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  1. All: I just want to post a solution to this problem with the KSP-400 amp here and hope that it might help someone down the road. To recap, the amp section on one of my KSP-400 has a loud hum or buzzing when first turn on from auto-on or manual on for around 5 minutes or so, then it would get less and less loud then dead silent and working perfectly fine for however long it's on. Then the cycle repeat again, when it goes to standby and on again! Anyway, I remove the amp section out of the speaker, remove all the connectors, and give it a very thoroughly clean with the electrical cleaning solution then completely dried off using the air-can. For some reasons, that seems to fix the problem, now it only hum/buzz for 30-40s after turns on and dead silent, working fine after that. I don't know how long this will last but so far so good and I can live with this short humming problem for now. Hope it helps, BT
  2. Also, some one mentioned in one of the posts that you sent, said they order an after market plate amp, pop in the current amp and run the sub as an independent subwoofer. Wonder if you know where I can get that after market amp plate? Thanks, BT
  3. Hi T2K Thanks for the info, greatly appreciate that. As for repair of the Amp, I'm not very comfortable of doing so myself, but want to see which parts should I replace? those two big black thingy in the pictures above??? Thanks, bT
  4. Hi All: I have a pair of Klipsch KSP-400 tower speakers, which has a build-in 15" subwoofer on each speakers. http://images.klipsch.com/KSP400C6S6...5637990000.pdf I love this speaker pair in my home theater as they sound extremely good, very easy to drive and the subs are very well integrated with the mid and high. However, in the last few months, one of the sub started to make a loud buzz/hum sound when first turn on (wake-up from auto standby); the buzz sound is very loud for the first minute or so then getting softer and softer then completely gone in about 5 minutes. After that, the sub is working perfectly fine, until it goes to sleep (standby) then wake up again! My questions: 1) is there any quick and easy fix to the amp? or what is the problem? 2) if I leave the amp on all the time, not in auto standby, then I don't have this problem. I have let it on for most of a day and the heat sink behind the speaker is not much warmer than the one on standby. However, I'm very worry about the heat and fire hazard, if I leave the amp on all the time. What do you think? I did some search, a few folks had replace the amp on this speaker with an external amp and the speaker is still working fine, but I don't want to do so as that would add another equipment to my space-limited rack, also modify to the speakers and cost. Thank you for any suggestion. BT
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