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  1. I felt the same ‘uselessness nonsensical’ angst when the single cup keureg coffee brewers 1st showed up, and they became way too popular as far as I’m concerned. If you need more than one slice of ‘perfect’ toast SIMULTANEOUSLY then just buy 2 of these monstrosities.
  2. Last year we canned a couple of gallons of salsa. We kept a variety of tomatoes. This year we only planted Cherokee Purple tomatoes. Should have product by July.
  3. I memorized the button locations on the various remotes. Not all of the buttons, just the primary functions. Most remotes have tactile or shaped buttons. I use those to orient my finger search. Had poor vision all life and this just evolved as the best method for me.
  4. I would expect that as knowledge deepens and technology offers more options, that protective gear could be tailored to a sport. That is the case made here. They claim/explain that specially designed goggles protects ‘girls’ lacrosse players better than helmets against the ‘types’ of injuries ‘girls’ typically suffer. I emphasized ‘girls’ because this does not apply to ‘boys’ lacrosse where a more physical game is allowed to be played. But they went beyond this claim and suggested that wearing helmets actually caused girls to play more recklessly resulting in more injuries. It would be nice if someone showed the data to support their assertions. I also wonder how long before transgender men encroach on the sport. Curious times indeed. I had a son in football. He was headed to college on football scholarship until a concussion evaluation discovered a congenital neck problem. No more contact sports for him. I was glad. He enjoyed the game but it was too crazy for me. Nick’s a big guy and was often targeted because of his size. Well high school boys are big, strong and naive and aggressive..... and the coaches wanted the ‘wins’. It is scary how emotional some avid sports folks are.
  5. Bosco-d-gama


    Geology ‘rocks’ - but - geography is ‘where it’s at’ 🤓
  6. I’d like to learn ‘genX’ speak....🤪
  7. The Mrs, an avid horse rider, said that in such muddy conditions that horses innately seek the safest and best footing. No casual rider that cares about their animal runs them on slick slippery terrains.
  8. Well when you consider the human tragedy and enormous expenses associated with AIDS the ‘wild and loose life’ certainly does have its downsides.
  9. Bosco-d-gama

    Woodstock 50

    It would be fun/interesting/humbling if they set aside a seating arrangement just for those who attended the 1st Woodstock.
  10. Bosco-d-gama


    2 great white sharks spotted the survivors of a sunken ship in the distance. “Follow me son and do like I tell you.” The 2 sharks approached the people bobbing in the water. The dad shark instructed his son to swim around the group showing just the tip of your fin. When they’d done that the dad told his son to circle the group once more showing his entire fin..... and they did. “Now eat them all.” After devouring the hapless prey the son asked his dad, “why did we have to swim around them, why not just eat them?” “Son they taste better if you scare the 💩 out of them 1st.”
  11. They are somewhat ‘busy’ in appearance. Not my cup of tea.
  12. Bosco-d-gama


    Jack, a handsome man, walked into a pub and sat up at the bar next to a blond gal and stared up at the teevee. It was the six o’clock news and there was live coverage of a man poised to leap off a building. “Do you think he’ll jump”, asks the blond. “Thirty bucks says he does”. Whereupon Jack lays 3 tens on the bar. “You’re on” says the blond, but before she could get her money out the man dives off the building. “Well a bets a bet”, and she hands over the cash. “No, I can’t take your money. I saw the news earlier and I knew he was gonna jump”. The blond says, “so did I but I didn’t think he’d do it again.” Jack kept her money.
  13. About 10 years ago I tried going back to tubes with Cary products and went through tubes like candy on Halloween. It was frustrating and embarrassing and eventually maddening. I sold it all and went high end solid state, Accuphase. Could not be happier. My 0.02$.
  14. Couple of points. 1st my experience is with noise I hear but do not actually observe. I do know the sounds I am hearing come from motorcycles but it could well be that I only hear the noisy cycles and the more muffled units glide by unnoticed by yours truly. 2nd it would be nice if my concerns were acknowledge as merit worthy. There are cities that pass sound ordinances and they do enforce them. Where I live we have an ordinance against the use of air brakes on trucks because of noise. So y’all can listen to the concerns of citizens or ignore them until they pass laws to regulate the problem. Being considerate of others is fundamentally worthy.
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