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  1. Sorry for your loss, but what a wonderful inheritance. If you like music, these will thrill you.
  2. Well howdy, folks! I recently sent a friend the somewhat crudely censored photos of actress Christy Canyon posing with her horny corn, er, corner horn. Since he owns his own pair of cane and oak Klipschorns he was thrilled to see this historical image. Now, 2 computers ago, I had the original, unedited group of 4 photos in the series. Hard drive crashes and broken computers have meant that I no longer have access to these gems of the photographic arts. I think forum member m00n was the gentleman who shared them with me originally, but I'm not sure he still visits these hallowed pages. I guess what I'm trying to say is, can anyone help old man fini?
  3. I probably will give them a try. Too short for the Khorns in the current set up, but since I have pCAT monos, I could spread the amps out a bit, closer to each speaker. Right now the electronics are on a side wall.
  4. Hey dudes! I still peruse local thrift/2nd hand shops, usually finding nothing very interesting. Today, though, found something pretty cool. A relatively short (8-feet?) pair of Straight Wire Serenade II speaker cables with banana ends. It’s something I would never invest in at anything approaching retail, but at $8.50 out the door, I can give them a try.
  5. fini

    Check in

    Just thought I’d let y’all know Dec. 2 I celebrated 3 years of sobriety! Don’t miss the sauce a bit.
  6. I have a therapist who looks like Barbara Eden in her prime…
  7. I agree with the gentlemen here who recommended checking that the KG-4 components are up to snuff. Whatever you do, don’t toss them. Plenty of folks here still enjoy them!
  8. Raw Birch, for sure. Customer varnished. Very nice pair!
  9. Wow. If I only had room. And didn't have a wife.
  10. JRH, I just have to know the story on this logbook! If you've told the story already, please point me to the tale. Is this in PWK's hand?
  11. I picked up one of their high-end turntables at good ol' Goodwill. Seems to function properly, but I won't know about the sound until I spring for a cartridge in the $300-500 range.
  12. With all the hubbub over the new 75th Anniversary book (the limited edition, numbered, signed copy), I just this morning developed a big desire to own an autograph by Mr. Paul himself. Paul was still alive when I joined this forum, and am still jealous of those early members who made the first pilgrimage to Hope, to meet the man himself. Years later, on my second pilgrimage to Hope, my family were very fortunate to get to be the guest of Miss Valerie, who bestowed on me (and my wife and two daughters) a treasure of PWK mugs, wine glasses, even a track suit for my daughter! She was overflowing with Southern Charm, a very gracious host. I'm looking for anything signed by PWK: a scrap of paper, a letter, a brochure, a photo. If you have one to spare, let me know what you'd like for it. Thanks!!
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