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  1. All right guys, here are the additional photos. The a/v receiver and turntable are to the left and the wiring goes underneath the floor. You all made me realize that I was going way too fast with everything and will need to do some testing....I think I will do some testing with my own speakers to see my own perceived differences with speakers near the wall in my basement. If any of you have any tracks to suggest to verify speaker response in the lower frequencies, I am very interested to see what you kind of music you all use. You also made me realize that I am most likely fighting a losing battle with this room...so maybe I will get a used set of loudspeakers that I could put downstairs instead, and not be too worried about what the kids are doing.. Also, I checked out the cornwall and every review I see says....get the cornwalls if you can afford the price and have the space. Thing is, down here on the used market I never see the fortes on the used market, but I often see the cornwall IV and the common theme when selling seems to be...just to big for my house. Dilemmas... Have a great day everyone....ROCK ON!
  2. Hi all! Just want to start off by thanking everyone for their input. I never thought that my post would be able to get the traction that it has. It shows to the quality and passion of the board members here. I have been quite busy and have not had the time to follow this thread, and simply put you guys have impressed me! With all of the (brutally honest!) comments about my living room, I realized I had to educate myself a little more, and now realize what a NOOB I am when it comes to HIFI. I am really just a music lover at heart and am just starting to dabble in what is the HIFI world. I will try to respond as best as I can to the suggestions that you all put forth. Headphones: I already have a good setup that is satisfactory to me, and use it during the evening time when the kids go to sleep. Unfortunately, I'm really only looking for loudspeakers. Thanks! Heresy's: It is actually what attracted me to the the Heritage line, but I don't appreciate the shape of the speaker, I find it a little too stubby. Also, it has a rear firing port, so I assume that I will be fighting the same battle as with the fortes rear passive radiator? Subwoofer: No thanks, due to the room orientation, will be difficult to put it anywhere that it doesn't look out of place...this is all code speak for WAF.....but true at the same time hahaha. I will post more pics of my living room so that you can all have a better idea of what I am dealing with. I wont be able to do that for a little but, so thank you all for the patience with my NOOB questions and timing. I have a question: If I understand correctly, my room is difficult for two reasons: No backing wall. Size of the room as well? Or will the fortes not have enough volume? I will check in in a day or two. Thanks so much to all
  3. I would use the fortes strictly for 2 channel listening, will not use for tv or movies (that will be done in the basement).....all this leads me to conclude that I really need to try to get a seller that will let me try them at home, but that just is not possible, I am from Quebec and the nearest Heritage dealer is 100 US miles from here and they do not permit trying them out. Does anyone have a comparable Klipsch speaker to recommend?
  4. Thanks all for the responses! I have considered to Cornwalls, but the size of them will not pass with the missus. And also I realize that the room is definitely not ideal, I am simply hoping the forte can compensate enough to get me close to audio heaven. I thought about getting them for downstairs, but that is where I send my three boys ages 2, 6, and 8 to go play and watch tv....so I would have nobody to guard my precious sound system.
  5. Thanks Billybob! You are correct, I do not want to add a subwoofer at all, just a pure 2 speaker system! Have a good one and... ROCK ON!
  6. Hello all, My wife and are going to be finishing our basement this upcoming summer. This basement will be a den that will have a projector that will be used to watch movies, sports, etc.... That being said, I will take the speakers that I have at the moment, Monitor Audio Bronze 5, and send them downstairs to be used as part of a surround sound system. IF they had been adequate, I would have like to keep the upstairs because the fit in the décor really well. However, sonically, these speakers just cant give me what I'm looking for. I find that that are very detailed and like the sound signature, but they just can't fill the room and keep their composure. Put the volume up a little higher to to moderate levels to feel the bass and everything becomes muddied. So why not get new speakers for the living room. It measures 18.5'L x 16'W x 20'H (cathedral ceiling). The living room is open to the kitchen and the speakers will be placed to the side of the fireplace. I attached a picture so you guys could really see what I am working with. Things that brought me to the Klipsch Forte.... Great Sound (according to reviews, I have not been able to listen to them) Beauty Made in NA (I'm from Canada and as much as possible try to buy things made in Canada and USA, I hate Chinese throw away CRAP) Size factor is within wife's tolerance Low sensitivity and easy to match with I would like for the purchase of my next pair of speakers to be ''end game'' speakers that I do not have to replace until I have too much money I don't know what to do with (which will never happen anyway hahaha). So am asking people that have experience with either the forte 3 or 4 how do they believe the bass response will be in my living room area. I have heard / read some comments that distance from the walls is important for the Forte's and in my case, there will be no wall behind them. Will the bass be anemic in the setup? I am not a basshead, but I would like to ''feel'' just a little bit of bass drum when I listen to rock. ROCK ON!
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