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  1. Dear friends of my husband it is with deep regret that I post this. My husband Kendall Payne known to many of you as sanchopanza passed to the eternal life at 1126 am cst. Please keep his family in your prayers as we lay this great man to rest.
  2. In hospital now low blood pressure Er prayers appreciated
  3. Keep us posted on your project, please.
  4. ^^^ That’s what I ended up doing. Lots of kinks to be worked out of eARC.
  5. Forte IIs Oiled Oak Alpharetta, Georgia $750...Fb Marketplace
  6. Call Jim with JEM Performance Audio, for Klipsch Approved Caps... (412) 401-6915 JEM Performance Audio
  7. Gotta love a mouser. ”It’s a Rat Writ, Writ for a Rat, and this is lawful service of same.”
  8. Congratulations! Clicks on local Craig’s Lust one more time...
  9. They weigh, per specs 5.5 lbs each; have no issues using keyholes, with proper anchors, on drywall, with my RP-500SA. Mine weigh, per specs, 8 lbs each.
  10. I’m with 2, as near to the ceiling as possible, equal spacing with mains.
  11. Community Brand Coffee, Biscuit with Canadian Bacon. yummy
  12. Only your ears can be the judge of the value.
  13. ^^^ allows your Denon AVR-4700H to expand from 9 channels driven, to 11...
  14. Many members looking for LS. Where are you located?
  15. Slight corrosion is easily removed with a pencil eraser. Before giving up, check all settings and reverse the polarity.
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