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  1. Sounds awesome, I love my efb modded st-35. Question, what’s the source you’re using there? What’s the song?
  2. I would have bought these 3 times over if they were in the south east. Do not understand how they are still available.
  3. Madman1


    So right John…shut up and listen to the experts!
  4. Nice working pair of Klipsch k-52-ti, the k-52/53 same motor is used in many speakers, but with a titanium diaphragm. Also note these are thread on and I’m fairly certain came out of a pair of klf 20/30. Both test at 11.5 resistance and have been audio tested. $180 free shipping with non-1099 payment obo
  5. He was able to find some. All worked out now. thanks.
  6. sold I have a pair of volti fc260 horns. In really good condition other than a few minor marks. These can be used with 1” or 2” drivers. You can thread a k55v/k55m right on or 4 bolt 2” driver. I’ve used both with great results, these are very, very good. Much better than k400. I played around with them sitting atop a set of Cornwalls which was great. After everything was said and done I ended up with a pair of fastlane diy horns. To me these sound just as good, but they would never fit in the stock Cornwall cabinet. I’ll add the link to Volti’s website for the details. I would prefer to meet up, but shipping is a possibility. They don’t weigh a lot but are large so I would expect shipping to be kinda pricey. Located in Chattanooga Tennessee. $400obo cash,ppff,venmo non-1099/fee Fc260 Horns - Klipsch Upgrades by Volti Audio
  7. Can anyone tell me what size screws are used on the speaker terminal strip of heritage crossovers? I shipped a set to someone and when they made it to them 2 screws had backed out and are missing. This person is in Europe and says that finding replacements there would be difficult. I can ship them some but maybe more cost effective to order them online and drop ship. I just don’t know the exact thread etc to order.
  8. @klipsch1985 pm sent
  9. Someone is interested in these, but I figured I would add pics here just in case anyone else was interested also.
  10. Hip crossovers and hip cabinets still available.
  11. Up with lower prices.
  12. (2) K55m and (2) k77m are SOLD horns and crossovers still available
  13. Wow, thank you for that info!
  14. I asked this question on the heritage date code forum, but might should have asked it here. What’s the year of a Heresy hip serial number 5421? @JRH
  15. (2) k55m mid drivers SOLD (2) k77m square magnet tweeters $150 shipped SOLD (2) k700 horns was $110 now $100 plus shipping sold (2) hie crossovers with t2a autoformer was $125 now $100 plus shipping. also have a rough set of hip cabinets, with grills and input terminals, but these will be for pickup in Chattanooga Tn only $75. Pending all tested and working, payments by cash, ppff, venmo, non 1099 payment. thanks.
  16. Bump, Price change Apt 200 horns and tweeters $75 shipped Jbl 220 ti $25 shipped
  17. Price drop $180 shipped.
  18. SOLD Nice Marantz pair . 1060 integrated cap coupled nice warm sound. These are great with Klipsch speakers. Amp was checked out by a tech less than a year ago only thing that was replaced was the bridge rectifier. Tuner hasn’t been checked out, but works well fm stereo light is out. Will ship, would like to keep set together.
  19. These came on a set of horns that I bought a while back, I don’t know what they came out of, but apparently are used In klf series speakers. Maybe others can fill in what I’m missing. Anyway I just tested them and they’re working. Both read 11.5ohms. $200 obo shipped non-1099 payment please.
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