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  1. The key ‘take away’ here is that if your breathing becomes impaired you will absolutely be overcome with anxiety and regret. But at 86 Willie’s dear olde lungs have done well given the abuse he’s put them through. On the other side of that imagine how freaked these young vapor victims are when they learn that they’ve destroyed their lungs very early in life. Remember that your lungs evolved strictly for breathing and do not like being used for anything else. Your gut is for the intake of ‘stuff’. Cherish your lungs and eat for your pleasures. There’s no good reason to take chances with your breathing and you will truly hate yourself if you screw up your lungs. Just ask Willie.
  2. So....... did your wife know who the pizza was for when they called your, um.... name?
  3. Not to discount the issues of child labor........but the pricing of many products is related to production scaling via automation, robots. Pony up for robotic systems once and they build forever 24/7 and without benes or sick days. I’m pretty sure socks are all made by mechanized systems.
  4. 7th grade beginning drafting with Mr. Nowak, AKA bad breath Nowak. You sat at those tilted drafting tables and the guy would come to your space, lean-in and inspect your drawings. OMG the odor was stunning. It was drippy thick with stench. You’d see the man chain smoking between classes trying to get as many hits as possible in that 6 minute window. You’d cringe up seeing him coming your way 🤢🤮. Had a geometry teacher with oral thrush so bad you could see it from the back of the class, but he never got in your face for any reason. Yeah bad breath really stinks. Sounds like ‘old timer’ has the best solution.
  5. So...... the driving public has been pummeled with guilt driven marketing into needing higher efficiency vehicles. Of course with gas prices being volatile a more efficient vehicle clearly merits consideration. And at the top of this eco-heap are electric vehicles delivering good and clean mileage for today’s commuters. Yes humanity needs to be conscious of earths needs so all of this makes sense....... and they save $$ too by buying less petrol. Jokes on us. States tax gas sales heavily to source income for civic projects, supposedly mostly for street work. Several states have formally recognized that more efficient cars means lower tax revenues. They postulate that these higher efficiency cars use roads as much as their guzzling counterparts so they must pay up somehow. Utah, Oregon have already set vehicle registration penalties for high mileage cars. Registration fees will double or triple for these eco-friendly cars to make up for gas taxes not paid for at the pump. So we now have gas guzzler and non gas-guzzler monetary penalties for our cars. This reminds me of the other energy efficient arena...... home power usage. The more efficient you make your home the higher the rates for energy utilities simply because they need income. It all rolls downhill and the well meaning consumer gets scrooched.
  6. Eeew. Proof positive that when you’re THAT skinny you really do make a STICK figure 🤔😬.
  7. I 1st was introduced to Klipsch in the 70’s. It has always amazed me that Klipsch deploys such an underwhelming marketing scheme. The general buying public was bowled over with heavily advertised Bose junk product and so much $ has been wasted on truly cheap and lousy sound. Klipsch could have dominated this market and kept the sustained caliber of this industry at a much higher standard. Instead the public got duped by charlatanesque speakers and now lives with a distorted benchmark for quality sound reproduction. Every theatre that uses Klipsch product should feature some audience notification of its application. Get your Cornwall’s, flaunt them, enjoy them and do what Klipsch does not do - educate your social circle about quality sound reproduction.
  8. Any critic lives on their consistent reputation more than their daily content. The term is relevance and individuals define the credibility of their preferred sources. Some will like certain ‘critics’ over others and for a variety of reasons (rational or otherwise). If you wish to reference this critic here then please share that. I do not know of him but others feel his opinions matter and his style works. As for accuracy, honesty and representation just look at the political pundits who easily tell versions of the same event 180 degrees opposed. It is opinion and few pundits let the facts sway their perspectives. This is why reputation validates any pundit or critic. If they get it ‘correct’ most of the time people will listen and they will believe.
  9. Yes we have amazon prime. I have used their streaming before and, as mentioned - it was lacking in ‘user’ friendly. I could fire it up and will give it a shot. I know that tidal offers a free trial period. But my concern is with the equipment in use. Like your project trying to fire up Amazon music for your mom. Too much makes too little sense to moi. It is illogical. Something that works once should not somehow compel itself to simply ‘stop’ working and require some remedy that itself varies. I cannot imagine adding other system layers in to the mix.
  10. Though not new to streaming music I am way lowdown on the learning curve. In reading these posts I ‘hear’ that these music providers are oddly formatted and inconsistent. They seem crusty to navigate and their sound quality varies. As for myself recently I purchased a dedicated streaming interface and continue to use ‘free’ pandora for service. Prior to this I used a simple ‘kindle’ pad and it’s streaming functions were quite frustrating. My new device (Marantz na6006) is certainly better but not at all flawless. Between it and my iPad the wireless connection is dropped at least once daily. The music from pandora is not bad....... it is not good either. For ‘free’ it is fine. If I were paying for it I’d be pissed 😤. So I come here seeking advice for some better service. I am not sold on streaming...... yet. It’s too twitchy, too touchy and not reliable. I had hoped for ‘at least’ routine operation and had plans to purchase additional Bluetooth speakers. Things are much better but not good enough for more product and from what I read here no service is worth paying for. It is all too problematic.
  11. Merry Christmas to all. Got light snow and a rib roast in the traeger. Enjoy.
  12. Update - 1st ‘airplay’ is not the same as ‘airplane’ - both are functions on my iPad and I had them confused. Of course being nearly identical terms abets said confusion but clearly it is my over abundance of digital idiocy in play. So I do now how have ‘airplay’ operational. Things are better. I do not understand why operation manuals are so user unfriendly. How hard can it be to make computer based systems user easy?
  13. I do have airplay and the marantz will accept it. But when I shift to ‘airplay’ the iPad automatically turns off the ‘Bluetooth’ which is used for other devices. So it seems to be one or the other.
  14. I am learning more (it’ll be an ongoing learning curve I’m a thinking). Apparently I can direct play using voice commands via ‘Siri’. I know I could interface an ‘alexa’ or other device for this as well. Lemme ask this. Is there a computer/cellphone with a better quality Bluetooth signal?
  15. I learned that Marantz recently brought a less costly streaming tool to market, their NA 6006. Managed to buy one for $100 less than asking. Now I need to learn how to get the most from it and I am an easily confused digital moron. I used their ‘quick start’ guide and I am streaming pandora via my iPad Pro using Bluetooth. Not real pleased with this set up. I downloaded the full manual, all 133 pages. It may as well be in hieroglyphs. 😳🤔🥺 All I have for this is the iPad and my router. I know I can subscribe to a number of services. But I’d like to use something other than the Bluetooth link........ it sounds compressed and it drops out occasionally. Tried using ‘airplay’ but that kills the Bluetooth that is used for other devices. I’d be willing to purchase additional hardware if required. So - like I am a toddler - y’know ‘abc123’ simple....... can ye help out this olde, ancient person??? Please be patient.
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