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  1. Kinda wanted to try some of these. What would cost be with shipping to bossier City la 71111?
  2. Thanks much, and like I said don’t worry about rushing to ship it out-do so at your leisure and you can ship it snail speed if it saves $$$. I’ve got a ton of equipment that I haven’t been able to play with yet so I’m in no hurry at all. -Rooster
  3. Glad you got her sold, sorry I missed out-been so busy sometimes I don’t get to check my pm’s fast enough-and like I said I wanted to give others a chance as well. Hope you got your asking price or at least close enough as it was quite fair. Did they take the extra tubes as well? Also if they hit you back up and say it wasn’t quite what they were looking for tell em to hit me up as i’ve closed out most all of my other things in the works and I’m ready now. Thanks again! Rooster
  4. So yeah guys, I’m gonna start a go fund me for these! Who wants to help a brother out? 🙏😎 -Rooster
  5. I’ll take it. Hit me up in pm and we’ll work out the details.
  6. Right on! Guys move quick..., the clock is ticking... -Rooster
  7. I’m sure I wouldn’t be. I know I wanna try one out- I’ve always liked Bob’s designs. I just gotta wrap up a couple of other commitments (going to pick up another set of cf-4’s in the morning) wrapping up the Accuphase equipment Monday. Still haven’t had time to play with anything i’ve gotten in the past few weeks. Got an AI modulus 3 delivered today, got the ps audio s300 earlier this week (yesterday maybe the day b4 can’t remember) everything is running together this week. Trying to get a bunch of tubes from another forum member as well. Thought I was gonna have most of the week off, but that changed real quick. Got serious supply chain issues at the shop and i’ve been doing everything I can to source products. Corona and the shutdowns are gonna have serious effects on the economy for quite some time. Just as we’re getting back in full swing we’re running out of everything. It’s been rough. Nonetheless I am interested in the Carver Crimson- just gotta wrap up some other commitments and make some room. Figured i’d give others a chance to scoop it first. I want one, but could live w/out for the time being. It looks sweet. How long have you had it? What are your thoughts on the sound? -Rooster p. s. If it does last the weekend I’ll be scooping the extra tubes as well.
  8. I’m mulling it over, been seriously interested in one of these. Got to wrap up a couple of purchases here on the forum and elsewhere. Fair warning to everyone- if y’all don’t jump on this by the end of this weekend I probably will. -Rooster
  9. Ok guys, I am finally getting a free moment to update everyone. Firstly: I can’t begin, and don’t have the words to express how grateful I am to @314carpenter for working out getting me these babies. Thank you thank you thank you. Secondly: Yes they were delivered to my living room in Bossier City, LA all the way from the Great State of Wisconson. I’m still in awe. Thank you thank you thank you. Thirdly: As for what was advertised the headline got it mostly right- they are in PERFECT condition. And they were transported with the utmost care to keep them that way. The only thing it left out was that I feel that they are the most beautiful pair in existence. Thank you thank you thank you and lastly for now: They are better than the pics posted- I still can’t quite believe it- kinda surreal. @314carpenter is one of my favorite human beings in existence right now. I look forward to seeing more of his work on my legends here in the near future. Hope you avoided most of the weather on your way to Florida brother. Look forward to talking to you soon. Stay safe! Guys I’ll be posting pics soon in the lounge. Thanks, Rooster
  10. Rooster42


    Thanks again! You didn’t have to rush to ship- like I said you coulda waited till after the weekend. Now it’s looking like it’s gonna sit for a minute anyhow. ☹️ I found out that my carver amp blew the mid/bass drivers on my left proac response 3.8. Gotta track it down to the drivers or the crossover components. Those scan speak drivers are mucho expensivo so I hope they are gonna be ok. -Rooster
  11. Kk, so checking out the pics of the p300 it does have an iec connector. Was that what you were using these for? I was thinking of picking up some synergistic research cables, or transparent. How do these compare (if you’ve tried those)?
  12. Being that I love to spend excessive amounts on power cables for some reason I got a couple of questions. What equipment were you using this on/what are they best suited for? (I.e. source components & pre-amps, digital, power, etc.) what characteristics did you most like about these cables? Have you tried any series of shunyata, synergistic research, transparent, or nordost? If so how do these compare? What brand are the upgrade iec’s? These are the standard silver series correct (or perhaps digital series? ) Do the Accuphase have iec connectors or are they stock cables? (Prolly just gonna pick these up anyway just wondering) Thanks! -Rooster
  13. Been wanting to see what the fuss is all about with a linear power supply and the difference they make. This will be nice as the theorems and the 2qute are set up in the same system. Still gonna get an MRSU power supply for the technics as well as some of their upgrades for the table itself. -Rooster
  14. Ever expanding. Always looking. Most of the time buying. -Rooster
  15. Thanks, so ima go ahead and call dibs on this one guys and send out the PayPal. No need to reply, go inside and get outta the heat. We’ll work out the details later when you’re back in town. -Rooster
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