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  1. The list has not changed. I moved to California for work but the inventory has been stored at the house. June 20th the trailer with my audio gear will take the journey to the west cost. Since the cost of housing is a tad bit more expensive I won't have room for the home theater so I plan to part it out. Thanks for you help. Mark
  2. It moving to California now... Most of the drivers I left behind to minimize the weight.
  3. Last chance before they are moved to California.
  4. Thanks William... Don't laugh but this is the first time I have seen notification of the publication. I haven't worked at Klipsch for 2 years and the patent office doesn't have my current address. I especially like the last patent application and hope to use it some day! Now I just have to wait for the royalties to start coming in... LOL Stick it in your ear! Thump
  5. 650's are yours if you want them David. Please PM me.
  6. I forgot to post the pair of Mullard KT 66's in the list.
  7. Here is the inventory of tubes with prices. Shipping will the the minimal extra fee unless you specify a faster rate of service. Thanks,
  8. Here is the assortment of compression drivers.... 34-44 mm Voice Coil Dimensions for Ref III, Ref IV, THX, LaScala and Heresy Speakers. Please let me know if you are interested..... $25 each plus shipping is what I am asking. ... Thanks, Mark
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