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  1. LaVoce SAN184.03 18's - They're running off Behringer NX6000D's. There's 2 more in the rear of the room.
  2. Tell me about it.. I'm already planning the next subwoofer upgrade!
  3. Black KLF-C7 that I'm the second owner of. Also freshly Crites rebuilt and upgraded the tweeter with ~10 hours on them. 9/10, one of the 4 grill fasteners is broken, but you wouldn't know it when the grille is on. Also have the box for this. Finally, a pair of LMAHL v2's that I bought on 12/28/20. As you see in the photos, they're currently installed. I'll include them with the KLF's for $200, or $250 separately. KLF-20's - gone! KLF-C7 - $300 Located in 17846 (Central PA) I'm only selling these because I've caught the DIY audio bug, and want to try my hand at some new projects that requires funding. Figured I'd post here before going to the other forums. C7: KLF-C7 #1 KLF-C7 #2 KLF-C7 #3 KLF-C7 #4 KLF-C7 #5 KLF-C7 #6
  4. I ended up buying the MAHL tweeters after listening to them after about an hour of 'break-in' - Damn they're good! I let Audyssey take care of attenuating the highs as opposed to an L-pad. Now I'm hunting for another KLF-20 to have a true matching center, since I built an acoustically transparent screen. Maybe even some KLF-10's for side surrounds too.
  5. Well this is quite a turn from where I thought it might go! Lots to chew on..
  6. Let me start by saying I'm blown away by the work that DaveA has done in creating those amazing tweeters, and I'm not trying to take ANYTHING away from them. My question is really about "timbre matching". My setup is 80-90% home theater use, so it's important for me that the L/C/R still "match", so here's my dilemma: -If I just upgrade the diaphragm's in all 3 to the titanium (that Crites offers), they will definitely match, but the L&R won't sound as good as they could. -If I do Dave's MAHL's in the L/R and the titanium diaphragm in the KLF-C7, I'm worried that as sound pans from center to the L/R, it'll sound different.. But obviously during 2-channel listening, it'll be better, but that's only 10-20% of my use. Thoughts? (My overall setup is the above-mentioned KLF-20 L/R, KLF-C7 center, KSP-S6 sides, and a pair of old KMC centers for rear surround - powered from an Emotiva XPA-5 and UMC-2) - I bought the KLF's new while stationed in Germany in 1997- the boxes have at least 6 layers of moving tape haha)
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