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  1. Marvel, Chris thanks for your time and advices. I learn so much reading your comments. Chris, you are an open book. Great debate. Is not nostalgia and devotion what this game is all about?? (Haha) Seriously, for me sound matters and sound is the first. I will go the Klipsch way. Great system. Those jubilees are amazing Chris.
  2. Hi Chris A. First of all thanks so much for your time and your answer. It’s really useful to me. It was not my intention to talk extensively of the virtues from other brands or devices in comparison with klipsch speakers. I don’t want to offend anyone on this forum. It’s just that I have doubts and you are very friendly and knowledge people. Maybe the reasonable will be ask this questions on another forum (I know very well audioheritage, Chris), but for me is also (or most) important hearing the opinions outside from their natural place or forum, just to hear the third opinion of people that prefer other brands. According to this, I’m also asking about klipsch sound outside from this forum. You say many interesting things on your post Chris. More price neccesarily we think that it must be better. Yes, it stupid but is marketing and our brain works this way. Low prices nowadays on high fidelity are synonimous of little interest to the general public. Does it mean that the new Jubilees are going to have a high price?? Yes, of course. Nevertheless I’m sure that it’s going to be more economical that something of the same quality of the competition. The question is, does anyone thinks that with this movement Klipsch is betraying his traditional politics of prices (normally adjusted)?? Here in Spain we have a great example of what’s going on in the hifi industry. Recently a new brand of speakers has been launched to the market. Spain (in contrast to Germay, Switzerland and other countries of Eastern Europe) has no tradition on this market. No brands, no history on high-fidelity. No industry. The speakers are having some good reviews but they are the same old. Nothing spectacular, nothing innovative. Just another brand. Even though the brand is making his debut and there is little knowledge about him on hifi world, the prices of the speakers are really high (in some cases prohibitives). I asked about JBL, Altec and some other vintage devices, because (apart from the fashion with all the vintage items) I heard many trustful audiophiles (with many loudspeakers behind her) saying that “the end of the trip is an Altec A19 or a JBL of the 70’s”. I also was impressed by the words of Greg Timbers on this review: https://positive-feedback.com/interviews/greg-timbers-jbl/ Who do you admire as a speaker designer today? I honestly don't pay much attention to loudspeaker designers any more. Every now and then I see something that looks cool or refreshing to me, but mostly everything is a rehash of what has gone before and is so covered with marketing hype that I just don't care. I am a dynamics guy and very few loudspeakers take that into consideration, in my opinion. How has the sound of speakers changed over the years? Many yearn for the speakers of the past over those of today… what has changed? Distortion, materials, focus on sound characteristics? Speakers have generally become smoother, more 3-dimensional and much smaller. This means that they are less dynamic on the whole and rather toy like compared to good stuff from the 60s and 70s. Unlike electronics, miniaturization is not a good thing with loudspeakers. There is no substitute for size and horsepower. Nothing much has changed with the laws of physics in the last 100 years so what it takes to make dynamic life-like sound is unchanged. There have been some advances in magnet materials and a bunch of progress in adhesives but not much else. The cost of a 70s system in today's economy would be considered unaffordable and the system would be deemed unnecessarily huge. The large highly efficient systems of old came at a time when 15 – 30 watts of power was the norm. Today's stuff would choke on those amplifiers. Now that power is cheap, size and efficiency has been thrown out the window because you can always apply more power. Unfortunately, more power does not make up for lack of efficiency. Today's speakers range between 0.1% to maybe 0.5% in efficiency. (On a good day) 60s and 70s stuff was more like 1% to 10%. With most of the losses gong to heat, turning up the power on a small system with small voice coils and poor heat management is definitely not equivalent to a large high efficient speaker. It is true that the response of many of the old systems was a bit ragged and generally less attention was put in the crossover networks because simplicity generally means higher through-put. However, the big Altec's, JBL's, Klipsch's and Tannoys of the day would still fair well today with a little modernization of the enclosures and crossovers. Today's multi-channel home theater setups let a bunch of small toy loudspeakers and a sub or two sound pretty big and impressive to the average Joe. I think speakers have mostly become a commodity and small size and price are what counts the most now. The few high-end brands left are struggling for market share in this age of ear buds. As you can see Klipsch makes all sense. Physic is physic or the size matters. But according to the words of Greg, 60 and 70’s stuff also make sense. What do you think?? Thanks so much for your opinions and sorry for my mistakes writing in english.
