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  1. I must say, I am still fascinated reading about IB set-ups, though I have not heard one as of yet. Some years ago, I did listen to a sub with a 24" driver from Deep Sea sound at an audio show. I was fairly impressed. It wasn't even loud in the room and my pants were flapping. 👍
  2. So, the question is, what is comparable that one can more easily find in the wild?
  3. If I were closer, I would probably grab the other two, or at least one of them. What are you powering them with?
  4. Plus, it'll fry your eyeballs. 😵
  5. This is the SR 5007, yes? Online manuals can be found for most gear. This should be the full manual. https://www.manualslib.com/manual/655524/Marantz-Sr5007.html#manual
  6. This vid just posted today by the way. Some may find it interesting to follow the link to youtube and read some of the comments. Fwiw, to many, Cornwall for the win.
  7. Lol, Sorry, mumps are not included.
  8. What you are looking for has been around for some time over at JTR speakers , the 215RM. Which might be my next speaker some day. 2 15" drivers flanking a coaxial horn, so, now a three way design.
  9. I'm a Pioneer A/V receiver guy, When my receiver is off, its stone cold. Something seems amiss if yours is that hot when powered off. You could look at the manual and see power draw in standby mode. It probably says .05 watts or something similar.
  10. Right on Brother Epics Are Stellar.
  11. See if you can rent your basic white van from U-haul. $19.95 a day + miles, they say. You could get all 4 in that, if desired.
  12. Shiva

    What I Got Today!

    Looks like those bottles are filled with coke.😀 There are items posted in this thread at times, where a link to who makes it and its specs would be cool. So this is a 300B pre and a headphone amp,yes? I see that it can be ordered as a kit, hand built?
  13. My hit is that they are at first defending against the possibility of an onside kick. When they see that's not happening, then back to block for their ball carrier.
  14. I don't know, how about some chicks that are still alive and still hot. 🤔
  15. So, its Monday. Cruisin in my lowrider as usual, bouncing down the road, listening to some tunes. Often a college station to see whats new, This song has come on a few times and I always listen to the end. Haven't seen the vid till just now. Perhaps, you will enjoy.😀
  16. I assume these have not been posted here yet, as the ads been up for a little while. https://orangecounty.craigslist.org/ele/d/irvine-1974-klipsch-cornwall/7385930935.html
  17. Some time ago, I remember reading a piece on the Dos Equis guy, who spent some time with Tina. Depending on your own natures, this could move you closer to the Ginger camp, or further away. For myself, of those mentioned here, Tina. https://doyouremember.com/37445/stole-clint-eastwoods-woman-nonstop-sex-gilligans-island-actress-tina-louise
  18. Shiva

    YouTube TV.....

    If you do a search for bandwidth needed to stream HD content, I think you'll find that you have plenty. Sounds to me like its their systems fault or youtube's and they're trying to shift the blame and up-sell you to the higher tier. On a side note, I get around 150mb download speed using ethernet cables and about 80mb on wifi. Most of things I have at home are wired, from a couple of roku players, to Kodi streamers, to computers, to my Oppo blue-ray player.
  19. Shiva

    YouTube TV.....

    What is your download speed ?
  20. So, what is the general consensus here about someone stroking your cigar with Tequila?😀
  21. Shiva

    La Scalas in SoCal

    I like how the guy says, bring a friend, my moving days are over. 👍 I'm selling, but I aint schlepping.
  22. Went for a walkabout today a took a couple of videos. A 2 minute slice of life by the beach.
  23. Just a quick minute pierside today.
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