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  1. Bosco-d-gama


    For starts no vaping system is devised or sold to provide a precise regimen for ending nicotine addiction. In fact vaping ‘juices’ are not guaranteed to be accurate in their nicotine content nor in the amount delivered per ‘puff’ and cannot be relied upon for ‘down’ dosing nicotine. So if you are a motivated ‘quitter’ I think you could come up with your own program using these uncontrolled products. But do not kid yourselves the vaping industry does not want you free from addiction. They simply want to become your new nicotine supplier. If you decide to quit smoking then there are any number of FDA approved products to help you do so. I have no problems with any of those and never have ‘insisted’ that ‘cold turkey’ is a preferred method. In fact cold turkey has the worst results IMHO. Now if a quitter requires something to inhale, something like a ‘cigarette’, then obtain the NICOTROL system that provides just that device along with reliable nicotine formulations and a clear program to end the addiction. I am truly pleased that people see the wisdom of ending tobacco usage. If a vaping company were to devise a system that met FDA standards for ending nicotine addiction I would be happy to endorse it. Until then users are putting their health in the hands of a profit driven industry that eschews FDA standards for inhalants. That is precisely the same trust people placed in the tobacco industry. Over 400,000 Americans who allowed big tobacco to addict them die every year, and they cost our health systems dearly along the way to the grave. If we let the vaping industry capture a new generation of addicts we will stand to repeat the same journey. The true idiocy of this all is that none of these products serve any useful function. No person needs to use any of these product for any reason.
  2. Bosco-d-gama


    Seems that I recall that when vaping 1st ballooned into popularity that retailers would recruit ‘users’ to go on-line and laud the method, the product and to refer customers to their on-line stores. People would be reimbursed with product discounts for each new customer they referred. Sure hope that isn’t the situation here. Nicotine addicts are pretty tightly held to their addiction. Nicotine is removed from the body quickly so it requires frequent doses to maintain adequate enough blood levels to satiate the addiction and stave off withdrawals. There is no logical discourse about the subject for an addict as they are not seeking real information. Addicts are keenly focused on their next dose and insanely defensive towards anyone or anything that threatens the easy supply of their chosen drug.......... and nicotine is one of the most addictive drugs known to humanity. Addicts are owned by their addiction and often service their addiction as priority 1 in life.
  3. Bosco-d-gama


    What people inhale has impacted their lung functions for centuries. Aside from tobacco related ailments there are a number of other lung diseases (pneumoconiosis) associated with exposures to various dusts and industrial pollutants. COPD is the group of lung troubles most think about but there are other fatal conditions as well. Pulmonary fibrosis is the other major group of health troubles related to inhaled materials. With more knowledge and workplace regulations most of these ailments are now avoided. The point here is that lungs react defensively, negatively to a wide range of inhaled substances. It is vital to know what you breathe and if it poses you any short or long term dangers. The best and easiest solution is to avoid them all. Error on the side of safety. If you have ever been held underwater for a hair too long you experienced the terror of suffocation. Future medicines and treatments may offer better results but for the time being chronic lung disease remains incurable. Victims become pulmonary cripple’s unable to conduct simple tasks without supplemental oxygen. Thanks largely to tobacco there’s a large population living with compromised lungs. Any of you, regardless of where you live, will find many home health vendors offering oxygen care. Though medical O2 is used for other conditions it is mostly prescribed for lung diseases. Don’t think it can happen to you? Think again. Be wiser. Take care of your lungs. Really it is serious but so easy to avoid.
  4. Bosco-d-gama


    Eating nicotine can be extremely dangerous, even lethal. The stuff is so toxic that people would get sick simply from handling leaves when they harvested tobacco crops. In plants nicotine serves to ward off bug infestations. Ingesting the stuff has killed pets and children.
  5. Bosco-d-gama


    We all know that our country is debating universal healthcare insurance, etc. That means we all have a vested interest in how healthy our citizens are. If I am expected to buy others health insurance then I should be able to expect them to be as healthy as possible. And that is the crux of this issue. Healthy lungs are kept that way by not abusing them. Vaping clearly abuses the lungs. And.... as for eating tainted food products....... you get sick. This is why we have gov’t agencies to oversee the chain of our food supply.
  6. Bosco-d-gama


    E-cigs make aerosols. Every bit of chemistry in the vaping liquid becomes converted into that aerosol, plus any new chemistries developed in the heating processes. Aerosols can be harmless or not. Make sure that you know exactly what you are breathing. Unfortunately your vapor supplier will not tell you all the chemicals they use in their products. They will simply ask that you ‘trust’ them. Do you really and truly ‘trust’ them with your health? Why would you?
  7. Bosco-d-gama


    Cute. You know saying it louder or more frequently does not change the facts.😉
  8. Bosco-d-gama


