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  1. https://www.nationalgeographic.com/science/2020/09/coronavirus-origins-misinformation-yan-report-fact-check-cvd/ Another visitation of the Yan paper to discredit her work. Specifically it casts doubt on her assertion that covid19 was manufactured or a manipulated version of a natural pathogen. And yet this same paper also states the fact that science still does not understand how covid19 jumped from its natural hosts into the human population. This, it claims, is the proverbial looking for a needle in the haystack..... and is an ongoing effort. The effort is China-centric because covid19 clearly presented in Wuhan China. The effort is ongoing because China has refused unfettered access for the work. Again my assertion is that the ‘Yan’ paper is a moot point. Whether covid19 was or was not ‘man-made’ it clearly has taken a highly suspicious pathway starting from Wuhan and now worldwide. Recall how aggressively China controlled their own population to contain covid19 whilst demanding open and free international travel from areas China knew to be covid19 infected. Countries that shut down travel from China were labeled xenophobic by China and others. And it is now clearly understood that this travel seeded covid19 around the world. So if China has nothing to hide then stop hiding it. Open up to the investigators. Give them free rein. Prove your innocence. Until we understand exactly what occurred with covid19 do not blithely absolve China. They have only their own interests in mind and often they’re not amicable towards most other countries.
  2. https://www.washingtonpost.com/nation/2020/09/18/coronavirus-idaho-pastor-icu/ Sadly this national story is from my own neighborhood. I’d like to say this man was the ‘village’ covid19 ‘idiot’ but I can’t. More accurately he is from a ‘village’ of covid19 ‘idiots’. It is not about religious folks. It comes right back to the inability to fix ‘stupid’. This place is loaded with them. This morning we have a report of covid19 in one of our elementary schools. Just 30 miles west, Washington has tough mask laws in place that everyone complies with. Here their mandate is toothless and from day 1 the police boasted that they’d not conduct any enforcement of the rules. Honestly I have to wonder if there’s not some sort of discrimination in play. Discrimination against the elderly and the infirm whom are far more susceptible to covid19. We are held hostage by a community that has a mask mandate that it’s leadership refuses to enforce. Whether intentional or otherwise this circumstance impacts select individuals and they know it and they do not care. This is a retirement community with many long term care facilities. Already we’ve had covid19 in 1 of these places. The only business providing ‘reasonable accommodation’ is Costco that opens early for the elderly/infirm and strictly enforces mask usage. Hopefully these people are more lucky than any degree of smart and covid19 will not blow up. But they are seriously tempting a fate they will deeply regret should it occur.
  3. I have listened to these in the past. They’re very ‘beamy’ meaning that to enjoy their best performance I needed to sit in the sweet spot. I lost much of their performance away from that singular location.
  4. I’d agree that covid19 wasn’t ‘man-made’. But I am still unconvinced that China did not release a naturally occurring virus and weaponized it by spreading it internationally. China still refuses to allow any western investigations into Wuhan or their virus research lab in Wuhan.
  5. Nothing to see here cuz nothing ever goes amiss in China........... ahem, cough, cough.... https://www.cnn.com/2020/09/17/asia/china-brucellosis-outbreak-intl-hnk/index.html
  6. It’s Portland Oregon........ nuf said.
  7. This will aggravate anyone....... https://www.foxnews.com/us/oregon-man-portland-arrest-fires-interstate-205-wildfire-warning-fire-weather-police
  8. https://nbc16.com/news/local/man-arrested-after-admitting-he-used-molotov-cocktail-to-start-brush-fire-in-portland
  9. I’d say that the spread/perpetuation/proliferation of covid19 is more behavioral than environmental. It’s unfortunate that covid19 seems impervious to environmental extremes. More unfortunate is that we can’t fix stupid. Winter will see clusters of stupids gathering indoors. If we do have a vaccine available the stupids won’t accept it. We have stupids in leadership roles everywhere and at many levels. Apparently stupids cannot read or think and are stupidly selfish, thinking only of their stupid selves. Stupids are everywhere and more are born daily. Covid19 thrives on stupidity and that’s my answer. 😞😠😳
  10. I’d wager that most of the obese folks die before reaching 85 years of age.🤔😔
  11. Thorium offers a clean nuclear fuel. Once spent it does not require isolation. It degrades to a safe isotope. Thorium can also be deployed in mini reactors small enough to support individual towns or segments of major cities. That makes them energy independent essentially off the grid and not subject to regional power failures. This is not a new subject. It’s an energy science long known and kept under wraps by the utilities industries that’d be impacted by their application. But countries other than America will develop these products for their own needs and eventually we’ll adopt their advantages.
  12. Your question is retrospective. At the time the isolation policies were enacted we did not fully understand covid19 yet. It may have been overkill but who was to know at that time? Covid19 had ravaged Italy and the only measures that seemed to work for certain were those established by China for their population. China shut down the areas involved. That was the benchmark then, so that’s what we did - then.
  13. Well the charts demonstrated ‘blip’ certainly reflects at least 180K additional deaths since April. Guess your point is that a lot of folks die and the additional 180K dead folks is inconsequential in your opinion. Keep in mind that these additional deaths occurred despite the best modern medicine could deliver. Add to that the extreme efforts made to isolate the virus by the shutdowns you’ve referenced. Those deaths are substantial, in my book... and they reflect some tough choices enacted to control/contain/treat the organism. Imagine how much worse it could have been w/o those efforts?
  14. It’s a histogram so to arrive at the total you summate the additional deaths per data bar. Several bars are above 20K.
  15. It is - already......👍
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