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  1. Respectfully disagree. There are many seasonings and combinations thereof. ‘Hot sauce’ per se umbrellas thousands of options and some most wonderful ones at that. My favorite is a chili meat loaf sandwich well laden with mayonnaise and ye olde Tabasco.
  2. Speaking as someone who has watched many people actually die thar be better and worser ways to pass in to the next dimension. And welcome back........ 🥰
  3. “Without modern medicine and hygiene covid19 deaths could/would have been comparable or worse to the 1918/19 influenza.” https://www.cnbc.com/2020/08/13/scientists-say-the-coronavirus-is-at-least-as-deadly-as-the-1918-flu-pandemic.html
  4. They are both viral pathogens but they are not morphologically related. Covid19 and some forms of common cold viruses are morphologically related. They are all types of Corona viruses. Some are just more virulent than others.
  5. Roughly related. Essentially it reports that a covid19 infections has resulted other viruses becoming expressed at the same time causing coinfections. Secondary infections are part and parcel in a lot of medical care for a variety of reasons.
  6. They’re also called ‘cold sores’....;... and if you’ve avoided them be happy.
  7. Yes covid19 is known to cause some ugly gastrointestinal situations. There’s a constellation of symptoms for covid19 some of which are directly related to the virus and others caused by bodies immune responses to the viral infection. When’s the last time you suffered from a fever blister? Usually these things show up when we’re stressed and for some reason tend to express themselves on our lips. They’re very painful and they spread. They are viral infections caused by a type of herpes simplex virus. The herpes virus lives in us (90% carry it) and our bodies usually keep it tamped down but stress allows it to develop these acute local flare ups. But that awful blister is how viral infections work. The virus uses our own cells to replicate - then those infected cells die and basically explode strewing more virus to invade other cells to do the same thing. Notice how a fever blister often spreads to adjacent tissues? The virus invades, replicates, kills the host cell and its prodigy moves on to infect other cells and repeats the cycle. Well our bodies know the herpes virus and will end the flare up and the herpes will once again go dormant. This is not the case with new pathogenic viruses. They just run amok in the body until the immune system learns how to respond. So imagine fever blisters in your lungs or pancreas or your gut. All pathogens are nasty. If they were mammals they’d be hyena packs. If it was 100 years ago people would take the covid19 pandemic much more seriously simply because then they would’ve known death from infectious disease. They’d have respect for avoiding the infection and not question it’s virulence let alone it’s existence. Way more Americans died from the 1918/19 flu than were killed in WW1. . Sorry for the lengthy reply and it was not aimed at anyone specific. I just get all informative at times, especially after going to the store and seeing the dunderheads sans masks 😷😠.
  8. “For now none of the new (covid19) variants seem to make people sicker.” https://www.statnews.com/2021/01/19/coronavirus-variants-transmissibility-disease-reinfection/
  9. Jeez you got that right. Between the short daylight and cloudy days I truly abhor this time of year. Fortunately we’ve had just a few snowfalls of merit and they’ve cleared up. In fact weather wise we’ve had more rain than snow than I can recall. But boy the sunny days just light up your soul. We try to get out and walk twice a day regardless. That’s a wee challenge for me since I had both hips replaced in the last 3 months. But one must plow forward........😎
  10. These days if you’re not somewhat anxious bout life you’re not quite right. Glad you have a good support system at home.
  11. Agreed...... and IMHO China needs to be held economically accountable to some degree for these circumstances. There’s no question that China dragged its feet when covid19 initially plagued their country. China knows better. They demonstrated extremely poor judgement in seeding disinformation and misinformation about covid19 early on. This was the best opportunity to stifle the disease and it was squandered for no good or rational reason. The should be consequences so the next time this occurs the proper responses are put in play immediately.
  12. Death statistics are just a single dimension to covid19. Granted they are the most egregious and sensational and immediate but dying right away seems to be the only number that impacts most people. So FWIW we do have this many Americans with covid19 in their death certificates. Related to this number is what’s called ‘excess deaths’. Excess deaths compares the average annual death rates seen in the past with the death rates seen with covid19. As of October 2020 there were 300,000 excess deaths compared to prior years. So the answer to your inquiry is ‘yes’ there are a lot more Americans dying because of covid19 than in prior years. In fact the average age of those dying and shear number of the dead has reduced the averaged life span for Americans by 1 year. All of these values support the seriousness of the immediate lethality of covid19. Now as to the long term consequences of covid19 infections this remains to be seen. But we do know that covid19 leaves lasting scars on several organ systems. In every regard any process that scars a healthy body causes that body to accelerate its decline in health with age. The sequelae of covid19 infections could be astronomical. In 10 to 20 years the millions of covid19 survivors could be facing a host of chronic health problems any of which could accelerate their demise and all will have some consequences whether economic or in quality of life issues. Covid19 is no joke and the sooner we can contain it the better. The longer is remains active to more likely it will mutate into something more menacing.
