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  1. The list has not changed. I moved to California for work but the inventory has been stored at the house. June 20th the trailer with my audio gear will take the journey to the west cost. Since the cost of housing is a tad bit more expensive I won't have room for the home theater so I plan to part it out. Thanks for you help. Mark
  2. It moving to California now... Most of the drivers I left behind to minimize the weight.
  3. Last chance before they are moved to California.
  4. Thanks William... Don't laugh but this is the first time I have seen notification of the publication. I haven't worked at Klipsch for 2 years and the patent office doesn't have my current address. I especially like the last patent application and hope to use it some day! Now I just have to wait for the royalties to start coming in... LOL Stick it in your ear! Thump
  5. 650's are yours if you want them David. Please PM me.
  6. I forgot to post the pair of Mullard KT 66's in the list.
  7. Here is the inventory of tubes with prices. Shipping will the the minimal extra fee unless you specify a faster rate of service. Thanks,
  8. Here is the assortment of compression drivers.... 34-44 mm Voice Coil Dimensions for Ref III, Ref IV, THX, LaScala and Heresy Speakers. Please let me know if you are interested..... $25 each plus shipping is what I am asking. ... Thanks, Mark
  9. Here is a picture of most of the V Tubes I will be parting with prior to my move. Most are in original boxes. I need to research prices yet, but I will be more than fair.
  10. Here is a picture of most of the V Tubes I will be parting with. Most are in original boxes. I need to research prices yet, but I will be more than fair.
  11. Here is a picture of all the drivers I will be getting rid of. They are mainly 34 and 44 mm compression drivers for the Reference line. There are also a few Heritage. I will break the list out in separate threads to save confusion. ................Also, I will be heading to Florida on the 20th of July. I plan on taking the motorcycle unless someone is interested in the large speaker items.
  12. These are foam core signs. I don't plan on shipping them since they don't fold up. Just giving them away to anyone wanting to stop by. Sorry but my "To Do Before Move" list is quite large. My goal is to get down to Guitars, Guns and Ammo. Then I will be mobile.
  13. Jamo THX speakers, 10 " Sub, Blown 15" EVX, Kickersub
  14. Thanks guys for posting the other pics.... Cell Phones and Internet are not that friendly on an iPhone 3. Here is one of the posters... I have enjoyed this one... $5 local pickup only.
  15. Here is the 100W Half Stack for sale. Jensen loaded cab. $400. I am not trying to get rich. Just getting ready to move with a backpack on my back. I can't ship this due to all the damage I have suffered from other goods.
  16. Oh and it can also be hand delivered in the near future to a location on the way from Indy to Florida. The timing depends on the sale of my home.
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