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  1. HenrikTJ

    Decoupling/Isolation of RP-line speakers

    What size screw does those come in??
  2. HenrikTJ

    Decoupling/Isolation of RP-line speakers

    Its just a normal parquet floor with different shades of brown pieces of wood attached together. Yes, in addition to spikes and those little circles, I also had isolation bases in mind. But if simple furniture sliders have the same effect, then that would certainly be a much cheaper solution. Thanks. woops, meant to quote you on this one glens haha
  3. Hi Do I need to decouple/isolate the 2015 RP-line speakers seeing as though they already have a base attached to the bottom of the speaker? (My floor is parquet)
  4. HenrikTJ

    Klipsch RP-260F semi-harsh

    Hi Cpt You've got to remember that even though its rated to 85W, you're probably not even getting half that... Its all about true wattage or the RMS. Sadly, no spec sheet will give us this information.
  5. HenrikTJ

    Music through more than 2 channels

    Haha ill keep it in mind, thanks for the help!
  6. HenrikTJ

    Music through more than 2 channels

    Yes, ill keep that in mind, but to be honest, it would be nice to just have a receiver with hdmi capabilities. I've only been using my system for music because thats how I came in to this hifi-world, but ive recently started to branch out to the home theater scene... Guess I have some re-evaluation to do
  7. HenrikTJ

    Music through more than 2 channels

    I'll admit, my receiver is as old as I am (21), so maybe time to up my receiver game
  8. Hi I've searched far and wide for an answer to this, but haven't had any luck yet... Is there a receiver on the market which lets me play music through more than only two channels? I don't want to play it in surround, because music through surround mode gives zero sound. I want the sound that normally comes through the two front channels to come through my entire 5.1 setup. In regards to this, im not interested in downloading software that enables music services such as spotify to play with 5.1 or adding amps to my system. Im asking if there is a "all-in-one" solution, such as a receiver, that lets me play music through more than two channels?
  9. Hi I opened a ticket at the Klipsch Support page over a week ago (24/01-19). I still haven't gotten any answer. Does it normally take this long or should I do something about it?
  10. HenrikTJ

    Mounting bookshelf speakers

    Hi! thanks for the tips. Did a little searching around and found the dayton stands here in Norway. Worst case scenario, there's always amazon and ebay haha
  11. HenrikTJ

    Mounting bookshelf speakers

    Thank you very much for the info! Im thinking I should get a stand that would make my 160Ms approximately as tall as my 280Fs.. Would that be reasonable in your opinion or doesn't it really matter?
  12. HenrikTJ

    Mounting bookshelf speakers

    Hi! I have recently bought the RP-160M for my back-speaker placement, and I'm in the market for a way to mount them. I have landed on the conclusion that I need one of those things depicted down there (Dont even know what to call them). If anyone know what those type of things are called, please comment below. I've been trying to find one that has a big enough top-plate as the feet-plate of the RP-160M (8.81"x12.86" or 22.4cm x 32.7cm). Sadly there hasn't been any luck. Have you any experience on this particular product and do you have a suggestion for which ones I could buy?
  13. Hi. Is there any difference between banana plugs, spade plugs, bare stranded wire or bare solid wire when it comes to getting the best quality sound out of your speakers? Which one would you say that you prefer?
  14. Before reading question: TL= Top left, BL= Bottom left TR= Top right, BR= Bottom right Hi. This might be a dumb question, but sometimes curiosity gets the better of a newbie. First i'd like to emphasize that i'm not talking about bi-wiring or bi-amping. Does it make a difference if you connect the wire to TL&TR as opposed to BL&BR? What would happen if one were to connect the wire to TL&BR or TR&BL?
  15. HenrikTJ

    Wire gauge for RP line