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  1. I’m jealous, I haven’t heard or seen your collection, 😆. I’m only an hour from you.
  2. 🤣😂 hope she has a large storage building.
  3. Really surprised it was the woofer. I’ve seen voicecoils rub inside the magnet. I had a set of kp that had probably been slammed around and abused which caused the magnet to shift and freeze the voice coil. My buddy showed me how to repair it which was a little tedious but was well worth it to save that woofer. Now in my case the woofer wouldn’t even moved but once we got that magnet shifted back into place and reglued it worked perfectly. Keep your eyes out you can usually find kg4 woofers for around $40.
  4. Doubt it’s the woofer, probably coming from your source.
  5. Somebody might be interested in these. https://maine.craigslist.org/ele/d/south-portland-legendary-klipsch-kp600s/6944276440.html Kp 600’s in Maine $2000 not mine, I just ran across them on cl.
  6. Hey Biscuit, I’m actually working in Raleigh right now and I always keep an eye on cl when I travel. There is a few Marantz receivers in Raleigh right now. Really nice looking 2235 with wood cabinet. I think it would be quite nice with fortes or heresys, maybe a bit light on power for kgs tho. Seen some Sansui receivers around Knoxville.
  7. Don’t use f&f? I guess the one good thing is I’m not selling it on the bay so I only have pp to defend myself to instead of both the bay and pp.
  8. What will effect the sound in a big way is throwing out that avr and getting a big powerhouse amp or getting a nice tube amp! 😁
  9. So I have a eico tube amp that is in need of restoration. It is totally untouched and original. I have advertised it this way and someone is interested in it. I always prefer f&f payment but I understand the concern for a buyer of being ripped off by a seller. My question is how do I protect myself as a seller if we do a standard payment option thru PayPal. My ad clearly states that this is a working unit but is in need of repair and sold as is. What else can I do to defend myself to PayPal if buyers says it isn’t what I purchased? Thanks, Mark
  10. Trying to get in to inspect these. But have been unsuccessful at getting a response from the guy there. Some areas of the college were flooded and just want to verify they haven’t been under water.
  11. I just moved to Chattanooga 2 weeks ago. I’ll be watching them closely. If anyone else from the area is bidding let me know so we’re not bidding against each other.
  12. But if the guy only has 1 or 2 pictures you still have to contact him for specifics. I thought we posted these to give a heads up to the group. If someone is actually in the market for a particular item and it gets posted here then I would think they’d make the effort to click the link and try to make a deal. Not sit on his hands and say...well I’ll just hang out and hope for someone to load some pictures for me then I’ll contact the seller. Sorry if I’m being a smart a but, this just doesn’t make sense to me. Someone just added pictures to the link I listed for some quartets but, guess what it doesn’t show the busted corner.
  13. And no more speakers to buy so it doesn’t matter. Why would it be deleted by author? Oh because they’re sold. We all know what Chrous look like.
  14. I wouldn’t think it’s that hard to click on a link. What am I missing? 750 then dropped to 640
  15. https://nashville.craigslist.org/app/d/nashville-klipsch-speakers-reduced/6838479988.html I emailed with the owner, one pretty rough rear corner and no risers.
  16. I just noticed that too. It was a decent price, good for them.
  17. If I hadn’t just moved into a condo I’d be grabbing these. No affl. https://chattanooga.craigslist.org/ele/d/chattanooga-klipsch-chorus-speakers-pair/6835885119.html
  18. Did I miss something? Claude you’ve been quite. Is this project still alive? Thanks, Mark
  19. Man those look incredible! Can I come visit for a listen? 😁
  20. Open to trades! Please read original post. Thanks.
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