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  1. Well Andy, by now you know you need to be asking if the H IV guts will bolt into the HIi box so you can build a new back that add both volume and a tractrix port!!!!!!!! 😀
  2. Someone did a very nice cosmetic upgrade to them! Congrats! More details, please. The components, music you like and the amps you will use will help with the crossover recommendation. I will also recommend you consider wrapping the K-400 with Dynamat, or equal, and tightly stuffing the upper cabinet with pillows or pillow fill.
  3. 2019, dude! Listened to them most of the weekend at Chief Bonehead's Class.
  4. We listened to the Cornwall IVs much of this weekend at Chief Bonehead's Deep Dive Information class. They are excellent and I liked them better than the La Scala IIs sitting next to them. The midrange is clear and "udderly" realistic. I thought the blend with the tweeter was perfect. There was a little difference in the bass (other than the low notes the CW can hit). LS IIs are no slouch. Other than the aesthetic of Jubilees, they check all your boxes and I would recommend them first. The AK6 K-horn has the possibility of doing it, too, with the new tweeter and network, but I haven't heard them so, you have to find a pair and listen. Where do you live?
  5. If so I want better film that is stable.
  6. When I measured mine in my old room they didn't. I would say the AES published curve has a hump below 250 Hz rather then a dip above.
  7. If NIB, you might even get the warranty. Nothing should hurt them while sealed in the box.
  8. I would second Gil's recommendation. Pop those backs off! Can't hurt. If you haave leaking caps you'll want to replace them. Technically, they are at least the second generation of Heresy, and they should have K-1000 squawker horns (fairly short and the mouth is a narrow slot). The woofers are likely painted brown and have AlNiCo magnets that will be sized something like 2 cigarette packs stacked. The K-55-V will look like the .Vs used for the next 20 years. And your (AlNiCo) tweeter will have a round cadmium plated cover. If they don't look like that, we want to see the innards!
  9. K-33-E with square magnet. The La Scala has no need for increased output in the 200 - 400 Hz range as the Kappa 15C is said to have. It DOES need more low frequency output that the K-33-E has. If you have money to burn and also need extreme output, a JBL 2226H (with crossover mod) will work.
  10. I am sure the drivers and diaphragms are still good, unless you can hear they have been damaged. Without abuse, they will last many decades, easily. In the future, you might choose to install better or higher quality drivers, but be careful, it is difficult to improve the K-55-V (squawker) and K-33-E (woofer). You will likely need to change out the capacitors and when you check the ESR, you will see why. I would recommend using very good film and foil caps, maybe not 300 Euros good, but very good. I do not know what is available on your side of the pond, perhaps Mundorf M Caps. You may be surprised by the bass performance of La Scalas. There is plenty and it is clear and well defined. They do not play really deep notes, but room placement will help. Start with them about 300 mm from the walls of a corner and adjust as desired. Getting below about 55 Hz, however, will require a subwoofer. Our of the other members offered a distance, though it may be as easy as a Y adapter. Français: Je suis sĂ»r que les haut-parleurs et les diaphragmes sont encore bons, sauf si vous entendez qu'ils ont Ă©tĂ© endommagĂ©s. Sans abus, ils dureront des dĂ©cennies, facilement. A l'avenir, vous pouvez choisir d'installer des haut-parleurs de meilleure qualitĂ© ou de meilleure qualitĂ©, mais attention, il est difficile d'amĂ©liorer les K-55-V (squawker) et K-33-E (woofer). Vous devrez probablement changer les condensateurs et lorsque vous vĂ©rifierez l'ESR, vous verrez pourquoi. Je recommanderais d'utiliser de trĂšs bons capuchons de film et de papier d'aluminium, peut-ĂȘtre pas 300 euros, mais trĂšs bons. Je ne sais pas ce qui est disponible de votre cĂŽtĂ© de l'Ă©tang, peut-ĂȘtre Mundorf M Caps. Vous serez peut-ĂȘtre surpris par la basse de La Scalas. Il y en a beaucoup et c'est clair et bien dĂ©fini. Ils ne jouent pas de notes trĂšs profondes, mais l'emplacement de la piĂšce peut aider. Commencez par les placer Ă  environ 300 mm des murs d'un coin et ajustez-les au besoin. Pour descendre en dessous d'environ 55 Hz, vous aurez besoin d'un caisson de basses. Nos autres membres ont offert une distance, bien que cela puisse ĂȘtre aussi facile qu'un adaptateur en Y. Traduit avec www.DeepL.com/Translator
  11. Wow! That's some bad traffic. I am headed from my home near Chattanooga to the Klipsch factory in Hope, Arkansas tomorrow. 975 km and 3 large cities. Should take about 10 hours. 😐 I wish I was still actively flying!
