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  1. Hi there! I'll be answering your Q1-6 and after there will be a paragraph or five you might benefit from. 1. Definitely dual r100sw. The r120sw will for sure give more kick, but what you really want is to weed out all the dead-spots in your room. 2. I'd say kinda. With the size of your room and the fact that reference is the limit, I'd go as big as reference can get. Believe me when I say you want that extra woofer. But of course, you wouldn't know what you're missing out on, so in actual fact, it won't make that much of a difference. But I wouldn't want you to get the feeling that whichever speaker you do choose starts to feel weak, so I'd go as big as I could if I were you. 3. All the speakers you have chosen are the newest editions within their categories apart from the r-14s. That one is a side surround speaker from the previous reference line which came out in 2014. Just fyi, had a look at the components of your listed speakers and the r-14s and you wouldn't have any timbre mismatching. Tried to search for the r-41m and the r-41SA myself and only got the one listing, so I don't know what to say about that one 4. As said in Q3, the r-14s is a side surround speaker from the previous reference line back in 2014. But, since the components from these two lines of reference speakers more or less match, timbre mismatch shouldn't be a problem. The current reference line don't have a dipole/bipole surround speaker. The only side surrounds for the current reference line would be the bookshelf speakers. 5. If you're asking about wether or not the r-41SA is part of the current reference line, than yes, it is part of the current reference line of speakers. I won't presume to know what you've read but what you might have read about is the new tech feature in atmos speakers that elevate their ability to bounce sound off surfaces. This feature is a load of bs. At the end of the day, a speaker is a speaker. It has tweeter(s) and it has woofer(s). 6. I tried to search around and couldn't really find the different designs. Can only find the first one you described. Sorry! First off, nice of you to try to educate yourself a bit before buying! Lord knows not many do and end up regretting it all afterwards. And on that note, are you certain klipsch is the one for you? If at all possible, try to see if any of your local retailers could give you a demo of the speakers you want. They won't sound the same in the store as they will in your own house, but at least you'll have an angle. I get the feeling it has been a bit difficult finding out which speakers belong and match with each other, which is understandable seeing as klispch's web page setup can be a bit wonky, especially in regards of older models. Just so you know, if you search and click on one speaker on klipsch.com, scroll down and click on the speaker manual under "downloads", you will find a chart of every speaker in the same line as the one you are currently viewing. One thing you have to realize is that the technology of a speaker hasn't changed in about 20yrs. So "old" or "new" has very little to say. You could for example mix the 2014 reference line and the current one and have no problems with timbre. Just have a look at what kind of tweeter and woofer a speaker has and hopefully it matches the rest of your system. But if you are like me, the esthetics do matter, and when I land on a speaker line, I won't budge from it. You say that the RP line is for the time being out of reach, and that is okay. I myself think the new RP line is waaaaay overpriced. But as with the reference line, the RP line also have an older edition. I have speakers from that line and am pretty happy with them. Since they are an older edition, they will be cheaper, but will perform better than any speakers from the reference line, old or new. On my page on this forum you'll se a summary of my own system. Good luck with your system!
  2. Hi Udson Not quite sure if this is what you're looking for, but have a look at Omnimount 15.0C ceiling mounts.
  3. Initially I would say no. I feel you would be getting some major timbre matching problems if you bought a rp250s. Hopefully, klipsch will do you a solid and repair the one you have. Don't worry about waiting for a reply on that request. Did so once myself and they took about a week to reply. I do know that there is this one guy on this forum everyone refers to for buying klipsch speakers, but I just can't seem to remember the name... sorry! In any case, you could have a look at the garage sale tab and see if you find one there.
  4. HI Johannes For in-ceiling speakers, the best matching ones would be the PRO-160RPC or the PRO-180RPC. For in-wall speakers, the PRO-160RPW or the PRO-180RPW. Im not a 100% on this, but I think they come with white covers. You can always paint them over though!
