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  1. They are compatible sound-wise. Although if you are a stickler for aesthetics, you would probably want to find a 260f or 280f
  2. I think he is living with it just fine. It was after all a flex-post
  3. I agree, but according to OP, the sofa furthest away is almost right up against the wall. Since he got the system for his family, which apparently is big, he cant get rid of that couch
  4. So in your and OPs case, you´d forgo calling them side or rear, and just call them surrounds? I guess if it works with the room and the experience then it really doesnt matter. It just pissed me off how he insisted that whats depicted in the picture was a good side surr position.
  5. Ye i know, however the OP did write in the title of the post that the system was a 5.1.4 so those in-ceilings are probably the x.x.4
  6. hahaha thanks!! just had to check
  7. haha yes, i meant "rear" but couldnt find the word in my head at the time and the closest i got was "back" lol
  8. Hi Had a little back-forth on reddit about this picture and the other guy insists that the speakers at the back are in the right position to act as side surrounds. I just want this forums opinion... Those speakers at the back are in the position of rear surrounds right? EDIT: rear (back)
  9. HT speakers: R: entry level RP: Mid level RF/RC: Top level
  10. Yes. As long as all the hardware is still functional, there shouldnt be any reason why it wouldnt work.
  11. Not too sure, but the apps your tv has can probably be found on the xbox. For instance, netflix can be used through xbox
  12. Alright. In my opinion, upgrading speakers is not a prospect for you right now. What you NEED to do is to get your speaker placements in order. Your center is fine, but you have placed your L/R fronts in what would be your surround speaker placement. To this, I simply say no. Your fronts are supposed to be placed to the sides of your center in a parallel line making up your front stage, otherwise known as your LCR. I can however, to a degree, understand the decisions you have done with your HT setup in this room, but to be honest, it doesnt seem like this room is well suited for anything HT. It seems like the room size is good, but never have I seen a room with 4 entrances. Were I you, Id start re-arranging/re-moddeling the entire room.
  13. Have you placed your L/R fronts 90degrees to the sides of your seating area?
  14. Hi 1) If you play michael jackson in zone2/frontB, that music cannot be emitted from any other speakers than the ones assigned to zone2/frontB. I think the idea with zone2/frontB is that you can play sound from two different sources simultaneously, and on the same system, just different speakers in that same system. So for example, i can have michael jackson playing from your fronts and beethoven from the rears at the same time. When in "zone 2 mode", you go from having 7.x to having 5.x + 2.0. So what would be your rear surrounds become your front b speakers. 2) Since zone2/frontB will limit you to stereo, there wont be a need for a room correction software. Because of that, i dont think you can set audyssey for zone1 and zone2, but i might be wrong. Dont really know. just assuming
  15. Hi 1. Id still go for only one set of speakers for surround L&R. If youre concerned the surround speaker placement wont work for both rows, dont be. I mean, i havent exactly done the math, but side surround placement can be offset by a small angle infront or behind the listener. Place the side surrounds smack inbetween the two rows and im mostly sure youll be golden. If you really want a second set, id suggest having them set up as front wides. Im not too sure if there would be space for front wides in a 20x20 room but im gonna leave that up for you to decide. Wether or not having two sets of speakers for side surrounds would compete or complement each other, im not sure, never tried it myself. 2. In my opinion, no. The 8000s are either dipole/bipole speakers and if i remember correctly, these are supposed to be positioned directly to the side of the listener when used as side surrounds. Because of this, and the fact that you have two rows, you wont be able to accommodate both rows sufficiently. 3. If the direction of the 5002S tweeter can be adjusted, id go for them. If not, then my initial thought would be that either would work as long as your positioning on the roof is perfect. The surrounds would not be wasted in a setup consisting of 4 atmos speakers. The surrounds are ear level speakers and the surrounds are overhead speakers. 4. I dont know if the THX ceiling speakers perform better than for example a RP ceiling speaker, but i would guess they do even though sound is subjective. However, I would recommend having THX speakers for in-ceiling if the rest of your setup also consist of THX speakers. That way, it all looks good aesthetically speaking and you eliminate any chance of different tweeters emitting different sounding audio.bv 5. Yup, pretty much. Dont get caught up in power ratings for speakers, amps and receivers. Most of it is nominal and or false. Just know that any choice you make is safe. REALLY hard to go wrong tbh. 6. Your choice! Either works. If any of the sentences above dont make sense, than please tell me so i can try to rephrase. I wrote this in one go and in the end im not even sure what i wrote... lol
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