  13. Here’s an article covering the inception of covid19 in the USA. 1 year ago we had case #1. 1 year later and we have 400,000 dead. I’ll say this again. In WW2 we lost 422,000 soldiers in the entire war. This is death on a wholesale scale. Things are looking better but it is not time for any victory lap. It is time to double down, keep covid19 on the ropes and make it a manageable disease. https://www.usatoday.com/in-depth/news/nation/2021/01/19/first-covid-case-us-year-anniversary-snohomish-county/4154942001/
  14. Direct testimony from Chinese on how poorly China managed covid19 from the onset. https://www.ladbible.com/news/news-new-documentary-reveals-wuhan-medics-were-told-to-lie-about-covid-19-20210119
  15. Had a nice conversation with him and John Hasquin long ago. Very nice man and very helpful.
  16. Here’s an overview article on how the covid19 mutations are occurring. For now they feel that these mutant strains remain manageable but certainly can change. It is surmised that covid19 mutations occur more often in immune compromised victims. When a normal person gets covid19 their immune system ‘goes to town’ on the virus and the ailment ends in a typical time frame. But immune compromised covid19 turn into ‘long termers’ and the virus genetically percolates seeking ways to survive/thrive inside the human body. This is when covid19 evolves new survival modifications aimed at defeating the human immune system. They may not be more virulent/lethal but these new variants infect human cells more easily. So fewer covid19 viruses could result in more serious cases where before they’d not present as acutely. Science is studying these mutations closely. They’re finding the same type of mutations evolving independently so the new English variant is similar to another variant from elsewhere. The paper is an interesting and informative read. https://www.theatlantic.com/health/archive/2021/01/coronavirus-evolving-same-mutations-around-world/617721/
  17. I know nothing other than what’s available online. If you look at the statistics here the risk, though greater, remains small. I suggest you rely on your care providers.
  18. Here, let me help. Norway is reporting that people over 80 given the vaccine are realizing higher incidences of complications including fatalities. Vaccine manufacturers report that their safety tests did not include people over the age of 75. This increase in complications is notable but not extreme IMHO.
  19. Nah........ Draculas’ intake was more like eating blood sausage only ‘fresher’. A partial exchange transfusion is more like changing the oil in your vehicle. Out with the bad - in with the good.
  20. Wowee............ Biden has the fix for the vaccination troubles. “Retired doctors and more syringes”. Personally I’d rather have retired nurses and more vaccine. Doctors are notoriously bad with injections and needles. Giving a simple ‘shot’ is considered beneath their purposes so they are not seriously trained to give them. Sure there are some who’ll be excellent. If you need a joint injection of a steroid get an orthopedic doctor. Never, ever allow an MD to place an IV line (different than an arterial line) or do venipuncture. You’ll have bruises for months if you do. https://www.reuters.com/article/us-health-coronavirus-biden-idUSKBN29K0NF
  21. Here’s another article on this subject. In summary it seems possible that a covid19 viral load may occur despite having been vaccinated and that this viral load could allow a vaccinated person that’s been exposed to covid19 to transmit the virus to others. This is worrisome because that (my interpretation) means that a vaccinated community might percolate covid19 in enough volume to imperil everyone when their vaccines abate........ OR......... does it mean that a subacute covid19 viral load itself would impart antibodies resulting in more resistance to the disease?? These are complex problems. Regardless it all seems to be steps in a ‘better’ direction, reducing the severity of covid19 impact. We need that desperately. https://www.thelancet.com/article/S0140-6736(20)31976-0/fulltext
  22. Hmmmm........ I know that older folks respond nicely to transfusions with young blood. Essentially they remove your ‘elderly’ blood and replace it with ‘youngerly’ blood and bingo you feel and are actually better. Perhaps this explains ‘that’ and could derive a treatment aimed at diminishing the effects of aging?? It won’t reverse aging IMHO, just make it more tolerable.
  23. Having a difficult time understanding this article. It contradicts itself and doesn’t offer any basis for its hypothesis. It’s hypothesis sounds implausible, that these vaccines don’t impart antibodies to protect you from covid19 but do somehow stop covid19 ‘symptoms’. This infers that the vaccines treat the disease instead of preventing infections and I’ve not read this anywhere. Most likely it is the source of the article. So many articles I’ve read absolutely slay the topic/subject/event they’re supposed to be informing you about. The authors, their editors and publishers simply do not know enough about the subjects to correctly convey their meanings in a synopsis. This paper implies that MAYBE you could be vaccinated and protected from covid19 but somehow (they do not explain how) still be able to infect others with covid19. Personally I need a clearer explanation because everything I have read about the vaccines indicate the opposite, that once vaccinated that you will not get covid19 if exposed and (therefore) cannot possibly infect others because you do not have the disease.
  24. China continues to impede The WHO trying to investigate covid19 origins around Wuhan. Every effort by many countries to scientifically examine how covid19 jumped from bats to humans has been stopped by China. If there’s nothing to hide then why work so hard to keep it from being examined? As of today there are 2 million dead worldwide from covid19. That’s in just 1 years time and the pace is accelerating. The death toll here in America is not far from the number of Americans killed in world war 2. We have not experienced death on this scale since the 1918 influenza pandemic when we lost 675,000 souls. And modern China is essentially playing games regarding their part of this horrific life changing event. https://arstechnica.com/science/2021/01/china-tosses-more-obstacles-at-who-team-investigating-pandemics-origin/
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