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  1. Sometimes the headwaters provide hydration for crops and growth, other times it causes floods. Stopping the flow at the headwaters kills everything downstream and allows for nothing. You’re stopping journalism from sources like The Wall Street Journal and accurate reporting on covid19 issues you do not grasp. You are not moderating. You are censoring and you are doing it blindly. It may be simpler for you personally but at the cost of engaging/informing others. This is why the forums have become so anemic. So called moderation has bled them to pale ABC123 discourse and jokes.
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    I read that flight requires very high blade RPMs for that little chopper. It’ll be interesting.
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    Big Cold

    Been occupied selling the house. Sorry to hear about everyone’s problems. Hope everyone is okay. Sold the house in less than a day. Have til 3/30 to get moved and have lots to do..... and it is still winter here too but nothing like the Midwest. Be safe and take no chances.
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    Sounds ‘revolution - ary’.....
  5. What a perfect example of the systemic problems with covid19. The people who know the least about medicine are the ones deciding what is right or wrong about how to manage and discuss the issues surrounding this disease. It is sad everywhere it happens.
  6. Very much agree with this article. A certain [Off topic]
  7. I figured knives out. It is not so much the knife it is keeping the knife insanely sharp. That’s what we want in a knife. So I have some modestly expensive knives and knives I bought from the Tuesday Morning discount cutlery rack. And I keep them all razor sharp. I do have whet stones and I do use a razor strop with polishing compound. Once sharp I keep them sharp with good use habits. Maybe once a year I will get out all the sharpening toys and deal with any duller knives. Though I have more than a dozen knives ready to use - I use only 2 or 3 regularly. A 3 inch paring knife and santuko blades are the go-to knives for most purposes. And because they are sharp they cut easy and because they cut easy they cut safely. I do not have any hugely expensive knives and I cannot see where any knife regardless of cost could be better than what I own. In fact your old knives just might be salvageable.
  8. Interesting that the [Off topic No porcelain, China or Ansley. No WHO,.Elton John,.or Supertramp. Start a new thread, it doesn't have anything to do with topic of this thread, which is extreamly narrow for good reason.]
  9. Life after we get vaccinated........... https://www.nationalgeographic.com/science/2021/02/after-you-get-covid-19-vaccine-what-can-you-do-safely/
  10. This work needs to be expanded. The research was conducted on a study group consisting of healthcare workers at Mount Sinai and the results reported seem to be conclusive enough. But the study group did not include enough of those most vulnerable to covid19, the elderly. It is nice to know we can have ways to early diagnose covid19 but ideally it will be efficacious across all age groups.
  11. Here’s some interesting covid19 trivia...........🤓 https://www.reuters.com/article/us-health-coronavirus-maths-idUSKBN2AA1B6
  12. Sadly pretty much everything is too controversial for the forums. Can’t talk about the weather for fear of a global warming debate. Can’t discuss anything about vaccines or China or how covid19 is or was managed. Nada on anything from any state capital, the homeless, the rioters, Washington DC, etc..... and so forth. The country/world is boiling over with ‘issues’ of a sensitive nature. Even the dancers at halftime were in stitches. But I am privileged to have a new grandson intend to move to be close to the family...... if I survive covid19.
  13. Sounds like it’s time for a stair lift. Bummer for the both of you..... and the fur critter. Hope all of you get back to normal ASAP.
