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  1. The latest BluRay I viewed was over at my son's new home theater that we still have under construction: He popped in a 4K copy of the newly-remastered, 'Top Gun". On his 82" Samsung QLED display, we were simply amazed by the breathtaking picture quality and detail they have been able to recapture. And the sound track, which is now mixed for Dolby Atmos, is a definite improvement over the now-ancient, original release. There is now much better steering of the sound stage, deeper bass and improved definition, especially in the dialogue. However, the engineers kind of overdid the surround echo tracks during the dialogue-only scenes taking place below-decks, aboard the ship. It actually can be annoying at times. We even tried adjusting the surround channel levels during the movie, but to little avail. But, let's face it: For a movie released in 1986, this was one of the very first movies that actually started the whole "Home Theater Craze"! Overall, for 'Top Gun' fans, the disc is a must have! It was almost like viewing the movie again, for the first time, only better! - Glenn
  2. Peter P. My understanding of dual woofers in simple terms is that it has much to do with two primary concerns. #1) Inertia and #2) Packaging. Regarding inertia, a smaller driver with less mass and a cone of smaller depth is that it can react more quickly than a larger, heavier, deeper cone. The benefit is a quicker reaction time and no doubling from the cone bending. Relative to packaging: It allows one to have a slimmer profile enclosure, without sacrificing low bass performance. Other forum members: Please chine in here. -Glenn
  3. TheBoneDoc: first of all, welcome to the forum! To answer your question: The CDT5800-C II is an exceptional choice for an in ceiling, surround speaker! The only way it might be overkill is if it falls beyond one's budget. Thankfully, should that be true, Klipsch offers more affordable, albeit, smaller versions of that same design. The CDT-5800-C II is the same speaker we chose to install in my son's Klipsch 7.2.4 system for ATMOS ceiling applications.
  4. Brendon: Sounds like a good way to go. Best of luck! - Glenn
  5. inMotionGraphics: I would not agree that the unit you have linked is a proper equivalent as that one handles 2000 watts, while mine handles 2400 watts. Yes, I run my entire system through this unit, including my Pioneer Elite Flagship receiver, 75" Samsung screen and my RSW-15 subwoofer. The unit has 12, 110-120 VAC outlets on the rear and 2 on the front. I'm sorry but, I don't know if they produce a 240 v equivalent. IMPORTANT: My unit is plugged into a 20-Amp, 110-120 VAC Home Run outlet from the breaker panel that does not share any power with any other outlets. I'm not certain that you will be able to see the link below because you are in South Africa, but it will take you to the Tripp Lite website and displays the LCR-2400 unit that I own: https://www.tripplite.com/2400w-120v-3u-rack-mount-power-conditioner-automatic-voltage-regulation-avr-ac-surge-protection-14-outlets~LCR2400 It would seem that the pricing has gone up slightly since I bought mine. NewEgg in the U.S> has it for $289.42 in U.S. Dollars.
  6. After 16 years of enjoying our home theater experience, I've been using a Tripp Lite LCR-2400 Line conditioner in my rack. The first one worked flawlessly for the first 12 years and now the replacement has been equally reliable. Considering it will handle a 20 Amp load and for about $260 (shop around) it's the best bang-for-your-buck, rack mountable bargain out there in my humble opinion.
