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  1. bhendrix

    House of Klipsch

    I remember. Thanks, Michael
  2. bhendrix

    WTB: KP-682 or KPT-684

    Hi, I'm looking for a pair (maybe two pair) of KP-682 pro subwoofers or KPT-684, please. Thx!
  3. bhendrix

    KI-102 crossovers specs

    Here you go... KI-102 116448.pdf
  4. bhendrix

    WTB: KSM-12 stage monitors

    The need has been filled. Thanks to all for your PMs and assistance.
  5. bhendrix

    KP-3002 ... any good?

    Woofer is the K-48 (not K-44), same as Chorus
  6. bhendrix

    WTB: KSM-12 stage monitors

    Thanks, Emile. I pm'd JC. Looking for KSM-12 to match others,
  7. bhendrix

    WTB: KSM-12 stage monitors

    Hi All, I'm looking to buy a couple of KSM-12 stage monitors. If you have some, or know of some, please let me know. Thank you, Bill
  8. bhendrix

    KP-3002 ... any good?

    The KP-3002 is a great speaker. K-48 woofer (think Chorus) with a K-65 HF driver on the 604 horn. The K-65 is a real over-achiever. The box is constructed of OSB and covered with rat fur (carpet). Anything under $375-$400/pair, in good condition, is a good deal (imho).
  9. bhendrix

    Unknown subwoofer

    Specs can be found on page 10 http://images.klipsch.com/SWIIManual_635042116832530000.pdf
  10. Those are fantastic! That kpt-4350 would be a great center channel between all those 904s out there. Put it on its side and set a really big tv on top. ;-)
  11. bhendrix

    Nice deal on Klipsch Pro KPT-456 and MCM1900

    Update 2/2/18, 3pm: Several of you are going to be enjoying your new/additional adventures in Klipsch pro. Tim says he has at least a couple pair left. He really appreciates your support.
  12. bhendrix

    Nice deal on Klipsch Pro KPT-456 and MCM1900

    Here is 456 spec sheet KP-456.pdf
  13. I've been in conversation with Tim Kresko, Audio Rescue in St. Louis. Tim has experienced some medical challenges and is offering some really good prices for Klipsch Pro to raise some cash. Tim is offering the KPT-456 for $200 each, or $400 for a pair. The KPT-456 uses the same LF as the KPT-904; two K-45 woofers. The 456 uses the venerable Klipsch 1132 HF driver on a tractrix 506 horn. The cabinets are in really nice shape. Unlike the 904 where the HF sits naked on top of the LF, the 456 HF is enclosed in a really nice cabinet the same width and depth as the LF. It looks sort of like the top-hat on a K-horn B model. These are without networks and can be bi-amped or Crites can fabricate networks. Bob has the network schematic, so you can roll your own, should you prefer. Bob M. of Ram Sound and JC speak highly of the 456. I purchased two pair, JW purchased two pair, two of my local buds are considering some for themselves. I believe Tim had 13 pair total, so there should be a few pair left for first-come. Tim also has a complete pair of MCM1900 with networks for $800. That's a deal!! He also has some MWM (2 woofers) for $100 and split MWM (1 woofer) for $50. I'm happy to answer any questions (within my knowledge set) and put those interested in touch with Tim, for those who may need his contact info. Let the shopping begin . . . . We may be able to arrange a pony express run from St Louis through KC, Wichita, Oklahoma City, to the DFW area if there is sufficient interest and a willingness to add a few bucks for gas like we did a few years ago for the pony express run from Nashville.
  14. bhendrix

    Happy Birthday Deang

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY, DEAN! That was the pilgrimage where we first heard Jubilees at the Holiday Inn. Seems like long ago......
  15. bhendrix

    Help Identifying a horn - 510 maybe

    Nice score, Todd. Those are indeed 510's. I have several of them. The B&C DE75 is a terrific driver to go with those. That will give you the 904HF combo.