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  1. https://www.amazon.com/s?k=1%2F2+speed+mastered+vinyl
  2. I have no connection to whoever made this video but you can fast forward to about 4:30 to see what it looks like coming in from the top.
  3. If you look closely you can see where the frame rails in front of the control arms had shifted over from the impact to the front end.
  4. I still miss that car. I think one of the guys that comes up from Texas for our meet outside of Canton ended up with the camshaft I imported for it.
  5. Those are gorgeous cars and a really timeless design. There is a 928 club that descends on Banner Elk the first or second weekend of June each year and there is usually a good 30+ Porsche 928’s running around the area.
  6. Alrighty, here is the view from the top courtesy of google maps. and the speed limit along this section was 55 at the time.
  7. Entering from the top left which is the higher elevation.
  8. Every few years a semi driver ignores the posted signs and ends up getting stuck too.
  9. I used to run through this corkscrew on my way to Boone all the time. There is probably a good 30 feet of elevation change from one side to the other in addition to the tight curves. One night I was bebopping along in my little Kia making an evening speed run up to King street before the stores closed. I was making pretty good time right up to the point it got a little foggy and I kind of lost my bearings before suddenly realizing I was about to hit the top of the corkscrew doing about 50. Clutch/Brake, both feet in and managed to aim straight into the driveway at the top of the first curve and get it stopped without hitting anything.
  10. No checkbook. I’ll be getting my plywood at the local mom and pop building supply place a half a mile from the house and paying cash. No reason to get the banks involved in this.
  11. What an amazing player. I got to meet him when I was helping set up for his concert at the urban art institute. He was nice enough to everyone setting up for the show. I remember his sound guy getting annoyed trying to EQ/notch out some of the reverb in the room while micing the drum kit and David was like, man this brick rectangle is gonna sound different once there are a bunch of people in here. I wish I’d stayed for the whole concert but I think I split after a couple of songs to go have dinner with one of the girls from the photography class. We snuck back in while they were still playing and went downstairs to the photo lab and ran off a bunch of prints in the darkroom.
  12. No, the backs are usually glued and nailed between the two side pieces. they are also glued and possibly nailed to the ramps that provide the expansion between the back of the cabinet and the rear of the doghouse section.
  13. The neighbors got a trampoline a year or so back. Between my five kids and their four youngest that are still at home, we haven’t had any broken bones so far. no beekeeping though, number one daughter is deathly allergic.
  14. I mean, you can buy vinyl at Walmart.
  15. Invidiosulus


    Double post.
  16. It’s been raining all day with temps in the low 30’s. The orchard up on the BRP is covered in a thick glaze of ice. I only saw one tree that had any buds out so I think the Apple crop should still be okay.
  17. A peaceful but cold sunset up on the BRP near the house last night.
  18. That’s 300,000 on his 1981 bike. The 2020 only has 46,000, which is still more than I’ve driven the past few years. I used to have a 45 minute rip through the mountains twice a day to and from work. Now I’m officially a work from home employee and I get reimbursed for mileage if I step foot out of my driveway for work.
  19. The trees came down last night and just missed his house. I think even the gutters survived.
  20. Here in NC, If we get the white stuff we build igloos, go sledding, and enjoy some cold beverages.
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