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  1. Hi Gil, After I upgraded JB's computer from 8.x to 10 for free, I swore I would never have it. Did your method require you to set up a cloud service, give them your phone and other personal info. My Instrument room PC runs either Lubuntu or Win7. It is a 32-bit netbook. I keep Win7 for my Garmins and taxes. Next year might be filing on paper if Win10 is still invasive.
  2. Somewhere, I got the notion that the min. custom order was 100 units. You don't have to have the rubber surround as long as you can get a similar Qts and Xmax with an accordion pleat.
  3. Sounds like a good start on another Cornwall for your center. You would want the crossovers to match so the voicing matches.
  4. Which tap are you using for the CW IIIs? I think you should be using 4 ohms to match the woofer.
  5. You're probably within reasonable driving distance to Paducah. Paducah Home Theater has what you need.
  6. Something else I've noticed. I could always look at my H Is and know where each driver was, especially the tweeters. I cannot identify the location of any of the drivers in these H IVs. There is just a place where sound emanates.
  7. Going to FL on vacation? I'm half way there. Mine is wall art, but the earlier ones with boats are more interesting art. I'm not using it, for sound, so I won't be out much. If I can find another box that's big enough, I ship you mine and you ship yours back. We exchanged photos, didn't we?
  8. Doesn't matter, but if they are air-core they should be far apart or oriented at right angles.
  9. Keep looking! ebay, reverb, craigslist, Garage Sale here, Audiogon, AudioKarma, .... Then there is also a new Cornwall III, since the IVs are out. You should give a pair of Heresy IVs a listen, too. The bass output is a lot different than the older Heresies and the midrange is cleaner and clearer. Plus, I know a guy, ...... 😀 Smaller may be cheaper to ship.
  10. Bob's your uncle! So is most any pro audio shop. The diaphragm are readily available.
  11. I had a large time driving around NSW about 30 years ago. I hope you will find the same here! What part of the country will you be visiting? Work or Pleasure?
  12. Nice work! Wish I had more tools and space to do that kind of work. For the lazy amongst us, I bought these and finished them with linseed oil. https://www.madisoundspeakerstore.com/full-range-speaker-kits/fostex-bk-16-angle-stand-each/
  13. I favor Dbx gear. Simple enough, reliable. Unlike Berringer. A 223 comes with XLRs and does what you initially wanted.
  14. If you hear differences in the digital domain, you've got really bad cables or issues in the electronics. Either you have △V over 200 mV or you don't.
  15. https://www.amazon.com/s?k=Expanded+Metal+Sheet+Flattened&ref=nb_sb_noss
  16. 1 hour ago, Marvel said: We need a small get together...😉 Sure! Send me a PM and we'll work out a time.
  17. I'll second that. Mine took about 4 hours of blues rock and 4 hours of dub step at full bass boost to loosen up. Now, they are a delight! I'm listening to "Unforgettable, ... With Love" and the double bass and kick drum are exquisite, something my old Heresy Is didn't do. Trumpet with mute brings a smile, in the room with me.
  18. Where are you? What does it weigh?
  19. LOL! That IS a pair I would love to spend a couple of hours listening to them!
  20. The ebay auction is not and Aristocrat. The rear folding is wrong. Still, nice cabilets and could be a good project. This is an Aristocrat.
  21. Are you willing to trade? I tossed the big box I found.
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