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  1. Hi there. I followed this thread for a while and there was not much info or choices here or in other similar threads. I’m in Canada and took the chance with Rockville RHSB4 brackets. I was hesitant since buying via Amazon was very expensive, but ordering directly from there was a risk as there were some bad reviews. I ordered directly and I’m so glad I got these ones, they shipped fast and the product is solid. They allow 3 options to install: using the thread, the pinhole, or screwing a support piece in your speaker. Ended up with the pinhole because is at the top ans one speaker was installed in an area where the wall is just a bulkhead, but I find it worked better in my case. I had 2 sets of speakers to install: RP 400m and RP 402s. They worked in my case also because I liked the old school look and I’m using banana plugs, so I needed space between the wall and the speaker. I’ll try to post some pics
  2. Actually, I forgot to ask. Sound-wise, would it be better a Reference Premier 3.1 or maybe 5.1 system as opposed to the full 7.2.2 Reference? I’m asking because I might get similar discount on that line too.
  3. Thanks for the response. So, regarding your comments: 1- I’ll go with dual 100SW then; 2- I’ll go with the 820 towers too; 3- some show two different numbers: R-41M #1066233 (Labelled All-New) R-41M #1065838 Anyhow, I’ll order and see what I get; 4- ok. I even found 2 different pictures for the R-14S (screen is detachable in one). So, I’ll order and see which model I get. As you said, they are part of the reference line, so similar timbre. 5- and 6- ok, I’ll get the R-41SA to place on top of the towers. My only doubt then is switching the surround backs from R-41M to R-51M Thanks for the info about the manual. So it seems all are in the family, even the older R-14S. But that shape will go well where I need it. Btw, regarding previous RP line, I’m getting the reference at 50% off. The RP is way more than than, even for a 3.1 system. cheers
  4. Hi all, I just joined. I have not bought my speakers yet, but decided to join this forum, ask questions, and educate myself before buying. The part that I have decided already is that it will be Klipsch speakers Trying to decide which speakers is very confusing. So far, I have decided to go with Reference series (R Premiere is out of my budget). The problem is that it is not clear what references are the new ones, which ones are legacy, or even the same reference is listed twice in Klipsch's website with different part numbers. My room is a long mid size rectangle (14.5 x 30 feet). The TV goes in a short side. I got a Denon AVR-X3600H Receiver. Within the Reference family I was planning to get this: First going with a 5.1 system as follow: R-820F. A pair of these as front left and right R-120SW As Subwoofer R-52C As Center R-41 As Side surround (Connection already prewired at the top-sides of the back wall, so they will be angled to point mid high - center of the room) In 6 moths or so, switch to a 7.1.2 system as follows: Switch the pair of R-41S as Surround back in the receiver Add R-14S as Surround sides (Connection already prewired at the top-middle of the side walls, so angled to point mid high) Add R-41SA As Surround Atmos on top of the front towers. ** If I find an easy way of wiring in the already finished ceiling, maybe add a coupe of in-ceiling speakers for a 7.1.4 The main questions I have are: 1- For subwoofer, is it better 1 R-120SW or dual R-100SW? 2- I might need to switch from R-820F towers to R-620 due to space in the front with the already built-in shelfs in the TV wall. Given the rest of the setup, will this affect the sound drastically? 3- Are these references the correct ones from the current reference family? It is confusing to find R-620, R-26F, R-100SW, R-10SW, etc. And some of these references are not listed when you browse the Klipsch website speakers section. Only if you know the reference and search for it. Or, for example, R-41M are listed twice, but one says All-New. Same with the R-41SA. 4- The side surrounds that I plan to add later, the R-14S, I am not sure if those are discontinued and still on sale as to get rid of inventory. (listed as Limited). If that is the case, what is the current reference replacing it? Due to shape and size, these fit perfectly where I would need them. But if it is better to have the latest generation, I would get those. 5- Is it correct to mix the Reference series I listed here with the R-41SA Atmos? (This is the only one that says Dolby Atmos compatible, or something like that). I believe this is the proper combination but not sure since I read about how you cannot simply mix and match some of the speakers for proper Atmos setup. My guess is that the ones configured to work as Atmos should be the ones properly built for that, but just confirming. 6- The R-41SA reference is found in two designs. Sometimes the speakers are on the longest surface of the Speakers ( the part that is on an angle), sometimes in the second longest (The part that makes the log side if they were a rectangle). Is there a difference? simply year of manufacturing? what is it? Any help would be appreciated.
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