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  1. I read many great reviews on the Topping D90 Dac - sounds like you are heading in the right direction - Good luck with your system synergy
  2. I love my Primaluna EVO 400 Integrated Amp with my Fortes and HSU subwoofer. My system sounds incredible to me and the PL is impeccably built. Good luck with your search. Many people on this forum also love the Primaluna Amps - Watch the reviews on Upscale Audios website -
  3. When I bought my EVO 400 Kevin Deal told me to try both the 8 ohm and 4 ohm taps when I got it home with my speakers. The 8 ohm tap was ok but the 4 ohm tap was more dynamic, crisp and soundstage wider and deeper.
  4. Congrats benjie - its easy to love the Primaluna amps! WOW - I had no idea what I was missing until I switched to my first tube amp - The PL Evo 400 - I use the 4 ohm taps for my Forte even though it says the Fortes are 8 ohm speakers - I love my Primaluna Integrated Amp
  5. All of those choices sound great. I had the MA252 and it sounded good but I traded it in on my Primaluna EVO 400. There is a thread here where others have left comments about the Primaluna Integrated amps and they have all been very positive. I'm sure the MA352 is very nice - beautifully made and probably more dynamic than my MA252 was. I have read awesome things about the Hegal H-390 but that seems to be much more expensive than the MA352 or Primaluna. I have never seen or heard a Line Magnetic. Good luck with your search for the amp that gives you that magic you are looking for.
  6. Yes the Bluesound Node 2i has two built in DACs and they sound pretty good but I decided to try the Micromega DAC I already owned and it sounded pretty much the same as the built in DACs in the Node2i. I bypassed the Node2i DACs and replaced the Micromega with an R2R Denefrips Pontus DAC and to my ears it makes the entire system have even better synergy. I think that synergy in a system is critical. Building my system has been Forte Speakers and HSU Sub first. I then added the hybrid Mac MA252 Integrated before trading that for my 100% Tube Integrated.Primaluna EVO 400 amp. I then added my turntable and phono preamp before getting the Node2i and then my Denefrips Pontus and its all finally come together.
  7. The Pontus somehow takes the "ELECTRONIC Digital SHEEN" out of the listening experience. I am not an Audiophile so I don't know how to verbalize the difference in sound but it was what I never liked about CDs and streaming before the Pontus was added to the system. There is a synergy now that did not exist before. Good luck with your Denefrips and your journey. Hope it's as fun for you as mine has been for me so far.
  8. Thanks MemeMagno - So here is my take on the EVO 400 and Denefrips Pontus along with the Node2i. Like most things in life its been a journey. For the last several yearsI was using my Yamaha AVR to stream Spotify. At some point I decided to try to add an integrated amp to my system but the AVR i had did not have precouts so I upgraded the AVR to a Yamaha that had precouts and bought I nice hybrid Mcintosh Integrated amp. It sounded good but the Yamaha had trouble staying connected to my network so streaming was a PITA! Reading this forum had me questioning if I was missing something with my Mcintosh and headed up to Upscale to listen to the Primaluna Tube Integrateds. I was blown away - beyond words actually. So I traded the Mcintosh in for the Primaluna and it had HT BYPASS but that required me to use the built in AVR amp when I was streaming. I decided the Node2i was reasonably priced so I bought that and plugged it into aux 2 on the Integrated and started streaming and it sounded pretty good thru the Node2i and its built in Dacs. It wasn't GREAT and I wanted great so I tried a Dac I had from my old office setup, a Micromega, that had good reviews and sounded good but not really any better than the Nodes built in Dacs. I was now in so deep to my system that I decided to pair the Node with a high end Dac and my Primaluna Integrated - VOILA!!!!! Thru much research I decided to take a chance on The Denefrips and WOW!!!!! Talk about system harmony!!!! Between the Denefrips and the Primaluna streaming Tidal sounds almost as good as my vinyl collection. Very open, analog sounding, fresh, crisp, accurate - with deep bass and stunning high frequency response that never seems fatiguing.I have over 300 records in pristine condition and I love my vinyl but find myself streaming 85% of the time now. To me, it sounds that good! The Denefrips Pontus just raised the level of my system up to that next level and I am very happy with how it all came together
  9. My listening room setup - Forte i speakers, HSU Subwoofer, Primaluna EVO 400 Integrated Amp, Bluesound Node 2i, Denefrips Pontus Dac, Dual 1229 Turntable, Mobile Fidelity Phono Amp - I can not stop listening
  10. I was listening to "Jackson Browne Solo Acoustic volume 2" last night and he was performing "in The Shape of a Heart' and it was just like he was in my living room with me - It just enveloped me in the most beautiful musicI have ever heard. Like Retrograde - I have no idea what I was listening to before my EVO 400 but Im so happy I finally figured out what I was missing. And.. say what you want about Keven Deal being a master salesman but everything he said about the Primaluna Amps that Upscale Audio sells is true. I'm so stoked that others here are hearing the PL offerings and enjoying them as much I have the past5 months.
