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  1. twistedcrankcammer


    I plan on attending and I am hoping Rhonda and/or Kim can get away as well
  2. twistedcrankcammer

    SOLD They Are HERE! Klipschorn Museum Edition SOLD

    JC, I thought it would be you or Kevin buying those Klipschorns Rog
  3. twistedcrankcammer

    KnuKoncept speaker wire

    My brother built a new addition and wired his house for 7 channel surround with knu concept 8 gauge wire at least 5 years ago, and it is over kill. I can't say too much because I have 10 gauge silver plated copper. It's all just a bunch of bull crap and bragging rights, no real benefit to it. Rog
  4. twistedcrankcammer

    College football 2018

  5. twistedcrankcammer

    Roomba and Cornwall IIIs

    My mother and brother both have them. They do their best work on pet hair, and pets will be much harder on your speakers in my experience. Roger
  6. twistedcrankcammer

    College football 2018

  7. twistedcrankcammer

    Which klipsch speakers were built with the k55m mid

    Dave, Both the MCM 1900 3 or 4-way systems could have four K-55m drivers per speaker, as well as the TSCM Pro Klipschorns. I have seven Klipsch TSCMs with four K-55 drivers per speaker, so that is 28 K-55 drivers. Rog
  8. twistedcrankcammer

    Cables, Coffee, and Cocktails

    Merry Christmas to all, Christs blessing is for ALL of us Happiest of Birthdays to Christy Elis Lunquist, Love you bunches lady, but I am in Facebook Prison and this is the best way to wish you a blessed Birthday Dtel's Wife Rog
  9. twistedcrankcammer

    East Indian Rosewood

    Dave, Of the two pictured, I like the East Indian Rosewood. Look up the veneer work of member Luther Ward, especially in Waterfall Babinga, here on this site. Rog
  10. twistedcrankcammer

    East Indian Rosewood

    Dave, It is high dollar, but Walnut Burl is beautiful as well. Waterfall Babinga, Koa, Rosewood, Pau Ferro, and Cocobolo are all on the table for my daughter to choose from Rog
  11. twistedcrankcammer

    East Indian Rosewood

    Dave, A good friend has agreed to veneer a pair of split La Scalas for my daughter, I just need to get my daughter up to Oakwood to pick out her veneer. Rog
  12. twistedcrankcammer

    East Indian Rosewood

    Dave, 4 & 3/8" is 4.375", you have my exact same bore, just a bit more stroke Rog
  13. twistedcrankcammer

    East Indian Rosewood

    Dave, I'm 54 now, birthday is May 7th, and I bought the Mustang when I was 15 As for the head conversion, just look at it as an investment. I can totally grenade this thing and people will still pay good money for the junk. Can't do that with cookie cutter pieces Rog
  14. twistedcrankcammer

    East Indian Rosewood

    Dave, I know a lot about what it takes to build power with a Hemi. Hemis are neat, but they really shine when under boost. The biggest downfall of the Hemi design is all the extra piston weight of a huge dome Rog
  15. twistedcrankcammer

    East Indian Rosewood

    Dave, Stock 427 stroke is 3.74", this is a 3.66" stroke. These head pics are pre CNC port, which I won't picture on the web. As you can see, these ports are extremely tiny as they were ordered with the sand cores scraped to fill in the bottoms of the port floor, to allow for the 0.300" raised ports. The original port design blew through the side walls and was finished out in epoxy for flow work. This necessitated a need for new castings with not only scraped runner cores, but scraped water passages as well. The heads are a modified Bill Coon head, the caps are Ductile iron. Only four pairs of these heads exist, Bill kept one set for himself, a customer in Norway has a second set, and the remaining two are mine. The new heads also don't have those valve spring seats cut into them to allow more material for a better radius into the valve, which necessitates a slightly longer than stock valve stem. Rog