  5. Well your statement there isn't quite true, is it? YOU posted a picture containing a poster supporting one of the most hated men in politics this past decade. That is YOUR political tone right there. I'm actually not bringing up politics. YOU did that all by yourself with that picture. I'm simply advising you not to have a political tone on this forum in the future. I know what your intent with this post was. Thats why I tried to answer your post objectively first before trying to advise you in a friendly manner on what one might not want to do, if getting the best possible help is still a focus. What hangs on your wall will quite possibly stir some very deep and negative feelings towards that poster, this post and finally upon you. If getting the best help is still a focus for you, that picture or the poster it contains should not have been included. Political statements divide people, and will probably encourage those who have the answers you might need to not give it to you just based upon the fact that your political standpoint differs from theirs. From being in and out on this forum for a short while, you start to pick up on who answers the most posts around here. Safe to say none of them have answered you, and I might just know why...
  6. Hi If ceiling mounting is required, I would recommend you have a look at klipsch's in-ceiling speakers. Mounting them would make the job a whole lot easier. PS: Just a friendly reminder for the future. Everybody is entitled to their own political standpoint and I respect you for yours, but there are of course some that don't respect it, especially when it comes to that particular poster on your wall, whom it supports, and what this individual is responsible for right now in Iran. This might make people not want to reply and help you in your HT endeavours. So for your future posts in this forum, I recommend refraining from such online displays of ones opinion.
  7. not the most important thing, but just for appearances sakes, i'd go for the rp-280fa... basically the same as the 8060fa, but will match your center and surrounds exactly.
  8. The sr6014 or sr7014 would be the better performing ones when it comes to music. But if you find an sr6009 - sr6013 or sr7009 - sr6013, they would do just as great as the first two i mentioned. In my opinion, marantz can be a bit stingy with their upgrades, so the models from the previous years aren't all that different.
  9. Hi! If you prefer Yamaha, the a1080/a2080 should be fine. Denon is one of the better ones for movies, but for both movies and music, I myself would go for Marantz. On the topic of atmos speakers, I don't know if any of klipsch's atmos speakers match the KG series. Someone else will have to cover that one. Happy upgrading!
  10. Your problem with the highs probably stems from the brands in your setup. Klipsch speakers are generally considered to have harsh highs and emotiva power amps are also considered to deliver harsher highs.
  11. Well, there is music out there that is being produced in surround sound. For such medias, id definitely listen in 5.1, 7.1 or however many channels its made for. However, if you're talking about the majority of music, nothing beats a proper 2 channel setup on pure direct mode. I have tried to listen in all channel stereo mode and I remember thinking that the music was really weak even when turned up and lacked the basic feeling of conventional stereo.
  12. Hi Daman Not quite sure of what your problem is, but i'll try to cover all/most of the basis right now. If you want to be able to turn on your sub without physically leaning over behind your sub to switch it on, you'll have to have a sub that has its own controller, a corresponding app/software that lets you turn it on from your phone/pc, or have a sub that doesn't necessarily need to be set to "on" every time it needs to be used, but rather set to "auto" which means the sub activates when detecting a signal from the avr. It should be said that the leaving the "on" and "auto" setting on all the time is not advised as it is known to make subs emit a buzzing noice when active but not playing anything. If none of these features correlate to your sub, you will have to turn the sub on and off for every time you want to use it. If what is written above did not help you, then what is written below might be your answer. There are certain things I'd recommend you check before maybe having to use money to fix your problem. Underneath you'll see a list that you can check off in its respective order. 1. Is your sub getting power? Most subs and all klipsch subs have an indicator-lamp on the front of it and will be green when getting power. 2. There is usually a gain-knob and a frequency-knob on the back of the sub. Neither of these should be set to zero. 3. (Have your sub on and a cable plugged into it) The other end of the cable which should be plugged into the avr, hold it in your hand and try to lightly tap the end of the cable with your thumb. (If you hear any buzzing noice emitting from the sub, than thats a good thing. Means that the internal amp works and all the wires within the cabinet are connected as they should) 4. Check your avr settings and see if subwoofer is turned off. 5. Try to play something (If it still doesn't play, its either the cable connecting sub and avr, or its the avr itself...) Good luck! and don't hesitate to ask for more!
  13. Vented tweeter, no base plate, smaller cabinet, some cosmetic differences here and there. Thats basically it i think.
  14. Well... Before ordering a new tweeter from your country's klipsch part supplier, try to take out the tweeter and see if the problem might just be the wires.
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