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  1. Greetings Mark!! Still think about you every time I fire up my Peach. On another front, not sure if you heard, but my lifelong best friend Josh passed Feb, 2021. Josh was a big JMA fan as you likely recall. My wife and I were up in NoCal this past weekend and visited his wife. We had a good listen to his system and drank some great wine. All the best! Chris
  2. Years ago when I first began to roll equipment with my Cornwalls, a Decware Zen Triode was the first amp I tried. To this day and many amps later, the Zen is still the best overall sound of any, including an older AR. The only issue was a lack of full blast power. Now I have twin MC-30's that I enjoy very much. Maybe one more to try. Benchmark - on a glowing recommendation from a trusted and dear friend.
  3. Have 3... Main 2 channel - 1976 Cornwalls, (2) Mac MC225's, Peach pre, EAR phono amp, Benchmark Dac 2, Silenzio server, Lenco J Nichol rebuild TT w/RB300 arm and Zu cart, Oppo cd/br, Garage 2 channel - Scott 299 amp, Accuphase T100 tuner, MD antenna Bedroom - Bose Wave radio
  4. I'm guessing Klipsch "The Fives" are great sounding powered speakers that are compatible with a variety of sources. My system is designed around analogue and hi-rez digital sources and I use Roon as a hub for the digital sources (Tidal, Amazon HD, Silenzio server, etc.) through a Benchmark DAC 2. To my ears, Tidal and A HD sound almost identical. Side note: Roon's interface is kinda cool in that it let's you know what resolution is sent to the system at any time. Maybe attempting to get "analogue" sound out of powered speakers and digital sources is not an easy task.
  5. Hi Allan!! Long time no talk. Hope things are well for you. BTW, in no particular order I enjoy jazz, classical, folk, bluegrass, americana, country, reggae, rockasaurus, and just about everything else this side of hip hop.
  6. Regardless of which forum this belongs in, I've had quite a few different amps with my Cornwalls and a pair of Decware Zen's where the best sound...bar none. However, my room is rather large and when it's time to crank up some rockasaurus, big band jazz, orchestral or other big/loud music, the Zen was straining. Still, in it's lane, the DW Zen sounded amazing!!!
  7. When I had them refinished, I bought new badges. The originals didn't look as good with the new color. Originally, they arrived unfinished and were rubbed with linseed oil. Fast forward 20something years, the linseed oil had yellowed while in storage. I had them refinished as you see them. No veneers.
  8. I have 1975 Cornwalls. Other than refinishing, new woofer cones and 5 way binding posts, they're completely original.
  9. Love Tidal HiFi. Also enjoy touring their rabbit holes. I very much hope they survive.
  10. Not sure I would pass on the SE III's. I found some images of the Indian Rosewood finish online. They sure do look purdy! When speakers are as big as a Cornwall, handsome looks can be helpful with other residents at home
  11. I have a pair of mid 70's Cornwalls. Completely gone through and refinished . I've used many different amps over the years. The bottom line? Cornwalls are excellent speakers that will reflect the sound from whatever amplification and source is used. Some of my favorite amps over the years: McIntosh MC 225's (monoblocked pair) - sound fantastic and look great with the tubes glowing!...using them now HK 470 - Quite capable...not the quietest various vintage Marantz recvr's...similar to the HK...very cool controls and sturdy build Decware Zen - probably the best sound of any...just not enough power to really blast something Cary 300B - also VERY sweet sound Scott 299B - totally rebuilt by NosValves...another very fun piece of equipment...great sound There has been a few others, but above are the highlights. Half the fun is trying different equipment. Next is likely to be Benchmark amps...
  12. Yep, Josh is the one who sold you the 299. Totally not surprised he sent the unit before receiving payment. He loved this forum for many years.
  13. So sorry to inform the forum. My best friend and 45 year audio buddy, Josh Nichol passed away from an apparent heart attack Friday. He was the kindest, nicest, most well liked person I ever had the honor of knowing. Please think good thoughts, and keep his wonderful wife Marcy and their three beautiful kids in your prayers. I'm totally crushed.
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