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  1. They are here - and they are wonderful. I will spare pics for now since the space is a disaster. I did get them hooked up to the Denon 2400h - and they are already an upgrade! However, this Denon does not do it justice at all. Oh, and listening position is not 9 feet. It's 8. I'm measuring 86db at level 49/51. This is heaven.
  2. Thoughts on hardwood - like walnut? We've got a furniture guy. He can make me hardwood baffles (is this even the right term?) that would either enclose - or then wrap around the Khorns. We plan to use walnut for room dividers as well and may even, pad the pillars for room acoustics. Going to talk to GIK on this one. The couch is also being replaced. As for 9 feet from the Khorns and umm yeah. I think it's why I'm going with a low wattage tube amp - and will have to determine how to also then tune them with my hometheater 5.1.4 set up. I think I will be going the Marantz 8 series route for that one.
  3. I'll need to read up on enclosing / adding baffles to these since I can't corner load them. They will be about 10-12 feet apart from each other. Listening spot will prob be 9 feet away. So not a perfect equilateral triangle.
  4. Thanks - that's massively helpful. I'm thinking what if I didn't corner load them and just used them as the awesome speakers they are etc and I think hearing from you (and maybe others) makes me realize that it's poor thinking and that those would be absolute overkill. can't tell if the La Scalas would be too big for the space either - again I feel as if I did all this thinking in my head a year or so ago and had settled on the Fortes as the perfect compromise. Then of course greed sets in and I start thinking but what if... So despite the dreams to have the KHs or LS, I'll have to make (hopefully) the wiser choice and go with the Forte IVs, or maybe the Cornwalls. I'm debating the Bstock as small scratches or dents don't bother me, and if they are slighly mismatched etc - no big deal. As for the sound stuff - again - can't really tell why sound doesn't bleed up - it's wood construction - hardwood floors. Sound most definitely bleeds downwards. However, when the kids were down there (it was a classroom during the pandemic lockdown) you could hear the portable speaker music and of course the kids jumping around etc. And 100% do the pillars complicate things - but lol - this is the lowest floor so I guess they are kinda necessary. 😅 Very fortunate to have a relatively isolated place in SF like this.
  5. Again thank you all for the responses. The other part to all of this is not really knowing what is the appropriate pricing for things. And yes, I'd love the KH - I think only the Jubilee could top them. I'm currently looking at a pair out in Fremont. Person replaced the woofers (based on Klipsch's suggestions) but said he needs to test them to make sure it isn't a cross over issue. Visually they look great. And I think the KHs (LS also) are such beautiful pieces (and we love our wood furniture) so they also double as that. The only issue with the KHs is (as you can see from the pics) is the lack of proper corners. I think no matter what the first issue for me is simply deciding if for the budget which (IDK pulling out the air) is $3-4k is either new Forte IVs, or used (good condition cabinets) La Scalas or KHs. Then what to use to power them. I'm glad to be here. I appreciate the warm welcome.
  6. Thanks all for the warm welcome. Was a bit nervous with the first post here and the word salad. I thoroughly appreciate the responses so far and apologize for being a bit vague with some stuff - didn't know where and how to get so specific. Some clarifications! When I say studio apt - that defines the space. We don't live in it It's right beneath where we currently live and is part of our condo. We live in 4 level 2 unit condo building in SF. This is the lowest of the 4 levels. Pictures of the space here! https://imgur.com/a/3tz2xtJ The most revised layout is reflected this way https://imgur.com/jfEysWU (apologies for being lazy and not taking a photo right now) We also bought this place 3 years ago and don't see ourselves moving for a substantial amount of time. I will absolutely be using movers for bringing these in (if new) or then when picking them up (if buying used). One really pleasant surprise we've had (since moving the HT system downstairs from our living room) was that these Klipschs (and even the surrounds) don't leak much noise upstairs! It's something we noticed even when upstairs - how the soundstage was somewhat of a bubble, really loud right where you want it and then drops off enough that it's not disturbing people. Granted - I don't know how much of that is because when I play music - I play it in Denon's pure direct mode, so it only does 2 channel - no sub output. But - the sound doesn't seem to be an issue. I was playing Telegraph Road yesterday and was measuring 89db on my phone and my wife who at the point was directly above me in her office - didn't say anything (and she is VERY quick to tell me to turn it down). While playing that, I