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  1. I wish I could have experienced the Wall of Sound. Alas.
  2. Lol, I think it a very fair price for a pair of the Epic CF3's. How is it, that there are no offers? I don't get it.
  3. No doubt, many of you are fans of the game Halo. For some who are, as stated in the comments, this brought tears to their eyes. Didn't play the game myself, but I did see the TV series, which wasn't bad.
  4. just to offer a little balance to this thread, there are quite a few home theaters over at AVS, using the JBL M2, including this way over the top example. https://www.avsforum.com/threads/home-theater-of-the-decade-the-hahn-theater.3111056/#post-58993688
  5. Was listening to a speaker demo on youtube and they were using this song, from Nils Lofgren.
  6. A little down tempo chill music. Angel Eyes -Ingrid DuMosch.
  7. This vid has been viewed over 229,000 times. Not too shabby.
  8. Interesting. I also just read that you had quite a bit of rain and flooding down on the strip.
  9. That clip is great, saw the episode when it first aired. For years, I thought of posting that Family Guy bit here on the forum, but always put the breaks on it. Glad to see you tossed it up. Lol
  10. Here is the dude, Benjamin Clementine.
  11. Lol, I figured as much. Here is a scene from the movie. There is a guy who is referred to as the "Herald of the Change" He has a unique look and yesterday wanted to find out who he is, as I"ve never seen him before. Turns out he is a singer with a very nice voice. I'll post that vid next. By the way, the sound in this movie was fantastic.
  12. Just checking to see if I post a particular something or not. Anyone here dig the last Dune movie?
  13. I like this guy's style. He's got a nice converted barn for music, and a Binaural head to record them playing. Doesn't waste words either. 👍
  14. A demo vid of the new Jubilee's in action at Axpona.
  15. For those in the neighborhood of Maine, a Pair of Epic CF4's. A thing I find interesting about this pair. The serial # begins 12369. Very rare to find these speakers built so late in their run. A definite version 3. https://www.ebay.com/itm/295078005491?hash=item44b4050af3:g:V-oAAOSwethiw2bP
  16. Those were great test fires. 👍 I'm glad its back in shooting form and that you captured it on video. That is also an impressive front yard. Happy shooting.
  17. I know you've all been waiting. The latest offering from Heilung.
  18. Many over at AVS use Seymour screens for DIY projects. Scroll down the page to DIY Fabrics for pricing. http://seymourav.com/store.php
  19. Yes, one with 10 foot ceilings too.
  20. Didn't check the price, though it aint the low end show, that's for sure.😀
  21. Been listening to some demo vids from the Munich high end show as of late and landed on this vid. But where to share it on this forum. I guess here will do. Look at them horns, look at all those drivers. That is quite a build.
  22. Chris Stapelton, Death Row.
  23. Congrats on getting a house for your Epics. Always fun to test out different amps with a friend too.
  24. Pandora Cruising. A first time listen. Me Likey. Bill Frisell, Nature's Symphony.
  25. Hey Larry... Coryell that is. No More Booze.
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