    There are a number of health related consequences associated with vaping. Any web search will demonstrate these. Additionally genuine medical research is identifying a plethora of problems with vaping. None of these are difficult to find. Now a person can choose to adopt a realistic perspective and at least be skeptical about vaping health effects or they can listen to their vaping suppliers and the vaping industry whose profit structure depends on customers dollars. It is not too much different than Bose telling the world how marvelous their speakers are without any proof of performance. Your lungs are delicate structures that allow the outside air intimate contact with your blood. They are not intended for other purposes. If you smoke and want to quit try some of the otc products devised to help people quit. NO vaping company has a quitting program. Simply stated vaping companies want to become the new monkey on your back. They do not care about your health. They care about profits. This is friendly advice. You can believe me now or later. Your lungs would be far better off used just for breathing. They can heal to some degree....... if you let them. The sooner you stop insulting your lungs the better they will get.
  9. Bosco-d-gama


    At some moment in life you determined that smoking tobacco was a good enough idea to embrace......... and you got addicted. Now you learn that smoking tobacco was not as nifty as the manufacturers IMPLIED. So instead of quitting tobacco you now believe an entirely new industry telling you that vaping is good/better despite the FACT that there is no proof. Common sense will tell anyone that lungs are evolved for respiration....... not for the intake of chemistries. You got duped once by big ‘lying’ tobacco and now you have been duped a second time by the vaping industry. Did you read the fine print? Notice that when you buy any vaping related product that YOU accept all liability for any consequences caused by using those products. Hmmm, does that not give you cause for concern? Treat your lungs the way you KNOW they should be treated. Drink your liquor, eat your drugs....... the gastrointestinal system is where foodstuffs go. That is what the gastrointestinal system is evolved to do. I appreciate that you wanted to end a tobacco habit. So end it. Do not replace it with an unknown, unproven, overhyped product. You’re still an addict. Vaping is playing Russian roulette with a .38 instead of a .44.........
  10. Freedom to choose is America’s mantra. Too often citizens choose the easy road. They opt for the easy decisions or the simple work or lifestyle. They do not apply themselves in school nor excel at their work. They are happy to settle for a mediocre existence...... or even less. On the other hand citizens often choose to excel. Whether they excel professionally or in business they achieve significant lifestyles. They work hard or they think hard. They earn the rewards due to their efforts. Choices. Foreigners want to come to America because they realize their own industry will gain them much more than their own country. So - why should any government take funds from the working group and hand the most expensive benefits to those who opted to work lessor in life? I have 2 adopted sons. They were both raised in the same home with the same advantages/disadvantages. One is a ‘dolt’, the other isn’t. One worked insanely hard to get a good career, the other is a street urchin. One gets free healthcare and the other one pays through nose for nominal healthcare. Freedom to choose is America’s mantra. IMHO if you choose lazy then that is what you deserve.
  11. I just recently learned that Charles Lindbergh (the guy who 1st flew across the Atlantic) did participate in ww2. Lindbergh was a very outspoken isolationist/pacifist prior to America entering the war and because of his notoriety was widely known for his opinions. After Pearl Harbor he changed his mind but it was too late as he’d already p.o.’d the powers in gov’t. Lindbergh was a flight officer in the reserves but had resigned his commission to protest America’s war footing and Roosevelt refused to reinstate his commission once he’d changed his mind. Lindberg somehow how ended up in the pacific war theater as a civilian flight consultant and started flying combat missions testing out various aircraft. He did drop bombs and he straffed Japanese ships and he shot down one Japanese plane in a p38 lightening. He flew about 44 combat missions. Lindbergh made a single huge contribution....... he learned how to get the most mileage from these fuel guzzling warplanes. His cross Atlantic flight training taught him how to conserve fuel and he taught those tricks to our pilots. In the broad pacific arena getting the longest flight time was very critical in supporting naval fleets and ground combat actions. With this knowledge the army and navy greatly expanded the operational distances for certain aircraft which vastly improved our execution of the island hopping campaign. Who knows how many American lives he saved. However Lindbergh’s activity was not sanctioned by the gov’t. He was allowed to fly as a civilian pilot only because local commanders saw his potential. Once upper level officers got wind of him flying he was removed and sent home.
  12. The holocaust is not medieval history. Enough documentation exists to verify that it actually happened. The teacher should have his credentials revoked.
  13. For all the ‘bads’ done by our country there are as many - or more ‘goods’. America is often the 1st responder offering the most whenever disaster strikes. Regardless our uniformed service people go and serve when and where directed........ and they sacrifice, too often the maximum sacrifice. Like it or ‘no’ there is much to celebrate about this country. This is why America is the destination for the worlds oppressed peoples. Show some respect.
  14. Guessing some families started much earlier than others. I knew several of my great grandparents. My parents were early birds. Mom was 15 whence mine elder brother was hatched. I am 2 years his junior. I broke that trend. Waited til my late 30’s for the family deal.
  15. Of all of my relatives this particular one faired the worse when it came to health and longevity. However, methinx he died prematurely because he allowed his heart conditions to become advanced and then he started having clot related strokes. Everybody else lived long and reasonably healthy. My own parents are both still living (so to speak). Dad turns 90 this October and mom is hot on his heels. No one ever surpassed 100......
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