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  1. Hello fellow Klipsch members: Thought I would post my system: Klipsch Forte III’s ( American Walnut Finish ) - mains Klipsch RP-500C - Center Klipsch R-120SW - Sub Bowers & Wilkins Monitor Series - Rear Surrounds ( top photo ) Denon AVR X4500H LG OLED55C7P TV LG UP970 Blue Ray Player Denon DCM-360 5 disc CD Changer Technics SL-D 303 Turntable with Audio Technica VM740ML Cartridge!! All speakers including sub are professionally wired from AVR under the house and up through floor where each speaker is positioned and the B&W rear surrounds are wired from AVR up into attic and fished through the wall to flush plug in. No wires are visible. All speakers except sub are connected via Nakamichi banana plugs and also banana plugged into AVR!! I Love these Nakamichi banana plugs with dual screws for secure fitting. I purchased everything in this system brand new and have taken extreme pride and care of each individual piece of equipment!! I think it’s worth noting that AVR’s tend to run rather warm due to all the individual amplifiers for each channel. The Denon line especially run warm so it’s vitally important to position your AVR or Integrated Amp so it can get plenty of air circulation to help stay as cool as possible. Heat will shorten the life of your equipment. I even got a cordless fan ( D size battery operated ) and positioned it behind my AVR to increase air flow and keep the receiver as cool as possible. Thanks for reading and allowing me to share!! P.S. My listening room ( Great Room ) has a 12’ high ceiling and the room is big so the sound is incredible!! The Bowers and Wilkins play all the way down to 50 Hz which is very low for such a small cabinet. They are rated at 91dB sensitivity so they blend in really well with the rest of my Klipsch speakers. Power handling of 150 watts @ 8 ohms. I chose them due to their sound , efficiency, etc. and their quite unique ability to be flush mounted to the wall in a corner with 3 sturdy legs to mount firmly and the speaker is adjustable on a pivotal ball to angle just right.
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