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  1. The K2s are on their way to their new home.
  2. I have two Crown K2 amps for sale in good condition and operation. These were originally owned by our own, Michael Colter, then sold to a forum member for a garage system. I have enjoyed these in my home for the last few years. Now it's time for someone else to enjoy them . . . $350 each, or $650 for the pair.
  3. KP-362.pdf Here is spec sheet on KP-362. I'm using four of them for live music in outdoor beer garden. They sound fantastic, but were not designed to give deep bass below 40ish. We use two KP-682 double 18s for the lower stuff. For your home use, you may prefer the addition of a small sub. It won't take much in a small setting.
  4. Ki-396-B = Black -W = White -R = Raw Birch
  5. Dual 15" with a 510 on top is called a KPT-904. A fabulous 2 channel or HT
  6. The KPT-884 is a fabulous sub that I used with my Jubilees per Roy's recommendation. I powered it with a Crown Xti. Deep and clean.
  7. Hi All, Looking for a single Ki-362 or Ki-215, with or without drivers. I have KP-362, but the cabinets are 1" too wide for the installation. Thanks! Bill
  8. Hi, I'm looking for a pair (maybe two pair) of KP-682 pro subwoofers or KPT-684, please. Thx!
  9. Here you go... KI-102 116448.pdf
  10. The need has been filled. Thanks to all for your PMs and assistance.
  11. Woofer is the K-48 (not K-44), same as Chorus
  12. Thanks, Emile. I pm'd JC. Looking for KSM-12 to match others,
  13. Hi All, I'm looking to buy a couple of KSM-12 stage monitors. If you have some, or know of some, please let me know. Thank you, Bill
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