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  1. Hate these kinds of experiences. They stay with you and remind you of the perils in life. Once lived in a gate guarded condo complex. Took the dog for a walk outside the complex and a stranger asked me if I knew some girl. I didn’t and we parted ways. Later that night he shot and killed her. He got off with some manslaughter conviction as I recall.
  2. Yup....... But the law is the law and polygamy is not gender specific and gender discrimination is illegal.
  3. Gotta believe that this would go either direction so that a woman could secure multiple husbands as well as the other-way-around.
  4. I will look into this. Thnx👌😁
  5. There’s a tropical gardenia plant that is extremely fragrant. A nurse from the Philippines would bring one flower into the office and it would fill the room with fragrance as long as it remained fresh. Exactly how to formulate a perfume that mimics nature must be challenging. A field of night blooming jasmine is intoxicating. The same with any flowering citrus orchard. But you cannot find these odors accurately reproduced. Most perfumes are obnoxious, some even offensive. And heavy scents certainly can trigger asthma. Unsure why Jungle Gardenia is so enticing to me. But it is nice to have some things in life that intrinsically deliver pleasure 😍😍.
  6. If you can smell ‘her’ from 3 feet away then she’s all yours 🤢 😉
  7. Bosco-d-gama


    In high school I had a part time job in a local pharmacy. Late one evening while I was stocking the lower shelves in one aisle from somewhere in the store a scent captured my senses. I was in love/lust/whatever. I did not see the person wearing the perfume but I had been keenly seduced by it’s depth and luxury. And I had no idea what it was. It was heartbreaking 😫. Later in life (like 10 years later) I finally figured out what it was. Jungle Gardenia......... bingo............ except they did not make it any longer. Even today if you go to eBay you’ll find NOS Jungle Gardenia offered at exorbitant prices. I have bought some in the past and was not disappointed. There are some similar products but none holds a candle to the real deal. What is your favorite scent? Is there a product that does the same for you?
  8. A little lengthy but so what. I grew up in west Los Angeles where my uncle had a newspaper dealership. For many, many years myself, my brother and my cousins provided support labor for my uncles business. It was heavy labor and always involved overnight work on Saturday for the huge Sunday edition. Most of those years we worked from a service bay garage located behind a Phillips 66 gas station. One year our great uncle died. He owned a slew of homes in the area that he used as rentals. Well he rented the houses and kept their garages for himself. Like many from his ‘depression’ generation he was a hoarder. Well upon his demise the same group of cousins, etc got tapped to clear out these many garages. Among the tons of junk stuff we found a very large horn thingy. After some ‘digging’ we figured out that it was an air raid siren.........and it was driven by compressed air. So the garage service bay where we worked on the papers............. well it also held the air compressor for all of the service stations systems. That industrial air compressor had an emergency release valve. Curious lads that we were we thought it ‘adventurous’ to hook up our newly found air raid siren to this air compressor. We always had a break in the workload around 1 A.M. Yup......... we lugged that massive horn inside this metal garage and hooked it to the compressor over pressure relief valve.......... and we fired her up. HOLY CRAP........... The relief valve was an open or shut deal and once opened that horn was full tilt screaming. Because of the enclosed space we could not get near enough to stop this........ it was way, way........waaaaaayyyyyyyy loud. We had every police car in the region come screeching to our locale. After what seemed like forever the air compressor lost enough ooomph that one of the cops could enter and he cut the supply line. The cops actually thought is was pretty funny. We’d broken no laws and we did not damage anything. They did take the horn. Just as well. There’s no doubt that we’d have used it again, somewhere. Ah the antics of youthful zeal.
  9. That one is on the doctor. It is not uncommon for women to ‘evacuate’ during labor. They keep big ole buckets in L&D just for this purpose.
  10. This reminds me of a teen ‘moment’. Came home in a similar drunken state and made it all the way to the bathroom. Had to sit on the toilet to make sure the urine targets were hit. Jeans and tighty whitey’s around the ankles thar I sat whence a huge wave of nausea overwhelmed my world. Thinking quickly I loaded my awaiting pants to avoid painting the entire room. The next great idea was to wash the pants/undies, etc. So I reached down and grabbed the pile and inadvertently got the corner of the wall to wall carpet. It all came up real easily. I did not notice the carpet chunk until I was throwing it all into the washer. I decided it was dirty too so it all got washed......... then dried. The chunk-o-carpet had frayed and was shrunk........... badly. Lots of explaining required. Finally dad convinced mom that it wasn’t smart to have carpeted the bathroom anyway. Dodged a little of that bullet.
  11. Cap’n.......... the natives be get’n unruly.
  12. Actually if the computer has an equalizer function you should be able to attenuate some frequencies ore than others. If you know your audiogram you could try and match them. Jeesh getting old sucks.
  13. That’s interesting. Hearing aids are tailored to proportionally amplify frequencies that you hear poorly attempting to bring hearing more normal across all frequencies. Can your computer do this?
  14. AKA headphones.........
  15. I use mine for conversation and take it out When listening to my music system. Their microphones pick up sounds from peculiar angles which seems to add more distortion than clarity.
  16. Dogs got me up at dark thirty one icy cold night and insisted on being let out. I stumbled from a deep sleep put on just enough clothes for the task and let em out. I waited by the door whilst they did their bidding. After some time they returned. They’d had diarrhea. One dog was a big old fluffy corgi and his backside was a serious mudslide of caked on smelly slime. He had to get cleaned up before all else. So I get the wet soapy towels (still 2/3rds asleep) bend over and start scrubbing. After a short while I stopped to rearrange said towel and upon inspection found it to be spotless......... nary a stain or stink. ‘‘Twas then that I figured out that when I’d leaned over to ‘mutt scrub’ that my muffler had gotten between the towel and the dog. I’d just cleaned the dogs *** with a $100 cashmere muffler. Oh well, at least the dog was happy.
  17. Bosco-d-gama

