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  1. The Forte I is the closest thing to a Heresy with more bass. Just compare everything of the Heresy II and Forte I, it nearly dead on, but the Forte has the taller cabinet and passive radiators.
  2. there’s ripped holes in the PR the size of a dime. What the best repair or air or replacement option?
  3. Some offerings of Klipsch speakers over time made more sense to be offered at the time the were offered, then now. PWK Heritage: These stand alone, and I think Klipsch should always continue to make them, and tweak them as needed, or when advancements are available. KG Series: Klipsch was going against the big box speakers at the time, but those aren't really a thing now; for better or worse. Forte Chorus: These were the most popular line offered at the time, with each able to be outside the corners or walls and still be "full range." The Chorus II and Forte II are nearly the same speaker, with the Forte trading efficiency for extension, and more mid bass bunch compared to the more linear and efficient Chorus. Yes, the Chorus would be closer to the Cornwall III of today, with the Cornwall III better in nearly all respects outside placement freedom; an advantage that I don't think would appeal to as many consumers in today's market.
  4. The cat basically tore these a new one. What options do I have for total replacement? I've seen repair kits for other brands, but not Klipsch KD-12 PRs, also Dayton Audio has one, but the screw pattern looks different. All that said, I'll be damned if I can hear a difference, is that typical?
  5. Picked up a pair, any mods or suggestions? They have been well used, but work just fine, so some sanding and repainting is in order.
  6. "Given the other speakers he cited as examples of doing something better in certain ways, I am a little skeptical." Indeed "I also don't know why any serious reviewer of klipsch would use solid state instead of tubes" PWK used solid state. Under normal working conditions there's no secret sauce with a tube amp. "or seriously use these as part of some surround sound system" I believe he played movies in stereo to hear movie dynamics. "But then again it's CNET, not Absolute Sound." The audio press is a complete mess, no one is immune. Wasn't it Absolute Sound with the "dancing cables?"
  7. “By living wages, I mean more than a bare subsistence level — I mean the wages of a decent living.” (1933, Statement on National Industrial Recovery Act) FDR, in creation of the Federal Minimum Wage.
  8. Space is always the issue. With a set up like @bhendrix that allows a "cubby" for the center then yes, the LaSK402 hybrid is ideal.
  9. Would you suggest this as a center between two Jubes?
  10. 24 bit / 192 Music Downloads ...and why they make no sense "What about 16 bit vs. 24 bit audio? It's true that 16 bit linear PCM audio does not quite cover the entire theoretical dynamic range of the human ear in ideal conditions. Also, there are (and always will be) reasons to use more than 16 bits in recording and production. None of that is relevant to playback; here 24 bit audio is as useless as 192kHz sampling. The good news is that at least 24 bit depth doesn't harm fidelity. It just doesn't help, and also wastes space."
  11. They are selling out of Best Buy Magnolia Studios
  12. I believe they aren't really an ID sub maker anymore for this reason. I don't see the wholesale direct bargain.
  13. As a matter of principle, the ID sub makers do not have discounts, as added costs aren't built into their products which department store brands would have to give. That said, SVS's prices are too high IMHO, as other ID sub makers have more sub for the dollar in almost all cases.
  14. Congrats! That setup wouldn't be my approach...
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