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  1. bhendrix

    Home theater spk vs 2 channel spk

    Dual 15" with a 510 on top is called a KPT-904. A fabulous 2 channel or HT
  2. bhendrix

    Klipsch Profesional KPT 884 SW 18" Subwoofer

    The KPT-884 is a fabulous sub that I used with my Jubilees per Roy's recommendation. I powered it with a Crown Xti. Deep and clean.
  3. bhendrix

    WTB: Ki-362 or Ki-215

    Hi All, Looking for a single Ki-362 or Ki-215, with or without drivers. I have KP-362, but the cabinets are 1" too wide for the installation. Thanks! Bill
  4. bhendrix

    House of Klipsch

    I remember. Thanks, Michael
  5. bhendrix

    WTB: KP-682 or KPT-684

    Hi, I'm looking for a pair (maybe two pair) of KP-682 pro subwoofers or KPT-684, please. Thx!
  6. bhendrix

    KI-102 crossovers specs

    Here you go... KI-102 116448.pdf
  7. bhendrix

    WTB: KSM-12 stage monitors

    The need has been filled. Thanks to all for your PMs and assistance.
  8. bhendrix

    KP-3002 ... any good?

    Woofer is the K-48 (not K-44), same as Chorus
  9. bhendrix

    WTB: KSM-12 stage monitors

    Thanks, Emile. I pm'd JC. Looking for KSM-12 to match others,
  10. bhendrix

    WTB: KSM-12 stage monitors

    Hi All, I'm looking to buy a couple of KSM-12 stage monitors. If you have some, or know of some, please let me know. Thank you, Bill
  11. bhendrix

    KP-3002 ... any good?

    The KP-3002 is a great speaker. K-48 woofer (think Chorus) with a K-65 HF driver on the 604 horn. The K-65 is a real over-achiever. The box is constructed of OSB and covered with rat fur (carpet). Anything under $375-$400/pair, in good condition, is a good deal (imho).
  12. bhendrix

    Unknown subwoofer

    Specs can be found on page 10 http://images.klipsch.com/SWIIManual_635042116832530000.pdf
  13. Those are fantastic! That kpt-4350 would be a great center channel between all those 904s out there. Put it on its side and set a really big tv on top. ;-)
  14. bhendrix

    Nice deal on Klipsch Pro KPT-456 and MCM1900

    Update 2/2/18, 3pm: Several of you are going to be enjoying your new/additional adventures in Klipsch pro. Tim says he has at least a couple pair left. He really appreciates your support.
  15. bhendrix

    Nice deal on Klipsch Pro KPT-456 and MCM1900

    Here is 456 spec sheet KP-456.pdf