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  1. Seem to be stacking up deaths of mostly younger men, I mean too young to be dying out of the blue. Call me a conspiracy theorist, but dang it this is coincidental!
  2. I have a set of volti horns but they definitely will not fit in Cornwall cabinets. I think with a little modding the fastlane’s will be awesome.
  3. Does anybody know if Dave’s fastlane 400 horns would fit in Cornwall cabinets? Obviously I’d have to cut the motorboards, wondering about the depth, height and width.
  4. Does the room have any acoustic treatment? One of the best investments you can make. This may not be your current issue, but you’ll never hear your speakers properly without wall treatments. Easy experiment is hanging moving blankets(harbor freight) on the walls and especially over that bay window.
  5. I recently got a pair of MAHL and de-10 for my chorus ii. I had been hesitant because I knew they were slightly hotter than the k-79 and my ears are pretty sensitive to overly bright speakers. Now I don’t listen to music at ear bleeding levels but definitely moderate levels. I really haven’t noticed them being to bright, actually they sound so much cleaner than the k-79 with or without titanium diaphragms that they are just much more listenable. I do run a full tube system which I think helps, but that’s just my experience. And yes, I knew the aluminum was going to be a distraction since I always run my chorus without grills, so I painted them satin black. My cabinets are in need of refinishing, but I’ve been considering a nice veneer instead of going back black.
  6. @geoff. can you expound on this. So, you could build a crossover for Chorus ii based around the T2a instead of T5a? Would doing this cause you to reuse the pcb or would you build it on a breadboard without the pcb? I recapped my Chorus ii a few years ago, but I didn’t go crazy with boutique caps and I just went back electrolytic on the woofer, they sound great, but curiosity still looms. Thanks, Mark
  7. Would be “SOLD” already if they were on the Rightcoast!
  8. Madman1


    What’s your location? @Wrench
  9. It went pending in a flash.
  10. Oh yes, global cooling..I mean…global warming…I mean “climate change”. Sorry, I got confused with all of the name changes as the hysterical globalists continue to pivot…follow the money.
  11. Just wanted to chime back in to say I installed the k55v soldered lug and “301?” Horn in my chorus ii a while back. Did an a/b first and wasn’t sure I was going to like it. The midrange was definitely less in your face and I thought a bit too laid back, but once I installed both and listened for a while I was really happy with the results. It is a little more laid back, but seems to blend really nice and I don’t notice anything shouting or shrillness ad nothing stands out or draws your attention. I actually ended up toeing them in a little more and they sound wonderful. I haven’t run rew so all I’m describing is my personal experience. Would love to update the diaphragms in the k55v or try the a55g but right now I’m happy with the results.
  12. I worked in Fayetteville area for 2 months back in 2020. The fayettville, Springdale, Rogers and Bentonville areas are really nice. They make sure to tell you they live in Nwa..northwest Arkansas, as not to confuse that area with the rest of Arkansas. No offense to anyone living elsewhere in Arkansas, but this area is definitely not what you think of when you think of Arkansas. They are at the foothills of the Ozark mountains and you might think you’re in Tennessee at times. Really enjoyed my time there and could see it being a great place to live.
  13. Madman1


    Just glad your casa is a long ways from mi casa! Dang I’m good at Spanish!
  14. Hahaha! Hold on, not funny!
  15. Well, nice speakers, but they are gonna suffer from the lack of quality that is obviously your preamp/amplifier. I wouldn’t even hook them up. I’ll take that C11 off your hands and save you a lot of unnecessary pain and suffering. Deal?
  16. Bump and open to trades. Looking for a pair of Dave’s LMAHL.
  17. GO DAWGS!! Sick em! 😁
  18. I upgraded/recapped my crossovers a few years back. Just wasn’t sure about the difference in sensitivity of the 2 mid drivers.
  19. Would a crossover modification be needed to incorporate the a55g? I have soldered lug k55v and 301 threaded horns, but if I remember the k-61-k driver is a little hotter than the other 2. Am I wrong? duh..I just seen @DonH post.
  20. Actually I’m kinda of a idiot because I have some 510 horns and still ordered the Zxpc. I didn’t know the Zxpc was a 510 clone, I thought the 510 was only designed for 2-way use and I’d need to go with a dsp to use it. Maybe I’ll get the 510s out and attempt an a/b to the Zxpc. Also have some wood volti horns but I don’t have the right mounting plate for the 2” driver. I’m gonna try and swing by Volti next week and get what I need, they’re really sweet horns , but again won’t fit in the Cornwall cabinet.
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