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  1. Bosco-d-gama

    Mona Lisa Vito’s expert testimony

    Accuracy in films/tv rarely exists. For me what ruins most productions are character trait failures. Notably all modern actors/actresses have blinding white and perfect dentition which seriously conflicts with historical context and usually is shown w/o any consideration for context authenticity. Characters that are supposed to be heavy laborers with manicured fingernails destroys the presentation. Having grown up in west Los Angeles I have little respect for that industry. The recent relevations of sexual abuse is absurd. Doors to opportunity in hollywierd never open because of an actors talent/skills and they haven’t since films became big business.
  2. Bosco-d-gama

    Gun safe failure - need help

    Once he gets the replacement lock mechanism he may be able to determine where that solenoid is located or where to drill that bugger. Also if you can locate another safe like this one you could examine that mechanism insitu, template the stuff and use that as your reference.
  3. Bosco-d-gama


    So how many here are attempting to drop some weight now that the holiday pig-out festivals have passed? Ever wonder what you actually lose when you lose (or conversely gain) weight. Keeping in mind that we are ‘carbon’ based critters when we gain or lose weight we are gaining or shedding carbon as we vary our body mass. When weight is lost we lose most of it exhaling carbon dioxide which is a pretty heavy gas. The next greatest loss comes through losing water which we urinate, exhale and sweat away. Carbon dioxide and water comprise over 90% of weight retained or lost. Humans are carbon sinks, repositories of that bad stuff also called ‘greenhouse gases’. So, if you want an excuse not to diet just tell yourself and others that you do not want to contribute to global warming.🤓
  4. Bosco-d-gama

    Quotable Quote

    Pride is the never-failing vice of fools - Alexander Pope
  5. Bosco-d-gama

    Quotable Quote

    But......... if you like how life is going then keep doing the same stuff for the same results. If you feel ‘it ain’t broke - etc.
  6. Bosco-d-gama

    Quotable Quote

    Guess this is the corollary to: If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.........../
  7. Bosco-d-gama

    When does "X" become an addiction ?

    1st off very sorry to hear about your situation. I have 3 fused cervical vertebrae and do understand this arena. Have you looked into intrathecal pain pumps? They are indwelling systems specifically devised for situations like yours and may be a good choice for serious pain management. Others have mentioned physical therapy and I agree here too........ but it seems like a long shot given your description. The goal there would be for you to get enough core strength to better support your spine. Also, the appliances employed to fuse your vertebra are pretty tough once healed. I’ve heard of Harrington rods breaking but those are used in full length spinal fusions typically to stabilize scoliosis as opposed to spinal fusions. As for marijuana give it a try. I’ve heard various responses to mj therapy. Others should hear your story. Getting old is not for sissies. As we age things wear out and erode away. Weird things grow where they shouldn’t and press on things that hurt. All of life’s various bumps take their collective toll. Personally I work diligently at the gym to remain strong and try to keep agile..... and I still ache daily. Just had the shoulder replaced. It had zero cartilage remaining. It rattled, creaked and hurt so bad all the time that it limited my life. It was going to freeze completely if nothing was done. 2 months posted op and my range and motion is near normal. It still hurts but in time that too will end. As for addiction to the pain meds. I’d say use them wisely. They’re working on new drugs all the time. Pain is big business and any breakthrough drug would be worth megabucks.
  8. Bosco-d-gama

    When does "X" become an addiction ?

    Yours is a question, and a concern, many more people should consider when dealing with many drugs and interests and activities. Essentially you do not want an external ‘thing’ controlling your life through the coercion of a maniacal dependency. This understanding alone and a commitment to this goal is adequate in my mind, and you clearly do have this understanding in play. Culturally society keeps a fuzzy benchmark for addiction. When a drug renders a person witless and vulnerable becoming addicted to it is considered bad. Thus opioids are relegated to the dark side even if when properly used they clearly have genuine merit. Not so with nicotine. Nicotine does not massively alter behaviors but it surely is addictive and any adult can buy the stuff otc at will and nicotine has absolutely no practical application for humans (other than $$$). Personally I believe you should weigh addiction wariness based upon age and need. Take the popular sleep aid Ambien. The medical community works hard to keep people from becoming dependent on Ambien for sleep. Well, for a 25 year old this makes sense as they should not require nightly sedation to get adequate sleep (see Michael Jackson). But for the elderly who commonly physiologically struggle with sleeplessness why not afford them the drug and any dependency simply to get them solid sleep as they age? As for physicians and ‘pain’ subscriptions they know only what the patients advise. This is how many obtain their recreational pain meds - they lie, and when they run out of gullible docs they turn to other drugs and supply avenues. But it the real key is this question you have posed here. In your case you have a real need and ready access to real relief....... and if this is your only recourse use the stuff and be less concerned about addiction. IMHO opioids have been far too loosely prescribed....... especially with young people. Why? Because young people heal and once healed the pain goes away. So what if they suffer some short term pain? Pain is a valid feeling....... not desirable, but valid. Expect pain in your life. Expect it after surgery. Learn to live with short term pain, yes even short term excruciating pain. It will get better and it will be gone and you will not have any need to unwind, or serve an addiction. As for the unscrupulous pushers intent on profiting from addicting others - execute them just as ruthlessly as they prey upon the lives of others. Drugs can be wondrous when applied properly. It is horrific how subhumans seek to profit from their abuse.
  9. Bosco-d-gama

