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  1. Chorus walnut, Frisco TX

    Yes. The Sharp Eye Award goes to DTR20 !!
  2. Chorus walnut, Frisco TX

    I bought them. They had been hung in a school. Three of the four binding posts are broken and the tweeters were blown, so I called Bob Crites and have a project for the holidays now. I would also like to add risers if anyone has some leftover for sale.
  3. Pick ONE, and ONLY one, Steely Dan LP

    Countdown to Ecstasy is my favorite."borrowed" my older brother's album while he was away in school and wore out all the grooves, especially My Old School and Show Biz Kids
  4. Can't make it. Driving over early Friday
  5. 2017 Pilgrimage "For Sale" thread.

    Thanks for the heads up. That is exactly what I am looking for. It is a " made for Rodgers Organ" single in matte black that came out of a church. Unfortunately, it is a 16 hour drive from my home in Dallas. If anyone is coming to The Pilgrimage from Charleston SC and has capacity to transport, let me know and I will make it worth your while. Thanks again.
  6. 2017 Pilgrimage "For Sale" thread.

    Wanted To Buy Wish List: Single La Scala Black preferably with AA crossover. Condition not critical. I have one made for The Rodgers Organ Company and would like to make a pair. Single Forte I Walnut Oiled. Empty Heresey II Cabinets. I want to transplant some T400s into Heresy cabinets. Cheers
  7. What I Got Today!

    Palestine is definitely outside of my normal grazing area!
  8. What I Got Today!

    Not sure. Bought the horns in Terrell and drove to Palestine for the subs. Both sellers shared the same history.
  9. What I Got Today!

    Purchased some EV horns and subs recently that came out of a theater in east Texas. Unbelievable sound in the man cave/garage.
  10. RIP J. GEILS

    Agree. Great live band and live albums. Even their studio albums sounded live. J. Geils continued to make country music even recently. Music was his life. RIP

    Just registered. Looking forward to attending again this year!
  12. WTB: Risers for Fortes

    Timing is big in life. Sometimes the early worm gets eaten by the bird.
  13. WTB: Risers for Fortes

    I am in Dallas.Happy to hear from you. Thanks Ski Bum!
  14. WTB: Risers for Fortes

    His website shows Heresy and Cornwall risers for sale. I don't see Forte. I should probably call him, however, as he might have some not listed. Thanks Update: I just spoke with Bob and he does not make risers for Fortes
  15. WTB: Risers for Fortes

    Can I get a rise on some risers? Thanks