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  1. Require folks to use manual transmissions and texting while driving would be reduced.
  2. Tried looking for additional info on this and the best fit is ‘bone conduction’ a well understood alternative sound pathway in human skulls. Bone conduction in the skull does preferentially transmit lower frequencies which is why we hear our own voices as sounding deeper/lower than others. This is also why we find our recorded voice played back to sound weird. As I recall someone at Klipsch patented an earphone that used bone conduction for transmitting some frequencies.
  3. The paper cited does not support your conclusions. On the surface your perspective sounds plausible. Denser is better. Perhaps a better designed study may prove you correct....... but this study doesn’t. BMI was the methodology used by the researchers in this research so your argument is not with me. As far as I'm concerned everyone should have less fat or be leaner, or whatever. But you cannot cite this paper as any foundation for your statement. It is just not there. Sorry if this upsets you. That wasn’t my intention.
  4. We do agree that sound will transmit through a body to be heard in the ears. I do not agree that if you gained or lost BMI that the intensity of what is heard in this manner would change.
  5. The work indicates (very roughly) that increased BMI results in higher hearing thresholds. A ‘higher’ hearing threshold means a person hears frequencies at greater sound levels, the hearing gets worse, not better..... hearing is less sensitive as BMI increases. Heavier folks require louder sound (a higher threshold) to hear at any frequency according to this paper. That said, the authors acknowledge that their own data is not statistically significant and not reproducible. So who knows what (if anything) BMI does to hearing. This paper is inconclusive as far as its own authors are concerned. Still I would accept the notion that lower frequencies transmit easier through any solid object and can physically resonate a persons body. The drubbing of percussive mechanical massagers is a good example but the pounding of heavy bass is also quite palpable. But IMHO this is unrelated to body mass or composition. There can be no amplification of any frequency for any given body style. Simply stated we enjoy the vibes.🤗
  6. Our body mass does sense low frequencies as in vibrational pulsations or ‘movement’. To what extent would this palpable sensation translate into audible bass frequencies in the ears? Are there references you could cite for us here?
  7. You can get pizza crusts made with a cauliflower mixture. They cook up pretty nicely, uniformly crispy. Generally speaking the older you get the less calories you need and the more fit you are the less calories you require because a well maintained body is more ‘work’ efficient.
  8. Whether in heaven or hell this guy is gonna be hard to manage................
  9. Once I purchased eyeglasses online. They literally broke the 1st time they were cleaned...... and I cleaned them before wearing them so they never got used, not even once. Go online to get an RGA and all the print for the return data was minuscule in size and could not be scaled up. Gotta wonder how many people gave up trying to return their crappy glasses. Not me, however.
  10. What a marvelous examination of the evolution of a music genre. I heard that when Ken Burns watched the finalized version of this work that he literally wept. Sadly the ‘Take away’ is how the big business of music and $$ stifled artistic creativity as eventually only ‘sure bets’ get recorded. Perhaps this is why the televised music competition shows (a-la American Idol) got started, got traction and remain somewhat popular? C & W is not my favorite genre either but it remains head and shoulders above ‘rap’ music IMHO.
  11. Was selling a home, and I owned a Range Rover at the time. So had an older couple come to see place and they ask about the Range Rover...... and I spoke honestly about that P.O.S. and a tad too earnestly including some debasing of the queen ( although I liked her Corgi’s). Turned out that the Mrs was British and they owned a Range Rover pretty much like mine. Well they agreed about the vehicle but man did she ever bristle up over her majesty. Those Brits love their royalty. Yup, they bought the house and pretty much ruined it best I could see. They did not get along with their neighbors either. And generally speaking their dentition is horrifying. Try watching the ‘Antiques Roadshow’ from England. The teeth on everyone would gag a maggot. Odd shades of grey/yellow with chunks of ivory angled and tangled every which way. At some point you’d think they’d get em all yanked out and get full dentures. But, for as tied to tradition as the Brits are - the dentures would likely be colored grey/yellow and pitched six ways to midnight. Ewww.
  12. My vision has been ‘screwed’ up since birth and is not correctable. Right eye good, left eye bad. It was bad enough to make me 4f for the draft.
  13. Spoke with both the audiologist and the distributor. Now the story goes that they removed a membrane over the amps that was placed to aid in waterproofing the device. Per the distributor the membrane was after market, and add-on for active folks. 1st I never asked for any such add-on nor was I advised that it was there. 2ndly the silly thing should’ve operated correctly with or w/o said membrane. Lastly no appliance should get to the end user compromised in its primary function. Basically everyone is pointing fingers at others. BTW I need to correctly identify the hearing aid as being manufactured by Starkey. I have yet to converse with Starkey about the issue. I’m excited about the new Eustachian tube treatment as well. The manufacturer shows an initial success rate of 99+ percent. How long the treatment works remains unanswered because it is too recent. Seems like I recall values of better than 80% at 12 months.
  14. It has been like Christmas morning every day since having this thing working. I’m probably too enthusiastic because prior to this I thought my hearing future was pretty dismal. So how good is the sound? Nope, it is not natural. At times it seems sibilant. High frequencies on the stereo can be harsh. It can sound artificial, even echoing at times. But it is so much better than ‘not’ having it. Starting to understand why they sell batteries in packs. Used daily this will chew through a battery every 3 days........ but it does announce when it needs a new battery. Is this the best available? Obviously this arena is not my expertise so I cannot say. The company who manufactured my unit claims its current products are ‘new and improved’ - y’know like next years new cars or televisions. I’d think that cutting edge engineering could render some cleaner and more detailed appliances. Getting old sucks. The best advice is to not abuse your hearing when young.