  12. Hello Rodolpk6, Those are real La Scalas that have been modified to be pretty. If the sound they reproduce is crisp, and sounds forward or out in the room, in front of the loudspeakers, the crossovers are good and do not need to be modified. If they sound reserved or polite, replace the capacitors. Use good film and foil capacitors. ALK crossovers are very good, but run the tweeters hotter/brighter. I found the original Type AA sounds better and changed back to them. If your woofer, squawker (midrange) and tweeter sound clear without audible distortion, you are wasting money when you replace them without cause. I haven't replaced mine and don't recommend it. I have replaced my tweeters with Tractrix tweeters that I like, but others dont. I am still running my original 1981 K-33s and K-55-Vs. In order to get the most performance out of the bass reflex modification, a high-pass filter and low bass equalization are required. Forum members who have published test data from their bass reflex modification showed it made only 3 or 4 dB difference without the EQ and filter and that difference was not always better. I think it is a waste of effort. It is better to get a good subwoofer and leave the La Scala woofer alone so it can reproduce music with the least distortion. From DeepL: Bonjour Rodolpk6, Ce sont de vrais La Scalas qui ont Ă©tĂ© modifiĂ©s pour ĂȘtre jolis. Si le son qu'ils reproduisent est net, et les sons en avant ou en arriĂšre dans la piĂšce, devant les haut-parleurs, les crossovers sont bons et n'ont pas besoin d'ĂȘtre modifiĂ©s. S'ils semblent rĂ©servĂ©s ou polis, remplacez les condensateurs. Utilisez de bons condensateurs Ă  film et Ă  feuille. Les filtres ALK sont trĂšs efficaces, mais font fonctionner les tweeters plus chauds/plus brillants. J'ai trouvĂ© que le Type AA d'origine sonne mieux et j'ai changĂ© pour eux. Si votre haut-parleur de grave, votre haut-parleur de mĂ©dium et votre tweeter sonnent bien sans distorsion audible, vous gaspillez de l'argent lorsque vous les remplacez sans raison. Je n'ai pas remplacĂ© le mien et je ne le recommande pas. J'ai remplacĂ© mes tweeters par des tweeters Tractrix que j'aime bien, mais d'autres pas. J'utilise toujours mes K-33 et K-55-V originaux de 1981. Afin de tirer le meilleur parti de la modification du bass reflex, un filtre passe-haut et une Ă©galisation des basses sont nĂ©cessaires. Les membres du forum qui ont publiĂ© des donnĂ©es d'essai de leur modification du bass reflex ont montrĂ© qu'il n'y avait qu'une diffĂ©rence de 3 ou 4 dB sans l'Ă©galiseur et le filtre et que cette diffĂ©rence n'Ă©tait pas toujours meilleure. Je pense que c'est un gaspillage d'efforts. Il est prĂ©fĂ©rable d'obtenir un bon caisson de basses et de laisser le caisson de basses La Scala seul pour qu'il puisse reproduire la musique avec le moins de distorsion possible. J'espĂšre que cette traduction fonctionne mieux que Google.
  13. Standing waves can't be avoided. Every room dimension has a resonant frequency or 2 (first and second, 1x and 2x the wavelength and sometimes more) The trick is to avoid integer multiples of the other room dimensions. 8' x 8' x 16' would be one of the worst rooms. Another trick is to build walls with highly different lengths, say 11' x 8' x 19' Non-parallel walls work well, I did that in my old house (to much derision from the x). Finally, diffusers and absorbers can help by breaking up the reflections that reinforve each resonance. You will hear them when walking through the room and finding places where a note is loud and another place where that note is quiet.
  14. Hi ILI, In my working life I was an Environmental Engineer and did a little PCB work. Since yours are leaking, and are from 1972, they should be replaced. Do not be alarmed. Caps that old MAY contain PCB oil. LARGE exposure to PCB oil for a long time can be a health hazard. PCBs were designed to be inert, non-reactive oils and they do just that, nothing, and will barely burn, good for electrical stuff. Use good gloves to protect your skin. They clean-up easily with Hexane, unleaded gasoline/petrol will do just fine, but do it outside. Dab and wipe the spilled oil with a petrol saturated cloth and dispose of the waste and caps per your local disposal rules. Where I live, household waste is exempt from special rules (quantities are small). No finger licking! 😂 http://www.nepc.gov.au/system/files/resources/378b7018-8f2a-8174-3928-2056b44bf9b0/files/anzecc-gl-identification-pcb-containing-capacitors-information-booklet-electricians-and-electrical.pdf See page 4.
  15. Hi ILI, Type C is the right crossover for 1972. Rebuild it as it is. The next change was to Type D in 1974 and it was designed to be brighter. I don't like it and have modified my similar Type Es back to Type C configuration. The original capacitors were paper and foil in oil motor-run caps. They are tough to find in the correct sizes, but if you can find them, use them. Otherwise, I recommend film and foil caps. I have been partial to Musicaps. Solen metalized film caps are pretty good and are made in France, so you should be able find them easily.
  16. I think it looks like a great alternative.
  17. My x-wife pronounced it clips, just to anger me.
  18. I have one or 2 SACDs. Don't hear anything special. 24/96 DVD-A is about equal to my Thorens with AT OC9 moving coil. 24/192 DVD-A will just best it.
  19. That is the first "0" serial number I've ever seen. Normally, "1" is the leading character. If the crossovers are AB-2, it/they has been upgraded. What color is the squawker? What shape is the tweeter magnet. AB-2 was originally paired with a black K-55-M.
  20. I thought those things were legend. Seen the patent dwgs/sketches.
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