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  1. Said ‘object’ is gone. Under cover of darkness it was mysteriously removed by persons, or aliens unknown. They left a small cairn and the triangular stainless top (or bottom?) plate of the ‘thingy’. Apparently there was no massive disturbance of the surroundings. It is as though it was levitated and spirited away...... home?
  2. There is plenty of medical relevance in physics for starts. 2ndly he’ll add college level didactics to his resume a great plus in medicine. 3rdly it will demonstrate how well rounded and how well grounded he is foundationally. Ideally his physics work would allow him some participation in research, any research...... perfect for any science arena. I’d keep him away from CNA type work because of covid19. Having done this work he’s paid his dues. Step it up. Let him taste academia. He’ll enjoy the work, the people and the environment. He’ll get introduced to the politics in higher education.
  3. LOVE cold pizza....... with Tabasco. I have to suffer with roast beef, etc...😞
  4. That’s the tool used to make crop circles. 👍😳
  5. Absolutely NOT!!!!!
  6. You should’ve known better........
  7. She’s a story teller, a good one. Great character development. She’s one screenplay away from fame.
  8. I replaced my khorn ‘tops’ and sold them. Got Hoover elliptrac horns and use jbl tweeters w/jbl 2482 mid range drivers. Had granite built for the bass bins and everything sits on top of the granite.
  9. ......warm and squishy feet.
  10. Thinking that especially in this instance that there will lots of folks watching for safety responses
  11. Hi Maynard..... Well we’ve discussed this before. Nothing is risk free and you are correct..... there have been some huge pharmaceutical mistakes in the past. PhenPhen was another. Still for the most part vaccines have shown their merits to be well worth the risks. And they are typically optional. So I hope everyone is aware of their own tolerances to every drug they may use and every food they may be allergic to. I’d much rather take the covid19 vaccine than read about any other people dying from the disease. And dying they are, about 1,500 daily just in America. I do have confidence in the expedited covid19 vaccine development, its safety and its efficacy.
  12. Moderna has released the data for its covid19 vaccine and it looks really good. They say they can have 20 million doses available by the end of THIS year if they get approval to distribute. 94% effective. It will require a booster dose. Jeeez from nothing to this in what 10 months time? If you’re not impressed/pleased check your pulse. And with this on the immediate horizon maybe we can collectively get back to complying with the wisest public health guidelines. This is what we’ve been waiting for. So knuckle under and stay healthy, keep your communities healthy. And over this next year medical science will deliver us from covid19. https://www.statnews.com/2020/11/16/modernas-covid-19-vaccine-is-strongly-effective-early-look-at-data-show/ Once we get covid19 under control I do hope we remember the troubles and misery it caused. I hope we recall how covid19 came to humanity and learn to respect the perils of expanding our cultures into the wilds. Hope we do not forget covid19.
  13. Bosco-d-gama


    Notice the single lug nut......
  14. “If I’ve told you once - I’ve told you a thousand times.....”
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