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  1. I was wondering if these XLR connectors are factory on the KP series or are these add one by the previous owner? My kp301s had them as well. Did they come with speakon connectors from the factory, aside from the binding posts? Thanks
  2. Also, I'd like to mention that I have a K-43-K professional woofer that I am willing to give to someone with a need for one, just pay shipping. It moves freely but I've never had it hooked up. I'll post a picture soon. Cheers.
  3. I am loving these things more and more each day. They do so well across all types of music and at all volumes. I am so glad I spent the time to make them right. The only thing I didn't do properly was the XLR jacks. My decision was based on the fact that somebody had hacked up the wiring pretty badly and one speaker had a Speakon connector added in the back, not factory I assume, and in the interest of trying them out before adding more variables, I buttoned them up. I now regret not ordering the proper XLR jacks and incorporating them into the speaker as I'd like to try them out as PA speakers although I've become pretty protective of them and am not sure I'd want to unleash the fury of a beer fueled crowd on these babies. I will probably order the parts and put the XLR jacks in in the near future. Thanks to the members of this community for helping me get them restored (almost) properly. They are a true sonic game changer. Cheers!
  4. Agreed. These KPs can get painfully loud with my little Denon 2400 so I can imagine how loud they would go with a proper amp. I can’t wait to get these speakers into a bigger space with proper dampening. Awesome story Dave.
  5. Thanks Dave . These things are absolutely mind blowing. My dream speaker. The harder you push them, the better they sound. Bass may be punchier than my Khorns. I love these 301’s.
  6. Sorry these pictures aren't a bit better but I was so anxious to hear the 301's that I forgot to take final pictures, but I will do so soon. They are simply awesome! Thanks to this great community for all the advice, information, parts and support. I truly am very grateful to have stumbled upon such a knowledgable and generous group of fellow quality sound lovers. I have a feeling this won't be my last restoration but hopefully, with what I have learned building these 301's, I won't have as many questions. I know where to come if I do though. Cheers! Armand Croft
  7. Dave, No I have not. I'm a bit of a Luddite, but considering the quality of your suggestions in my experience, I will definitely look into it. Thank you for all your help.
  8. Here is a link to the vector I was going to use for those who might find it useful. I’ll post pictures in a bit. Enjoy. https://logovectorseek.com/klipsch-group-inc-logo-vector-svg/
  9. I will post some pictures this evening. I always have to convert from .heic to .jpeg. Apple………
  10. 001, I will do that this evening when I’m back at my computer.
  11. My friend Noah helped me sort the crossovers and did some cleaning up of wiring on the cups as they had been "repaired" or "modified" by someone with rather rudimentary electronics skills. Remounted all components and hooked them up in my lounge. They sound wonderful. Clean, bright and with bass that rattles the room. I will have to order a binding post because as I was moving one of the speakers, I must have hit the edge of the workbench and one post broke at the hole. I look forward to giving them a real listen tomorrow. Once again, I'd like to thank this community for all your support and help in this sonic endeavor.
  12. Ok, I see now what those matching holes were for. I would have liked to countersink magnets but, as is my tendency on Amazon, I bought some that will pick up a toolbox that are 50 cent piece sized and some that are so small that you can’t hold them in your fingers, so Velcro it is for now. As far as the midrange horns go, no marks except for a weird silver question mark on one of them . I just pulled them apart and tested them with a 9 volt. Now……Let the final assembly begin!
  13. That is a great way to put it Geoff. I’m just finishing up the last little details on these 301’s and have 2 last (hopefully) questions: 1. One of my K-57-K squawkers has no positive or negative markings on it. I imagine it is important to get the phase right, any clues on how to tell? I guess I can pull the horn and put a 9 volt to it and see which way it moves? Also does anyone have a picture of the original grill mounting system used by Klipsch on these speakers? Mine were held on with Sheetrock screws when I got them. I see some matching holes but have no idea what goes in them. Thinking of using magnets or Velcro. Thank you all again for your help. Cheers! A
  14. Wow! Got my first hint of what these speakers are capable of last night. A good friend came to visit me and he is a very savvy IT/electrical guy. He helped me out with recapping the KP 3.0B crossover and I finished mounting all the corners, grill mounting hardware, installed the tweeters and squawkers. We gave it a very brief test right before crashing out last night with the woofer outside the box. Wow, unbelievable. Now, on to finish the mysterious KP 3.0A crossover.... With the wisdom, generosity, knowledge and experience of the Klipsch community, we have(almost) successfully put a fairly rare set of speakers back into original (or better) condition during which I have learned a great deal. It is a satisfying and rewarding voyage and I can't wait to button these all the way up and turn them up loud. Somewhere, in reference to the KP-301's, I read " the louder you turn them up, the better they sound" and that sent me on a long quest to find a pair. I really enjoy repairing things that are worth repairing. These definitely fit into that category, being well built and intelligently engineered.
  15. I’m getting very close to finishing this set of slightly mismatched KP-301’s. Does anybody have a schematic for the earlier KP 3.0 A crossover? The only ones I can seem to find are for the KP 3.0 B. The previous owner monkeyed with the crossovers pretty extensively, which leads to my wanting to make sure that I get them right. Visually, besides the Klip protection circuit being gone, it seems that one of the coils is just a different configuration but I am not well enough versed in such matters to understand the effects that this difference makes in the end. Thank you . A
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