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  1. I agree with you. I’d have to believe that this study does not include listening habits adversely conditioned to a genre or an artist. It would be interesting to ask how well ‘rap’ is received by any thinking brain. Are listening preferences geographic, gender or generationally related? But y’know the 1st industry to use the data will be advertisers jamming up their newest ‘jingle’.
  2. Heschl’s gyrus is that part of our brain that reacts, responds, pulsates to musical stimulation.......... and it is being studied more in-depth than ever before. Neural studies are now being augmented by artificial intelligence analysis. Russian scientists recently reported that they can reproduce what a person is seeing using AI analysis of brain waves gathered from the visual cortex - using non-invasive methods. They claim they can recreate what a person is ‘seeing’ using eeg methodology. USC is studying human emotions evoked by different pieces of music by evaluating the electrical activity in Heschl’s gyrus. Why do some songs make us happy while others make us sad, nostalgic, etc? It has more to do with the character of the music than the lyrics. It is a little scary to think that eventually a human may be able to get ‘programmed’ as science discerns more about what makes our thought processes shift into ‘action’ status. USC claims they can make us sad or happy by how music is crafted. I think we sort of understood this already but now it is quantified and will be utilized in ever more affective ways. What’s next?
  3. Yes.... . I have replaced the top hat of the khorn with an elliptrac midrange horn and a 2404 jbl tweeter. The tweeter and my midrange drivers are precisely aligned with the tweeter sitting about 6 inches directly above the midrange hardware. I had granite cut to fit the bass bin and the other driver sit on top of the granite.
  4. I was gonna do the deal until I saw that the CD player wasn’t included. Cheap bastardos!🤬
  5. Yup! Fennel is one of the key spices used in Italian sausage. If you wish to add more of this spice do this. Get fennel seeds and heat them dry in a frying pan..... do not burn them. Put the heated seeds in a mortar and pestle rig and grind them to a rough powder. Add this to the Italian sausage (or whatever) to suit your tastes.
  6. $73,000,000.00! Apparently a lot of folks like CC. They sell $73 millions worth of the stuff each year. I never have liked it or any flavor/color of licorice. We’re expecting 200 to 300 kids tonight.......... and no candy corn from this house shall darken their goody bags.
  7. Thinking back this was when the major musical movies were popular. Westside Story, The Sound of Music, The Music Man.... etc, resounded on the big screen. Could this be the anchor for such behavior? Who knows, perhaps some successful artists started out in this same manner? Eventually my brother figured it out and stopped. I had a girlfriend whose mom loved to ‘tap’ dance. There were some awkward times there too 🤪.
  8. Bosco-d-gama

    Adams Family

    Saw this animated movie over the weekend. Any one interested in ‘cheeky’ political satire really should see this production.
  9. As mentioned my overly romantic older brother would ‘croon’ along to select favorites loudly serenading an ever lengthening list of aghast girlfriends. It was at a time whence I necessarily had to rely upon him for transportation. In other words I was stuck, a captured audience. Fortunately he was older enough that most of his ‘selected’ tunes were pop. But he did ruin Donovan and the Moody Blues in perpetuity 😖. Sadly he had his poor heart handed to back to him on a routine basis. It was awkward.
  10. Doesn’t Klipsch have a museum for such unique items? Maybe they’d trade him for something more marketable?
  11. There’s a South Park episode where the boys were supposed to get Stevie Nicks to perform for a group of veterans but they could not get her to sing. So they got a goat instead and nobody noticed the difference. Ever since whenever I hear Stevie Nicks all I hear is goat sounds.😳
  12. Over the decades there have been several popular songs ‘listening’ ruined....... meaning that I cannot stand to hear them ever again......... because others abused them so much or badly that hence forth they turn my stomach when played. One such example for me is ‘Bridge Over Troubled Waters’ by Simon and Garfunkel. Long ago I had a first cousin commit suicide. My mom, in some twisted sensibility, played that song over and over and very loudly in some peculiar celebration of how she was assisting others to manage such a horrific situation. She felt that she WAS that bridge over troubled waters. She did this at my cousins house amongst all their misery. It was really weird then and that song was destroyed for me forever. My brother had this habit of singing out loud to his girlfriends. A great many tunes got slaughtered in that endeavor. Nights in White Satin........ OMG!! Anyone else ??
  13. Sounds like all is going nicely. Birthing children is light years better than in the past.
  14. Had a local candidate for city council show up at my door last night. I admire his desire to be part of civic leadership but he was woefully under qualified for the task. I did not allow him to place a placard in my yard. Whatever happened to common sense?
  15. Sad news. Sorry for your loss.
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