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    Sometimes ya just gotta wonder..................... https://www.foxnews.com/lifestyle/woman-styles-hair-gorilla-glue-trip-to-hospital
  15. Evidently there was some reasoning behind the wonderful halftime show that I did not watch, did not miss nor intend to ever see. https://www.foxnews.com/entertainment/super-bowl-the-weeknd-dancers-face-bandages
  16. I’ve had 2 brushes with ‘murderers’. While in grad school I was out one evening walking the dog. We lived in a gate guarded community then and it kept security personnel on 24/7. Anyway a young man approached and asked if I knew a girl. I’d never heard of her told him so and went on my merry way. Later that night he gained access to the complex and he killed her. It was a lovers quarrel gone over the top. As I recall he was convicted of manslaughter, basically a slap on the wrist for what happened. Years later living in north county San Diego I heard a lot of unusual activity out on the road behind the house. Peeked over and saw what looked to me like my neighbors Great Dane dead in the street. It was about 200 feet down the road. Turned out to be a young woman’s body, naked. Long story short she worked for the city and they would hire parolees as part of their post incarceration rehabilitation and this one man could not control his actions. He kidnapped and eventually killed her, dumping her body way too close to home. He was caught. Don’t remember his punishment but again being in California I doubt if it met the ugliness of his deed. There are some twisted minds out there.
  17. Mmmmmmmm........ bats are mammals. They’re the only truly flying mammalian in existence. Flying squirrels do not have powered flight, they glide.
  18. Technically no mammals are cold blooded. Vaccines safely allow the immune system to become familiar with, and ready to fend off covid19. Covid19 is a double edged sword. The virus itself can kill or damage you and it can illicit a cytokine storm in your body that also can kill you. Once a person is vaccinated covid19 is less likely to overwhelmingly infect and thusly the immune system is then less likely to ‘over react’. That’s the win-win of getting vaccinated. Your chances of getting deathly sick are greatly reduced. Lots of things can cause materials/fluid from the blood to cross into the lungs. Covid19 can cause ARDS to ensue. ARDS is where the lungs capillaries become overly porous allowing blood proteins to spill into the alveoli. Blood proteins are large cells and through osmosis then extract more fluid and materials from the blood in to the lungs. This is ARDS (in a nutshell) and it can be managed up to a point. It is very complex. A florid case of covid19 impacts many parts of the body. You’re correct we do require oxygen and we also require the removal of metabolites or we poison ourselves. This goes to every cell in the body. If a single section of your bowel twists it can cut off blood supply. No blood no nada. It will go necrotic and die and requires surgical correction. Covid19 can do something similar anywhere in the body. Kidneys, liver, bowels, even your fingertips. Why not just talk with your doctor and accept their advice on how to proceed? You do not want to get covid19 and you do not want anyone else to get it either.
  19. Absolutely. My Accuphase integrated allows for multiple configurations. I could run a tube pre with SS amp or a tube amp with SS pre. But for myself at this point in life whence my hearing has become problematic I simply do not have the same desire to system putz. Keeping it simple. Spent the $$$ and got quality SS to go with my fully modded khorns. Happy I did so.
  20. As has been mentioned. Average amp draw of the motor under load divided into the amp hour rating of the DC source gives you ‘run’ time. But as Maynard notes the peak amp draw could lug the system if it overdraws the battery. Your could put a solar power generator in-line to supplement the power needs. All this said - the motor is made in China - essentially junk. Recently one of our favorite glass grinders died after many years of excellent performance. We bought a new one from the same company....... only now they are made in China. The 1st two units had to be returned - totally not functional. The 3rd unit works better but the grinder bit is still not quite perpendicular to its platform. It went from hero to zero.
  21. That’s the problem. You are moderating the ‘headwaters’ of what ‘might’ veer into controversy. So literally next to nothing gets allowed. Way, way, way over killed.
  22. Dollars to donuts this thing ‘fogs’ up in a matter of 3 breaths. https://www.foxnews.com/auto/ford-clear-n95-mask
  23. It appears to me that the forums no longer tolerate discourse. They allow select articles on select subjects..... but do not discuss them. Taboo content exists in just about every current news topic so very few qualify around here. For example posters can no longer discuss or post articles about The World Health Organization.... it has been deemed too controversial. Really. If you wanna stay abreast of covid19 just read the news and try to discern the real from the fake news. Posting here is sorta like doing a lighthearted polka in a mine field in a snowstorm. Behaving yourself has evolved to mean reading other posts and waiting to see if they survive.
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