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The 2010 Picky Report

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Sorry I did not get to meet you and your wife. I don't know if Christy got in touch with you Wednesday, but it was probably already to late. I have been working in Detroit lately, and had to work Wed & Thurs night. I just could not drive to Hope after a 14.5 hour shift getting off Friday Morning. I had told Christy that I would have been more than happy to provide the car, and gas out and back, if you could have driven out so I could sleep. I am glad you guys got to go, and please give a big hello to Eldon and Christy for me. I just couldn't make it this year..


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Glenn, awesome shots! Are these pictures of breakfast from this morning? I thought the tent was going up Friday?

EDIT: Never mind. Yout told us at the beginning of the series! Duh!

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twistedcrankcammer: Hey, thanks so much for the offer. It's too bad things didn't work out. Plus we could have had you come out to the house and audition our HT. Sorry you didn;t make it down here with us.

fini: Glad you figured it out! LOL Yes, these are from FRIDAY MORNING. ;) -Glenn

Mr. RF62: Thank you, sir.

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Oh man! You are killing me! And if it wasn't for Delta and them cancelling my flight, I would've been right there with you guys! [:'(]

I am so glad everything is going really good and you guys are having a blast. That is really awesome.

I will be looking forward to reports of how the festival itself went.

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Friday morning was a very warm, humid morning. You could feel the "steam" rising up from the lawn. It almost reminded me of my native Michigan; the humidity was about 1,000%. We were all sweating just walking over to the tent trailer, yet not one complaint from anyone...



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