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  1. By reading this comment section, I guess the country in question is a big factor. In my country, the old RP line speakers usually get discounted by 40-50% for both individual speakers and surround sound or stereo+sub setups. The new RP line speakers usually get discounted by 30%. In the country where you live, is there a website that tracks every product from every store in your country and their prices from launch? There are two such sites in my country and it makes finding out when a certain product will get a discount and by how much.
  2. The desk was set like that at first. Right up against the back of the sofa and facing the LCR. However, it turned out having the desk against the back wall made the whole room and setup look way more clean and open with regards to cable management and open space between the desk and back of the sofa. In addition, it looked much nicer having no extension cord running from the back wall and towards the sofa. I never use the HT system whilst on my pc anyways, so facing the canvas was never much of a priority.
  3. oh! Ill look into this. Didnt know this existed. Thank you!
  4. Aha i see now, thank you very much!
  5. Hi I have both my HT and my gaming setup/home office in the same room. The desk for my pc is placed between my rear surround channel speakers as depicted below. These speakers have two pairs of speaker terminals, so basically can be bi-amped. Is it okay to use the second pair of terminals and hook them up to a separate sound system meant for my gaming setup? If not, then why? It goes without saying that both the HT and PC wont be used simultaneously, but I remember posing this question a long time ago on another forum, and the answer I got was "No, this is not okay", yet no one could explain why...
  6. From my own experience, no. I have both rp-440c and rp-250c and the difference was so minimal, id rather say which one you choose to go for should depend more on how much space you have.
  7. Went through something similar with a tx-nr686 I had about 2yrs back. Long story short, did the AccuEQ room calibration which made my speakers sound distorted as hell with horrible scraping. Did my own testing and disabling the AccuEQ didnt make any difference for the sound after running the room correction software. Luckily, my father had an old receiver lying around. Tested it with my speakers and it sounded normal again as if no damage was done. If your speakers sound distorted after testing, try to hook them up to another receiver. Maybe you have a friend that can lend you one or maybe get a really cheap used one. Test with that receiver and see if the distortion persists.
  8. Since you are basically switching sources when switching between bluetooth and hdmi, you should probably have a look at the db levels when on hdmi
  9. Well in that case, i dont see any problem in your plan here. If youre confident, then by all means, but personally id hold off until someone could actually confirm that this will work fine.
  10. Yes, there are devices which hooks up to both AVR and speaker and acts like a transmitter. Sound quality is something greatly affected by doing this, and is therefore not recommended. Then again, its been a long time since ive looked into these devices. There might have been developments which could have contributed to sound quality. In short, yes its possible, but not recommended. A bit unsure about your sub though. Cant remember having seen a transmitter with that type of connector.
  11. First off, great room you got here, love it! Just need to know if im understanding this correctly... Are you proposing to instead of having 1x center channel speaker as depicted in the picture, you get 2x new floorstanding speakers, lay them down horizontaly and hook them both up to the single center channel port on your AVR? I know of many who use floorstanders as center channels instead of the speakers manufactured as center channels. Cant say i know anyone who has what I assume youre suggesting. Initially, i d be concerned about the output capability of one speaker port having to service two speakers. Dont know any of the facts or math pertaining to what i assume youre suggesting here, its merely a concern i think would be worth while digging into before pulling the trigger on two new floorstanders.
  12. Yes, its true that there is more sound meant for the side surrounds as opposed to the rear surrounds mixed into the soundtrack of most or any given movie. This, however, doesnt help the listening experience. There is a correct placement for every speaker in a system, and these placements are by no means set in stone and can therefore be offset by a certain amount of degrees here and there. What you cannot do, is place a speaker in a rear surround placement whilst have them hooked up to an AVR or prepro as side surrounds. Im sorry, but what you proposed in your reply is simply wrong and ill advised. Should your room not have the width for side surrounds, but have the length for rear surrounds. Your only options would be to a) abandon any thoughts of surround speakers, b) at least get some rear surrounds, or c) get those creative juices flowing
  13. It really doesnt matter what is recommended if the speakers are placed incorrectly. Should powerplay choose to keep the speaker placement as depicted in the pictures, having them configured as rear surround would make much more sense even though side surrounds is what you need in order to upgrade from 3.0 to 5.0. Speaker placement is key not only for a good experience, but more importantly for a correct experience.
  14. All i know is i couldnt live with that. Return and full refund would be my only option
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