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The 2010 Picky Report

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I have just skimmed you and your wifes home theatre before, but not realized you were in Detroit. I just reread your entire site.

After the two of you come home, maybe we could get together some time. Have you seen Avitar yet? As I could bring my copy of both DVD and blueray. I could also bring the RF-7 that I bought for my moms theatre that has been modified into a center channel so you could try a comparison to your RC-7. I still have both.

Agai, please say Hi to DTEL and his wife.. Thanks!!


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twistedcrankcammer: Yes, we should plan on getting together after Verna and I return home. Thanks for the gracious offer to try your RF-7, but my setup is too confined to place an RF7 in the center location either horizontally or vertically beneath or above the screen. Thanks any way. Yes, we've seen Avatar, but you can bring it if you'd like. We do not have that one.

SSH: Sorry but I was already at Fair Park by 2 pm today to get set up on one of the 4 the TV cameras and I was never given the performance itenerary. I think it may already be posted on the forum by someone from Klipsch. Congrats on winning the speaker auction tonight. You are helping some very ill kids with your donation! Thanks for your generosity.

To All: Today's concert ran from 3 pm until about 11:30 pm and it was awesome. The 95+ degree heat kept the crowds away until after the sun set this evening. Then the audience began to come out of the woodwork. Trey estimated the crowd at a few hundred. It was a beautiful, hot and muggy evening full of great bands and music lovers. The temperature when we shut down at 11:30 pm was 90 degrees....it had cooled off from earlier today. Seriously. But, there was plenty of water available.

Thanks to all of the bands who participated and all of the folks who helped pull this together. Also, thanks to Klipsch and to Fyrpwr (and many others) for making this possible for the use of their equipment. Last, but most importantly, thanks to Trey Cannon, who organized this event and literally worked his behind off. Thanks so much, Trey. You never fail to come through for us! dtel and Christie brought a very special embroidered plaque Cristie made honoring Trey and thanking him for his continued hard work and devotion. It was signed by all of the Klipsch Forum Pilgrimage members and presented to him on the stage at the end ofthe concert by Customsteve01 on behalf of everyone. What an outstanding time we all had! Thanks again for letting us all play with your neat toys, Klipsch! And now that shower and bed are lookin' mighty good! Nighty-night all! -Glenn



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