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    North GA Heresies

    Contacted the private seller who said their son has taken them and they aren’t for sale anymore. Kindly advised them that they should be removed from the website or they will have some angry people come Thursday morning.
  2. Did this 2 weeks ago, no freaking fun and it lasts all night long, if that’s any encouragement. 🙄
  3. I knew they wouldn’t last at that price! Congrats on the bittersweet transaction.
  4. I’m pretty sure this came from Costco but, I can’t swear to that. This didn’t have skin on it but, it wouldn’t change the cooking procedure. Air fried some wings and sweet potato tots yesterday (these were flipped and tossed) and I see that there will definitely be some experimenting with the cook times. This thing gets super hot and can easily over cook your food.
  5. Just purchased a ninja foodie grill. Cooked Salmon last night and it did awesome. 8 min preheat the 6 minutes to cook no flipping. Can’t wait to try cooking all kinds of stuff in this. It grills, air frys, dehydrates and bakes.
  6. Madman1

    HULU Anyone?

    Well...I have Hulu live but will now be canceling. This will be the second price increase in 1 year, and going up $10 a month. I was willing to give up some ease of use and channels for the cheaper price but before long It’ll be creeping into dish/cable etc.. pricing. Also just read that Sony Vue is going bye-bye. Sucks! Guess I’ll be getting a bundle deal from my local provider.
  7. I contacted the seller because they say “painted black”. That is exactly what they are black oak that has been repainted black. I guess that ok for the asking price but definitely reduces the value. I’d still buy them if they were really close.
  8. In my experience tubes make Klipsch really shine when they’re 3 way and especially the heritage line. tubes just bring out another dynamic when there is a dedicated mid driver . I liked tubes better in every heritage speaker I’ve had with the exception of kg4 (2way) BUT, I also preferred big ss power on my Chorus 2 which are 3 way but not Heritage. I haven’t owned the cf line and from what I’ve read they are BA! But I think they aren’t quite as efficient and 2 way so I could see where big ss power would be preferred. Of course this is all just the opinion of my ears!
  9. Madman1


    Final bump! Concert is tmrw, I can either meet you with a hard ticket or transfer these to you via Ticketmaster.
  10. Madman1


    No love for Garth?!! Price change and now offering 2 or 4 tickets.
  11. Madman1


    Price drop
  12. Madman1


    I have 2 tickets for the Garth Brooks concert at Neyland Stadium Sat Nov 16. Sec GG row 2. These are in the upper level but they are row 2 and close to the end of the row. So they should be pretty decent seats. These are mobile transfer or I can print you the hard ticket and meet you with them. 170 for 2 tickets
  13. New to me, no knowledge of its history or working condition. Exterior is pretty rough, faceplate and internals are pretty clean. Has had some modding, like the tone controls disconnected. Leaking caps and some that aren’t original. No tubes. That’s about as much as I can say about it. In the East us $200 shipped in the west us $215 shipped
  14. I’m jealous, I haven’t heard or seen your collection, 😆. I’m only an hour from you.
  15. 🤣😂 hope she has a large storage building.
  16. Really surprised it was the woofer. I’ve seen voicecoils rub inside the magnet. I had a set of kp that had probably been slammed around and abused which caused the magnet to shift and freeze the voice coil. My buddy showed me how to repair it which was a little tedious but was well worth it to save that woofer. Now in my case the woofer wouldn’t even moved but once we got that magnet shifted back into place and reglued it worked perfectly. Keep your eyes out you can usually find kg4 woofers for around $40.
  17. Doubt it’s the woofer, probably coming from your source.
  18. Somebody might be interested in these. https://maine.craigslist.org/ele/d/south-portland-legendary-klipsch-kp600s/6944276440.html Kp 600’s in Maine $2000 not mine, I just ran across them on cl.
  19. Hey Biscuit, I’m actually working in Raleigh right now and I always keep an eye on cl when I travel. There is a few Marantz receivers in Raleigh right now. Really nice looking 2235 with wood cabinet. I think it would be quite nice with fortes or heresys, maybe a bit light on power for kgs tho. Seen some Sansui receivers around Knoxville.
  20. Don’t use f&f? I guess the one good thing is I’m not selling it on the bay so I only have pp to defend myself to instead of both the bay and pp.
  21. What will effect the sound in a big way is throwing out that avr and getting a big powerhouse amp or getting a nice tube amp! 😁
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