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  1. In phase yes, Carl, but still time lagged and cannot be corrected. Therefore any time there is a tonal change, it will have milli seconds of smear of the last note as the second wave exits the horn. Is this noticeable? For most, I would say the brain corrects for this but I am certain you would notice it in an A/B comparison with a true horn sub just like your brain corrects for time misalignment and you don't notice it until you A/B with time alignment. That big a deal, probably not but I think we all strive for the closest to perfection that we can achieve. This is for someone with plenty of extra space... Rog
  2. You are 100% correct on this and this is the reason I do NOT like Tapped Horns.... Tapped Horns are more efficient but the wave from the back side of the driver exits almost immediately, while the waves from the front of the driver exit the horns mouth milliseconds later. This is 100% distortion and it cannot be time corrected because of the two separate wave fronts. An F-20 is a true Horn Sub and Can be time corrected to match with the lower frequencies individually time delayed to match and is a much preferable solution in my opinion. Roger
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    No breasts either!
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    Just a Lobster snob but I prefer Maine to Rock Lobster myself... Rog
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    Joke ??? OK, Two words.......... "Michigan Football !"........ 😅😂
  6. If pictures are worth 1,000 words, your Avatar is worth 2,000 words! Roger
  7. March of 08 here, I'm still just a shiny virgin here! Been here just long enough to know that Amy leaving and the loss of the BS Forum are a big reason I spend more time on Cory's Klipsh off topic on Facebook, than here! Rog
  8. My Nakamichi amps have a anti DC protection circuit to shut the amps down if to much DC output is present. The Adcom GFA-565, 300 watt mono blocks I ran way back when did not and roached a few woofers as they went bad. Roger
  9. How old are you, are you a kid cause you sure don't know your klipsch History! PWK created his first speaker the klipschorn, a home speaker to reproduce the sound of those giant horn speakers he grew up on in the Movie Theatres. Furthermore, Klipsch the company is obviously not owned by Paul who has left us, but they are in it for the money, NOT the nostalgia! Any genuine long term Klipsch lover would NEVER call headphones, subwoofers or any design PWK wasn't personally in "HERITAGE!" Want to know when Paul sold the Company? PWK was a genious and was a modest man. PWKs logo was klipsch with a lower case "k". As soon as Fred bought the company, he changed to an upper case "K". This speaks volumes about "who" both men were. Roger
  10. Carl, Yes, Cory was involved with Roy to get a small run of them done. I think Cory had seven for sale but they are all sold now. Rog
  11. They only did a small run of the KPT-1502's and they are old sold. I believe they were being sold for right at $3,000 without an amp. It's big brother the 1802 is still available and makes the best Bass Guitar reproduction you will ever hear IMHO! Rog
  12. You are obviously talking your beliefs and not truth. You have obviously never heard a Klipsch KPT-1502 or 1802 in person. A direct radiator has 10 times the distortion of a Horn and it IS Auditable! Roger
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