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  1. I’ve decided to sell my Mahogany Klipsch Legends. The cabinets have been regularly cared for with beeswax and orange oil on the finish to maintain the Mahogany Red luster: they look amazing. There are New Crites Full Crossover boards for the KLF-30s and Crites Capacitor Upgrade for the KLF C-7. All speakers have been upgraded with the Crites Titanium Tweeters. The KLF-30s have FOUR brand new Ciare 12” woofers. The cabinets were reinforced during the upgrades even though there were no issues. It was recommended on the forum so I did it. The speaker grills are in excellent to like new and I'm including a brand new in box KLF-30 speaker grill. Used primarily for music and some movies in a smoke free and pet free home environment. The only upgrade remaining is for YOU to upgrade your sound with these fantastic Legends! The Ciare HW321 are an excellent 12” woofer upgrade for the Deep Natural Sounding Bass & Clean Midrange. Here’s the specs from their website: Wide Frequency Range From 25Hz-2.5kHz, High 5.25mm Xmax, 150 Watts AES, 300 Watts Program, Strong Motor Strength - BL Factor of 13.17 T-M. There is one small wood ding on the left side of one of the KLF 30s that blends in with the finish but it is there: see pictures. The dark area on top of one of the KLF 30s is natural wood grain. I can email more pictures and a phone video of each speaker working if requested. My $1750 cash price is based on the excellent condition of all 3 speakers plus all of the listed upgrades that have been completed within the past 6 - 9 months. PayPal if buying remotely. The speaker set will be sold as-is with no warranty. This gorgeous set of speakers are ready for your enjoyment and you can audition them if you come to sunny Scottsdale. You will need a Van or SUV to transport them home. If you want to ship them, I will bring them to a packaging/shipping company of your choice in Scottsdale/Phoenix after I receive full payment and will text/email you pictures at the shipping source. You would be responsible for the packaging/pallet, insurance, and shipping to your destination. You may use zip code 85255 in Scottsdale, Arizona as a shipping-from reference. KLF-30 is: ‎46 1/2’’ x 14’’ x 17 1/4'', Weight: ‎92 Pounds Each. The C-7 is: 27” x 9.4” by 11” and weighs 39 pounds. Let me know if you have any questions. There are size upload limitations so I'll need to email additional photos to you if you're an interested buyer. Enjoy the sound, MrPercussion
  2. Hello Forum Members: I have 4 Klipsch K-31-K 12" Woofers for sale. I measured each woofer and the ohm readings for each ranged from 7.0 ohms to 11.9 ohms. They were removed from my Mahogany pair of KLF-30s and the woofers have no issues cosmetically or sound-wise. I did the upgrade to the Ciare 321s. Selling by the pair: $100 per pair plus FedEx shipping cost from 85262 with payment via PayPal or cash locally. Local pickup in Scottsdale, AZ ok. A pair fit into a 14x14x14 box and it weighs 28 pounds. I also did the Crites complete crossover upgrades and have the complete stock crossovers for sale: $50 for the pair of crossovers.
  3. @opusk2k9 Thanks for the CL link. Do you know if the seller is a forum member or was this a random find? PS: I have the Mahogany KLF-30s and C-7. They're awesome!
  4. @Youthman Thanks for the RS-62 feedback. I'll keep an open mind if I find some.
  5. @wvu80 I've played drums for several bands based in the Northwest; I'm in Arizona now and I primarily play my Roland V-Drums now for fun.
  6. Thanks Youthman. I like your videos: have you tried the SVS Ultra Surrounds? I see in your setup above you don't list the SVS Ultra Towers: are you no longer using them? MrPercussion 😀
  7. Hello: I'm asking here to see if anyone has 2 or 4 of these speakers in mint/excellent condition for sale. If yes, let me know and how much you're asking. Thanks!
  8. Hello: here’s a couple pictures of the mahogany KLF-30s. The wood grain looks awesome with daylight.
  9. I've decided to keep the KLFs and C-7. I was going to replace with the SVS Ultras but had no real good reason to do so besides the SVS Memorial Day sale. I'm going to do the Crites Crossover upgrade kit (vs. whole board from Crites.) If you've done this soldering job, any feedback from your experience would be appreciated. If I should remove this post and ask the Crossover upgrade elsewhere on this forum, let me know. Thanks: I'm new and like the ability to ask questions to those who know about these amazing speakers.
  10. Hello: thanks for the note. I added clarification regarding the Crites tweeters and crossovers. Thanks
  11. Hello, I'm located in Scottsdale, AZ and have a pair of Klipsch Mahogany KLF-30s and a Mahogany C-7 in excellent condition for sale. I also have the Crites titanium tweeter upgrades for all 3 installed AND have the components from Crites for all 3 crossovers but upgrade parts are not installed. Also includes a new in box KLF-30 speaker grill. Selling everything for $900. No issues and a fantastic sound for music and movies. They look awesome as well! I will post pictures soon. Local pickup is preferred. Thank you
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