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    Marantz SR7010, Onkyo C-7030, Emotiva XPA Gen 3 5 Channel, Klipsch Chorus 2's, Klipsch Forte 2's Klipsch R--115 Sub.
    Bedroom System Emotiva XPA Gen 3 2 Channel, Emotiva PT 100 Pre Amp, Emotiva CD-100 Klipsch Forte 1 Speakers.

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  1. agreen60

    Forte III page up at Klipsch.com

    PM me a price!
  2. agreen60


    teaman, I have had my Emotiva PT-100 for a month now. For 300 bucks I don't think you can find anything close to it. The pre amp is very basic, no bells or whistles but that is what I was looking for. The display is easy to see and has your basic functions. The tuner section works great, with the wire antenna that came with it I am able to pull in stations 60 miles away. I have been using the PT-100 to stream Spotify, very happy with that sounds great. I also purchased the new Emotiva CD-100 cd player, which I also really like. I have done a A B comparison using the RCA or Optical cable. I think the Optical cable sounds better. Once again for 300 bucks I think the Emotiva CD-100 player would be hard to beat. I don't have a turn table yet to try the phono section out, so I can't give an opinion on it as of now. I am using the Emotiva XPA GEN 3 2 Channel power amp, and a pair of Klipsch Forte's along with the PT-100 and the CD-100 for my bedroom system. I am very happy with it, sounds great. The only 2 negatives that I have on the PT-100 was the tuner section was hard to program, instructions in book didn't work for me. Quick call to Damon at Emotiva had me going in 5 minutes. Also the remote the volume moves very quickly, so just be careful.
  3. agreen60

    Best receiver for klipsch RF-7 l

    If he goes that route I don't think he will be sending it back. It's hard to beat Emotiva for the money. Also remember the BAS X stuff comes with a 3 year warranty.
  4. agreen60

    Best receiver for klipsch RF-7 l

    Well...just a thought use Pay Pal Credit 6 months same as cash no payments no interest for 6 months. Just make sure to tell Emotiva to send you an invoice on check out and make sure you check it when you check out.
  5. agreen60

    Best receiver for klipsch RF-7 l

    Good 2-Channel pre amps vary. You can expect them to cost at least as much as your amp. So keeping your cost under $600 is highly unlikely unless you're buying used. Look at the EMOTIVA PT-100 Pre AMP...cost 299.00. I got one about a month ago, I really like it. It would be hard to beat it. Also look at the Emotiva A-300 Power Amp. 150 WPC 2 channel. Price is 399.00 on it.
  6. Hi, where are you located at??
  7. agreen60

    Heresey IIIs In Black Oak SOLD

    rmlowz, Wish you were headed to Michigan before Oct. If you go up I 75 in Ohio, I live 2 miles off of 75. I would be interested in your Heresy III.
  8. agreen60

    Klipsch Forté II

    Not mine, but maybe someone looking for a pair... http://www.ebay.com/itm/Klipsch-Forte-II-Floor-Speakers-Vintage-/272566935035?hash=item3f76415dfb:g:xOgAAOSwTuJYr0ou
  9. agreen60

    Show us your great photography thread!

    Pic of my granddaughter Bri with her horse Fancy. Pic was taken by my daughters friend, for a present to me. Love the pic.
  10. agreen60

    NEW OLD STOCK Raw Oak Chorus II’s – SOLD

    Jim, those are nice, and my favorite Klipsch speaker. I bet I've looked at these 20 times, hoping someone buys them. They are so tempting!!
  11. agreen60

    Chorus II on ebay

    Well there back....guess they didn't sell! http://www.ebay.com/itm/Klipsch-chorus-ll-floor-speakers-NO-RESERVE-auction-Will-ship-/252766676617?hash=item3ada116689:g:KwAAAOSwopRYkkDP
  12. agreen60

    Chorus II on ebay

    Sold for 416.00, Klipsch chorus ll floor speakers NO RESERVE auction. Will ship See original listing Klipsch chorus ll floor speakers NO RESERVE auction. Will ship Photos not available for this variation <style type="text/css">.vi-hide-mImgThr {display: none;}</style><img id="icImg" class="img img140" itemprop="image" src="http://i.ebayimg.com/images/g/KwAAAOSwopRYkkDP/s-l500.jpg" style="" clk="" alt="Klipsch-chorus-ll-floor-speakers-NO-RESERVE-auction-Will-ship"/> Item condition: --not specified Ended: Feb 08, 2017 , 3:17PM <span>12:17:15 PST</span> Winning bid: US $416.00 [ 24 bids ]
  13. agreen60

    Chorus II in Milwaukee - Seriously?

    These sold for 2000.00, on Ebay. They were a pair of Chorus 2's and a pair of Forte's. Listing started out with a 1200.00 starting bid, last I looked they had 3 bids to 1250.00. Then I get a notice listing changed with a Buy Now of 2000.00 and were sold right away. Guess someone wanted them more than I did!! Photos not available for this variation <style type="text/css">.vi-hide-mImgThr {display: none;}</style><img id="icImg" class="img img140" itemprop="image" src="http://i.ebayimg.com/images/g/f0MAAOSwjDZYcqJt/s-l500.jpg" style="" clk="" alt="KLIPSCH-VINTAGE-SPEAKER-COLLECTION-FOURSOME-KLIPSCH-CHORUS-II-AND-FORTE-II"/> Item condition: --not specified Ended: Jan 10, 2017 , 4:02PM <span>13:02:59 PST</span> Price: US $2,000.00 Shipping: Free Local Pickup | See details Item location: Fort Wayne, Indiana, United States Seller: 123doseck (17 ) | Seller's other items
  14. Those are Super looking Hasty!! Wish they were 600 miles closer.......GLWS.