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  1. Some balls had a hole for an internal charge and a fuse so they would explode at a calculated distance after being shot.
  2. Searing some steaks and asparagus on the cast iron griddle in the BGE.
  3. I’m sure my kids would never do anything like that. 🤣
  4. And all cleaned up and inside.
  5. The beginnings of a new rig for my jazz bass. Two of these 4x10 cabs and a 100 watt tube head.
  6. I don’t usually touch a computer unless I’m forced to. Like at my job as an IT sysadmin. 😂
  7. Weird, 127. address would normally be a self assigned loopback adapter. Was there other network/security software running on that device? I've seen third party VPN software cause a sticky DNS situation before on windows 10 which can be fixed by clearing a registry key. It looks like the key is in the same place on windows 11. Often times a ping by IP address to a public address like ( will work. If ping by IP does work then it is likely a DNS issue. First you can open a command prompt window and run one of the following commands to view the GUID of the connection in question depending on whether it is a wired or wireless interface, netsh lan show interfaces netsh wlan show interfaces The output will look something like There is 1 interface on the system: Name : Wi-Fi 2 Description : Intel(R) Dual Band Wireless-AC 8265 #2 GUID : 5f29b74d-7d44-4c9e-a5a7-a83c1ec10dd4 Physical address : a0:af:bd:66:93:6f State : connected SSID : Your_WIFI_SSID BSSID : d8:54:a2:42:af:98 Network type : Infrastructure Radio type : 802.11n Authentication : WPA2-Personal Cipher : CCMP Connection mode : Auto Connect Channel : 1 Receive rate (Mbps) : 115.6 Transmit rate (Mbps) : 115.6 Signal : 79% Profile : Your_WIFI_SSID Hosted network status : Not available Then you can open the registry and browse to the following set of keys, Computer\HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\ControlSet001\Services\Tcpip\Parameters\Interfaces\{GUID listed above} There are likely to be multiple sub keys as well relating to different networks to which the PC has connected. The hangup appears to come from the NameServer or ProfileNameServer keys which will act as a static entry for DNS even when the rest of the options are set to enable DHCP or if you are trying to manually set them through the network adapter options. Opening the NameServer or ProfileNameServer entry and clearing it out so the “value data” is blank has worked for me in the past to return the computer to normal functioning via DHCP. Might need a reboot afterwards. Once clearing them out via the registry things should be back to normal and manual entry or DHCP should work, providing there isn't some third party nonsense going on. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
  8. What msft OS was giving you DNS issues?
  9. Here’s one a friend recorded a few years back.
  10. I’ve got a smallish Stihl that I got last year some time. It’s been great so far. So far it looks like the tree only took out the drivers side mirror on the Jetta. i’ve got a little more extraction to do before I can see if anything else was messed up but so far so good. Mk4’s are pretty common in the junk yard these days so it should be cheap to get some replacement parts.
  11. I was all out of landscape pics.
  12. I guess it’s time to bust out the chainsaw.
  13. That place sounds great. I’m about 3 hours west of Burlington over in Spruce Pine. We opened an office in Burlington last year but my coworker now handles IT support for that side of the state so I don’t know when I’d get a chance to get back out that way. I do have to go down to Statesville on Thursday to set up equipment for six new staff that are staring on the 20th. I hope they’ve got the AC running in the office.
  14. I’ve only been through Alamance county a handful of times. I did make a point to stop at the Daily Donuts and pick up a box for the nurses at work. A friend of mine in WI shared a news article yesterday about another food processing plant on fire. As the kids would say, seems kinda sus.
  15. Looks like I might put my beer in the fridge tomorrow.
  16. It looks like a tough job with as dirty as the barrel appears to be on the inside. Have you thought about hairspray like a potato gun?
  17. Depending on how much you plane off you may end up with a very bright natural wood color without any gray at all. I’ve had some hickory that I got from a friend who makes axes and it sat around for a while before I brought it in and ran it through my planer. iirc this was just a coat of shellac and then knocked down with some steel wool.
  18. And the kids were arguing about side A vs side B on Abbey Road.
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