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  1. Florida Panhandle Rentals Re-Open!!! NO to NO, NY, NJ, Connecticut; Lower AlaBama OK. NOTHING Political in those YouTube Videos.
  2. Bounty on ScamWow boy...and Flo. Which is higher?
  3. ScamWow mask is out now, for those who fell for this Scam, Wow.
  4. Speakerlab homemade is my best guess.
  5. Welcome to the Forums! You have pics that are difficult to view, wo loading IMGUR. Post the rest, as I’ve done with the first, please.
  6. Too each his own. I’ve smoked around 15,000 Habanos, & counting, & about 10,000 non; very few non compare. You can’t make chicken salad out of chicken #(85.
  7. Learned from aTm grad at Armor Officer Basic: ”Born in backwoods, Suckled by a bear. Got four rows of teeth, And eight coats of hair. Got balls of steel, And a platinum rod. I’m a mean :&er, I’m a TANKER, Thank GOD!”
  8. I’m in with the ladies, Ravi, Rony, & many more...
  9. Here are the items that were shipped: SKU ITEM NAME UNIT CECNAN El Credito Nacionales Bundle of 25 CECRON El Credito Rothchild Bundle of 25
  10. Any Habanos smokers? Sources you use now? PM ONLY, please for those in the States? Domestics? No links, please. For example, just ordered from Holt; have used JR in the past. Pipe tobacco sources?
  11. can’t hold a candle to real cannon...
  12. TarHeel, how’s the rental situation on the outer banks? I’ve never really been; but, I’d sure like to go. Best Beach with clearest water, & whitest sand? No ferry, please.
  13. Yep. Have been unable to find original post.
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