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  1. I have both the fisher 500C and 500B - both freshly restored. I find I get better sound out of the B. I highly recommend them.
  2. Putting a new little system together for the house. I have a pair of La Scala II on their way to me. Still shopping for a nice turntable. I plan on using a Fisher 500C as my integrated amp - but it is currently being restored professionally and I wont get it back for about (3) months ! Well needless to say, I cant have those speakers just sitting in a box for three months.... I would like to pick up something in the meantime. More than likely I will want to get rid of it when my fisher comes in, so maybe re-sell it. Im looking for something that will sound pretty good and not break the bank. Would love to stick with tubes, but ones in nice / working condition are pricey. I just read some reviews that were pretty good on some lower end (Chinese) tube stuff (Monoprice) here is the link to their web site. https://www.monoprice.com/product?p_id=27222 Now I know you get what you pay for - but anyone here own it? Maybe it would be fine for something to use for a few months and keep as a back up..... Or if there are some other suggestions - I would love to hear them. Thanks for your help and advice, Ted
  3. WOW - apparently its a sensitive topic for some. Thanks to those that have reached out on here. I do appreciate your feedback and information / tips you have provided. As for the others, I don't really care, I'm not an easily offended person. I think sometimes people like to give the new guy a hard time, I'll take my licks and get back up, not to worry. I have always worked hard for my money. I try to be smart with it, that includes looking for the best price and the deal. Thats how you keep your money and or buy more nice stuff glad to hear there are other just like me, and for a fact have never paid retail. gives me hope. So here is what I got so far - tell me what you think : --Brand new La Scala AL5 - have to be ordered from factory - so a few weeks out ($9500) this does not include shipping which, worse case add 500 --The B stock AL5 - $7500 - so far have only seen the natural cherry - and that is a little light for my house ( I imagine if I look further I could find others) --New La Scala II - about 7K-8K delivered (getting) harder to find --La Scala II - demo- at a dealer- on the floor - about 6mo old - perfect condition - delivered 4500K The last one seems like a hard deal to pass up - any reason NOT to buy a nice pair of demos? (Question to "dwilawyer" - you stated the AL5 are your choice because of the new horn / tweeter - its it $5,000 dollars better? and if so - any idea if someone can purchase those and put in a La Scala II - I mean there sure are a lot of folks on here that do upgrades and modification to their older speakers.)
  4. Oh Dave - are you a Klipsch dealer? and what kind of verification would you like? I certainly did not intend to come off as abrasive - but what you said (you have now deleted it from your reply) was quite abrasive. You also implied you were a dealer and tell customers to hit the bricks and dont come back if they try to wheel and deal your price. So thats why i was asking if you were a dealer. But since you are not interested in what i do (except for you to take a shot and then say you wont be back to reply) I guess i'll just leave it at that. Wishing you a good day sir.
  5. AT Islander - I never called anyone a sucker - and yest i already assumed Cory is MLO. Dont be so sensitive.
  6. Well Dave - I already have a dealer quoting me 10K for the new AL5 and MSRP is 12K.... and i just started.
  7. Well guf, I have never paid MSRP for a car, and i have purchased "desirable" cars, speakers, guns, you name it. But i have always been one to find the deal, usually it works out. Thats fine if Klipsch is trying to keep pricing consistent. But a business man is a business man - he wants to sell / move product. If you are made of money and dont care about cost - more power to you, congrats and by all means pay that MSRP. but i rather do a little leg work, save a couple grand.
  8. @ billybob - thanks for the pointers - Ill amend @MetropolisLakeOutfitters - What exactly are "B- Stock" ? And as far a universal pricing - that's like paying MSRP for a car... only for suckers
  9. Hello all, Im looking to purchase a pair of La Scala II or open to the new model too. Question for you all that have been on this forum a while - have you seen any of these listed for sale? I'm wondering if i should just buy them from a store or keep waiting and shopping here. I have found a few places that will sell the new AL5s - but they are about 10K - Its getting harder to find anyone with the older stock of La Scala II - but those that have them seem to want to deal a little better. If you have a used pair - im in the market - please contact me. If you know of a Klipsch dealer/store that would give me a great deal, let me know. Thanks have a great day
  10. I would buy them right now if I could come pick them up....but its a bit of a drive from California
  11. I listen to Frank Sinatra, Dean Martin, others from that time frame, Jazz, Classical, Country (not much modern country) and some modern stuff. My wife listens to that stuff with more modern music mixed in, pop, R&B etc. The fact is, I don't even know where my old CDs are- once I put everything on the phone/MP3 thats all I listen to - and streaming of course. I have the intent to get back into records, but reading the debates on turntables is as bad as the speaker debate I do need to find the best way to stream music into an old system like a Fisher 500. My wife - ALL of her music is streaming through things like Spotify. So I need to figure that out too. You mention the Klipschorn with the closed back (man the new ones are sure pretty) is it an easy mod for the older ones to close off the backs? I definitely won't be able to build false corners. I did read your link to the Jubilees - interesting read - but man they look as tall as a sky scraper ! Khorns are def better looking.... I have to say I am a little worried about acoustics - due to room layout and the sound bouncing off everything - I have nothing to absorb the sound - no carpet or tapestries Ted
  12. Hi everyone - I got rid of my nice floor standing speakers a few years back when I remodeled and put in wall / ceiling speakers. Well they are fine to watch TV - but man I sure miss listening to "good sound." So I have decided to purchase some nice Klipsch speakers. Im leaning toward the Klipshorn - but I am worried about my room layout. The room is about 20x30 - the speakers would be about 15 feet apart - one side - perfect corner to go in - the other side - is like a 3/4 corner - what I mean by that is one side of the corner is normal but the other side the wall sticks out only about 18" - so the speaker would stick passed the wall about 8 to 9 inches. Beyond the little 18" wall it opens to a hallway - the next wall is about 3 feet away. Also Im wondering about acoustics. My room has NO carpet - the floor is all tile, hallway is wood. Ceilings are 9 feet high. Also the kitchen opens up into that room- kinda like a big L - its like an open design house - one big room. Could I put Khorns in the room or would the sound be lost and or not sound good? I am located in the SF bay area, Livermore to be exact. I have not found a place to listen to Khorns (I havnt heard them in 25 years probably) There is a dealer about a 2 hour drive - but he only has La Scala II on demo. I have thought about buying a pair of used La Scala's but they are not very good looking except for the ones only a few years old. The other downside I keep reading about, a lot of people on here say if you use the La Scala's you should run a Sub with them. The speakers would just be used for music - not hooked up to home entertainment. More than likely I would be using a Fisher 500c to run them. Any feed back would be appreciated. and any info on where I could hear some Khorns - that would also be appreciated. Any members in the area that run an older set - sure would like to hear them to. Thanks and have a great day, Ted
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