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  1. Congrats. I’ve got one of these that I plan to list soon. Waited because I didn’t want to step on your toes, somebody who might be looking for one can pm me. Identical with a few extra tubes.
  2. Probably better built than the mdf that came on mine. 🤨
  3. The Latino is definitely a different animal than a set. I had his 70 and his 120, I just couldn’t find the right combo with the preamps I tried. I have found that I like a “colored” or “bloom” sound and I wasn’t able to get the combination right. Preamps have a lot of influence in the final results. I'm sure you will enjoy the Jolida.
  4. They both are push pull el84 output tubes.
  5. Well...shew! The sca-35 is an integrated amplifier so preamp/amp in one unit. St-35 is a stand alone amp. Dave Gillespie is a brilliant engineer that has designed some really cool modifications for some of the older Dynacos. Efb= Enhanced Fixed Bias which means you can manually adjust the bias/voltage on your tubes. It’s easier on the tubes and makes the amp more efficient as well as improves the power and reduces the distortion. Now my limited understanding of switching the output boards is that you can reduce the gain, but these now use a 12ax7 tube opposed to a nearly obsolete 7199. Also think the sca boards were made to work with tone controls the st-35 weren’t. (Tone controls have been removed from the circuit of this sca)
  6. Any interest in a Dynaco sca-35 with Dave Gillespie efb upgrades? Also has st-35 output boards in it. Puts out a solid 17.5 watts.
  7. Freak,freak,freak,freaking,freak!! I need a bigger house!
  8. Ohhh, my head hurts🤯! Guess I’ll just stick to vinyl.
  9. Thanks for that, I’ll definitely throw some figures in and see what it spits out.
  10. I will be doing some acoustic treatments, a couple panels and some bass traps. I’m sure it’ll be some trial and error.
  11. Ok, I was afraid you’d say that. My initial idea was to sit just at the beginning of the opening of the window area and put the speakers on the 16 ft wall. I can make the entrance wall work it’s just not gonna look quite so nice. oh and yes, this is strictly for 2 channel listening.
  12. So I’m purchasing a new house that is in the final stages of being complete and fortunately I will have a dedicated stereo room. Unfortunately it’s a bit odd shaped and may take some trial and error on speaker placement. Take a look at my drawing and pics to see what you think. Also I have Forte ii, chorus ii and Chorus that I can use. Also have tubes and ss gear but prefer to use tubes. Ceilings are pretty low and odd shaped as well. Thanks for your input and please restrain from your critique of my drawing it’s not to scale and I’m no architect.
  13. Shows he was on the forum 15hours ago. Hopefully you’ve heard from him by now.
  14. Forte “1” is built on the back of the terminal cup, the forte ii is on a pcb. The ii is much simpler to do yourself.
  15. Madman1


    You need this bump.
  16. I will expect for you to notify again once it does go back on sale. 😁
  17. I bought the XL version when you posted it last time, solid build, I love it. Will be buying the the amp stands for my mono blocks to be “properly displayed”😆 as well.
  18. What area are you in?
  19. If area code means anything he’s in Alabama.
  20. No gasket material, at least not original. I’ve always added a strip of foam just because, not sure if it makes any difference. You know I’ve never replaced capacitors in Hersey’s and some people would say that they don’t need to be changed because they’re oil filled. I always change the electrolytic capacitors in the Heresy ii.
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