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  1. Well - no - it mutates without purpose and can become better or worse with regards to its human interaction. Sadly - if it mutates into something worse it will be manifested en mass as the virus is now free to infect or reinfect in a target rich environment. In other words whatever mutations occur will occur as the virus percolates through humankind. If the virus becomes less severe humankind will be less impacted, more severe - more impact. But we now live with covid19 and as it mutates it will change how it effects humanity. The very best thing humankind can do is rigorously enact every known method to stop the spread of the virus regardless of its genetic makeup. This is what we CAN control that will alter the course of covid19........ and we’re not doing a very good job of this.
  2. I have had some lonely times in life. I’m an introvert and never did go in for ‘social’ scenes. I looked and found volunteer roles in the community to try and bridge into some connections. They did keep me busy and provided some purpose but they did not gain me connections. I started going to gyms and found some similar people’s. Eventually I survived the gap and was stronger for the endeavor. Health status is an inescapable conundrum for us elders. Soon enough we’ll all be shopping for Depends w/splatter guard 😔😗. For myself I try to keep balance in my low keyed life. I have a creative hobby. I do go to the gym regularly. We must reinvent ourselves as need be. I am not what I once was. I’m at least 3 inches shorter (hate gravity), I creak, I do not sleep 8 hours, I can’t hear well. But I do keep busy and I am fairly content with all my deficits and aches and pains........ and my dog loves the hell out of me. Low points in life are inspirations to reach higher. Go for it.
  3. Bummer. Hope all is good. We have a close friend whose daughter has come down with covid19 and our friend has been watching the grandkids consistently throughout. She’s scared witless.
  4. Yes! Seriously if you knew or (worse) watched what was done during surgery you’d baby that arena until all was healed. You gotta keep in mind that if you re-injure a recent surgery that it can be tougher to correct the 2nd time around and it may not heal as completely if you’d let it fully heal in the 1st place. This is easier said than done...... plan ahead for these needs. Chores, mobility aides, food shopping and preparation. If you live alone you might even benefit from a stint in a rehabilitation facility before being discharged home. So, yeah. There’s more to come. Plan on it. Plan for it. Getting old sucks...... it always has.
  5. DOTERRA has a wasp deterrent recipe using aromatic essential oils that we’ve had success with. The wife loads up a cotton ball with the stuff and places them where we know wasps try to nest, or are nesting already. They just abandon their work. There are wasp traps that use pheromones to attract wasps in for capture, but IMHO a chunk of fried chicken works better.
  6. Here’s yet another poorly written article on mechanical ventilation and covid19. The title is correct, mechanical ventilation was not the ‘fix-it’ cure for covid19. But the authors do not get to the true scope of why. There are 3 elements to respiratory failure in covid19. 1st is covid19 viral pneumonia that in itself is a daunting problem. 2nd is ARDS, adult respiratory distress syndrome, that in addition to a viral pneumonia brings a nearly insurmountable chaos to acute lung troubles. 3rdly are mircoembolisms, or what is term emboli showers where blood clots clog up the circulation in the lungs. All of these occurred simultaneously in acute covid19 illnesses. What is required to achieve adequate respiration is effective alveolar ventilation. You require enough match of ventilation with proper perfusion to clear CO2 and deliver O2. The combination of the 3 conditions above makes getting adequate alveolar ventilation impossible regardless of advanced ventilator modes and care. This is why so many died regardless of using mechanical ventilation and why so many advanced to using extracorporeal membrane oxygenation instead. There was just not enough lung left to work with and the less lung you started with the faster you tanked. The article is worth a read. https://www.fastcompany.com/90526637/ventilators-arent-the-coronavirus-cure-alls-we-originally-thought?partner=rss&utm_campaign=rss+fastcompany&utm_content=rss&utm_medium=feed&utm_source=rss
  7. https://www.foxnews.com/media/gordon-chang-china-coronavirus-cover-up-credible
  8. “Something as simple as music can restore your equilibrium.” https://www.inc.com/jessica-stillman/neuroscientist-covid-brain-is-a-real-thing-heres-how-to-deal-with-it.html
  9. Which is why we must not erase or ignore it’s history and that it’s history is historically accurate.
  10. Mask it........ (some colorful language in this article) https://www.buzzfeed.com/mjs538/face-mask-signs
  11. I drilled into the subject a little deeper. It is interesting. Reportedly blacks kept as chattel by the 5 tribes were treated quite well in relative terms. It was stated that white men acting as agents for the tribes made efforts to educate them on ‘how’ to treat black slaves because they observed that the tribes treated them too nicely. I could not find where any blacks tried to escape their situations but that may have been more geographic than by desire since Oklahoma was frontier at the time. Many blacks assimilated with their tribes and we’re welcomed to do so. In other words it was not the same punishing ‘slavery’ as blacks endured under their white masters. It was not nice, it was forced and their choices were sparse. Worst of all the descendants of these blacks were denied tribal membership in subsequent years. They sued for tribal membership and won. Now they’re entitled to whatever their once native masters get.
  12. No I did not understand that amerindians held blacks in slavery. I did know that black had done so. Slavery was (sadly) more the norm for quite sometime and many cultures practiced enslaving others. What I also found interesting about your link was the commercial enterprises of the amerindians and the relationship of enslaving native Americans and the nexus to the importation and enslavement of Africans. I have read a lot of historic materials and listened to many lectures on these subjects and had not heard about these perspectives.
  13. This is history I did not know........ but it does not surprise me. Very informative. Thanks for posting the link.
  14. Here’s an article discussing the application of gene editing for covid19 testing. Here too is another example of how the feds are expediting covid19 pertinent diagnostics and pharmaceuticals. This is work on a scale that will pay generous dividends in many future applications. So this is the ‘silver lining’ for the awful covid19 mess and it is being delivered by our leadership. https://www.wbur.org/commonhealth/2020/07/10/crispr-coronavirus-covid-19-testing
  15. Well looks like more big changes on the way. The Supreme Court decided to honor the physical boundaries promised to the amerindians relocated to Oklahoma by treaty. Roughly 1/2 of Oklahoma will now be considered Indian reservation and this includes the entire metropolis of Tulsa. As far as I’m concerned it’s about time. If there’s one group of peoples thoroughly plowed by colonial America and the nation of America it has been the indigenous natives. After this ruling there will surely be other suits brought by other tribes whose solemn treaties got somehow vacated. Should be interesting. https://www.bbc.com/news/world-us-canada-53358330
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