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  1. First of all he said he purchased Forte III’s NOT II’s , big difference in sound
  2. As mentioned my room is 360 square feet with 12’ foot ceilings and my Forte III’s barely have the room required to give me 100% of their capability!! Cornwalls & La Scalas wouldn’t sound to my satisfaction!! That room for your event was 1,000 square feet and you said they sounded great so how can being seated 10 feet away from them sound good?
  3. My room is 360 square feet and I wouldn’t get out of the La Scalas are capable of. BMorans room is only 400 square feet - 40 square feet more than my room!! He needs to put his system length wise and then the sound gets to him close to 100 %
  4. Now you’re talking That square footage of a room allowed the LS II’s to breathe
  5. At 10’ you're not going to hear and enjoy those speakers to their fullest potential , not even close , pun intended , Lol 😂
  6. I have just a cheap $4,000 pair of Forte III’s LOL 😂 and the sweet spot in my Great Room is 17’ - 18’ away from them!! The bass without a sub hits me right in the chest and mids are wonderful and the top end is awesome!! Klipsch speakers All need distance from them. If you’re too close you will think you purchased a crappy pair of speakers!! Just trying to help!!
  7. I understand the room is big , however , the distance from your chairs to your current front main speakers doesn’t look like a lot of distance!! How many feet will you be seated from the La Scala II’s? You NEED distance!! The farther back from them the better they sound!! I’m saying at least 15 feet away from your listening seated position. Beautiful room BTW but it looks like it gets its size and square footage by the length of the room Versus width
  8. I have Kilimanjaro , Weekend in Monaco , Curves Ahead , 20th Anniversary and their Greatest Hits!! I really enjoy classic 70’s Rock Fleetwood Mac , America , Elton John , Little River Band , just to name a few!! My 2 daughters and my son-in-laws have me enjoying some Country!! Music 🎶 is therapeutic for me sometimes and can make a bad day good at the sound of the first beat..Hope you’re enjoying The Rippingtons on your Forte IV’s!! My Forte III’s sound incredible and I have them positioned so well that the low frequency bass extension fools me sometimes into thinking that the Subwoofer is on. I would like to find some speaker stands to get them raised to where the tweeter and midrange are reaching me at ear level while seated in my favorite chair for comfortable long term listening!! Have a good night!!
  9. Thank you for sharing the suggestion to check the record label. You are spot on 💯 % correct
  10. Please comment on this thread your opinion of “ The Rippingtons “
  11. Amen to the comment “ On the condition it is well recorded “ I have / had some CD’s that I gave away due to bad recording. The recording engineer should be hung by his b...s example: I purchased Simon and Garfunkel’s Greatest Hits CD and put it in the Denon CD Changer and I said “ Oh NO , I hope every song on here doesn’t sound this bad “ but of course it did and that was listening through Klipsch KG4’s!! I’ll be looking through my collection ( I don’t have enough to really call it a collection ) and I’ll pull out a CD that I haven’t listened to in a while and will be reminded that , although bearable , it still sounds far less desirable than my typical GO Too’s that are outstanding recordings!! The CD I used the photo of the cover for this post “ Curves Ahead “ by The Rippingtons is a 1991 release that was extremely well recorded and that’s 30 years ago!! Virtually ALL of my vinyl sounds good and some of them go as far back as the 60’s and sound phenomenal!! Us Klipsch Fans are well aware that bad recordings sound like an am radio in a VW Bug and then good recordings just make your ears smile!! Thanks for replying to this post and thanks for reading this long comment!! Happy Listening
  12. Hey guys , I thought I would post something that might inform us of what is the most popular genre of music 🎼 that us Klipsch Loudspeaker fanatics crave and enjoy the most!! Mine is smooth jazz , aka jazz fusion , aka contemporary modern jazz. An example is the group I posted a CD of theirs released here in the US in August of 1991. OMG do these guys sound incredible on my FORTE III’S. I listen in 2-channel ( of course ) and you’d swear the sub is on , however , it is NOT!! It still amazes me how much fabulous sound comes out of these Loudspeaker cabinets!! The way the mid-range disperses sound you’d swear there are rears playing but they are Not. What’s your favorite groove?
  13. Hello my fellow KLIPSCH friends , I have a huge favor to ask!! Would someone PLEASE post a thread when and IF there is going to be an upgrade for the Forte III to have the new improvements that the Forte IV has?? I’m really hoping the new phase plug for the tweeter , the polyimide diaphragm for the midrange and the new crossover will be available for the F3 because from what I’ve been reading , the F4 is far superior to the F3. Someone even made the comment that the gap between the Forte IV and Cornwall IV is very narrow and that makes me salivate!! Thanks Guys!!
  14. Well now that you have explained in more detail what you meant regarding the passive not doing much I agree 100% Frequency levels are crucial when achieving levels of sound , in this case , BASS frequency! When I set up my Forte III’s in my listening room I was having somewhat of a difficult time getting my sub to produce a nice low frequency sound!! I’ve learned a lot since then ( 1 yr 3 months ) ago and had the frequency set too high and zero bass - low frequency output and then remembered the term “ roll off “ and turned the frequency knob on my KLIPSCH R-120SW down to around 48hz and there it was , nice deep “ NOT BOOMY “ smooth low frequency. The higher the frequency setting doesn’t mean more bass!! Then I set the “ Gain “ where it delivered the sound I wanted and whoola.. I ONLY use my sub for movies , Home Theatre , and when listening to some of my vinyl. The low frequency isn’t there on the Forte III’s when listening to some of my LP’s and so I set my AVR to stereo and that setting allows the sub to come on and it sounds good. My previous speakers were KG4’s and they needed the sub for everything I listened to CD , vinyl or cassette. After getting the Forte III’s I purchased a new AVR - Denon X4500H. I now stream Pandora and don’t need the sub with the Forte III’s , only when listening to certain vinyl. I packaged up my cassette deck in its original packaging and put it away for good.
  15. Yes and add the KLIPSCH R-120SW Sub and you will be set!! Kick back and listen to the sound Kick ***
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