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  1. Buy a pair of MMTMs and put those Piezos on the shelf
  2. I have owned a bunch of MCM-1900 4-way stuff and a bunch of KP-600 stuff. Coytee pointed out something I agree with, the MWM is cleaner sounding than the KP-600 Bass Bin, although the KP-600s seem to have more although not as clean Bass. It is for this reason, the "more" Bass that Kevin and I prefer the 600s over the MCM system. Mate a KP-1802 with either system and it will KILL either system in stock form. In that case, I would stay all horns with an MWM setup, but remember that portability is also at play.
  3. The TSCM, Pro Klipschorn is a 2 inch throat K-400 horn, but I wouldn't mess around with a single K-55 driver. Why not a K-691 driver instead? Roger
  4. I am 6'3" at 225 pounds. Michael Colter and I had no problems moving them, but we knew we had done some work after moving all of those cabinets.
  5. Bruce, I like the industrial look of the trim and the handles, but ultimately, it is my daughters decision, not mine. I used to own Five Theatre version (which is what you described) MWM double bins and four MWM single bins. The singles were touring versions and had both handles and trim. I also owned a bunch of other MCM-1900 4 way pieces. I had to sell them to pay some bills but kept one MCM Double and gave it as a gift to Kevin Harmon at Pilgrimage. Kevin Paid to have Klipsch sand down and refinish that bin so it looked like a brand new one, so I know all about moving MWM doubles without handles, it takes two good sized guys. Rog
  6. What thickness MDF did you wrap your Bass bins with? I saw your Bass Bins on the Oakwood Veneer web site under the Tigerwood section, they look great !! If everything proceeds correctly, I am driving up to Oakwood Veneer on Thursday in two weeks with my daughter for her to pick out the type of veneer she wants on her LaScalas I bought her a pair of Industrial splits. Ultimately to me, it is her decision, but if it were up to me, they came with the trim option and I would polish and either nickel plate or chrome plate the factory trim. What are your thoughts on this? Roger
  7. No, I have never heard any of the $100,000 to $1,000,000 Speakers, but I have heard plenty of Jubilees in different settings and with different drivers. To your original question, I would make two statements. 1) An observation that MOST of the high end speakers are NOT fully Horn loaded tells me how much subjective distortion/coloring they probably have. 2) Money and names don't mean a lot to me, and shouldn't to you either. For reference of what I am alluding to, I would direct you to look up "Gotleib Big Red Camaro" This Camaro routinely blew the doors off of ALL the mega dollar cars in a multi state race of run what ya brung until they outlawed the Camaro for bruising to many big rich egos.
  8. Well I guess I just love wretched excess? How about four KP-600 High frequency boxes, four KP-600 dual 15" bifurcated mid horn boxes, all stacked on four KPT-1802 Subs, and placing one stack of each in all four corners. Call me stupid, but you could do that for what you have wrapped up in all that home gear, and permanently deafen every single guest while only loafing around with the system. Joey B does Pro Sound at large gigs with up to eight stacks of KP-600s and states two stacks is good enough for crowds up to 5,000 people outside. The Max SPL of a single La Scala is 121 dB. The max SPL of a single KP-600 stack is 137.5 dB. Question for the group: How many La Scalas will it take to match the maximum acoustic output of a stereo pair of KP-600 stacks? Roger
  9. The sound improvement of the Jubilee over Palladiums is greater than the increased level of performance of a Palladium over RF-7IIIs, the Jubilees really do sound that good. Roger
  10. +1 on buying Jubilees. They sound better than either of your pics if you can afford the room to place them. Also, if buying the Jubilees or the RF-7 III's, you need to contact MetropolisOutfitters aka Cory Harrison, he can save you a ton of money. Roger
  11. Vivek Batra, Where is home, where are you located at? Roger
  12. Vivek Batra @MetropolisOutfitters or @Cory Harrison is who you need to talk with. Not only can he answer your questions on which speaker is better between RF-7III and Forte'III, and questions about your AVR settings, he can also save you more money on the purchases you are interested in @dtel's wife please fix my post so Cory sees it Personally Vivek, I would also recommend an outboard amp as well. As previously stated, receivers are notoriously underpowered and yours will only push 125 watts per channel in the two channel Stereo mode, this is way less in surround sound on the front three channels with all channels driven. Cory can guide you in making great choices without breaking your bank in this aspect as well. Roger
  13. Nothing wrong with the dual 15 bifurcated horns mid bass. As stated, shortfall is the direct radiator 18's Roger
  14. Can't say for the Mexicans that did my house and separate Garage, but I did on the Barn and the Grainery.
  15. What is the going price on perfect RF-7 Cherry series ones now? Seems like prices are up and was wondering? Thanks!
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