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10 hours ago, Woofers and Tweeters said:

I have similar worries when flying. I have jumped into the air in a small plane to hop many miles in the air to grab a burger or pizza with friends. I have worried the whole flight back. 


Not to create a "TMI" situation....  but I was deathly worried one time...  was flying somewhere and I just "KNEW" that just prior to takeoff, it would hit...  and I'd have an "OMG" moment....  having to get up, and since everyone (stewardess) is telling me to sit down.... but I can't... (or shouldn't)....  next thing you know I'm on the news being the unruly airline passenger creating an out of control situation upon takeoff, causing plane to turn around and authorities being called.....


Leading to the takeoff....I was just sitting there "praying"  (too strong of word) to myself...  "please get airborne.....please get airborne....  then at least, the fasten seat belt light will go out and I'll be ok"


Isn't there an old Chinese saying....something to the effect of "may you live in interesting times"???


My days can be interesting.  But hey...  beats some of the alternatives so for me it's just a big annoyance.  

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It's usually the excitement of the journey that gets me.....  with Crohn's, you find you're just merrily driving down the highway....  pull in to fill up on gas...  no big deal....pull out on highway and within 2-miles, are in a panic to get to the next bathroom which.....could be 20-30 miles to the next exit....
(I cover 10 counties for work so drive about 2,000 miles/month....  believe me....this happens)
I just don't know if I could trust a trip that long.  Heck, I don't even go out on the boat anymore.
Guess that makes me a real party pooper!!

Sorry to hear about Crohn’s. My wife has it, and I understand your situation all too well.
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I can bring any of the following if people are interested. Heresy HIP, KP-201, KPT-200 and 100, along with some KPT904's with 510 horns (should be done fixing them by then), a single really fine Forte II recapped and with an LMAHL V2 + DE-10 driver in it if someone is looking for a center channel. I have a rack of gear from a Behringer DSP to Ashley EQ to Mike amps and a DBX Drive rack and can provide pictures if interested. I also have three KI-102's recapped and in great shape and these small boxes are heavy hitters for their size. I have two H-700's that are one year apart and the veneer is different. They will be recapped and could work as center channels for someone. Otherwise I may sell the components and make super Heresy's out of the boxes. I also have a set of Super Heresy's and this is the last version in the Super Heresy thread by Claude with the woofer Mookie suggested using.  I have the finest set of HBR's with slant risers I have ever seen. 1981 model and yes they have the soldered lug drivers. This thing is over the top in condition. The tag on the back says display and still has the owners papers in the envelope on them. I have replaced that inadequate K-77 with my SMAHL  and they sound good. Crossover recapped of course.  I had thought about making the best example of a super Heresy anyone has ever seen but because of the condition and owners papers blah blah have held off. I have bits and pieces also which I may decide to sell and if so I will get the info up. I am not bringing any of this stuff unless someone has a specific desire to see and perhaps purchase and anything of interest to anyone I will get pictures up here.

 I may also have a La Scala done by then. It will have the sides replaced with 25mm Baltic Birch and I might extend the top section while I am at it to allow for one of my LMAHL V2 sets to be installed in there. If not a set of SMAHL V2's will go in. Recapped crossovers with AA type minus Zeners and soldered lug drivers for the mid. I don't remember what the woofers are off hand and when I get into them again I can post that info if anyone is interested. These I may bring in any case just so people can hear the difference these mods bring to the table.

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