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  1. kirby

    Leaving the Forum

    Dave, You will be missed and I hope to continue to see you and your input at events ( like the bands you booked at past pilgrimages). I also appreciate all you have done for Texarkana music history and PWK’s legacy. Best, Kirby
  2. Didn’t have much swagger left when I got home last night from SWAG, but what an awesome weekend of friends and great audio. The venue was perfect and I want to thank all the guys who put the hard work into making it happen...really happen!! Topped off the weekend with a day on Lake Greeson north of Hope which was great. Already looking forward to next year!
  3. Prices can vary widely depending on location. Where are you located? Those look nice.
  4. Excellent set set of three speakers—a pair of three-way 362s and a single 215 (dual 15”). I purchased these used at the 2018 Pilgrimage to benefit the Museum and have really enjoyed them. Please PM me with comments or questions. Local pickup Dallas TX or coordination with UShip only please. Specs online and pictures linked below. Pictures Link
  5. Happy Birthday Thad!! I didn’t realize your Dad was so young...and cool. Now I see where you you get it.
  6. kirby


    Dave has the highest standards in audio quality. His place is like a cross between Santa’s workshop and Frankenstein’s laboratory! Great stuff!
  7. The virus has no chance against the sheer length of the sound waves emanating from Dave’s S MWMs. Better than an ozone machine!
  8. This could be something to consider. The specs and sound are very impressive. Cory would know the details on availability, price.
  9. The KI-396 packs a lot of quality sound into a relatively small footprint.
  10. Got the following response from a guy on Flea. Both he and his father worked at EV. Pricing still good at SWAG, but I took his advice and updated the ad. Thanks
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