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  1. Hello and welcome to the forum. I completely understand the need to respect your budget. And, as my buddy dtel mentions, I too am unfamiliar with the speaker models mentioned in your link. I just wish to make the point of saying that, based on the type of music you've stated that you prefer, basically a lot of metal and grunge, I would recommend that you check out a pair of RF-7 III's. Few speakers, for the money, can rock Metallica, et al, like a pair of RF-7's! The issue this brings is that doing so would totally blow your $1,500 budget out-the-window. However, if you wish to have a great system that is capable of returning a truly-detailed, visceral rock experience, given the demands of that style of music and its energy, you'd be hard-pressed, I fear, to get satisfaction within your budget. I personally have an RF-7, 7.1 reference system and I have been thrilled with it since 2004. I love metal, grunge and many other genre and utilize my system for music, movies and concerts. It does all three without effort. Best of luck!
  2. I understand many members hold strong opinions, of which there has been no shortage of expression shown here. That's great. However, I stand by my own opinion, which I clearly expressed. I am not certain if the subwoofer is included. It would of course, need one if it isn't. Yes, "Heritage" is the name Klipsch has chosen to give this bar. It isn't heritage. Get over it. And I don't see the need to begin to pigeonhole members who have questions into age groups, as if to say one group knows more than the other. How petty. This soundbar will never replace the use of actual, individual speaker channels. Duh! I never said it would. And I didn't feel it was important to question the logic in why they were considering a soundbar over separates. It's a simple question: "What did you think when you heard it?" Asked and answered! Period!!
  3. During the 2018 Klipsch Pilgrimage, held at the Klipsch Manufacturing Plant in Hope, Arkansas, which my wife and I attended last year, Klipsch Senior Vice President, Mark Cassavant gave a very thorough run-through of Klipsch's sound bars, Bluetooth speaker offerings and headphones in the plant library. One of the featured soundbars was the Klipsch Heritage Theater Bar. This is a very unique soundbar as it is quite large, with a full compliment of LCR drivers and includes a wireless subwoofer. My take on this particular model was such that I kept searching the room for the "surround" speakers! There were none! But, this soundbar was so effective in its ability to "distribute" the illusion of sound being directed from side room areas that one could have sworn that surround speakers HAD to be hidden somewhere within the room. As a longtime Klipsch owner and enthusiast, I was completely impressed with this system's abilities. When placed in the right environment, if a person wanted a good surround system without the hassle of wires and speaker boxes everywhere while also having a setup with a high WAF (Wife Approval Factor), this system is an excellent choice. Be prepared, as this system is also capable of playing quite loud and cleanly. So, it's not too unlike having a room full of separate components. It's simplicity at its finest! And this is coming from someone whose own system is an RF-7 based, 7.1 Klipsch Reference surround system.
  4. Good morning fellow Klipsch Brothers and Sisters: It's been a long time since I've poured my heart out to you all here on the forum. I used to post daily, but somehow, life and social media happened! Still, despite Facebook and all of its advantages, I prefer this forum to mainstream social media because it's simply more intimate and it's they way we all started as a family. It's akin to reading a real newspaper in your hands as opposed to reading it on line. Love the smell of newsprint! Many of you whom attended this years pilgrimage in Hope are already aware of the challenges the Lord had chosen for my bride Verna and I this year. And as word has traveled, we've received so many prayers, well wishes and so much love from so many corners of this orb. In short, in the beginning of this year, I was in need of two, total knee replacements. Verna got word in March of two issues just one week apart (can you imagine?): 1) "You have skin cancer on your forehead!" 2) "You have breast cancer in your right breast!" DOUBLE DAMN!!! March kinda sucked for us. In March my right knee was replaced successfully. Many of you saw the results in Hope and it's wonderful! The same month, they began treating Verna's basal cell on her forehead with a special chemo-type cream. Six weeks later, it was totally gone! In May, Verna underwent a lumpectomy for the removal of a pea-sized tumor. Her lymph nodes are clear (great news!) In June, they went back in and removed a section of skin the tumor had rested against that tested position for cancer markers. For those of you who unfortunately know "Cancer-Speak", she is Grade 1, Stage 1A which is like a best-case scenario. In short, she is currently enduring 4 massive treatments of chemo, one every three weeks, then a month's rest. After the month's rest, she'll begin 16 separate treatments of radiation: Once, five days a week until done. She should be through just before Thanksgiving. The chemo and radiation are purely precautionary so as to help insure the cancer doesn't return in 9 years as "something else". We'll have an enormous amount to be thankful for this year as they predict a full recovery for Verna!! To back-track slightly, I had my left knee replacement in July; an even greater success over the first (much less pain and greater initial range of movement). I am still currently recovering and in outpatient physical therapy after undergoing a successful two weeks of at-home therapy. I am unrestricted, on the go, kicking butt and taking names! So many of you have asked how we're doing that there aren't enough minutes in our day to answer everyone individually. So sorry about that. I could not be doing better and Verna has been an absolute, "Rock Star"! He has a few moments here and there of nausea as expected with chemo. Many things, including water, taste "metallic" to her. She gets tired easily. But she NEVER complains about anything! She lost her hair on Wednesday, so our daughter took her to the barber and he her gave her a "buzz cut"....on the house in a private room in the back of the shop! Classy guy! She has several scarfs that she wears and a wig, which she has yet to wear out because it's been pretty warm lately. But she's doing amazingly well! She's my Wonder Woman! Thanks to all of you who knew. Thanks for your continuous support. And it's been a pleasure telling the rest of you who were unaware of our journey. We will be fine! Love to all! -Glenn and Verna
  5. picky

