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  1. He unfortunately said it was tool old and the parts to refurbish it are no longer available.
  2. Hi, I have a Marantz AV7704 and Sunfire Signature 400 x 7 Amp powering a Gen 1 RF-7 5.1 setup. I am hearing some intermittent static in my left rear surround and have a feeling my amp is finally dying. I am seeking recommendations for a new amp. I definitely run this amp very hard sometimes and am wondering how many watts I need in a replacement. I use if for home theater and when I demo my system to others I demo everything from Enter Sandman to the Centipede song from Knife Party. Thank You all for your recommendations
  3. I recently received my Triax. It is amazing. Everything I have thrown at it has been amazing. It will keep up with the RF-7s which can be hard to do at really high levels.
  4. I ordered the textured black. Last I heard they would be shipping first week or two in July.
  5. I seriously can't wait for mine to ship. It is very weird after selling my SVS PB2/plus to have no sub at the moment. I believe it will be worth the wait.
  6. I ordered the textured satin black. I have the same finish on my SVS and it has been awesome for durability. You don't ever have to worry about water stains etc.
  7. I ordered a Triax last night. I can't wait for it to arrive.
  8. Yes the Toto BluRay. I thought since I replied to your thread it would include it in my post. Thanks
  9. Mike!, I ordered this from Amazon along with a few others and I truly believe this is the best sounding Blu-Ray I have ever heard. I love how everything sounds ie drums vs guitars etc. I am truly able to push my RF-7s and let the 400x7 Sunfire amp put in some good work lol. Thanks for mentioing this!!!
  10. Hi, I was wondering if anyone has heard what may replace the RF-7 version II and when? They have been out a few years now and I would think something new is around the corner. I love my RF-7 First Generation but still like to think about the future. Thanks for info.
  11. Ear, Did you ever see this post? Thanks for info. Mark
  12. Guess TheEar went MIA....Anyone else have the same sub and RF-7 combo? Thanks for info... Mark
  13. TheEar, I would love for your input on my Sub....Here is what I currently have everything set to: Crossovers: Sunfire : L-R 60 Sunfire : C 80 SVS Sub: Phase 180 Crossover Disabled but knob is set around 85 SubSonic Filter @ 20hz Thank you for your input.... Mark
  14. Hi, There is actually a small lip at the very front of the stand and rubber pads for the bottom the the RC-7....I never had to do anything with the RC-7 except lift it up there and make sure it was square.....It is close to 50lbs...It isn't going anywhere.... Mark
  15. Hi, Mine came shipped with 4.18. So far it's working great.No bugs yet....McMcgoo had sent me a pm about setting the crossover point and he stated the following: "The standard advice is to set your crossover one full octave above your speaker's lowest frequency, 32 Hz for the RF-7. That would put the crossover for the RF-7 at 60 Hz. I use 50 Hz because my processor does not offer 60 Hz. If you use a lower point, you may not get a seamless transition, i.e., you may have a hole in your lower frequencies. As a result, mine are currently at 60. " Mark
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