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  1. I actually just recently upgraded my PSA order to the V36 IPAL. Those IPALs are the best 18 inch drivers you can get anywhere, so I am sure I will be happy. It will take 3 weeks to ship due to all the back orders. I will post pictures once it gets here.
  2. I ended up buying the PSA V3612. In my opinion, the price is impossible to beat, especially with free shipping. Those 18 inch drivers are highly sensitive pro neo drivers from B&C, and you get a nice ICEpower amp to go with them. It will be FAR more than enough bass for the cabin I live in. I will get another one in the future if I move to a bigger place. Thank you everybody for your wonderful input! I will post pictures when the subwoofer gets here.
  3. Yes, brand new with everything. I do not know if thats with the crossover network or not. I am assuming it is.
  4. The KI-396 is $3200 and the KPT-904 is $3700 per pairs.
  5. So I ended up getting a pair of KI-396s from Paducah Home Theater, and I could not be happier! I believe I made an excellent choice. They have incredibly high fidelity an are crystal clear no matter how high you crank them. Whats also great is they are an all in one speaker with metal grills, so I dont have an exposed external horn and woofers that the cat and tear up, and I can just plug them straight into my av receiver. They do need a subwoofer to reach their full potential though. I want a good movie subwoofer that can keep up with these things. Im currently looking at the JTR Captivator 4000ULF-TL, PSA V36 IPAL, or maybe even build myself a GSG Devastator with a Speakerpower rack amp. IF you guys have any thoughts on these subwoofers, please let me know! OR, if you have another big subwoofer I should defiantly take a look at, please let me know! I plan on getting 2 subwoofers later on, but im just going to start with one for now. Thanks guys!
  6. I am planning on purchasing a pair of KI-396 for about $1600 each because I want a speaker that can put out tons and tons of power in a relatively small package. The 396 seems to fit the bill, however I keep looking at the JTR 212HT as well. I know the 212HT is super high quality and will also sound very god, but is $1900 each and does not have as good of a horn and probably has an equal CD for the highs. What are your guy's thoughts on the comparison between these two speakers, and is there another speaker I should consider under $2000 that can also compete with these ones?
  7. It seems like theres a strong chance of me getting a pair of the 396s. They are very capable, easier to handle, cheaper and easier to set up. Paired with sum beefy subwoofers, I am sure I will be very happy. What sort of subwoofers do you guys recommend? I am looking hard at building a couple GSG Devastators, but also looking at PSA dual 18s and JTR dual 18 subs.
  8. I sent a message to Paducah Home Theater, inquiring about the kpt-904 and 396. I'll let you know if they get back to me. I have also done extensive forum reading about the JBL 4722 and the JTR 212HT. I've also looked hard at the yourville U215, but seems like it will be an inferior product than the rest. What are your guys's take on those speakers compared to the kpt-904? it seems like the kpt-904 looks is very hard to beat, especially for the price. Any information is appreciated, you guys are helping me out a ton!
  9. If the kpt-396 is no cheaper than the ki-396, than its definitely not worth buying it NEW at least. I am aware the 396 is designed to be played with subs, so I was thinking once I get my subs built, the difference in the 904 and the 396 will be negligible and it would be nicer having the smaller speaker. I heard the 904 goes for $1500/each brand new, which i would be willing to pay. If the price and shipping is good, I would want to order a pair of 904 from a dealer after I find out what the KPT-396 goes for. I was also looking at the JTR 212ht, but seems a little too expensive compared to klipsch pro, so i cant justify the price unless they are definitively better.
  10. Greetings, I am looking for a set of pro speakers and I am in need of some information from everybody. From what I have read, the KPT-904 is one of the best pro speakers to buy and I would love a chance to get a pair. I looked at the JBL 4722 but I want to go with the kpt-904s as I dont see an advantage with the JBLs. However, if somebody thinks the JBL 4722 is better, I would love to hear your input. I have also read the KI-396-SMA-II is an amazing speaker and i am interested, but is about $1000 more than the kpt-904 per speaker, so there is noway I am spending more to get less. However, the cinema version of the KI-396-SMA-II is the kPT-396, which intrigues me because perhaps the price is lower because its a surround speaker, but I cannot find a price for it anywhere online or any information. If the kpt-396 is much cheaper than the KI-396-SMA-II, I may want to go with that route. Also, i have not found an easy way to purchase the kpt-904 as there is no website i can directly order from. If anybody can shed some light on the kpt-396, where to get it and the price its sold at, that would be helpful. If anybody knows a good place around the Seattle area to purchase a pair of kpt-904s, used or new, it would also be greatly appreciated. My setup will be mainly 95% for movies, and I plan on building a pair of GSG Devastator subwoofers later on down the road but probably not for a while. Thank you all for your help.
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