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SWAG for sale

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A Heresy I and all I have done is change the tweeter out to SMAHL V2 with DE-120 and recapped with Sonicaps. This is hands down the best one I have ever seen and it is 1981 "W" production with soldered lug mid drivers. Check out the tag and owners papers still there.

Heresy one.jpg

heresy back.jpg

heresy front no grille.jpg

heresy second side.jpg

side one heresy.jpg

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1 hour ago, kirby said:

Anyone coming to SWAG through or near Lexington KY that could transport a single La Scala from @Woofers and Tweeters ? Much appreciated!!


I reached out to @Dave A . If we can get it from the Lexington area to his place in Lynnville TN (south of Nashville off of I65), he will take it to the SWAG. 

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39 minutes ago, richieb said:

And you call yourself a bike rider? A couple bungee’s, a little help hoisting the K to the seat, strap it around you and boom! off you go -

I don’t see the problem - 🏍

It's not even a K, it's a Scala. If he can fit a lady on the back he can certainly make room for a Scala.



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