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  1. @bhendrix i've been looking for that for a while, thank you @jjptkd @jwc confirming kp-362 is tuned to 50 tonight i installed the hf diaphragms i ordered from bill crites but still nothing coming out up top. the spec sheet mentions a semiconductor based protection feature, which i guess sticks out as what's different from the rest of the circuit. is that a component that's known to wear out? could i just bypass it?
  2. @carlthess40thanks for the info. i assume there is a difference between the ki- and kp-362. i've asked around and tried to figure this out for myself but haven't got an answer. the frequency range i'm really looking to get into is sub 40hz, down to the bottom. not looking for loud, just present in a quiet, intimate room. what do i need to do that?
  3. i like the look of those chorus. the question is do they weigh eighty pounds apiece.. btw these here are about identical on the outside to ki-362 but i believe the ki's are arrayable due to the adjustable orientation of the mid + high section. (other than that i haven't figured out what the difference is just yet.)
  4. @RandyH 000 thanks for replying. i gather Array and Trapezoidal are characteristics that don't help the lows then. i love how they sound otherwise. any ideas on an inexpensive secondhand box to get me where i want to be?
  5. when i set up eq as in the pic, it sounds about how i want it to at modest levels.
  6. ohhh, if i get what you're saying there (may or may not be a rolloff at 60 but) the enclosure itself is tuned to 40 so to get those lows i might just need to boost with eq.
  7. that would be great news. is there anyone who can confirm? i've seen the ki-362 specs and it is 60 Hz. i have tried many many times to locate the kp-362 data but haven't been able to, although i have noticed 55 Hz pop up several times in reference to these speakers. i just can't actually find any info that looks authoritative. i also need to replace the HF diaphragms on both boxes. would it be the same as what's in the ki-362? is there any way to get the spec sheet? greg
  8. i have kp-362 in my listening room and i need more sub-bass. i believe these roll off at 60. can i progressively boost the frequencies under rolloff with a 30 band eq? since i'm running mono anyway, could i just run one as full range and the other as sub? if not, what's the most cost effective way to fill in that hole? greg
  9. hello gents- if you want to skip the bs just go down a couple paragraphs. but right up front i must say i've been lurking a bit around here since the events i'm about to tell you about and i do believe i could get along with the lot of you in an outdoor type setting. since this is my first post i will admit that for most of my life i was under the impression klipsch made some decent bookshelf speakers. then one of the kp-362s that was, not really flown but just kind of resting up high on some 2x4s above the bathroom at the gym, vibrated its way right off there and luckily did not bonk anybody on the way down. the owners luck also became my luck, as i was permitted to take possession of the lightly dinged boxes along with a gem sound 200W amp. i know i'm not the only one that likes analog meters. for the longest time i had one 362 set up for parties in my kitchen. i grew to really like the sound and wonder if i'll like it even more when i replace the hf driver. so i recently had the opportunity to reimagine my hobby area (living room) and have put the pair to work. i've been doing my version of "tuning" (some would just call it setup) and i've come across a couple of issues that i think this board is where i'd like to find my answers. TL;DR as you can see in the picture, my current configuration is a stack in the corner of the room with the kp-362 packed side by side running LF + mid, then perched up top is a yorkville nx550p - full range active 12" with lows rolled off at 100. the problem is i can't get the really low end i'm after from the klipsch. i can get it when i turn up and send a 25Hz tone, but obviously that doesn't work for program material. i haven't been able to locate the detailed specs on these but i assume the low rolls off at 60 as with the ki-362. so like i said i can hear the speakers are capable of those supersubby tones. does anyone have advice on how to get that happening or is there no way to win this without a sub? is there a another driver i could substitute that extends lower? (fwiw this will not be running anywhere close to full volume.) i have a 30 band rane eq sitting here waiting for a power supply, could that help? and if i do need a sub, please tell me there is something other than the ki-215. of course i want this to sound good but that's too much to just have in my living room. feel free to give me untested, caveated, or generally-considered-poor advice. the other question is: i found a link on here to a guy on ebay who sells replacement HF drivers. is this what i want? here are some answers to things some people might wonder about. - i'm planning to replace the 200W gem sound with a peavey cs800. - i'm using the yorkville because i like oddball setups and i haven't replaced the HF drivers in the 362s. - after reading about how line arrays work, i had put the 362s side by side with the intent - and to see if i could observe - the phenomenon of acoustic coupling of the LF drivers. - i'm running mono because i like it that way. i put sound in other places by sending to a small collection of guitar amps and rando transducers. i look forward to hearing from some of you folk. greg
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