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  1. About as annoying as a constantly nagging woman Carl !!
  2. Hello Everyone !! Just wanted to make a post about how positive my experience has been on buying from Mark Diven. I haven't even fully completed this transaction and Mark stands out as a a truly class act, and at the very least I wanted to make a public Thankyou to him! Sincerely, Roger Gordon
  3. No Airplanes. Two Bus Campers, a large pontoon, three jet skis, 800 Polaris Ranger, 900 Polaris Ranger, 1,000 Polaris RZR 4 seater with high lift kit, bigger rims and tires, 9 speaker stereo, metal roof cover, GPS, backing camera, turn signals, headlights, three snorkel's, Toys and an arm candy wife that is real smart. Maybe I am getting old, but I like his master bathroom about as much as anything and the only thing I envy is his wife.
  4. Danny, my best buddy Farms over 4,500 acres, has a 400,000 chicken egg farm he owns. He owns five semis, two newer 3/4 ton diesel pickups, one newer, top model Jeep Grand Cherokee, it has some word denoting the top model that lights up in the door sills, a 2020 model $50,000 Jeep with over $15,000 in aftermarket extras, a small black two seater Mercedes with convertible hard top, a 1978 Z-28 with a 496 cubic inch big block, turbo 400 and 12 bolt and the Viper. I think he can afford it... He also pushes over 100 lots of snow in the winter, play the market, his Jeeps liscense plate is "BUY PUTS" and the Vipers plate was bought by his wife and is "BD BABY" and yes, it is her name for him and means what you think. He also has three large gun safes and over $100,000 in his master bathroom, plus two cabins in the Smokies, 14 acres in the Smokies he is planning on developing into a camp grounds, a Condominium beach side on Daytona Beach and a time share at Disney World, and no, he isn't strapped at all. Roger
  5. Either / Starting Fluid in a Can also shoots a straight stream and is Cheaper than either wasp spray or brake fluid and kills instantly when the insect is hit. It also has the added fun of adding a lighter on nests !!
  6. twistedcrankcammer


    Hello Amy !! I for one miss you very much and had withdrawals for a while I miss hearing about your Steven too... I am 6'3" also. Hope you and yours are staying active and keeping from going insane with this virus garbage... Miss you, love you, and wishing only the best for you.... Roger
  7. Considering selling two stack KP-600 project. I have two of the high frequency Top Cabinets in Minty Condition. I have two of the middle double 15 inch bass horn cabinets in Minty condition. I have two empty and stripped KP-600 cabinets that could be made into KP-684 Bass Cabinets $2,000 for everything plus shipping or you can pick up yourself. I also have 4 K-47 woofers in minty condition I will sell for $175 each if the cabinets are bought. Roger
  8. Would prefer local pick-up near Lima, Ohio. Custom center channel made from an RF-7 series one with a new motor board and wrapped in Ash. Grill is attached in place by magnets. This speaker is pictured next to an RC-7 for size comparison only. Prefer not to ship. Pick up in person for $650. Shipping is possible but not preferred. Will be cost of materials plus actual shipping cost and insurance ,
  9. John, I really like this idea !! Especially for when I do grills for my TSCM Tops... Thanks... Roger
  10. I am also replacing all the K-55's with K-55V Solder terminal dual phase plug drivers and replaced the old alnico K-77 with K-077 Ceramicc square magnets and replace the woofer in the Heresy's with K-42 per Jims suggestion. Roger
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