  11. i often listen in Triode mode before heading to bed or sometimes early morning listening sessions but during the day and early evening I seem to prefer Ultralinear mode. Its so easy to switch between the two its awesome.
  12. Congrats on the EVO 400 - I'm pretty sure you are going to love it. Im obviously a HUGE fan of this glorious Integrated Amplifier.
  13. Howdy Chck - how is the Node2i and streaming coming along? I bet you already have it totally dialed in by now. Hope you are enjoying all the music choices you have now.
  14. I owned the MA-252 for over a year and it was very good and beautiful and I truly enjoyed it. That said, it was not nearly as amazing as the Evo 400 is. The Primaluna is AMAZING!!!!!! Breathtaking sound wether in Triode or Ultralinear mode! Spectactular!
  15. When I bought my MA-252 I was very happy with the sound it produced and loved the look and build quality. At some point I started thinking that maybe I was missing something since so many Klipsch owners love listening to music thru a tube amp. I had read about the Primaluna Integrated amps and watched Kevin Deals videos and decided it was worth a drive to Upscale Audio to see what the fuss was about. Listening to the Primaluna 400 EVO BLEW MY MIND and it was obvious I could no longer feel content listening to music thru my MA252. So I traded the Mcintosh in for the Primaluna and could never go back. With the EVO 400 it feels like Jackson Browne, Cat Stevens, Tom Petty, Lady Gaga etc... are in my living room performing live just for me. Cant put it into words - but holy crap wowzers yeehaw! I love the Primaluna Amp.
  16. There is a play list for Jimmy Buffet and all his albums are available on Tidal
  17. Id love to hear those Cornscala speakers but I'm afraid I would then want to buy them!
  18. how do these sound compared to a Forte?
  19. I probably should have just bought the rx 3080 instead of my rx 880 - The rx 880 often had trouble seeing the network wirelessly or wired. It does not have the ESS Sabre Dacs like your RX 2080. I like the Node 2i but the 3080 would have saved me investing in a separate streamer and high end DAC. Audio is not always about making the smart choice every time. I love my setup now but there are many ways to get to the same place in the long run - congrats your Yamaha works flawlessly.
  20. id pay up to $1500 for a pair that clean - those scuffs could easily be repaired
  21. There are many ways to stream. Before I got my Blusound Node 2i I streamed from my Yamaha AVR. Sometimes it worked and sometimes there were glitches. To me that was a PITA!!!!! Also playing thru my HT bypass of my Integrated amp made me have to control volume thru my AVR. Incorporating the Node 2i lets me run it from the Node to my Denefrips Dac and then to an aux input on my integrated so I can control thru integrated being able to use Triode or Ultralinear capabilities of my amp and volume controls. To me it sounds much better than directly thru my AVR and it isa far more stable connection. Hi res music thru wifi with never a drop and incredible sound quality song after song. Best thing that ever happened to my music enjoyment and not expensive either.
  22. It was nice chatting with you today and I'm so stoked you got the Node2i up and running. I hope you enjoy the endless supply of music you now have access to. I currently have over 120 Playlists on my Tidal account and build on the lists regularly. If I come across a song I don't really like I just delete it - I have even deleted a few playlists and if I find i'm missing out on something I cant find on Tidal I just use the Node2i to stream songs I could find on Spotify Stream ON!!!!
  23. I am happy! I inherited the Fortes from my father and love the way they sound as is but if anyone wants to modify their speakers they should go for it. I know you have done a lot of bracing on the speakers you have owned and love adding bracing and getting the floor standing speakers up off the ground and on to speaker stands.If that sounds better to you AWESOME! Everyone hears things differently and sometimes I have no clue what to even listen to. For me -its enjoying the music.
  24. why do people modify speaker cabinets when they have no idea what impact those modifications will do to the overall sound of a speaker? I have no added bracing on my 40 plus YO Fortes and have never thought they resonate too much or need extra bracing.
  25. I got my Denefrips Pontus, an old school Ladder Style DAC, a few days ago to mate with my Bluesound Node2i and my Primaluna Evo 400 and I must say it all sounds fantastic.WOW! I originally used the DACs built in the Node2i and then hooked up a Micromega Dac that I had about 5 years that didn't sound bad but the Denefrips Pontus just sounds so much better.And... of course everything in Audio is a rabbit hole -- but its sometimes fun going down the rabbit hole. Even more fun when the music sounds so good you cant stop listening. And its only $$$$ - Cant take it with you. I have hundreds of records and a nice Turntable and phono preamp and I love analog but the Denefrips /Node2i combo sounds pretty close to my phono setup.
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