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  1. Why not find a plate amp, that closely matches the dimensions and wattage, and replace your failed amp with that?You might have to shim or trim to get a good fit, but that’s what I’d do. Surely Parts Express has something close, if not an exact replacement.
  2. I use these on my Heritage speakers. The spade adapters that I’ve tried didn’t fit, or were prone to come loose. These work like a charm. https://www.parts-express.com/Lil-Piggies-Binding-Posts-to-Lead-Wire-Adapter-Set-Red-and-B-091-1262?quantity=1
  3. Yes, leaking is one thing and certainly those need replaced. It just seems that most caps aren’t bad and probably don’t need replaced. I replaced the original oil caps in my first pair of Heresys, they looked just fine, shiny & new. I couldn’t hear a difference. They sounded the same to me.
  4. Nice. Those look great, and should sound as good as they look. Don’t change anything but since you’ve opened them, you might as well check the connections, tighten, and clean (if necessary).
  5. I never got rid of my old vinyl or CDs so I’m lucky there and don’t have to rebuild my collection. I do stream from Tidal, which I think has great quality plus I will buy digital media. But there’s still a charm to spinning a record, and I do that too. I find myself buying new & used vinyl & CDs from local record stores, online, or maybe get lucky at a yard sale. My favorite local record store, head shop & hipster emporium recently celebrated its fiftieth anniversary. Somehow, it survived. “Budget Tapes & Records”. We were just in Columbus Ohio for the cancelled Springsteen show, so with extra time on our hands one of the places we went was a nice record store with tons of new & used stuff. So basically the same thing I’d have done forty years ago, flipping through hundreds of albums buying a few things that struck my fancy. You’ll probably never get back to where you were, but the search is the same as it ever was. Good luck rebuilding.
  6. Those are great speakers. I own five Heresys, and the best sounding pair I own are my ‘83s. They are the H1s that begin the transition to the HIIs. They have a different crossover, woofer, & squawker.Often called H1.5s, and I’d bet yours are too. Plus, yours have those great cane grills, and the WO finish is great. Good luck with your sale.
  7. Honestly, they’ll more than likely function exactly as they did the day they left Hope. Plus that looks like a nice veneer. Maybe Oiled Oak? Not saying they are worth $800, but easily worth $500 if in good shape.
  8. That looks fantastic. Looking forward to seeing others built in this style.
  9. I will say this. As an experiment, I swapped the K-77 tweeters on my La Scalas for Crites CT-120s. I found it to be a big improvement, smoother, less harsh. On my two pairs of Heresys, I’ve not noticed the harshness that I heard on the La Scalas. It never seemed worth the trouble removing the K-77s in the Heresys, they sound good as they are. Although I’m tempted to give Dave A’s MAHL horns a try.
  10. Congratulations. You’ve got a great pair of Heresys there. As @wuzzzermentioned they are likely H1.5s which are the transition between H1 & H2 versions. Using a different network & woofer from previous models, they just sound “better” than either. I use mine with an integrated tube amp, (not nearly as nice as yours) mostly for 2ch vinyl listening; it reminds me of how we used to listen to music. When others tell you that they need “recapped” just ignore them, & leave them as they are unless the capacitors are leaking or swollen they are just fine. Maybe open them up, check & clean the connections, but that’s all they’ll need. I hope you get your amp safely down the stairs, and repaired.
  11. There’s something wrong. Unplug everything, eliminate the chance that a source is causing the problem. Then switch cables, maybe you’ve got a bad cable? Try plugging them into a different outlet, on a different circuit. If none of that sorts it I’d contact Klipsch, if they are still under warranty. There really shouldn’t be noise coming from those speakers.
  12. I’ve got La Scalas in a 13’ X 20 room, in a multi-use mostly music 2.1, or 5.1.2 HT (center & surrounds are Heresys). They are fantastic speakers, even my 42 year old La Scalas more than hold their own with most anything else. You likely won’t be disappointed with vintage La Scalas. They’ll need nothing repaired if they’ve seen even reasonable care, they are largely bulletproof. Good luck with your search, let us know where you land.
