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  1. JohnA

    KP-480s For Sale

    I have a pair of KP-480s for sale. Used occasionally by my church, but now taking up space. These do not seem to have a built-in crossover. $150 each, plus shipping. Pick up in Hixson, TN. KP-480 Specs.pdf
  2. We have 2 different sets of codes. GroomLakes's codex, skips "I" and uses a range for As and Bs, shifting C to 1965. His has been said to have been checked by some at Klipsch for accuracy.
  3. Easy guys. He might not be a troll and might be really concerned about his kids. We started out respectfully, let's stay that way. I worked in the power industry and do not share his concern, but it is his concern.
  4. JohnA

    ALK Crossovers

    Deano, If I were you, I'd open the CWIIIs and see what sort of crossover they already have. In the last 10 years, Klipsch has moved toward crossovers with steeper slopes and good components. Your CWIIIs may already have such crossovers and thus gain nothing from Al's crossovers.
  5. $6.97 https://www.walmart.com/ip/Poly-Fil-Premium-Polyester-Fiberfill-50-oz-Bag/17808670
  6. JohnA

    Amp Camp Amp

    https://diyaudiostore.com/collections/kits/products/amp-camp-amp-kit?utm_source=diyAudio+Store+(www.diyaudiostore.com)&utm_campaign=cc52d139cf-EMAIL_CAMPAIGN_2018_03_26&utm_medium=email&utm_term=0_d11b67751e-cc52d139cf-226377173&mc_cid=cc52d139cf&mc_eid=cf77359006&variant=7072933085218 What do you think about this amp kit?
  7. JohnA

    Heresy 1's receiver matchup??

    Couldn't you find some old beater KGs or the like for the garage and preserve the Heresies for the house!!??!!
  8. If it is a Klipsch at all, it is a modified Heresy, with a different woofer and a slot port. Show us pics of the innards. What is the crossover "Type"?
  9. It resembles an early Cornwall II knockoff.
  10. JohnA

    kg 4.2 missing passive radiators

    You could listen to them in the mean time with a plate screwed over the hole for the passive. Even 1/8" luan ply would work. You will lose bass output below 50 to 60 Hz. A plate with a port in it would work just like the passive, if you could get some data from Klipsch, or better yet, a specified port size.
  11. JohnA

    What kind of Heresy's do I have?

    Technically Heresies, but we often call them Heresy 1.5s. They have the HII squawker. Few are kept that pristine! Enjoy!!!
  12. JohnA

    kG-1 Mods

    $200 for 4 doesn't sound bad. I doubt they need modification, but new capacitors would be a good idea.
  13. JohnA

    DIY center channel speaker

    What ya need. https://www.parts-express.com/bassbox-lite-software-cd-rom--500-921 https://www.parts-express.com/x-over-3-pro-software-cd-rom--500-919 https://www.parts-express.com/dayton-audio-dats-v2-computer-based-audio-component-test-system--390-806 https://www.parts-express.com/triplett-tsc-mc1-sonichek-mc-mini-sound-lever-meter--391-078
  14. Inserting a resistor is an excellent way to test your new tap settings, but I would not make it permanent. The resistor robs power from the squawker. This simple calculator will help you resize the squawker cap. Use 66 ohms and 600 Hz for the Stock B values and adjust the resistance according to the chart below. http://ccs.exl.info/installation/crossovers-installation-tweaking/crossover-calculators/#first This schematic gives T2A details.
  15. JohnA

    Custom Plaques

    Is this still available? I missed it the first time.
  16. JohnA

    Pair of old Klipschorns

    KB = Klipschorn - Model Type B, "collared" M = 1974 Finish code M9 is not listed in the codex above, but was said in these forums to be a shade of Mahogany, with the larger numbers being darker. I gave only seen this code on speakers from the 50's, or so. Mr. Bradford was an institution unto himself!
  17. JohnA

    WTB: One Pair of K77-M Square Magnet Tweeters

    I have some. Not anxious to sell. What are you offering?
  18. JohnA

    Pre-Amp/Amp & Powered/Passive Confusion

    Yes, you need more. Cartridge --> Phono pre-amp-->Receiver, or Integrated amp or Pre-amp and Power Amp --> Speakers Many Receivers, Integrated Amps and pre-amps have a phono pre-amp built in, so you may not need the outboard phono pre-amp. Receivers traditionally have an AM/FM section where the others don't. This should be a good integrated amp: https://www.crutchfield.com/p_022AS301B/Yamaha-A-S301.html?tp=34950 Shop around, Crutchfield is expensive. Pick a quality Receiver, or Integrated amp or Pre-amp and Power Amp with 25 to 100 watts/channel into 8 ohms with z% Total Harmonic Distortion from 20 to 20,000 Hz, both channels driven. This is the old FTC rating system. Other ratings are intended to fool you. An amplifier section rated at 8 ohms can safely drive any load from 4 ohms to 50 or so, should a speaker ever be built that way. Some will drive 2 ohms safely. Don't worry about impedance ratings or "matching". Most any amp you can find today is flexible enough and protected enough you won't hurt it.
  19. I just got a pair of Theater Heresy cabinets and crossovers. Does anyone have a schematic for the crossover, Type TH-SR-2 or TH-SR-3? The woofer inductor is stamped "2304". What is it's inductance?
  20. JohnA

    fraid of hurtin em..

    How about getting a '70s Marantz 2250, or the like and having it refurbished?
  21. Those are the same woofers labeled K-42 in my HIPs.
  22. JohnA


    "DATES DESCRIPTION EXAMPLE 1984-1989 YYWW#### 89261234 YY = year (e.g. 89 = 1989) WW = week of the year (e.g. 26= last week in June) The WW can also be a single digit for weeks 01 through 09; e.g. 877#### (mid February 1987)" Looks like the 6th week of 1985.
  23. JohnA

    Jube's in a Mobile/Modular Home?

    Walls are solid here. http://www.amishcabincompany.com/
  24. JohnA

    Is that what I think it is in the ebay picture?

    I don't think so, but so what if it is? There are guns in, beside and under beds, pillows and nightstands all over this blessed country! I'm not even mentioning kitchen drawers, magazine racks, cars and pockets.