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... This was a lifetime ago. In late 2008 after this Pilgrimage I built my workshop to house this crazy hobby, a trailer for hauling speakers, and a boat. The shop was my 50th birthday present to myself. I'm now nearly 60! 


The boat has been sold to a friend, the MCM1900 stacks are still in regular operation, and I'm in my third year of Apprentice training and 'B' list money-making for our local Stagehand's Union IATSE #30. I work the BIG shows at Banker's Life Arena, Lucas Oil Stadium, corporate gigs at our Indiana Convention Center and the like. Semi truck loads of sound and lighting, like a typical rock show will be 20-25 trailers full of gear. I have no use for the KP 600's so they're being sold on another thread over at Garage sale. Still I value all I have learned through this Klipsch forum, tinkering with the loudspeakers over the years, and my oh-so-brief tenure with the company itself here in Indianapolis. Mostly I love to relive some great times with all you crazy guys over the years. This thread really took me back, we used to have such fun listening to music together and just hanging out. What a great time that was in 2008! 

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Just seen this again after years, it does not seem like 10 years ago. 


On 7/16/2018 at 3:00 AM, colterphoto1 said:

I'm now nearly 60! 

I know but it doesn't feel any different, I seem to have blown right past 60, OK it does feel like it sometimes.


Reading this was good, lots of pictures that lets you see how it was that weekend, wish I was there. I was thinking about Mr Paint the other day wondering if he is doing ok. I know Doc is ok and almost all grown up now, I know he would hate to hear it said like that.

I got to see Seadog not long ago and got alot of time talking with him which was really nice, really good guy. I told him being around him was somewhat like being around you and he asked why. I told him you being a photographer and him loving that hobby like he does you two were similar to be around, he looked at me strangely. I told him what he did was exactly what you did, he would just hand me a camera lens and say go try this, it was just what you have done before. It's not everyday you get to try a different lens you would probably never buy for yourself, for me at least. And he is just a nice guy also.

I only got to meet Dean a few times, once at your house and at other get togethers, I know he went through alot and just lucky to be alive, I hope he is doing OK. 


You, I know your OK, well considering some crazy things happening and you were fine, like Lightning and other things just as dangerous. The lightning alone was bad enough, but it seems like most of the near death things seemed to have slowed down, I hope so, I was kind of scared to be around you for a little while.  


It was nice to look at this from 10 years ago.


Here's a picture you may not have seen in a while ? 6- 21- 10                    Think about that day and it makes most other things seem better, or safer at least. :huh:  We could have been toast back in 2010.


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