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  1. I feel like this isnt clear in this thread so i just have to clarify... Atmos speakers are either in-ceiling or on top of other speakers firing up to the ceiling and bouncing of it down to your ears from above. Because of the type of ceiling you have, the atmos-bouncing-speakers isnt an option sadly. You say you want to use rp600m as atmos speakers. That would mean mounting them on the ceiling angled down. Its not impossible, but just not recommended. The rp600m dont have a dedicated mounting-slot on the back like you see on the rp500m. Even with that mounting-slot, it wouldn't be enough to mount on ceiling. I'd rather construct enclosures on the sides of the cathedral ceiling and mount in-ceiling speakers onto those enclosures
  2. When matching up fronts and centers, I've found that I get the best match when the amount of woofers on the fronts equal the amount on the center
  3. Sorry, couldn't find anyone that have measured the rf7III... Although i think its safe to say that the the rf7III is better than the rp8000f. I gotta say, I hope you're not thinking of mounting the 600Ms on the ceiling....
  4. Well... that really depends on the movie you're watching. But when you have a movie that utilizes the height channels, you will notice the difference. If you're asking if its worth getting, I would say it is.
  5. The up-firing speakers aren't a gimmick. They do in some cases work, but not at all times. It depends on your room and reflection points. For TRUE atmos experience, get in-ceiling speakers
  6. Hi there Your sub is a 150W/300W sub. The 240W on the back panel is just the subs power consumption, not the amplifiers output.
  7. Anyone else wishing that Klipsch made something like this for their bookshelf speakers?
  8. When you listen to music, do you activate pure direct?
  9. Hi Leo! Im no expert here aswell, and I don't really know if speaker quality have had any big revolutions these past 20yrs. But your speakers are quite old and so are your subs. If one of the subs are starting to make crackling-noise, its probably the foam membrane thats had a crack. Check under the sub and see for yourself, i might be wrong. But thats an easy fix. Other than that, it would seem that your sf2 is working fine apart from your want of more "umpf" from the woofers. That is easily adjustable with the bass-knob on your receiver/amp. Make sure tone defeat is turned off when using treble, bass, loudness - knobs. I myself see no apparent reason to do anything with the system you already got, unless of course you feel a need to upgrade, which is fine of course. I'd recommend going to hifi stores and try to see if you could test other klipsch speaker that you might have your eyes on.
  10. @avguytx @wuzzzer @billybob @willland Thank you all for the sound advice!
  11. I thought I would run the risk of overpowering with a receiver with less ohm than my speakers. Or am I misinformed?
  12. Hi people! I'm in need of a receiver and have landed on either an Onkyo tx-nr686 or the tx-rz830. I've seen the spec sheets and seen that they do a certain amount of watts for ohm rating from 4 to 6 to 8. On the other hand, i've seen a couple of setup menu videos where its only possible to set speaker impedance to either 4 or 6 ohm. Seeing as my klipsch speakers are rated to 8 ohm, would I have a problem with these Onkyo receivers?
  13. Hi I've gotten a great offer for a pair of P-39Fs. The only problem is that Klipsch differentiates between a left and a right speaker in their product list. The seller says his pair consists of two left speakers. From what I could see visually and spec-wise, there is no apparent difference, apart from the woofer tubes being both on the left side of the speakers. Does it make a difference that the speakers are both left speakers?
  14. What size screw does those come in??
  15. Its just a normal parquet floor with different shades of brown pieces of wood attached together. Yes, in addition to spikes and those little circles, I also had isolation bases in mind. But if simple furniture sliders have the same effect, then that would certainly be a much cheaper solution. Thanks. woops, meant to quote you on this one glens haha
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