did start to feel the limit of these and it's why I've been itching to move to something a lot more musically inclined as well as have way more headroom. Anyhow back to it... I'm also not sure if I want to spend $3k (both the La Scalas and the Khorns I've come across are priced at this) on something that I'll need to rely on someone else to repair (I'm really not adept at this - heck I took a woofer out of a SW and while I could undo the screws and all, unclip the wires, I've yet to put it back together and seeing the amp made me go - ut oh). So there is that bit. As for sound - the one thing I continuously read in reviews is that the modern Klipsch are not the Klipsch of old which is "bright" "fatiguing" etc etc. That's the other complication - I don't know if I have the luxury (or if I'm being lazy) to hear all this stuff. I live in SF and the closest heritage dealer is a 2ish hour roundtrip drive. However, all the reviews I read of the modern IV line is exactly what appeals to me (or maybe that is my bias?). I'm relying heavily on Stevehuff's review as they seem so detailed. Gonna ramble on... Music - Listen to pretty much everything under the sun - except for maybe electronic and modern pop stuff. We're 37 and 40. My dad met Jimi and Pink Floyd and I'm heavily influenced by him and love music from that era. So loads of rock and rock influenced pop. She loves Wilco. We also like the Killers, Mumford and more recently Harry Styles. Jazz and classical also feature heavily:) So I'd say that our music spans well over a half century :). How they perform for a home theater - is honestly an afterthought (heck I'm using a Deftech C8080HD as a center, and AR11s as my rears). The only place where the home theater takes any preference is the Amplifier (want that 5.1.4 sound). Which brings me to the other really important and nagging question I have (and again I have very little knowledge on this space) is how to power these things. I'm only now learning about amps, pre-amps, DACs, integrated etc etc. All that matters to me is that I can digitally stream Amazon HD music (as that's my primary source) to these guys and I don't know if that means that I should get a dedicated streaming device that hooks to an amp that hooks to these? So would love help on that so that down the road I think about that as well (because at first they are likely to just get hooked to the Denon). anyhooo... I'll stop now and welcome feedback (including how I should post better on such stuff - I really don't want to go about making new threads about - hey what about this set or that set etc etc). cheers!
  7. Dunno what it is about Klipsch - but I've been attached to them for a long time now. Bought a pair of RP280FAs a couple of years and love them. But about a year or so ago discovered the heritage line and have been yearning to upgrade them. Our space is an odd one - it's a studio apartment that has the place set up for home theater and listening to music (Amazon HD music streamed through Denon HEOS). I also have a record player / may get another one in the future. Room is maybe 25 feet deep, and we sit about 10 feet away from the speakers right now. I've been non stop thinking about which to get and after getting over wanting to buy used speakers - settled on the Forte IVs based on SteveHuff's review. I went through the whole - Yeah I can do the Klipschorns and then realizing that we don't exactly have 2 corners in which to place them, to then thinking oh the La Scalas - to realizing that they might be too big, to the Cornwalls and then even down to the Heresys. Anyhow, throughout all of this I've still been randomly checking classifieds and a pair of La Scalas have popped up. 1978 Birch - all original - seemingly owned by a woodworker with some extra layers and a guard put on them. My concern with something that old is that I'm not exactly very handy when it comes to doing any upgrades etc and have no sense if such an old speaker would need refurbishment work. I also found a pair of Klipschorns with recently replaced woofers - that I'm also thinking about. So that sort of brings me to one of my first set of questions - just what should I be concerned about, look at when it comes to anything vintage like that? And has the sound changed considerably to the current ones (which based on everything I've read - it has?). Is there a place I should go to to read up about all of this? B Otherwise, is going with the Forte IVs a better option - brand new - nothing to really worry about for a while yadda yadda? Finally - if I am to upgrade my receiver (which I likely will) is something like a Denon 6700h or similar Marantz the appropriate choice? I do want to have height front and rear - currently I only have a 5.1.2 system. Or should I keep my existing Denon for home theater viewing and get a dedicated amp for listening to music? And if so what would be a good one that can play streaming music? Apologies for what is probably a whole host of questions - trying to be as clear while also being concise. Thank you and I look forward to being here
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