    NFL 2019

    Whether you enjoyed the half time show or not what bothers me is that the super bowl entertainment is clearly hijacked by hollyweird. All season long it is football. For the final big game the event shifts into whatever hollyweird can shove into the venue. This was more of a Las Vegas stage show and had no business anywhere near any football game let alone the super bowl. And they lengthened half time which actually could impact game play. Well the hollyweird folks are fawning all over themselves today. It’s all plasticized glitz with zilch real talent.
  18. Another facet to hearing dysfunction is Eustachian tube blockages. There’s a new treatment for this from J&J called Acclarent Aera. The treatment uses a balloon dilation method to physically dilate the Eustachian tube and can be done in the office setting. Unsure of the cost. Their are no providers in my insurance network certified in the methodology. I’d be 1000% better if I could keep my Eustachian tubes open.
  19. I use a hearing aid. My hearing loss is bilateral but worse on the left. Originally they set me up with bilateral appliances but it was too disorienting. So I kept just the left unit. My device is tuned to augment my tested frequency deficits and it is supposed to be ‘musically’ capable. In reality music is less satisfying because the appliance picks up sounds more from the rear than common for hearing. It maybe that I simply cannot adjust to its settings or orientation. But I do not ever reach for the hearing aid when I desire to hear music. In fact I remove it for music. I use it for conversation or watching the ‘stupid’ box. For me it is more of a practical tool than a musical amp device.
  20. Addiction is a complex condition. It’s often both physical and psychological. Addiction stains a persons logic so that it will rationalize conduct that sustains the addictive habit. And nicotine addiction is among the toughest addictions known and I, for one, am dumbfounded that humanity still traffics OTC nicotine products. There are no redeeming components to any nicotine product. They exist to addict their patrons simply so that others can profit from the miseries of others - period. I cannot think of anything more insane. Breathing is a complex subject as well. Work is the purpose of living, physical labor and mental labor. We eat to fuel this work energy and we breathe to provide the oxygen catalyst to burn the fuel and to remove volatile waste metabolites - both critically necessary for doing a little, or a lot of work. And that’s the beauty of respiration. A body can go from a resting state to extreme exertion - at will, within seconds. The human body is as much a symphony as any well written music. We’ve enjoyed the exhilaration of youthful health and now our bodies must deal with a lifetime’s worth of aging and lifestyle consequences. So deploy your bodies wisely, the ways we know that are at least safe/sane/etc. Cherish your lungs. That’s a decision you will not ever regret. If you have not taken the best care of your lungs start right now. They can heal to some degree.
  21. It’s interesting to note that the 450,000 annual American deaths from ‘smoking’ tobacco are far more related to cardiovascular pathologies than from actual lung diseases. For whatever it is that you’re addicted to I’d recommend that you work to shift its route of administration away from the lungs. That is truly the safest and wisest choice.
  22. The key ‘take away’ here is that if your breathing becomes impaired you will absolutely be overcome with anxiety and regret. But at 86 Willie’s dear olde lungs have done well given the abuse he’s put them through. On the other side of that imagine how freaked these young vapor victims are when they learn that they’ve destroyed their lungs very early in life. Remember that your lungs evolved strictly for breathing and do not like being used for anything else. Your gut is for the intake of ‘stuff’. Cherish your lungs and eat for your pleasures. There’s no good reason to take chances with your breathing and you will truly hate yourself if you screw up your lungs. Just ask Willie.
  23. So....... did your wife know who the pizza was for when they called your, um.... name?
  24. Not to discount the issues of child labor........but the pricing of many products is related to production scaling via automation, robots. Pony up for robotic systems once and they build forever 24/7 and without benes or sick days. I’m pretty sure socks are all made by mechanized systems.
  25. 7th grade beginning drafting with Mr. Nowak, AKA bad breath Nowak. You sat at those tilted drafting tables and the guy would come to your space, lean-in and inspect your drawings. OMG the odor was stunning. It was drippy thick with stench. You’d see the man chain smoking between classes trying to get as many hits as possible in that 6 minute window. You’d cringe up seeing him coming your way 🤢🤮. Had a geometry teacher with oral thrush so bad you could see it from the back of the class, but he never got in your face for any reason. Yeah bad breath really stinks. Sounds like ‘old timer’ has the best solution.
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