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Accomodation Requirements for House of Klipsch Crew

6 assorted large pizzas from Some Guys parlor (Indy's best), assorted toppings to include The Bomb, Hawaiian, Barbequed Chicken

6 pounds of ground sirloin, shaped into patties, with garlic, worchestershire, and chipotle sauce marinade

3 large cans Homestyle Bush's Baked Beans

One Dozen fresh ears of yellow/white corn on the cob

One German Chocolate Cake, single layer, chocolate frosting (no coconut frosting)

One pound bag regular M&M's, brown ones removed

Three gallons Gatorade, orange, in chilled cooler dispenser

The following in cans, to be kept chilled to 52 degrees farenheit:

Two 4-packs 20 oz Diet Rock Star

One case Diet Coke

One case Diet Mountain Dew

One 12-pack Mountain Dew Live Wire Orange

One 12-pack Mountain Dew Voltage Blueberry

Two cases bottled spring water (NOT drinking water from local source, must be imported from natural spring)

Four six backs miscellaneous dark bottled beer, must be imported (NOT domestic)

Four packs Marlboro cigarettes, Virginia Blend tobacco

Assorted cigars, lonsdale or corona size, mild and maduro blends.



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This year's Pilgrimage House of Klipsch Crew all received this commerative back-stage pass-

Michael, I am very proud of my commemorative back-stage pass! A nice reminder of a fun weekend. I will post a few more photos ....



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Thanks for writing David, so you're safely home now? Jay leaves at 6 am (4:30 airport call ugh), and he bought a pair of RB75's while he was here. Doc and Hurd will probably stay through tomorrow. It's been one heck of a week/end!

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Fantastic shot of Dean there!

Fini, Dtel- ya should have been here. We could have used a couple more horses around the ranch.

Keep the photos coming David, it's rare that I get the opportunity to see other's great work. You're very good at capturing action shots of people being themselves- personality shots I call them. Thanks! And great job on grille duty on Friday, I knew if I handed off the chefery to a guy from Texas that we'd be well taken care of- the gang was really needing that mid-afternoon refueling.


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Fini, Dtel- ya should have been here. We could have used a couple more horses around the ranch.

For stud service? Ooh wait...Looks like this weekend it was exclusively a dude ranch!

Michael, did you fire anything up outside?

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Heavy Horses - for lifting stuff - Fini and Dtel would have been handy to have around.

Michael, did you fire anything up outside?

a nice torpedo-shaped Bering?

Strangely, we listened through one or two KP250's or KP301's most of the day. Couldn't play too loud because of Doc's testing apparatus. We were blasting some tunes through pieces/parts of the KP600 rig as we tested each section. Doc played one of my faves - Billy Cobham with Tommy Bolin and Jan Hammer at the end of the afternoon through the entire KP600 stack, but we didn't really have enough crossovers to do that properly. Remember- that stack is 5 way!

We checked Doc's measurements and his shot at crossover points against the Klipsch literature last night. The kid was very very close to hitting it per spec. Doc is good. Really good. Then he showed me around the DBX DriveRack PA last night. We hooked up two KP201's and used one for a 'sub' and the other mid/highs. I got the graphic, parametric, comp/limiter, and Subharmonic synthesizer working successfully.

I asked Doc how I was doing on the learning curve.

He asks me 'is this your FIRST digital speaker processor?',

Yup, I answers,

Doc says I kick butt over his student buddies.

I said 'I should'.


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You guy had a lot of fun; sorry I missed it.

So what XO point did you come up with on the KP600 system between the SW dual 18 subs and the dual 15" bass horn. The literature you posted said the SW was 30-130Hz. Is this correct?

Do you have the electronic XO provided. Is this adjustable? Man I wish I could have been there.


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