no projects😬) willing to meet within 50 miles of 30187, or I we can figure out shipping. I can accept PayPal friend payment. Thanks, Mark
  13. Big Technics amp

    I’m headed to Nashville, that’s closer. 😂
  14. Big Technics amp

    That’s good to know. No plans to travel to Charleston but, if it hasn’t sold in a week or so, a road trip might be in order.
  15. Big Technics amp

    Yes Mcintosh is his too. I think he said someone was buying today.
  16. Sold 1982 Hersey hbr consecutive sold

    Bump 495, slight price increase due to buying foam board and boxes to ship. They are roughly 55lbs each when packaged. I will charge actual shipping cost and I recommend insurance. Send me your zip code and I can get a shipping estimate or if you have a FedEx/ups account that you get a discount with then we can use that. Thanks!
  17. Chorus II Arizona

    https://rover.ebay.com/rover/0/0/0?mpre=https%3A%2F%2Fwww.ebay.com%2Fulk%2Fitm%2F273064216885 Good deal for somebody in the Southwest.
  18. Sold 1982 Hersey hbr consecutive sold

    Bump for Price drop 485 firm.
  19. Chorus II Arizona

    What’s crazy is someone just contacted me about a kef center channel I’m selling. In conversation the guy mentions that he noticed I’m a Klipsch fan and that he had a pair of Chorus II on eBay for sale...it was this guy! Talking about a small world. Too bad shipping would be ridiculous because we’d have just about an even trade. My chorus are in my basement on my secondary system basically like your talking about doing. Forte I just hanging out right now and Forte II in my main system. I think it’s a killer deal if they go less than 500$. Good luck! Mark
  20. Sold 1982 Hersey hbr consecutive sold

    I was advised to detail the rest of the components inside. These contain k-77-m tweeters, k-52-h mid drivers k700 horns, k-22-e square magnet woofers and type E crossovers. I put polyfill inside and some gasket material to seal the back panels too, that has to be worth a few hundred dollars! 😆 Thanks Larry, Mark
  21. Sold 1982 Hersey hbr consecutive sold

    Crap! I’m sorry, totally forgot that part. 500$
  22. Elevated Klipsch Models.

    Hey Ski Bum, I like those stands! But, that link is no good. What brand are they? Thanks,
  23. I have a friend that is giving me a set of Cornwall 1, he has robbed the mid and highs out of them so I’ll be getting the cabinets, k33 woofers and the b2 crossovers. I’m looking for opinions on what I should do from here. Do I just put some oem Klipsch mid and highs in them. Do I use some upgrades from crites or fastrac or do I go off the rails and build some Corscalas out of them...maybe Ds? Also these are black birch so not as collectible and not as necessary to keep all original. I’d appreciate your opinions.Thanks,Mark
  24. Cornwalls rebuild or mod?

    Ok, so mids are in route. Still need to decide on highs but, I've narrowed that down to just a few. Now is it only necessary to change the squaker to a B3 or do I need to completely change the crossover to a B3? Thanks jjptkd.
  25. Cornwalls rebuild or mod?

    Just ran across a pair of k-61-k drivers and horns from a set of Forte II for a good price. Would it make sense to use these in the corns?