  3. Hi to everyone. Thanks so much for all the answers. I appreciated so much your interest. Lovely people in a lovely community. Garyc, I have read a lot of your comments on this and other forums. You are everywhere!!!! Hahaha!!! You have all my trust and the most important you seem to bee impartial even though you are a Klipsch-man. Marvel, thanks for your clarification. I didn´t know that I would need 4 amp channels. Hi PrestonTom, "dynamic" is always the word I heard when someone talks about Klipsch sound. Also the sensation of being in the concert with the artists. I´m really excited with the debut of the news Jubilees. In any case, it´s a must hearing them. Also the price is a nother big question.... Even though I do not exclude the old jubilees, I ´m going to wait for the news and compare... Hi Chris A. Thanks for your time answering all my questions. You are a klipsch-man also. No doubt. Thanks for your advices. Even though jubilees doesnt need a particular amplifier, I think that quality devices make sense. I prefer valve amplification. In your opinion is a must little power according to the hig sensitivity?? Any particulatr recommendation?? Thanks Islander. Yes, I heard many good impressions about the old jubilees but I´m going to wait for the new ones. Let´s hope that Roy can meet the expectations. Yes, RandyH000, that´s exactly my fears (or concerns) about the ATC SCM-150. They are a studio monitor, and that means that they could be exccesively fatiging and excessively analytical. They are active and that´s something really curious and maybe a good factor. I mean, it seems that nowadays people only want passive versions (well, the funny part of been an audiophile is mixing devices and experimenting with them). But active speakers have many virtues. Hoewewr my ears (and my heart) seem to prefer the klipsch way. Thanks so much for the contacts. i will talk with them . I didn´t know that is going to be an special edition limited to 75 units. Interesting. Hi parlophone1. Tannoy is a nother technology. They are musical but as you comment they are a little bit complicated. The room, the acoustic ... Many factors and I don´t think they could be as good or better than klipsch. I would not like to expand on thistoo long, but knowing your patience and your indulgence, I am allowing myself to ask you (you are friendly and impartial people), what do you think about going the "vintage" way - second hand way (the other possibility that I have in mind). I´m talkin about these "totems": Altec A-19 JBL 4343b Pioneer 2402 Some of the models you can buy them also modified (for example KRS4343): What´s your opinion?? I know that they are forums specific for the vintage speakers. But I want also the opinions of people from other forums with a less "partial" opinions. Are these old speakers only a fashion for the audiophiles?? Are they worthy?? best sound ever?? Better than new Klipsch models?? Thanks in advance for your time. You are wonderful.
  4. Hi. My name is Juan. I'm from Spain. Sorry for my horrible english... It´s a pleasure to be on the Klipsch community. Many months searching webs, forums, shows, videos, "expert" opinions, "commercial" opinions, sellers with "interests", sellers "without any interest"... Hi-Fi world is a long trip, a difficult trip with "shine" products and (at least) a five digit price... A jungle for rich men. A paradise for the new economies. Another "economic bubble".... If you are a person like me, with little knowledge, it´s easy to be scared... Why I finally finished here?? Because the Klipsch sound is something with no comparison. It´s curious hearing audiophiles with many years on this hobby, saying that the end of the trip are Klipsch speakers. I'm looking to set up a hi-fi system. I'm using Qobuz streaming service (no CD´s and no vinyls). Some questions. Thanks in advance for all your recommendations: 1) I´m waiting to the debut this summer of the new Jubilees. What we can expect?? Its´s seems that they are going to be something special. 2) What is this device that appears on the promotional video of the news Jubilees?? 3) How we can describe the Klipsch sound?? Warmm?? I know that the presence of the sound (the sensation of being on the live concert) is something that only Klipsch can achieve. But, that it means that Klipsch sound is analytical?? 4) Does anyone have the opportunity of hearing ATC SCM150 speakers or Tannoy Westminster Royal GR?? Do you think they are better than Klipsch (klipschorn AK6 for example)?? More musical?? 5) I want a warm and musical sound so I think I must go with valve amplification. I´m hearing many good things from Toolshed amplifiers (they appear on the promotional pictures of heritage Klipsch speakers). What would be the perfect combination no money object?? 6) What would be the reccomendation for a DAC. I like so much the Border Patrol, but I don´t know if the hi-resolution files from Qobuz may be a problem. Does anyone knows if the Border Patrol is compatible (without downsampling) with high resolution files from Qobuz?? Any other devices recommendations?? I want something warm with an "ananalogical" sound. Also it must be the quietest as possible, as Klipsch speakers are very efficients (high sensitivity) and I don´t want noises during reproductions. 7) As I said before I´m not going to use CD´s or vinyls, only Qobuz via streaming, so i also I´m interested on buying a good streamer. Any recommendation?? My intention is to use my iPad as a remote control so a device compatible with this possibility would be nice. I´m also planning to use Roon software so Roon ready is welcome. Thanks so much for all the information. Stay healthy.
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