  15. Something new for Eustachian tube treatment. AERA from the company Acclarent is a balloon style catheter procedure that mechanically dilates blocked Eustachian tubes. The device and the procedure are very recent and there’s not many docs certified to offer the service. The closest to me is 100’s of miles away. 😫😫
  16. TrueHearing is the company that made my hearing device. It was purported to be ‘musical’?? I have not had much time to assess the music system....... other than having to turn it down. I am suffering from sensory overload. Before things were softened, muddled and I could not discern which direction sounds came from. Now that the hearing balance is somewhat returned I can hear birds and know which way to look to see them too. To be clear this is nothing like normal hearing, but it is a ton better than squishy conversations you had to lean into to catch 1/3 of their content. I still plan to see the ENT doc. The same ear suffers from a persistently shut Eustachian tube that perhaps could be treated.
  17. Just over 3 years ago my hearing had become so compromised that I made the leap and had the audiology exams done. As I’d figured there was significant enough loss to warrant hearing aids especially in my left ear. I got appliances for both ears but was so disoriented that I returned the one for my right ear. The other device seemed to work but not too well so I went head and kept it. I went back a few times to have adjustments but it just never helped my hearing much at all. To me the device seemed to be working properly. It ‘jingled’ when started up and would ‘crackle’ with artifact noise when I manipulated my eye glasses so I presumed that the very expensive thing was operating as expected and that it was my hearing that was so bad that it was just not correctable. So a few weeks ago I get a letter from the device manufacturer advising me that the warranty period was about to expire and offering discounted deals on their newer products. This prompts me to make an appointment with an ENT doc to discuss my troubles. The doctors office wanted me to get another audiology exam prior to the appointment so back to the same audiology group I'd originally employed. Today I had that work done. They asked about the hearing aid and I tell them (again) that it just did not make enough improvement for me to use it, and that I rarely did use it. They checked the appliance again and voila there’s a problem. 2/3rds of the microphones were blocked by something (my guess would be packing material). I asked if I had done something to cause it? -No- How long had it been that way? They could not say. Well the answer is clear. It was never correct. It works now and I am stunned at how well it works. Not only was it not working before but when I used it it made my hearing worse because it only partially functioned literally plugging up the ear for most frequencies. I am both pissed off and ecstatic. What a cruel hoax to be subjected to. I thought for sure I was headed to total deafness and the quality of my life was impacted. Every time I went out to a place I needed to hear better I wore that thing expecting ‘better’ and what I got was ‘worse’. Instead of enjoying life I avoided parts of it due to poor hearing. Jeesh people are so incompetent these days. Sitting at home now and it is soooo noisy. The clothes dryer makes such a racket. I hear every word clearly. All the promises made were true - if only they’d done their job correctly. Jerks.
  18. I am a think-n that you could start emergency ‘life saving’ camp fires with an excised cell phone battery - hell they periodically fire up all on their own.
  19. Few things ever in history as aggravating as parents glued to cell phones whilst their youngsters run amok in a restaurant, etc........🤬🤬
  20. The sky is the limit. I use the elliptrac midrange horn with an older jbl 2482 driver and the jbl baby cheeks tweeter. I have them simply mounted together with the tweeter on top of the midrange horn and their diaphragms aligned. There are a host of options and just as many opinions. You are building a system so touch all the bases. Confirm that all your drivers mesh with your crossover and your power/source equipments. Using granite allows you to neatly complete the speaker without a ton of woodworking.
  21. You could just have granite cut to cover the bass bin and configure the midrange/tweeters as you desire.
  22. Old or new - wadaya got? Here’s one of my favorites best suited for small gatherings after 2 hours of moderate drinking 🤪. “One smart fellow he felt smart. Two smart fellows they both felt smart. Three smart fellows they all felt smart.” Say it fast and loud with assertive linguistic confidence. Enjoy 🤗.
  23. I am on Mrs #3 and among her many attributes musical training and/or appreciation is ‘nil’. She immediately enjoyed my audio gear but seemed to accept the daily 8 hours of up-time ‘in stride’ more than relishing the performance. After our 1st Christmas together she pops up with the comment that this was the only time she could remember not getting weary of Christmas music, or any music for that matter. Her naive off hand comment was the objective testimony to the absence of listening fatigue. Now, 4 years later, she really can not tolerate other people’s music gear, it grates her nerves in very short order resulting in headaches. Stereo gear is not her forte but she knows better from bad now 👌.
  24. Thinking here that the issue is less about freedom of speech and more fundamentally about the accuracy of its content as well as the intent of the speaker. Then there is the ability of the listener to dissect and discern these foundations of ‘message’ accuracy. Tell me that the ‘holocaust’ didn’t occur and you’d better be able to 100% validate your claims. Accept no persons opinions on face value. Some speakers are naively ill informed and parrot messages simply because they prefer to agree with them. Others intend to mislead, to propagandize, to disrupt. They can all speak but we do not have to believe them. Do the homework.
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