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  1. Something that sends lead in a most delightful way may we presume ?? Roger
  2. Please, does anybody have any Pro Slant monitors with Pro Badging? I need a close up picture with dimensions and a ruler taken pics of right underneath and beside them. Thanks !! Roger
  3. Dude! If you had an early 1950s K-Horn that had a blown driver and you could get the original driver fixed cheaply or buy an aftermarket driver you "THINK" might be better, would you put in an aftermarket driver ?? Answer; You would be a fool to put in aftermarket driver, being old and early is what makes it collectible... Paul Wilbur Klipsch oversaw the build on these personally and they are a custom veneer, if the veneer had a missing piece, would you scab it in with a piece of Oak ?? Paul oversaw the build on these for a friend, you sure as hell don't go replacing parts with aftermarket parts !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Roger
  4. Jafcp. IF your tweeters need fixing, I would HIGHLY recommend replacing the diaphragms and NOT replacing parts with aftermarket parts ! Please leave them as Paul made them for you, your story is what makes these special, NOT non original parts! Roger
  5. We Would LOVE to see pictures of them !! Roger
  6. Dave, Get enough of Carls Martinis and you wont mind the speedo ! Rog
  7. Rectangle cups are usually 8 Ohm speakers where as round cups are 4 Ohm speakers. This is NOT a matched set of Forte'
  8. Yes, they are closed! I tried calling to get torque specs for the screws on K-55Vs and nobody home... Roger
  9. Man, those Heresys look NICE !! When are you going to show those LaScalas some love ?? Roger
  10. Nope !! It is common when female hormones are high and my buddy is one of the most scarry manley men you will ever met. Not joking, you probably wouldn't even make eye contact, he is that intense. Roger
  11. Jason, I don't know how good her hearing is. I do know that my stupid *** gave her permanent Tinnitus playing music way to loud when she was an infant. Roger
  12. Jim, Somebody obviously played arround inside these things as evidenced by the cheap Piezo in one, and the scabbed in wire in both. The torn rear Gasket material on both doesn't leave me with a warm fuzzy feeling that these woofers spent their entire lives in these boxes either. Hell, these could be K-23s or K-25s out of some Forte' for all I know. Having said all of that, Did Klipsch ever put K-42s in a Pro sealed Heresy or only in HIPs ?? Thanks again.... Roger
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