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  1. Denon products generally isn't the "go-to brand" for music listening. Thats kinda where Marantz trumps Denon. Amongst the popular AVR brands, I usually gravitate towards Onkyo. From my experience, Onkyo amps sounds much more "warm" than Marantz and Denon. I can't however promise anything about which you might like the most. Best thing would just be o test for yourself.
  2. Hi Marantz and Klipsch go well together. For your needs however, I think an sr50xx or one of the slim marantz avrs would do just fine. Anything better might be overkill. Since you're running cornwalls, im guessing you want to continue with the heritage-theme throughout your HT. Im personally not well versed on the heritage speakers, so another one here will have to help you with the speakers. As for the sub, you could always go with Klipsch. However, might I also encourage you to look at SVS, Rythmik and XTZ to name a few. Good luck on your search!
  3. No reason to be depressed my man! Personally, one of my happier moments is when i'm online looking for new and exciting A/V gear. Were I you, I'd go for the SR7012. Seeing as you only run stereo, the SR8012 seems a bit much in my mind for your needs and what little it can bring that trumps(hehe) the SR7012. Both Marantz and Emotiva are brands that are known to work well with klipsch speakers. Because you've just lost your sr7009, I guess it would be quite infuriating buying an Emotiva and get "buyers remorse" because you didn't like the Emotiva amps after all... So sticking with a Marantz AVR for now would be overall the best. However, do not buy those glorified pieces of bs Marantz calls power amps! Compared to any Emotiva, the Marantz power amps are scrapyard junk.
  4. La scalas as your LCR and your surrounds... You must have great space! La scalas and cornwalls as surrounds seems in my mind a bit much. Personally, I don't think surrounds need to be big speakers, but if you have the space and the money, more power to you! It will for sure be a great setup. Not well versed on JTR subs, but from reading @K5SS answer, I guess they must be good.
  5. Hi Keyurb! If your KLF-10 still work and sound like they should, and you like the sound, I'd keep them and try to expand on those speakers. For example, I'd get the matching KLF-C7 center speaker. Sadly, the KLF-series did not have their own surround speakers, but from the link below (page 5), you can see different setups including the surrounds from the KSP and the KSF series. https://www.manualslib.com/manual/287702/Klipsch-Legend-Series-Klf-10.html#manual . On the other hand, should you want to get a whole new system, I'd go for either the reference(R) series or the reference premiere(RP).
  6. So sorry! Im not that well versed in older Klipsch products. Chorus have been added to the poll as well as Monolith under Subwoofers. Yes, I realized later on that some people actually have more than one system in their home...
  7. Very sorry for that! I've just added the option to the poll should you wan't to submit a new answer.
  8. Hi Im sorry no one have answered your questions here yet. I personally don't really have any constructive answers for you. I don't really have any experience with dipoles, but can verify that monopoles throughout a system works quite well. However if dipoles is better than monopoles as surrounds, I wouldn't know. Don't really know if there is any advantage with a center that has 4 woofers as opposed to the 2 woofer kinds... I myself have only owned the 4 woofer kinds and if i'm not mistaken, I think I read somewhere that Klipsch's 4-woofer-centers are designed in a fashion that lets the two inner most woofers handle certain frequencies and the two outermost woofers doing the rest. Here are some people on this forum that have been very nice and helpful for me in the past. Hopefully they see this and can help you more along the way than me. @wuzzzer @avguytx @billybob @willland @wvu80
  9. Yep, 80hz is the THX standard and have become the "go to" hz for speakers, but it isn't always correct. No room correction software is perfect. Fronts, center and surrounds (side and back) are conventionally set to anywhere from 60-80hz. Do the same hz for all ear-level speakers. Height channels are usually set to anywhere from 80hz to 110hz. If Audyssey set heights to 80hz, then thats just fine. Sub needs to be set to 120hz. All that about "manual speaker level test tone" and "channel level adjust" is purely subjective. However, it is usual to up the center db lvl after doing room correction. I myself added 2.5db to fronts and 7db with center. That might work for you, but can't guarantee anything. At this point, you'll just have to experiment.
  10. Yes, but I want to include everyone. It was a neglect on my part. I'm fairly new at HT and honestly didn't know there were setup configs other than 2, 3, 5, 7, 9, 11 and so on.
  11. Im sorry. 6.1 has now been added if you want to share it. Hmm... I think it might just be anonymous for me haha. I don't get any names when clicking on the votes on the right and the option to display voters name is not enabled.
  12. Wow! Very nice! I see you've upgraded since last time I saw your setup. I remember you posted a picture on one of my previous posts about speaker stands where you had those 600s as fronts on stands. How are those floorstanders treating you?
  13. Thanks @wvu80! To be honest, there is no special purpose of this poll. I just found out we could post polls here and wanted to try it out. But I've always wanted to know what sort of setup my fellow HT-buffs are rocking. However, I was a bit bummed out the limit of questions was 5. Had some other questions which could make the whole poll much more extensive.
  14. Multiple choice is enabled for every question seeing as some have more than one HT setup. All answers are anonymous for me, but apparently not for you who participate. Sadly there is nothing I can do about that. If you for any reason wan't to keep your anonymity, PLEASE DO NOT participate.
  15. Personally I like the looks of the old rp-line much better than the new one... but don't exactly think "cheap" when I look at them... Would you be able to post a picture of them maybe? Also, if you intend to use them as height channels, might I suggest in-ceiling speakers instead.
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