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Michael Hurd - LF genius and master craftsman.


Michael Hurd.... regular guy like anyone else that likes to have fun once in a while... and as far as the master craftsman... I would have to say thanks... but that is not a good example of my best finish work, even on a crazy self imposed deadline.

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Subwoofer today ouside.... ask Dr.Who..... neighbor's windows were flexing... NO PWK BS Button

Here's the curves (unsmoothed halfspace outside).

Green = 19.5Hz tuning
Purple = 18Hz tuning

Output was around 110dB at 1m while distortion was under 1% (talk about awesome)



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JW, eh (that won't leave for a while). What Doc posted are ground plane curves for Hurd's Mini-Beast subwoofer. Note that the right margin is 200 Hz.

When we did the KP600 we did curves of drivers in cabinets, 1/2 space outdoors and Doc estimated crossover points from the DBX I purchased from you. Then we measured it with NO eq and no tweeters at all working.

We couldn't run the KP600 system properly because of lack of tweets and processor channels although I suppose we could have used the Rane 23. Even with the integral passive for the K60 and K78 motors, it requires 4 channels of electronic biamp per side!~

Dang, I'm typing pretty well for a guy just coming out of sedation!

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I had to laugh... Your old pic was of the indoor Klipsch collection. This last one, of the Industrial outdoor kinda stuff...

BOTH are so over the top incredible in SPL's and what you actually have..... your fans drool Michael over the possibilities. LOL

Between that gang helping move it all around and making a check list of what is needed to complete the restoration of the 600 series... It would of taken us DAYS to do it, and maybe throwing out our backs too! LOL...... Having Doc run all the curves to make sure it does what it is set up to do is a treat too!

When it is all done, your gonna have some SERIOUS gear to play with, in ANY situation! Like you and I have said before... The joy, is sharing this with others...


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