    What to do, what to do

    There’s a single Klipschorn on Craigslist in Seattle for $750, just so ya know. Update: There was one for sale there last week. Gone now. Sorry..... just saw this post for the 1st time today. Good luck.
  10. Bosco-d-gama


    Um...... I don’t pay for Pandora. I tolerate the few ads and their arbitrary ‘shut-downs’. All in all it is just me being lazy as well as cheap. That said Pandora gives a pretty nice mix...... until they start looping the same stuff. Then I change channels til I sicken of that selection. Have friends who subscribe to Pandora and they tell me that Pandora interrupts their music more than they do mine. We had Pandora mix up tunes around Pink Martini and greatly enjoy those works.
  11. Bosco-d-gama


    Got weary of the Christmas music and searched about for a comfortable genre to enjoy. Settled on hits from 1966 through Pandora. After a bit of time it dawned on me that if this were 1918 we’d be involved in WW1 and I’d prefer listening to tunes from the civil war. YIKES!
  12. Bosco-d-gama

    Gun safe failure - need help

    Just presume the safe to be a loss. Beware also that some safes will lock down ‘tougher’ if someone tries to breech them incorrectly. So torches, hammers etc may have their downsides. Certainly diligence and power tools will eventually work but with some effort. Too often folks buy safes that are overkill for their purposes w/o considering such dilemmas. Had a neighbor who installed a floor safe that rusted shut because of the moisture in the basement. Upon his demise the family tried to access the thing after many decades of sitting idle. The combination lock worked but the door was fused tight. They had it jack hammered out and got it opened and megabucks later found it to be empty. Saw that many times especially with safe deposit boxes. Too often retold stories embellish wealth realities and all that’s in gramps sd box are old pictures and childhood memories. Unsure about the magnet. It is worth a try. But think about it.......... if a simple magnet could open a safe then thieves would be in hog heaven. The gang locks on safes can get insanely complex. The combination frees up the handle which requires a solid 90 degree turn to crank levers and armatures to free the door from as many as 8 bolt latches. Safes are secure.
  13. Bosco-d-gama

    Gun safe failure - need help

    The lock should have a singular spot that can be physically accessed to activate the release mechanism. There should be a single location to drill through to access a portal and the manufacturer should be able to assist in identifying this spot usually located adjacent to lock on the front door. They may not want to divulge this as it will allow you info to access all of these safes. This is what a locksmith knows and will likely do for $$$. This is the easiest way to break into a safe. Removing hinges, etc will not work. I worked for Diebold as a locksmith long ago and got exposed to many locked up things from vaults to safes and so forth. They all have their alternate access routes for use when all else fails. Good luck.
  14. Bosco-d-gama

    Who’d have guessed?

    Obviously it’s the season of holiday music and we listen to artists we may not otherwise frequent. Johnny Mathis has claimed much fame for his seasonal offerings. Anyhow after hearing one of his songs I decided to investigate the mans history. His youth was steeped in 2 areas, singing and sports and he was serious about both endeavors. Mathis was a high jumper, a really good high jumper. He was so good that he was slated for the 1956 Olympics in Melbourne, Australia. At under 6 feet tall Mathis was able to leap over 6.5 feet. His high jump rival growing up in San Francisco was the 7 foot tall Bill Russel of later NBA fame. His music career took off just as he was headed to the Olympic training facilities and his immediate success ended his athletic aspirations. Who’d have guessed?
  15. Bosco-d-gama

    No More Crack Fries

    I seriously doubt if either group deployed your logic (right or wrong) in their decisions or their intentions. Bottom line: 😔 Wrong choices do not ever excuse more wrong choices.