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  1. You have to bug them every ten days or so. Squeaky wheel.. I think it took about four weeks for my replacements to arrive.
  2. Same in my “Music Room”. I’ve got two Heresys in a similar position. I’ll agree it’s not optimal. But YPAO seems to be able sort it out without too much trouble. I don’t do a lot of HT there but the sound is quite good when I do.
  3. This is still available, in case there’s any interest.
  4. I must admit when I first swapped out the originally installed earpieces my first thought was, replacement pieces aren’t going to be easily available. It looks like I may have been correct.
  5. Post pictures of your project. Many years ago I had a similar project. As others have warned be careful if you sand them, as the veneer is quite thin. I managed to burn through a spot on the top of one of mine. If I had to do it again I’d first try a chemical strip (in a discrete spot) to see if it might work. After I managed to remove the three layers of paint, I stained and polyurethaned mine, I wish I’d just oiled them instead. Oh well, live & learn. Good luck. I hope you got a great “yard sale” deal. I’m never lucky enough to find those.
  6. Klipsch sells a replacement volume pod, for a reasonable price. I’d almost bet that would solve your problem.
  7. We just started that a couple of weeks ago! We are only on season Two. It’s the best show I’d never even heard of. The beauty of it was, that we’d just finished Deadwood, so there are all those, moments of recognition. Great TV.
  8. I can only say they were made in 1978. But if the rest of the speakers are in as nice a condition as the tags they are pristine. @HDBRbuilder built one of my pairs of Heresys.
  9. There is still a part of me that thinks(thought?) all the CBD hype is just snake oil. But the dog doesn’t know she’s on it. Even if the mental improvement are just imagined, the itching & rash are cured. And we’ve fought that for seven years.
  10. I know this sounds crazy. I don’t “believe” it myself. Yet here goes. Our dog has had some issues with itching. We had her on medicine that worked but was really bad as far as side effects. She was taken off it for other reasons. Long story short we put her on CBD Oil once the itching returned. Literally, she wascompletely cured in 72 hours. So we’ve kept her on it. Now the point. She’s always been a bit neurotic. However since she’s been on the CBD, it’s not only cured her itching, it’s helped her mentally. My wife and I at first we’re confused, she was acting like a “normal” dog and it didn’t make sense. Then we realized it’s been since she’s been on the oil. It might not help your cat soon enough, but it might be worth a try. I didn’t believe in it, but we were desperate to try something. Good luck with the cat. We just lost our 18 year old cat.
  11. It really is a good one. I think it’s underrated, or at least under recognized.
  12. No, just the amp at the moment. I’m east of Charleston. I’m envious of you Parkersburg folks, you can get Popeye’s Chicken whenever you want. I get up that way for work every so often. Nice area.
  13. This is not the prettiest amp Carver ever made, but it sounds really good.However, I’ve recently acquired a Sunfire, Cinema Grand and have taken this out of the system. I’ve even debated keeping it, maybe even finding another one and running them as mono blocks. But my wife is right, I’ve just got too much crap. So time to let it go. It’s THX Certified, putting out, I think, a couple of hundred watts/channel, five hundred or so in mono. This is the amp that made me a believer in external amplification. It completely filled in the bottom end of my La Scalas, they were good before, after using this amp, they became great. If I’d tried this before building a subwoofer, I doubt I’d have ever built one. Honestly, to my aging ears, it sounds very similar to the Cinema Grand, maybe not as quiet, but very similar. It does have its share of scratches & scuffs, but it wasn’t “pretty” when it was new. Asking $275.00 plus shipping from WV. I’ll try to work with ya on shipping costs as best I can. I’d say local pick up option, but likely few are close enough. If you are thinking about trying an external amp, and don’t want to break the bank this could be the ticket.
  14. That pic was taken during daylight, it is much brighter with the backlight than in the dark.
  15. We can still get them here in the US with no problem. But now that you mention it I suppose I need to stash some away too. I love led lights and have mostly switched to them. But the old school incandescents are the only thing that would work in a lava lamp.
  16. I just bought this one. I did the “custom” option. It’s certainly different. I’ve got to admit, I’m a little disappointed. I went with what I thought would be a cool color combo, metallic green, 17” lamp, with blue liquid, and purple wax. It does look good and certainly is different. However, I find I like the proportions of the 16” 52oz much better. Also the blue liquid /purple wax is quite dark and just doesn’t let the light shine through. I think it would be better with the 52 oz. model. Oh well, it’s far from the worst purchase I’ve ever made. I still want one of the Grande models.
  17. I never really “stopped” vinyl. But I did replace an old Sony turntable, that I’d bought used when you could hardly find a turntable at all; with a new Music Hall model. Not high end by any means, but as good or better than anything I ever had back in the day. It works well. Is dead quiet, and came with an AT cartridge. I’ve recently been running it through an ONIX tube amp, with a pair of ‘83 Heresys, just for the old school, album experience. It’s satisfying, and pleasant reminder of how things used to be. Good luck, one thing for sure, the modern vinyl is far superior to most the commercial stuff available at the local record store, back in the old days.
  18. It took me a minute to get that. 😉
  19. Nice! I too am fortunate to have a detached “music room”. A space where the low WAF of “big, ugly speakers” is, well, less of a factor. Although to be fair, her opinion of the La Scalas has softened a bit over the last couple of years. Your room looks great, it has almost, a Frank Lloyd Wright Vibe. Very well done.
  20. Your right one is “bricked” it will not restore. Contact Klipsch immediately and open a service ticket. It will take weeks to get a replacement. Oh and you will need to contact them every couple of weeks. I received my replacement a month ago after attempting the firmware update in July. My replacements have worked fine, but I’ll not attempt the firmware update. Good luck. Keep us posted on your progress.
  21. I’ve had this one for a while, it was mostly just sitting and looking pretty. I’m now using it for a dedicated vinyl system, powering ’83 Heresys. I'd forgotten how much I like this amp, and how great it sounds with Heresys.
  22. M_Klipsches

    Toots. So sad.

    Damn. He was awesome. Classic stuff. 🙁
  23. For what it’s worth I’ve got a pair of 1983 HBRs very similar to yours. Same crossovers & drivers. I also have a pair of 1980 HBRs. In my opinion the ‘83s (version 1.5?) are the better of the two pairs. They just seem to have better bass, and Just a fuller sound. Interestingly, I’d always assumed they had the same components, and thought the difference must be in my head. At least until recently when I opened them up and saw the difference.
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