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The 2010 Picky Report

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Wait! I see an extra seat in that car! I could've used that!

The sad thing here (you can read the sordid details in this thread), is that I actually flew into Detroit myself, only to have my Little Rock flight get cancelled! Had I known this (As well as had your number), I may have been able to tag along (and just use my already booked return flight to back home, although I would've needed a ride to Little Rock, though).

The only photo I really wish I could post on here is a picture of me giving the Delta logo the Finger. That basically sums up this year's pilgrimage experience for me.

Did get to really check out the Detriot airport, though.

At least the ZOSO and The Machine were kick-*** tonight that I saw at this outdoor concert venue in my neighborhood. ZOSO is a Led Zepplin tribute band and The Machine is a Pink Floyd tribute band. They both did an awesome job of rendering this material. I was talking to people that has seen both Led Zepplin and Pink Floyd numerous times (unfortunatly, I've never got the chance to see either live myself), and they say this was just as good, if not better. If there is one silver lining in this dark cloud, at least I did get to go a concert that I actually wanted to go to, only to find out the pilgrimage was the same weekend.

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Yeah, bummer Steve. But, Verna and I left Detroit on Wednesday afternoon to head to Dr. Who's near Chicago, so you would not have been in Detroit in time for us to take you with us. Sorry, bro. -Glenn

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