  7. Roy: Congratulations on your interview with audio review icon, Steve Guttenberg! Verna and I watched both videos and we were riveted to the screen. It was wonderful seeing your smiling face again, especially because we missed seeing you this spring in Hope. You were an exceptional interviewee; no "ummm's" and "ahh's"! LOL We learned even more than we already knew from our time spent together in the past. We're so very proud of you and you could see that Steve was almost giddy to have you on his show. It was most apparent that Steve has very deep respect for you, Paul and the products. We both miss you so very much, brother. We can't wait to see you next year! Love, Glenn & Verna
  8. Verna, Bill and I were heartbroken when we had to cancel our plans to come this year a few weeks ago. I was shocked this morning when I read a text from my son, saying that the pilgrimage is canceled. I think it's for the best, to err on the side of caution. Many world-class acts have already canceled their tours for the year or postponed concerts until the fall. I feel Klipsch's decision is prudent. We can't wait until next year! Plus, Verna should be feeling better by then. Note: I teased Verna this morning after I found out about the cancellation: I told her that because SHE wasn't going to be there this year, that everyone else bailed, too! LOL Sent from my SM-A205U using Tapatalk
  9. This post is respectfully directed to all Klipsch Forum members, Klipsch Group and to the KMAH Members: As many of many of you may be aware, my wife, Verna and I have been constant supporters of the Klipsch forum, pilgrimages and now the museum for some 18 years. And as of last year, we're proud to say that our son Bill is now a member of the forum (pickys son) and a pilgrimage attendee as well. We three had planned to attend this year's pilgrimage in Hope next month. However, for the past year, my wonderful bride has endured all of the horrors associated with going through breast cancer, chemotherapy and radiation therapy. I am thrilled to say she came through it all quite well. It was initially our belief that by this March, she would most likely be back on track physically. Unfortunately, such is not the case: Daily fatigue can sometimes overwhelm her days: Even though she might have gotten eight hours of sleep the night prior, by one or two o'clock in the afternoon, it's become commonplace for her to lay down in bed and sleep soundly for 3 to 4 hours, only for her again to need to retire early in the evenings. Therefore, yesterday morning, she and I discussed with seriousness, the notion of our attending this year's 2020 Klipsch Pilgrimage in Hope. We live in Michigan. Sadly, it is our belief that with the 14 hour-drive down and back, the exciting, activity-laden, early starting/late ending days that typically each pilgrimage in the past has brought to our experience, are something that Verna is simply not ready to negotiate just yet. We have both come to the realization that it could take up to a year for Verna's lifestyle to normalize. Because of this, it is with heavy hearts that we, together with our son, must announce that we have regrettably chosen to bow out of this year's pilgrimage. We shall miss seeing all of you and are sorry we will miss all of the events as well as the many trips out to Rodney's Farm. We do, however, hope to attend next year's 75 Year Anniversary Celebration, wherever it takes place! May God bless you all! Kindest regards, Glenn, Verna and Bill
  10. Hello Gary and welcome to the forum. I saw your proposed speaker compliment and I have a question. You've chosen LCR, Sub and 2 Atmos speakers. Should I assume you are not interested in also having 2 side surrounds and 2 rear surrounds, or did I miss something? It would also be helpful to know your room's dimensions (L x W x H in feet). Thanks.
  11. Hello, Tommo and welcome to the forum! It's fantastic to have your wife on board with you. When we built our own dedicated, home theater 16 years ago, I immediately involved my bride in just about every aspect of the design and selection processes. Together, we auditioned more than 13 separate sound systems at various high-end audio salons (a thing of the past) around the Detroit area. We hit pay-dirt the moment we heard Klipsch! We decided on a 7.1, Klipsch Reference system: RF-7s, RC-7, RS-7's and two in-wall rears together with an RSW-15 sub. As of this writing, our theater still sounds magnificent! The main different today is, after the failure of our projector after 10 years of service, we went with a 75" flatscreen and have not been disappointed! Our old Stewart screen was 78" and we do not miss the extra 3 inches. Our screen has since been donated to the Klipsch Museum of Audio History in Hope, Arkansas. My humble opinion is, if you do not plan to go with at least a 100" screen or larger, there are so many much more affordable options out there to go with an 85" flatscreen or smaller than to utilize a screen/projector setup. For the money, I feel there's more bang-for-your-buck with far less cost and hassle than the projector route. However, a projector is currently the only affordable method of going beyond the 85" realm. If you still plan to have a living room with media equipment, rather than a dedicated theater room, I too recommend you might find it best to option out of the Atmos ceiling speakers. However, Klipsch does offer wedge-type Atmos speakers that can sit on top of your front column speakers and project the sound to the ceiling, effectively simulating the Atmos experience. Best of luck to you both, Remember: "Happy wife, happy life!"
  12. Khornukopia: Yes, we do, especially in my son's room with the dual 15" subs and the skewed side walls. My room was measured about 8 years ago be fellow Klipsch Forum member, Dr.Who. At the time, he was an engineer at Shure Microphone in Illinois. My room measured 13Hz-20KHz +/- 3.0 db! His comment: "This just doesn't happen in a home!" He took the measurements 3 times with similar results.
  13. Khornukopia: I believe your statement is true: You can order different thickness of the Owens Corning mineral wool. In my case, all of my son's walls are 2x4 stud. Therefore, in order to get the 15-bag discount, he ordered the 3" thick stuff because that is the majority of what he needs. We simply triple it up for the ceiling joists and it works great!
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