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  1. I know a couple guys in the area Jerry. They stay really backed up but are good. Are you wanting another el84 amp which is what your Fisher is right?
  2. Wow! I just slapped myself in the face for missing this! Especially since you’re probably an hour away from me. Congrats tho!
  3. I believe these are I’s and not II’s Regardless a pretty fair price.
  4. Yep, no worries. My apologies, I thought your question had been answered already.
  5. I have a weak spot in the paper cone of a k-33, and I safely use something on the back to reinforce?
  6. In my experience, Cornwall 1 produce substantial bass at any volume. Maybe slightly “Loose”. I think my chorusii produce plenty of bass at any volume also, but a bit “tighter”. However the chorus ii really take some effort with placement and they sounded pretty terrible in my room until I got some acoustic treatments.
  7. You’re right there isn’t a B&C ct-125, There is a ct-125 and a lot of guys had used it in to replace of the k-77, I was unsure if it could also be used in place of k-79 with appropriate horn lens. I’m pretty confident you knew what the ct-125 is, sorry for mixing up a few letters and not being pinpoint exact, I’ll make sure I have all my t’s crossed and I’s dotted before asking another question. I have my answer from others and it is no it won’t work. I apologize @dtr20 for jumping on your thread.
  8. Will the 125 work in the chorus?
  9. @ClaudeJ1@Dave A I wanted something to use in Belles, Cornwalls and chorus ii. Apparently the 125 will not work in the chorus ii and the De-10 will not fit in the Belle hf section, at least I don’t think it will. Pretty tight in there.
  10. @dtr20 Excited to hear your thoughts after listening to the LMAHL, which driver you are using?
  11. I agree, but by the time they get here and the quarterly price increases they should be right around $10k…so I’m out! 🤨 joking of course..well, half joking.
  12. I definitely don’t see them getting that price, I may be wrong as people are asking $1000+ for heresy now. Heresy definitely can fit in a lot more rooms without taking up a ridiculous amount of floor space(waf) which I assume helps their value some, but geez!
  13. This is a really nice sounding 7591 amp, it looks to be all original. Tubes are a mixed bag of vintage, some rca, Eico, Ge etc.. I took this in trade recently and just want to move it along as I have a handful of vintage tube amps. The previous owner has had it for a few years, he is some what of a electronics tinkerer, so he knew to bring it up on a variac before use. I’m no technician but I don’t see any signs of cap leakage or anything that looks burnt etc… would need the typical loudness mod done, but works and sounds great without this engaged. Hooked up to Heresys and nothing seems off or scratchy and no hum or buzz, which surprised me. I don’t want to ship at this point, but if you have serious interest message me and we can discuss it…she’s heavy! Located in Chattanooga Tn. I can email a short video of it playing if interested. Sold
  14. Great price…5 hour drive for me…🤔.
  15. Honestly I’m just confusing myself with rew. I run the test get my graph, but really don’t know what to do from there to improve things with the eq. So many numbers, adjustments, levels and things I have no clue what they do. I try to find the ideal spot to flatten things out and match that. Sometimes it’ll let me and sometimes it tells me that the level is off by more than 10dbs. Guess It’ll just take a lot of trial and error to find out what I'm doing. reading thru another post from @Chris A on using rew he talks about a house curve, I found the spot for it in preferences but I don’t know where the house curve data comes from. I need to select a file but where do I get that file from?
  16. @babadono Yes, using a alk super aa on the hf section and and Lf section is straight to the amp. those settings definitely helped, sounding better..actually much better. I know my rew measurements has lots of dips and peaks that need to be resolved. Should I run a new measurement and try to correct some of that every time I change a setting in crossovers?
  17. @babadono please state the obvious!! Im using the the basic minidsp 2x4, no balanced inputs or outputs. So I think I’ve worked out the gain differences. The polarity invert was clicked on the hf channel for one speaker. This is strange but I physically changed the polarity on the amp to the one woofer and it seems to sound better idk. Is there a basic starting point for my crossover settings? I’m using a set of Belles, currently playing with a Lf= 500hz bw 48db/oct and 45 bw 24/oct Hf= 20000 bw 12db/oct and 400 bw 12db/oct
  18. @Edgar @Chris A Ok, so I’ve got the preamp situation somewhat resolved now I’ve got a new issue. I’m using Tube monoblocks on the hf sections and class a ss amp on the LF section. I believe I have everything in the minidsp settings identical for both Lf channels and Hf channels but I have to turn the gain up on the tube amp for one speaker to match the volume of the other and also on that same speaker the bass is much “flatter” almost sounds like the polarity is crossed. I’m not sure what I could have wrong that would cause this. I’ve switched the rca inputs, but the poor sound stays with that speaker and doesn’t change. I haven’t swapped the output rcas around yet which I plan to do today, guess that would narrow everything down to the dsp causing this. Any ideas what else to check? You can’t have a different output voltage setting for 1&2 outputs and 3&4 outputs, or can you? I didn’t have the gain difference using a passive crossover, but the bass is dramatically improved on the one speaker using the minidsp. Now if I could just get the other speaker to sound the same I’d be in business.
  19. @Edgar would I be correct to assume that the preamp is not going to have as much effect on the sound when using a minidsp as it would without? I have a couple other preamps that I could try although they may not be ideal, Marantz 2230 and advent 300. So I could use just about anything with a volume control and inputs as long as it matches the impedance of the minidsp? @Chris A I did try running my dac (no volume control) directly into the minidsp using my laptop as source and volume control with some improved results, it was getting past my bedtime and I was mentally exhausted from using rew. Hope to get some more time in today. Thanks to you both.
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