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  1. Bosco-d-gama

    Weight of the soul

    Me neither.......
  2. Bosco-d-gama

    Weight of the soul

    Since before recorded history humankind has sought some explanation for its existence/purpose. That may now be approachable and it’s value would be intrinsically incalculable. Guessing at this answer has founded/funded not only religions but entire civilizations. Knowing the answer would contain those endeavors to the realm of fact. Scary, huh?
  3. Bosco-d-gama

    Weight of the soul

    Certainly religions are relevant to this work but they need to remain separate from the science so that any results are unbiased and reproducible. As seen in this thread this is a highly charged question with some hefty potential consequences. The science should be as aloof from the emotion as possible simply as a matter of practicality. The notion is to understand the prospects of the existence of the essence of life, not to confirm, nor to undermine any existing institutions of faith. Hopefully these institutions would support such work and the need to keep it entirely and keenly objective. Absolutely - whatever the results - subsequent debates will be huge, and hugely important for religions in particular.
  4. Bosco-d-gama

    Weight of the soul

    The notion of ‘weight’ should be considered more historical than literal. Mc Dougall decided the ‘soul’ should have weight so that’s what he looked for. Now we know of other types of energies, fields, dimensions, etcetera........ Who knows what may constitute the physical characteristics of a soul. Quantum sensors can offer a variety of measures. Don’t limit the problem solution set to that of mass/weight. Also leave out religions as they are faith based, not science based. If in the end (no pun intended) the science should validate religion then they can say ‘I told you so’.
  5. Bosco-d-gama

    Weight of the soul

    Okay - you are in charge of cleaning up the Fukushima power plant. I promise you won’t see or feel any danger. No need to worry about the unseen things. 🤪
  6. Bosco-d-gama

    Weight of the soul

    Humanity has yet to understand so much and even at this stage we know and have theories for some fairly peculiar things. Perhaps biology offers just a vessel for transient spirit occupation? Think of the things we accept as ‘given’ today that decades ago would’ve been immediately discounted as fantasy. Insofar as apparitions are concerned we also have out of body experiences and near death accounts in need of reconciliation. We are reaching for the stars and into the depths of atoms. Do not limit curiosity, encourage it.
  7. Bosco-d-gama

    Weight of the soul

    The notion of a disembodied ‘soul’ that is a cohesive and cogent entity does percolate more in the realm of human dimensions. But that does not mean that self awareness is without any potential existence with transcendental effect. We’re aware of subatomic particles penetrating the entire planet and many forms of radiations invisible to our senses. Who’s to say what ‘life’ truly represents and to presume it is ‘nothing’ is as absurd as presuming it to be ‘something’. If we have the science to examine the hypothesis then it is of enough interest and import to do the work.
  8. Bosco-d-gama

    Weight of the soul

    Google up ‘phonons negative gravity’. Enjoy.
  9. Bosco-d-gama

    Weight of the soul

    If the effort were made I'd doubt if the results would be quantified even using such finely tuned sensors. Rather I believe that they may demonstrate the presence of ‘something’ which could be related to the loss of a living state. Consider an isolation chamber wherein all things that might emanate from a ‘being’ could be ‘sensed’ whilst all external variables could be accounted for (and eliminated). Thus we might realize the baseline normal state of ‘life’ and then perhaps ‘sense’ the occurrence of death and define a unique quality occuring only at the moment of death. This would suggest that a definable quality exists during life that ‘leaves’ as the purpose of living ends. As more data is gathered they may define how much of this ‘quality’ is associated with death. At this juncture the tantalizing question would be does that value vary individually. Do bigger people emit a greater volume? Or, conversely would this be the same for all peoples regardless of any variable? And....... would this be sensed during the demise of any living entity?
  10. Bosco-d-gama

    Weight of the soul

    Just over a century ago a physician named McDougall theorized that a ‘soul’ should have mass and therefore able to be measured as weight. So he concocted experimental design to make such a measurement and conducted a study which concluded that the soul weighs around 21 ounces. Needless to say the work was embraced by some and scoffed at by others. Scientifically the work was foundationally flawed on many levels and simply did not have merit. Today we have an emerging field called ‘quantum metrology’ also called quantum sensing. Generally speaking this endeavor deploys devices which can measure speeds, weights, etc - on subatomic scales and purportedly are 100 million times more sensitive than their traditional counterparts. They can measure weights of less than single atoms and are finding a myriad of practical applications. Recently it was reported that sound actually has particles and that those particles defy gravity. Should McDougalls’ work be updated? Could a quantum sensor determine if a ‘soul’ has weight or any other measurable existence? Imagine the results on either side of the question: If the soul has ‘existence’ then what, if not what then?
  11. Bosco-d-gama


    Appreciate the input. Have yet to make any decisions. Still fighting old man winter, etc........ I am kinda thinking about getting some Forte III’s for the bedroom and putting my JBL 4311’s in the garage. It is a lot more $ and a ton more weight to move about - procrastination settles in. 🤔
  12. Bosco-d-gama

    Moving heavy speakers

    If you must lift them get some appliance lifting straps. It’ll still require 2 people but you’ll not need to bend over to lift them and the control is much better.
  13. Bosco-d-gama

    Crew Dragon and the Shape of Things to Come

    Considering that Russia has no irons in the fire getting to ‘b’ from ‘a’ would be a huge expense and undertaking. At best they might steal the technology but developing same would still be many years and $billions away. They could try transferring technology from their military programs but that would get them ‘faster’ not reusable. Methinx China is better positioned for this stuff than Russia. If the planet can avoid war these will be some exciting times. That’s a big ‘if’..........
  14. Bosco-d-gama

    Looking for this artist.....

    Hmmmm really a long shot that this will be recognized. I can think of similar art in my grandparents home. But - I’d wager that there’s a digital ‘app’ that might be able to identify it from a scan...... and I know very little about such technology. Perhaps one of our more digitally savvy members knows of an app?
  15. Bosco-d-gama

    Crew Dragon and the Shape of Things to Come

    Reportedly the ‘crew dragon’ will completely gut the Soviet manned space program that relies on older technology. Russia charges big $$ to fly foreign astronauts to the space station and the fee for just one astronaut pays for the entire launch/recovery. Once SpaceX takes away that income Russia’s antiquated space program is kaput. Should be interesting.