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    7.2 System......... 7 Klipsch TSCM Pro K-Horns 2 Velodyne HGS-18II Subwoofers 2 Nakamichi PA-7II Stereo Amplifier for the center Channel and fronts
    2 Nakamichi PA-7 Stereo Amplifiers to drive all other channels 2 Channel System............ KP-600 Stacks.... A whole bunch of em ;)

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  1. Randy, Very reliable, it will even mow on only one 20 Kohler, but slower. They also made a twin 23 Horsepower and a Twin 27 Horsepower Gas although the engines are Generac, not Kohler. I am slowly fixing her up but would really like to run across one of the XXW-5000's that had a Turbocharged 4 cylinder 50 HP Yanmar Diesel, most of those got sold to rich estates and don't have as many hours on them. She runs like a top after I did a little work but I plan to make her nice until I find a 5,000. Going to put twin 27's on her this winter.
  2. You wanna race Lawn Mowers Dude ??? I have a XXW 4000 Dixie Chopper Suburban Turban Lawn Mower with a 72 inch deck, two 20 Horsepower Kohler gas engines, and I think I can take your John Deer !!
  3. Sorry for my ignorance of non Heritage and non Pro, but what the crap is klf0 ??
  4. I have a buddy who wants to buy a pair of Pro Splits, what do you have to sell ?? Roger
  5. Five of those 29 are just empty hollow boxes that I bought from a forum member that screwed me but I plan on making sub boxes out of them. Roger
  6. No amplifiers yet although my brother in Law does and wants to rent four stacks for a venue of 8,000 people. My buddy Joey Brogna has eight stacks of KP-600's and does Pro Sound with them and he says two stacks are enough for a venue of 5,000 people. If you have heard Kevin Harmons stacks, Kev is way under amped for the two stacks that he originally owned and changed nothin power wise when he went to four stacks so if that is the only ones you have personally heard, you have not even heard their full potential yet/// I want to eventually set up for a complete big venue system with my own amplifiers and have my brother in Law do and teach me the DJ business he has been doing on the side for 15 years but he only does High School Prons, Dances, and weddings and is not set up for anything really big. Roger
  7. K-77's ?? I just saw your posts and the pictures of the 84 and 85 screws does not come up. I have seven TSCM tops including the first one ever made, I orriginally owned eleven TSCM bass cabinets so I have both newer and older TSCM's plus top and bottom cabinet 1001 and 1002, that top hat has three screws on either side of the K-400 horn. Roger
  8. I am currently at 29 boxes of KP-600s 0or nine plus stacks. I am picking up a few more. Rog
  9. [No bare links. Need to advise what it's about, why it's relevant to this thread] Self explanatory and should provoke thought. Who ever did this is a clown...
  10. Those came out of a small movie Theatre. That is the Movie Theatre version of the Klipsch Pro Split La Scala and yes, they should have came with Stamped Steel K-43 woofers inside as the cast aluminum K-43 wont fit in a La Scala without modification. Roger
  11. Thanks for hooking me up Albert. Will have the wife get you paid Sir... Thanks again !!... Rog
  12. He is a lying, crooked, Idiot !! Roger
  13. [Great post until the interjection of political ideology, too bad]
  14. [Same as next post, political, and off handed personal attack.] Roger
  15. A family friend got vaccinated, not sure which vaccine. He has all the symptoms of COVID two days after getting the vaccine but tested negative for COVID.. This is complicated with long term effects of Diabetes. He went to urgent care, they admitted him to an ICU, the transferred him to a specialized ICU. He was intubated and on TPN for nutrition, they put down an NG tube to try to start tube feedings and got it into his lungs. Because of the effects of long term Diabetes, he went into end stage renal failure. He checked himself out AMA and has gone home to die and is refusing dialysis.. Roger
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