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South West Audio Get together MASTER INFO LIST.

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Your one stop shopping list for all SWAG info.  NOTE:  !!!!!!!  If you're using the dark background you may not see all the info on this page.  Scroll to the bottom of the page, click Theme and change your background to the light option.


This thread has all the updated info.  Use this thread only for the latest and most accurate information about the SWAG.


Thread Title:  Important information for 2020 September Southwest Audio Gathering in Hope, AR


NOTE:   Pay Pal $50.00 to Jerrylwilsonjr@yahoo.com.  Funds will be used to cover the cost of the venue.  NOTE: SEND YOUR FORUM NAME AS A NOTE WITH PAYMENT.  IF YOU DON'T USE FRIENDS AND FAMILY AS PAYMENT, SEND $53.00.




Description of the event:  This event will have a gear, music and social focus.  There will be a range of equipment, brought in by those in attendance, from vintage tube gear to more modern solid state, as well as Klipsch and other brand speakers.  Attendees are encouraged to bring any gear they would like to audition for the group.  Every effort will be made to connect and demonstrate all the equipment brought in within the time constraints.  There will be technical discussion and introduction/instruction on measurement techniques and hardware/software requirements,


Please note:  This event is not intended to replace the announced “Pilgrimage”, but is being held for those who may not be able to attend that event due to work or other personal reasons, or who simply want to attend both this new event and the “Pilgrimage”.  Everyone is welcome!


Cost to attend – Tentative at $50 per person.  Dependent on final count.


1.     Dates of the event – Friday September25 to Sunday September 27, 2020.

Main gear, music and technical sessions will take place on Friday and Saturday, 9:00am to 6:00pm.

Some folks will be arriving on Thursday to begin preparations, and to socialize that evening at the Super 8.  If you are planning on arriving on Thursday, you will not be alone.  We are able to access Timeless Traditions after picking up the key Thursday afternoon to get equipment in for those systems that will be there on Thursday


2.    Venue:


Timeless Traditions
474 Hempstead 7
Hope, AR


3.     Super 8 Motel, Hope, AR.  This will be the gathering place for evening socializing, music and small system auditions.


We have tentatively secured the conference room at the Super 8 in Hope to set up some small systems for evening entertainment and socialization.  The Super 8 conference room is going through a remodel and has not been confirmed that it will be available yet.  If we can’t get the Super 8 conference room we have an opportunity to look at another one at the Hampton Inn, but there is no outdoor gathering area at that hotel if the weather is nice whereas the Super 8 does.


Direct number to the Super 8.  870-667-4226


4.      Other Hope hotel links



5.     Tentative schedule


Thursday Sep 24:  Preliminary gathering at Timeless Traditions and at Super 8 to evaluate facilities and planning going forward.  Socializing at Super 8 in the evening.


Friday Sep 25:  Morning gear setup and listening sessions, technical sessions.  REW talk at 9:30 AM.


Saturday Sep 26  Morning gear setup and listening sessions, technical sessions


Sunday Sep 27  Departure


6.     List of tentative attendees


Cecaa850  paid

Pete H  paid

Rockhound  paid

Babadono  paid

Thaddeussmith  paid

Jimjimbo paid

DaveA  paid

Jay Harman (from Audio Karma)  paid

ZEUS121996  paid 

SSH  paid


son of Totalcomfort



WPS  paid

Woofers and Tweeters  paid

Trippigs  paid

RichieB  paid- refunded


Seadog  paid

Kirby  paid

Carlmay  paid

Rivernuggets  paid

Mallette  paid

Chris A  paid




7.     List of gear planned by attendees


Pete H


3 way actives consisting of (mini punch BB's, Faital Pro HF200's and @Dave A, Large MAHL V 2 Tweeters with DE10 drivers.

Amps to drive the 3 way



Cables/Extension cords as required


Dave A

Super MWM's

Xilica xp3060 with 2 crown xli800's one DBX drive rack and one DBX graphic EQ in a rack.

UMike and Laptop with REW and TrueRTA leaded

Three way speaker I am building

possibly a Super heresy



Fisher 500C vintage tube receiver

Mcintosh MAC 4100 vintage SS receiver

Mcintosh MC250 vintage SS amp

iPad Pro for Spotify playlists

Dragonfly Red DAC


Thaddeus Smith

Planning to bring ATI AT1505.

Maybe this Outlaw preamp I have coming from USNRET.

Maybe a long rack PDU if we think it's needed.

Can bring some Yamaha pro monitors and stands if we're desperate for speakers.

Laptop for streaming Spotify and maybe my personal library if I can find a suitable portable storage device.

I have a UMIK as well if people think we'll need more than one.

 Camera gear for that sweet photojournalism of the event.



I'm bringing any of the following that people want to hear.




25hz tapped horn subs



 I'll bring some HIP’S, Chorus 1’s, Heresy 1’s, loudspeakers. I have a pair of KP-480 subs and a single 684 sub that I can bring

A rack with Crown K2, QSC PLX 1804, xilica 4080, minidsp, driverack pro, rayne mixer.



Split LSIs.   Maybe an ATI amp 


Woofers and Tweeters

I might have space to bring an amp, maybe the ATI 1502. If someone is passing through central KY and has the means to haul them to and from, I have a pair of KPT-684 



If there is interest, I can bring two Stacked AMTs with waveguides....IF someone brings bass bins I can cross at 800hz.  No way I can bring my bass bins.



I will bring a Bill Fitzmaurice THLPT subwoofer (36” variety with a 15” inch driver) if there is interest. Also could bring a nice Knight KG250 integrated tube amp to sell or trade. 


Kirby  EV horns and LF cabs.


8.  Contact info   Please feel free to PM any of the following if you have specific questions about the event.

 @Pete H  @rockhound  @CECAA850  @Thaddeus Smith  @babadono




Hope is in a “dry”county.  Attendees are encouraged to bring their own desired beverages, and those that they may want to share with others. 


Persons are responsible to make their own hotel reservations


Persons are responsible for their own morning meals.  Lunch and dinner will be TBD, but we are looking at simple, chip in meals such as pizza, BBQ.


If you are bringing gear, you are encouraged to bring the correct cables and interconnects.

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4 minutes ago, Woofers and Tweeters said:

Great. Genuine steam calliope or just recordings when compressed air was used? 

Old Pilgrimage joke. It was actually a 19th century band organ LP by Audio Fidelity recorded in the very early days. Incredible recording and no calliope involved, but I got a lot of  ribbing about it. Music is really pretty good, but the recording and pressing are truly incredible. Rather listen to a band organ of this quality of recording than Pink Floyd on 8 track any day of the week....


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