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  1. Sampled some bourbon yesterday. I forgot I’d taken another pic of one of the trains last week. The old footbridge across the river is pretty low over the tracks. you can just about get some shots that look like you are on the train. A bunch of empty coal cars heading north.
  2. Walked over to downtown to grab a beer with my neighbor yesterday evening. Right after we crossed the river I spotted CSX 3028 heading north and I managed to run out on the old bridge footing and snap a pic.
  3. I’m sure Volkswagen AG products can also use Klipsch cardboard over their rear windows when necessary.
  4. No, he’s talking about this one. https://www.schiit.com/products/gjallarhorn?gad_source=1&gclid=CjwKCAjww_iwBhApEiwAuG6ccFL3asagcxg7kB0JNyV-he8liuey3mxEiOB_xKCaGeMbXO4nf-0lSRoCOMAQAvD_BwE
  5. I mean, if we are talking digital then there are a lot of variables regarding the quality of the sensor used.
  6. These weren’t the ones we played with. He has a very nice, and slightly inquisitive, corn snake that I held for a while. It was cute and kept trying to explore the sleeves of my black denim jacket. Dude has a recording studio upstairs and I was VERY interested in his 5-string Rickenbacker bass among other things.
  7. KEH is great. I’ve also had good luck with Adorama and B&H’s used departments.
  8. I think it’s a type of bush viper. the next ones are a Green Mamba, Coral snake, and a cobra. This was maybe a fourth of the snakes he has.
  9. I went over to a friend’s house tonight after a show here in town. He’s got a very interesting collection of pets.
  10. 2x 4" ports at 7.5" long, tri-amped with DSP EQ, measured in room at 1m with psychoacoustic smoothing applied. This is with a K-33. Some day I'll try a K-43.
  11. Awesome! There are some really great speakers out there in the KP line.
  12. These little people’s Great Great Great Great Grandparents.
  13. Absolutely not. Our local FedEx drivers love playing geoGuessr with packages and deliver them to the wrong location and then send the confirmation pictures of the delivery so you can try to figure out where they actually delivered our packages. USPS around here is great. The most amazing shipping experience I’ve had was via DHL. i ordered some camera equipment from a company in South Korea and they only shipped overnight via DHL. Even with the higher shipping cost the overall order was cheaper than any other vendor. Less than 24 hours after I placed my order, DHL was knocking on my door in Banner Elk, North Carolina with a package shipped out of Gangnam Du, Seoul, South Korea.
  14. Yes and no. Standard two-way tone controls aren’t going to be able to give you the precision that’s needed to flatten out the response. The Chief has previously shared some parametric EQ settings designed to knock down the response peak at 148Hz which help to clean up the low end sound a lot. I would imagine the latest LS has some of that baked into the active crossover box.
  15. They sounded very good but the drivers I used wouldn’t play as low as the K-33 or unfortunately quite as high so they had a little trouble getting to 400Hz. they were flatter through the middle of the woofers normal range however and had a very nice quick attack. The original woofers that Dennis used are now unobtanium and I haven’t been able to find T/S parameters to exactly compare. Making my plenum angled and adding some wedges to reduce the internal volume would probably help with the high end. There were some other woofers that might work better that are still available, but at a higher cost compared to the budget drivers I used. In the end I swapped my K-33 back in and I’ll probably go eventually to a K-43 or an Eminence Kappa 15C. I do think there is merit to the PPSL function and I’d like to build a pair of Dennis’s dual 15” PPSL subs to go underneath my KP-250s.
