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  1. Not same room or same equipment so not an apples to apples comparison. The Perlistens sounded more clear and accurate than any speakers I had ever heard anywhere.I love my Fortes but the Perlistens are over $20k and they seem to punch above their price point. Doesn't really matter as they are a no go for my wife who doesn't want them in our living room. I can always find somewhere else to spend my $$$$.
  2. I have the means as I was saving for the Perlisten speakers that my wife said no to. The Fyne speakers cost less than the perlistens. I will have to hear them and compare with my forte IVs but if they are not significantly better than the IVs I ll just stick with the Fortes. the Perlisten speakers were next level end game speakers that had centered lead singer, wide and very deep sound stage and great separation of vocals and instruments. They were much clearer than my IVs and mids and tweeter sounded breath taking while bass was almost as good as the Fortes. Of course they were much more expensive.
  3. I know they don’t like ever mentioning any speaker other than Klipsch on this Forum but my brother had klipshorns,sister had Forte1s, dad had Forte 1s and I had heresies and have forte 1s and Forte IVs I’m just curious about other speaker brands and sound.
  4. I was thinking the Classic XIi size wise might be perfect
  5. I’m going to go check the Fyne audio speakers out at upscale Audio and see if I like them. I found some PerlistenS7t s I loved but my wife hated the way they looked so she vetoed them even though she thought they sounded amazing compared to my Forte IVs. She likes the way the Fyne speakers look so I guess we will see. I like my Fortes but the Perlisten speakers sounded incredible in comparison.
  6. Has anyone heard any of the offerings from Fyne Audio and compared them to Klipsch Heretige speakers?
  7. I’ve had my EVO400 for over 3 years now and had one original tube go bad within the first month. Upscale Audio had a new tube delivered the next day and it has been flawless ever since. I love the way it sounds with my Forte IVs and Rel S812. I have rolled power tubes and preamp tubes and it always is dead quiet and soundstage is amazing. Sorry that @Silverfoxvtx1800had such a terrible experience with the EVO 400 but I have not read anywhere where others have had negative experiences with the EVO 400 like @Silverfoxvtx1800had. Glad he’s happy with his new Pass Labs and First Watt amps and his new Razz speakers. this hobby can be fun 🤗
  8. Trust me I do.im sure Volti speakers are well made and sound great, perhaps better than Klipsch forte IVs but I love my fortes
  9. The op said that Craig said the forte IVs are made from pressboard not even MDF.
  10. In that thread the op quoted the owner of Volti saying that Forte IV cabinets were made in china. When did Klipsch stop making heritage speakers in Hope? Volti speakers look great and look to be very well built but I don’t think Fortes are as poorly manufactured as Graig says. Maybe I’m wrong but I enjoy my Forte IVs.
  11. I am so sorry that your Primaluna experience was so bad. Ive had my EVO400 Integrated for over 3 years now and it blew one tube the first month, which Upscale Audio delivered a new tube the next day. It has run perfectly ever since and I have tube rolled in preamp section and the power tubes. I am surprised that Upscale wasn't willing or able to get your Primaluna Pre and amp working 100% Why go First Watt if the Pass Labs gear is so outstanding? On another note I decided to upgrade my Forte IVs to some Perlisten S7T towers that I heard and they blew me away. I love those speakers but my wife said they are UGLY and refuses to let them in our listening room. WTH? so I won't be moving off my Fortes. Drat.
  12. Do you enjoy the sound of the Volti Razz speakers more than your Forte IVs?
  13. Hope your wife continues to improve and she is in your life for many years to come. peace and respect - david
  14. Congrats on selling your two Aric amps
  15. Your experience with your Primaluna setup sounds like a total nightmare. Glad the Pass Labs separates push all the right buttons for you. I still enjoy the EVO 400. So far it’s been flawless for me. I don’t think I will ever go back to solid state gear.
  16. Wow so selling all your amps and your beloved speakers. What’s the change in direction?
  17. You must have decided you enjoy the 300B amp better GLWS
  18. Lots of people enjoyed their products for many years. Sad that they are quitting the business.
  19. Welcome to the forum
  20. I don’t get the point of this experiment. Having two sets of different speakers playing at the same time in different positions has to destroy the soundstage of a track cut for stereo reproduction. no harm done here but the question remains - Why?
  21. The Focal Bathys sound stunning and at under $1,000 are quite the bargain.
  22. yes I can clearly hear the glitch.
  23. Playing California Dreaming on my system with my Primaluna Evo 400, my Denefrips Venus, my Rel s812 and my Forte IVs are so dynamic and enjoyable. It’s amazing that recording was so well made that long ago.it draws me so into the music.🎵
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