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  1. Breaking News...…..Jim Harbaughs wife Sarah seen packing up house hold items in anticipated upcoming move!!
  2. Looking for a nice (excellent condition) pair of Heresy 3's. Would prefer black but open to walnut or cherry. I am located in Lima Ohio, willing to drive 3 hours or so. Please PM me the info. Thanks!!
  3. Sold Pending Payment and Pick Up!
  4. Had a DJ service for 15 years 78-93, We did school dances , weddings, parties etc. We were booked almost every weekend of the year. We used La Scalas, talk about a lot of fun lifting those things around. Some of the halls we did events at were a nightmare to get them in. One in particular I hated was the Elk's club. We had to carry them up the fire escape stairs, because management didn't want the members to be disrupted. I am glad we were young and strong back then, wouldn't want to do it now. We got a lot of business because of those La Scalas, everyone loved the sound of them, and how loud they could be cranked.
  5. Found a really nice pair of black Chorus 2's only 80 miles from me. Thanks @absolve2525 for the Chorus 2's and helping load them. On a side note on the way home, I was getting out of daughters F-250 to check and make sure they were riding OK stepped down and broke my ankle. Since I am off the Chorus list now (2 pairs ) next person up. Only took 3 days to find them!
  6. Hi, looking for a pair of Klipsch Chorus 2's in excellent condition. Would prefer them in oiled oak, but will consider black or walnut. Will travel up to 300 miles from Lima Ohio. PM me on what you have. Thanks Alan
  7. https://www.facebook.com/marketplace/item/900366963635347/ Not affiliated.
  8. Location for me, made that drive to many times 20 years ago to Wausau.
  9. I am running a Forte II now!! I have it laying on it's side on the entertainment stand. I wanted the Academy so I can have the Forte II back to match it with the other I have sitting here for another use. My wife wants my Forte II's in the living room.
  10. Still looking......added to the WTB list a KLF-C7 in either oak or black.
  11. Well that's great you can drive ride that far. I had a spleen taken out and non union 8th rib. Since the spleen was taken out I have had mesh replaced abdominal hernia and it tore loose again after 3 days. I look like I'm 9 months pregnant with nothing holding my guts in. I would love to be able to drive that far but it's just not possible.
  12. Looking for a Klipsch Academy or a Klipsch KLF-C7 in excellent condition. Would prefer a oak one but may consider black. Would prefer someone close for pick up Thanks
  13. Well 9 hours round trip just in driving time is a little to much for me.
  14. OK Thanks wish you were a little closer..
  15. Where are you located?
  16. I have been following this thread with interest. Thinking about getting a set of H3's new or used if I can find a nice pair close. I will be using a Emotiva XPA Gen 3 2 Channel Amp to power them. My question is what Klipsch sub or subs would you suggest to pair with them? Or would it be better to step up to CW3's and forget the subs. These will be going in my wife's living room, she has Forte 1's in there now, but doesn't like that they have to be set out so far from wall. This will be two channel only.
  17. teaman, I have had my Emotiva PT-100 for a month now. For 300 bucks I don't think you can find anything close to it. The pre amp is very basic, no bells or whistles but that is what I was looking for. The display is easy to see and has your basic functions. The tuner section works great, with the wire antenna that came with it I am able to pull in stations 60 miles away. I have been using the PT-100 to stream Spotify, very happy with that sounds great. I also purchased the new Emotiva CD-100 cd player, which I also really like. I have done a A B comparison using the RCA or Optical cable. I think the Optical cable sounds better. Once again for 300 bucks I think the Emotiva CD-100 player would be hard to beat. I don't have a turn table yet to try the phono section out, so I can't give an opinion on it as of now. I am using the Emotiva XPA GEN 3 2 Channel power amp, and a pair of Klipsch Forte's along with the PT-100 and the CD-100 for my bedroom system. I am very happy with it, sounds great. The only 2 negatives that I have on the PT-100 was the tuner section was hard to program, instructions in book didn't work for me. Quick call to Damon at Emotiva had me going in 5 minutes. Also the remote the volume moves very quickly, so just be careful.
  18. If he goes that route I don't think he will be sending it back. It's hard to beat Emotiva for the money. Also remember the BAS X stuff comes with a 3 year warranty.
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