  16. With the port mod and active EQ to manage it on the low end as Dennis recommended, my LS are pretty solid to 35Hz.
  17. From @djk ” Just some notes for both the stock and the (vented) ported LaScala. Porting does not reduce the basic efficiency of the LS, it does however reduce the massive 140hz peak, porting also smooths out the overall response above 100hz, and reduces the dip at 200hz in the stock LS. To get the most out of the ported LS mod you need an EQ similar to the EV Interface A box, it has 6dB of boost at 35hz. You can boost a sealed LS, but that inceases the cone motion, EQ at Fb (port tuning frequency) does not increase cone motion. Less cone motion, less distortion. Any equalizer with a subsonic filter can be changed to do this as well, usually it's just a matter of changing two resistors per channel. I buy used Audio Control EQs from eBay when they go for cheap, the 520 is a nice 5-band piece that is designed to complement standard tone controls and be easy to use. Foam Both versions of the LS benefit from a 2' x 2' x 1" piece of foam behind the woofer. It really smooths out things above 100hz. If you are using subs all the time, you can leave the stock LS sealed and reduce the back volume by about 1/3, and use the foam. This totally reduces the bottom octave, but smooths things out above 100hz. Use non-porus fill to reduce the volume. On axis, the above modified LS will measure flat to about 800hz, and very smooth too. You may use a 650hz or so crossover point on a good horn and driver combo for a nice two-way at this point (or retain the stock Klipsch setup). Thanks are due to Carl Huff for his extensive work and measurements. Stock LS http://cdn.avsforum.com/0/03/037f91bb_DIRAC_LEGACY_01.jpeg Reduced volume stock LS with foam http://cdn.avsforum.com/d/d6/d6ed5986_DIRAC_LEGACY_PADDED_LESSVOL_02.jpeg Carl's measurements were done with a gated measuring system, in a garage, with the door rolled up (open). In room response will show more bass below 100hz due to room gain. In room non-gated measurements show the ported LS to have 7dB more output in the 31hz band (1/3 oct analyzer) vs the stock LS, and 3dB more output in the 50hz band (both without EQ). Using the EQ makes the 31hz band only 3dB down from the average level above 100hz. The contour lines of equal loudness (sounding twice as loud) in the 30hz~40hz region are only 3dB~4dB apart at a level of 90dB, so even without EQ the ported mod sounds like it has twice the deep bass. With the EQ the bass sounds very solid on music, most people would not require a sub (except tor video). But Using a processor like the Waves MaxBass a subwoofer for video is probably not needed either. The 'feel' of bass is mainly from high energy below about 60hz or so, above 60hz there is more of a sensation of 'tone'. The Waves unit takes the fundamental note and generates 3rd and 5th harmonics (an old trick used when playing a piece written for a 16' organ on an 8' organ). With a small speaker like a Heresy this has the sensation of 'tone' when playing those 16' notes, but not the 'feel' (as it has no real energy below 60hz). Using the Waves unit with the ported LS can make you feel the notes as low as 10hz~12hz (when it converts them to 30hz and 50hz) because the ported LS has lots of output there. The Waves unit also has the provision (on some versions) of removing the damaging infrasonics below the Fb of the box (although the recommended EQ does this as well). As a side note The Waves unit makes the Heresy sound like it has bass, but without the 'feel' of the sub 60hz notes. Why would you want this? It works well for apartment dwellers, or wedding dances (those people like the sound of bass, but don't seem to like their teeth rattling).”
  18. I think we had one baptism, one conditional baptism, with six total coming into the Church. And yes, WH is about the only thing open at that time of night. Well, the nearest WH to the church is up in Boone. Being that it’s a college town(AppState) there were a bunch of bars still open but that wasn’t what the kids were interested in.
  19. We made it up to the Easter Vigil last night. The weather was pleasant and it made for one of the warmest Easter services we’ve had in a few years. Afterwards, as is tradition, we went to Waffle House. Happy Easter everyone!
  20. Sounds like something a spammer would say.
  21. Windows 10 and newer should automatically recognize a USB DAC as an available audio output. Once you have it selected as your output device, all sound will be played through it.
  22. I’m running three Aiyima AO7 class D amps on my LaScalas and they sound great. Although I did replace the op amps with some TI LM4562. The AO7 usually cost around $70 online. I also have the previously mentioned Crown XLS 1002 and it sounds nice with my KP-250s.
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