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  1. @claudeJ1 - OMG - LMAO!!!! "Setting World Record Post Counts" What do you win by winning that World Record?
  2. Just follow Claude’s recipe and you will end up with great super Heresys that will blow your mind.
  3. I listen to a lot of David Guietta, Tao Cruz, Lady Gaga, Ariana etc but even Gordon Lightfoot, Jackson Brown, and James Taylor have some great underlying and very solid low end sub bass lines. Rihanna has so many songs with deep bass that just rock my living room and yes - I need subs to enjoy her music. I don't understand the posters on this forum that argue that subwoofers are not a positive addition to ones system synergy. I get that if they are setup wrong they are not an add but why not set them up correctly????
  4. I want to be able to play any music I might like and have it sound fantastic. I listen to classic rock, acoustic covers, pop, edm, Gaga, etc. there is a lot of music that can dig much lower than 30hz. No reason I can see to ignore the lower octaves in so much music.
  5. No matter how much you crank up the bass gain on your preamp the Fortes will never pressurize a room like Fortes with the addition of a good sub. The fortes can’t hit below 20hz no matter if they are Forte 1s or 2s or 3s or 4s. It isn’t about bsss volume it’s so much more.
  6. Sorry you are baffled. Forte IVs have good bass on their own but they benefit with great subwoofer integration. And yes for movies a sub is NEEDED but for two channel the Rel Sub takes the listening experience to a much higher enjoyment level. It’s not even close.
  7. Yes it’s close to Nellie Gail but more up the hill from my house- these fires are so fast moving it’s crazy
  8. it looks so very close to our house and the sky is dark and full of ash
  9. I live just over a mile from the Dana Point Marina in San Juan Capistrano. We love it here.
  10. Post image or it didn’t happen
  11. I replaced my 15” HSU sub with a REL s812 and the REL is an incredible upgrade for music and also great for HT. The REL s812 is fast and blends perfectly with my Forte IVs. It’s interesting that so many people on this forum have never heard RELs and yet they have such negative opinions of REL because they are not cheap nor the size of a large school bus. There are good reasons that people choose a good fast sub that can keep up with Klipsch main speakers speed.
  12. They are the loves of our lives. We have incredible bonds together and they are our priority, always. Glad it shows.
  13. Gidget is Chamis twin sister - so birthday 12 tomorrow for her, also
  14. It is Chami 12th birthday tomorrow - I love my pups so much! Pure joy!!!!!
  15. I followed Claude’s recipe except the final crossover mod and my Super Heresies sounded almost identical to my Forte 1s. Best Heresey sound I have ever heard.
  16. we have been married for almost 24 years - I think there is nothing left to impress her with - lol
  17. She says she loves me 🤣. She likes the Forte 1s but prefers the sound of the 4s. She was very impressed with the change from my Hsu 15 sub to my 12” REL.
  18. I agree 100%. I live my life enjoying what I have not lusting for things I don’t have. I love my audio system
  19. I find the REL adds more than punch to the bass of the Fortes. It opens up the soundstage quite a bit in my listening space and all frequencies sound better to me
  20. I sure do! I love the Evo 400. I had an MA 252 and it sounded very good - but thePL sounded better to me so I traded it in on the EVO 40 and I am hooked on the all tube integrated.
  21. I guess I did not explain it in detail enough. I have had the forte ones for the past 20 years and they were right where my forte4s are now. They both sound great. The IVs sound much better to me than the Forte 1s. The bass of the IVs is deeper and mid bass is more punchy and the midrange is better than the 1s. But… add the Rel S812 subwoofer and the entire system sounds EVEN better. It’s not that the Fortes are not awesome but adding the REL has made everything sound better. I understand that some people don’t like subwoofers but I am not one of those people. The forte 1s do not sound as amazing as the IVs with identical placement. I would not trade my IVs for the ones.
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