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  1. [No bare links. Need to advise what it's about, why it's relevant to this thread] Self explanatory and should provoke thought. Who ever did this is a clown...
  2. Those came out of a small movie Theatre. That is the Movie Theatre version of the Klipsch Pro Split La Scala and yes, they should have came with Stamped Steel K-43 woofers inside as the cast aluminum K-43 wont fit in a La Scala without modification. Roger
  3. Thanks for hooking me up Albert. Will have the wife get you paid Sir... Thanks again !!... Rog
  4. He is a lying, crooked, Idiot !! Roger
  5. [Great post until the interjection of political ideology, too bad]
  6. [Same as next post, political, and off handed personal attack.] Roger
  7. A family friend got vaccinated, not sure which vaccine. He has all the symptoms of COVID two days after getting the vaccine but tested negative for COVID.. This is complicated with long term effects of Diabetes. He went to urgent care, they admitted him to an ICU, the transferred him to a specialized ICU. He was intubated and on TPN for nutrition, they put down an NG tube to try to start tube feedings and got it into his lungs. Because of the effects of long term Diabetes, he went into end stage renal failure. He checked himself out AMA and has gone home to die and is refusing dialysis.. Roger
  8. Best Friend called last night, he farms 4,500 acres, between 7.5 and 8 square miles and also owns a 400,000 chicken egg farm amongst several other buisenesses, so he is in the middle of planting and this is probably dependent on the weather but we are taking his convertible Viper 1.5 hours to columbus, Ohio on either Monday, Tuesday or Wednesday, don't know yet but we are going to the Lamborghini dealership and he has set up a test drive for both him and myself, he wants me to drive it also and know what I think... "F" Corona virus, life is good ! Roger
  9. I need a stamped steel K-43, not a cast frame one for a Klipsch Pro Split La Scala. Does anybody have one to sell? Thanks.... Roger
  10. I see nothing listed about the Klipsch KP-600's. I see nothing listed about the early Pro Cornwall AKA the CP-1. I see nothing listed about the Klipsch KPT=1502 or the KPT-1802. I see nothing listed about the Jubilee. I see nothing listed about the MCM grand, etc. Roger
  11. I need a stamped steel K-43 speaker for a Pro La Scala. Does anyone have one they want to sell?? Thanks... Roger
  12. The early copper laser reproduction badges do NOT look correct at all...
  13. Hello everyone !! I have a Lady Friend who is paying good money to restore an early pair of La Scala and she needs a bice set of early Laser Badges for her speakers. What are all you hoarders sitting on??? #JimJimbo, you usually have top notch nice stuff, what ya got ?? Thanks... Roger
  14. Hey everybody !! I have a female friend who is restoring an early pair of La Scala that she is paying good money to fix up and she needs a real nice pair of the early Klipsch Laser badges. What have my hoarder friends got hidden away?? Jim Jimbo, do you have any ?? Thanks... Roger
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