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  1. Thanks Les, can you give some suggestions of any of these that don’t require diy and do these have a stepped attenuator?
  2. So I recently had 2 pairs of mono blocks fall in my lap and coincidentally a lot of money fall out of my pocket at the same time...🙄. I have a restored pair of MC30 and my tech is finishing a pair of Eico Hf-60. I’m attempting to understand where a preamp fits in. All the amps make full power at .5 volts so tech says preamp selection doesn’t even matter and I know some people just feed a volume controlled dac or streamer into the amps directly. 90% of my listening is vinyl and I may eventually have one setup for vinyl and one for digital but for now that’s not gonna happen. So my question is why would I spend 2k on a mx100z or even more for an ARSp3 or even 5-600 on a new/restored pas if the gain is wasted? I have played with a Schiit saga but feel as though it’s a bit sterile. I do prefer tube sound and “coloring” without being veiled or dark. Then some people say use a ss preamp. I will obviously need some preamp to use my turntable. I know there are so many choices and opinions but that is what I’m looking for from people who own MC30s or Hf-60s. Also at different times these will power Chorus,Chorus2,Forte2, and someday a modded pair of Cornwall. Thanks, Mark
  3. Thanks everyone for your comments, this has sold.
  4. Yes, it’s 35 watts a channel, but there are definitely mods like gmjungbluth referred to that can get these pumping out more power with lower distortion, then there even more radical mods which is called “hot rod” that puts out crazy power. I really hate to sell this but I’ve got a pair of mono blocks that need restoring and they are costing me a small fortune.
  5. Sold as I found it. Not tested or plugged in. Very clean on the inside, outside is...nicely patinated. Has bugle boy 12ax7 and 2- Mullard 12au7 and 6x4, shipping shouldn’t be very expensive. $150 plus the ride.
  6. Factory wired and super clean, tech said it needs to be recapped etc, needs 1- 7591 replaced and both 7247/12wd7 replaced. All other tubes look original and test good. Unit is all original and unmodded. Excellent condition except for one broken knob which I have and could possibly be repaired. Prefer not to ship at this point and can meet someone within 50 miles of Chattanooga. $375
  7. Now that’s a legit deal!!
  8. Whoa ! can’t believe those are still available, deal of the century!!...STUPID!!
  9. I’m posting these for a friend of mine who is computer illiterate. These started as Voice of the theater that have been quite modded. He says they sound way better than stock. He is running Klipsch k-77 and K-55v and Peavy 115s woofers. Now for the asking price he’s including all the altec woofers, drIvers and horns that he has. He lives just outside of Gadsden Al. Pm me if interested and I’ll put you in touch with him. $1500
  10. Or just post them for $300 and they’ll be sold in a few hours.
  11. Yes, the wood. If they’ve never been stained that adds value, at least in my opinion.
  12. I can’t tell from the pictures.. Have the cabinets been stained?
  13. This is an aikido design right?
  14. I’m always amazed at the quantity and quality of the gear that passes thru your hands.
  15. Wow, That’s awesome! Slightly too far of a drive for me. 😭
  16. https://atlanta.craigslist.org/nat/ele/d/hoschton-klipsch-chorus-1-speakers/7167173045.html
  17. I have good results on Craigslist. Others use Facebook but I’m not on it.
  18. Atlanta is a great resale market for Klipsch. Being they’re black can be a slight deduction but if you have the original cardboard boxes that’s a plus. If I didn’t already have a set along with heresy ii, chorus and chorus ii. I’d save you the hassle of posting them at all. 😁
  19. Not terrible, not a steal. Walnut is a plus.
  20. Madman1

    Delete please

    Price drop to $280 plus shipping
  21. They’re in the corners but, Can you explain the use of the insulation?
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