  13. I finally got the chance to give the Carver family room set up a proper 2.1 listening session. Ran the gamut from the Grateful Dead, Joni Mitchell, Van Morrison, The Avett Brothers, to the cast album of Hamilton, and honestly I must say, I’m impressed. Especially after my initial tepid response when it powered the La Scalas. With the RP-280Fs it broadened the soundstage, it made them sound larger, and physically further apart, while still projecting a perfect stereo image. I don’t know what wattage the second row of leds represents, maybe twenty? But they were only flashing during peaks, easily hitting 100db, @ 10’ from the speakers. At reasonable volume it sounded fantastic; it certainly wasn’t “thin” as I’d described it with the La Scalas, and certainly wasn’t lacking in “detail” as others have opined. My dogs even noticed, there were a few times when they mistook drums for door knocks, and they typically don’t react much to TV & music. If I had to give a bit of criticism it might be a touch of harshness in the mids & highs that I’d not noticed in the RP-280Fs before. The original thread premise of Carver Amps & Klipsch, still seems valid; apparently some play quite well with each other, some maybe not so much. I do think I’ll hang on to the M-1.0T
  14. I might look into that modification in the future. I need to let the cost of repairing the Sunfire settle out before I start another project. Let us know how it sounds.
  15. Just to update, and keep things going. The Sunfire has been refurbished and returned, and is now in perfect working order. I still say it sounds better than the M-1.0T. That being said, I’ve taken the M-1.0T and added it to the Family room system. A Denon X3500H, RP-280F, RP-502S, RC-62II, and a diy BFM T-18 Sub. This system is mostly TV & Movies, probably 90%; but it does occasionally rock out. I’m powering the RP-280Fs with the Carver, everything else (except the sub) with the Denon. So far we’ve only used it for TV & Streaming, nothing at any real volume. No 2.1 music, which is where I expect to hear a difference; though, at the lower volume I can’t really hear it yet. I’ll follow up, once I can give it a more thorough workout.
  16. I just ran across this thread, and wanted to chime in; better late than never I suppose. I just had a Sunfire Cinema Grand 400 - Seven with similar issues. It was perfectly, refurbished by Greg at Nelion Audio. So if you still have this amp, it’d likely be worth checking him out. https://nelionaudio.com I can completely recommend his work.
  17. The amp has been reinstalled, and after several days of listening, I’m happy to report that it is functioning perfectly. It seems that it was in overall good condition, nothing fried or burnt, the problem was apparently with the off-auto-on switch. It’s been gone through, renewed, tested & even has a warranty. Hopefully it will have another twenty years or more of service left in it. If anyone has any Carver gear in need of TLC I’m happy to recommend Greg at Nelion Audio. If any issues arise, I’ll update. Again thanks to all who had recommendations for repair services.
  18. Status report: Greg at Nelion Audio messaged me today that my amp has been restored to full factory function. I might add, well ahead of schedule. I should have it back in a few days. I’ll update once I get it back in the system. Thanks to @jjptkd for turning me on to Nelion, as well as others who offered other repair options.
  19. Nice! Congratulations on the second set of Klipschorns. All in the same system? Either way well done. It’s good to hear from someone who’s fortunate enough to have compared the Carver gear head to head, in the same room, on the same speakers, with some high end McIntosh amps. I Well what d’ ya know? It is indeed, a small world.
  20. Nice! Congratulations on the second set of Klipschorns. Are you running them all in the same system? Either way well done. It’s good to hear from someone who’s fortunate enough to have compared the Carver gear head to head, in the same room, on the same speakers, with some high end McIntosh amps. I’m happy to hear that gear similar to mine holds it’s own, as I figure I’m just about all in with my “music room” set up. At least barring an affordable pair of KHorns showing up on my radar (or lottery winnings).
  21. My M-1.0t doesn’t sound bad, at all and I’d not though of it as lacking “detail”. I described it as “thin”, perhaps just semantics? Maybe it’s just not suited to the La Scalas? I’ve got an integrated tube amp that sounds great with Heresys, it’s my two channel, vinyl system. It reminds me of the way we used to hear most music. Hook it up to theLa Scalas, and it’s, meh, ok. I will have a few months to listen to it, as my Sunfire likely won’t be back until January. Maybe I’ll look into upgrading the M-1.0t after that.
  22. Thanks for the info and suggestion. I shipped the Sunfire off to them today. If busy is any indication of the quality of their work, then they must be good. My repair is scheduled for January. I might get bumped up, if they can. I’ll let everyone know how it turns out.
  23. Most of the Carver stuff I’ve heard sound damn good to my aging ears. The Sunfire certainly does. I’m sure there is better gear out there, but you said it yourself “price point”. The very same reason I drive a five year old Volvo wagon, and not a Porsche Panamera Sport GTS, a better car by most any measure. I’ve little doubt that a rack of McIntosh amps, would sound great, but that pesky, “price point”. So there’s the “Why”.
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