    HDMI extender/Balun

    I did an install at a church last year using AV Over IP. They wanted to run three 82" 4K screens from a laptop HDMI output. Longest run was 130 feet. I used a cheap AV over IP transmitter that would pass 4K video, Audio and USB, three AV over IP receivers, an 8 port switch and CAT/7e cable. The brand names really don't matter much because there are so many affordable good ones out there. Setup cost about $230 bucks. The church loved it! All screens worked flawlessly with no noticeable delay or latency issues!
  6. My first name is Glenn. My father named me after his favorite actor, Glenn Ford. I've been known as Mos, pronounced like "mows" as in cut the grass. In the Navy it was just plain Mo. On the CB Radio back in the '70s (remember those? I do vaguely) I was Woofer, my wife Verna was Tweeter and our son was Midrange. But here, I've always been known as Picky because I am VERY picky about my audio stuff. Hence my involvement with Klipsch. Howdy y'all!
  7. picky

    Margarita Recipe

    dtel: Verna and I have tried all 3. But, the best one, in our humble opinions, is the Casamigos Reposado, which is aged about 1-1/2 years. Very smooth, detailed with a buttery-peppery finish. That is the one I believe you've tried with us. -Glenn
  8. I tried to grab a couple of screen shots of the posted video to make into stills. I lightened the shadows in an attempt to make everyone's face visible. Unfortunately, the resultant, poor resolution spoiled my efforts. Sorry folks.
  9. Yes, Ms. Verna and I will be there this year as well as our son, Bill. His screen name is Pickys_Son_1994. We already booked our room at the Super 8!
  10. I have the manual and no LCR meter. I took mine to a lab for repair. Got it back in 3 weeks. Cost $250. Plugged it in, didn't work. After a short time, it started loudly modulating again. The lab is getting it back tomorrow! Sent from my SM-G930V using Tapatalk
  11. I'm fairly certain the power supply in my RSW-15 sub is bad. I opened the sub today and the power supply can be seen inside. I was prepared to remove the power supply and attempt repair myself. However, a YouTube how-to repair video recommended replacement over repair due to the manner in which the circuit board is soldered. Removing components to isolate them for testing is difficult without causing possible harm to adjacent circuit board components. Would any of you know where I could purchase a replacement power supply? Thanks in advance. -Glenn Sent from my SM-G930V using Tapatalk
  12. Thanks, babadono: I was able to download a service manual on line. Sent from my SM-G930V using Tapatalk
  13. This weekend I finally chose a great spot to proudly hang our new, Klipsch Museum Of Audio History, Founding Member plaque in our RF7-loaded home theater. - Glenn & Ms. Verna Sent from my SM-G930V using Tapatalk
  14. Forgot the photo... Sent from my SM-G930V using Tapatalk
  15. Our home theater's bathroom has never looked more "Christmasy"! [emoji16] Merry Christmas my fellow Klipschters! - Glenn & Ms.Verna Sent from my SM-G930V using Tapatalk
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