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KPT 8000M, KPT 8060H, or KPT 8001 as ceiling mounted Atmos speakers?


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I am considering moving to an Atmos system.  The amount of material available in music is pushing me in that direction.  I am actually over wanting anything beyond my current 7.1 setup for movies.


Right now I am running KPT12 VBs as sides and 1201s as rears. Front stage is Khorns and LaScalla center.   I need whatever I get to keep up.  How much sound actually comes out of the Atmos speakers?  How low do they play.  Is there any reason the speakers I listed would not be a good choice.  


If I do make the jump I will only be able to do one pair over head to the sides of the seats.  Iran conduit to the projector from the rack but I'm not tearing out the ceiling to do this.  Is it still worth it or should I just live with 7.1?

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I think any of those will work very well.  Technically Atmos is a full range channel but I doubt much below 80Hz is mixed into them since it would be sent to an LFE channel.  Looks like all three pairs that you referenced have -3dB down points in the 75Hz range or so which would be perfect.


I listen to a lot of Atmos music on Amazon Music and the Atmos speakers are sent more info than I thought they would.  Of course, there’s more info in an action movie for instance, but it definitely is a unique experience for music.

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@bobdog I have the 8001 and 1201 in different rooms, and I greatly prefer the 8001 (sounds so sweet).

Have sold at least 20 of them for use as Atmos surrounds. They are solid as a rock. Probably my favourite KPT.

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