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The 2010 Picky Report

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Hello my fellow Klipschters! It’s that time of the year again: Time for the Klipsch Pilgrimage and the Annual Picky Report, the report about “All things Klipsch Pilgrimage”.

This year, I am going to change things up a bit. For those who aren’t familiar with my annual reports, my wife Verna and I always blog here daily about our travels to, from and all around the Klipsch Pilgrimage and its events posting our comments here along with lots of related photos. Unfortunately, I was laid-off at the beginning of this year and the cost of a trip from Michigan to Hope and back is a bit too prohibitive for us. This year, all I got was this lousy T-Shirt! LOL Actually, they are very nice T-Shirts.

So, with that said, I hereby challenge you, my fellow Klipschters, to please take over the responsibility and diligence of blogging your comments and posting your daily photos here from your Klipsch Pilgrimage-related travels. Please feel free to use this thread I have started to do so as many veteran forum members already understand what the Picky Report is and look for it each year.

Therefore, please take over the reins everyone and make us proud by keeping the rest of us fellow Klipschters, who are stuck at home this year, well-informed and endowed with photos! We are all very eager to hear and see what’s going on in Hope. May God bless you all and may you have a safe and glorious week!

Verna and I are so sorry we will be missing all of our friends and all of the events, especially the Klipsch Music Festival that Trey and others have planned for you. Happy Listening everyone! – Glenn & Verna


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I hear that the Picky and Verna will be coming after all. It will be good to see them. Steve

That's great news Steve, are you bringing Caroline? I know she and Verna hit it off well that year we were all in HopeBig Smile

No Caroline isn't going to be able to make it. My son was supose to meet me but his work got busy so he had to bail out.

Caroline and Verna did hit it off good the last time in Hope, we have since been to Picky's house and they have came out to ours.

Looking forward to seeing everyone, if 4:30 will just come so I can get out of here.


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Howdy folks! Here's the big news flash Customsteve01 was talking about: Verna and I are in Hope!

If it wasn't for Dr. Who contacting us and offering to let us ride down with him if we were willing to drive to Chicago and share his hotel room with us, we would not have been able to make the trip to Hope this year! We cannot thank Dr. Who enough for his gracious offer! Thank you sir! And thank you for driving all the way down here today.

Verna and I left the Detroit area for Chicago yesterday afternoon around 3 PM and arrived at Dr. Who's house around 8:30 pm. Jay481985 was already there at the house with Doc. He had flown in from New Jersey and Doc picked him up at the airport. Michael Hurd drove down from Nippigon, Ontario all day long and arrived 1:30 am last night at Doc's. We went and had breakfast at the local IHOP (International House of Pancakes). We got back to the house afterwards and got to bed about 4:15 am. We got up at 6am about 1-1/2 hours later, got ready and by 7:30 am this morning we were on our way to Hope.

We had a beautiful day for our drive down and then it began to pour about an hour out of Hope. We arrived at the Holiday Inn Express about 11:30 pm. Seadog and his youngest son John had his Cornwalls and Heresy center playing in the lobby breakfast area. We were met there by Customsteve01, WPS, dtel and Christie. Let the fun begin!

Thanks for your generosity Dr. Who!



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Doc, Mr. Paint, Picky, Mrs. Picky, and Jay ALL IN ONE VEHICLE?? There has to be a couple of hilarious incidents during the journey to report. Good to hear the others have made it safely.

I'll never forget making that trip with Dean and Roger one year. We were sooo tired on the way home and just kept ourselves awake with massive quantities of Rock Star (I think we had one of each variety during the 12 hour trip from Hope to Indy), and really bad bathroom humour (thanks Dean).

Y'all have fun this weekend. You won't be missing anything in Indy- supposed to rain all weekend here. Well I'm off to mic up a grand piano. C ya!


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It is rumored that DrWho has modified the Honda to be elusive to radar and to be faster than any Honda on the road.

Hey, Doc got a HONDA! woohoo, when did that happen? Got more pix?

Too bad about Jay flying and probably getting some sleep. He's a riot when he gets punchy from no sleep.

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