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  1. I have one of Josh’s Lenco rebuilds in my system. It is a huge improvement over my Clearaudio! Huge. The PRAT is fantastic and the sound floor is silent. I can’t imagine a better sounding rig for my system. At any cost.
  2. Had one of these years ago. Many, many amps later it's still the best sound I ever heard in my system. I wish I had kept it just to have....
  3. Tidal works great for me. I use the Tidal app from my phone in my car and Oppo Media Controller from my phone, iPad or laptop with my system at home. Haven't had an artist come up empty yet. I agree with avguytx that hi rez streaming is just beginning. My concern is most gen x, y and z's couldn't care less about music fidelity. Much of what they listen to can barely be described as music and is usually highly synthesized and/or auto tuned.
  4. Just another JMA equipment owner wishing Mark all the best. I love my Peach and look forward to many years of enjoyable listening with it. I was lucky enough to meet Mark and his wayyyy better half when they were down in Los Angeles a couple of years ago and can't imagine a nicer couple. All the best, Chris Keep me posted on the cable venture. Maybe a line named after Pasta? Fettucine speaker cable? Angel Hair interconnects?
  5. I have to chime in here for my old friend Dr. Bruce Edgar. Who, btw, had a fairly close relationship with PWK. His Edgarhorn Titan system, including the Seismic Sub is the single best sounding system I've ever heard. Coming in #2 is Josh's (forum member) modified Belle based system with Dr. Edgars modified K-Horn's coming in third. The Edgarhorn system was powered by a pair of very expensive, custom made amps. The sound was amazing!
  6. Hey Sensei, Aron and I have been talking about going to some more of Merle's shows at LAX. Is there anyone coming up that would get you (and maybe also your wife that you married so far over your head) off your duff and out to have a burger with us? Regards, Chris PS I take it as a personal offense, your "...plastic turntable..." wisecrack. kidding....
  7. swingcat420, I live in the South Bay and am very interested. However, due to WAF, I would need to sell my Cornwalls first. Is anyone intersted in a great looking pair of Cornwall's?
  8. Gary, Gotta agree with you for the most part. In fact, I've been surprised more than a few times when a "must have" vinyl reissue came out and I was disappointed to find out after listening to it, the content didn't have any "legs". At least not for me. On the other hand, some old school reissues have really been a great musical experience. One reissue that sticks out in my mind is Pink Floyd's "Dark Side Of The Moon". I couldn't wait to buy it and after it arrived I played it and was amazed at the great sound. The only problem was the "music" had passed me by. I doubt I'll ever play it again except for demonstration purposes. Then again...after my son moves out of the house...the wife and I could invite some friends over...roll a fat one...queue it up to the begining of "The Wizard Of Oz" and see if we were really enlightened way back when or just too buzzed to know the difference........ Regards, Chris
  9. Allan, Who was that masked man? Seriously, who was that? Parrot, Kelly or some other ghost from forums past?
  10. I hope this hasn't already been posted here, but it's pretty good news for the analog crowd. To boil it down, Warner Bros/Rhino/Reprise has commissioned 100's of new and previously released albums to be re-mastered and released on Vinyl. Some of the artists will be Van Morrison, White Stripes, Joni Mitchell, Red Hot Chili Peppers, Frank Sinatra, James Taylor and dozens more. I'm guessing WB is trying new/old ways to generate revenue in the age of the iPod. For more info, take a look at the following link - http://www.stevehoffman.tv/forums/showthread.php?t=112018 Regards, Chris
  11. Dr. Bruce Edgar's SoCal Horn Group will be getting together this coming Saturday, 1:00pm at his buddie's workshop in Torrance. While usually pretty heavy on the techno talk, there's always some great music to be heard on some fabulous equipment. Not to mention, Bruce is a rare character. I'm doubtful I can attend as I'm stepping off the red-eye from Honolulu at 6;00am that morning, but I'm gonna try. The location is 2539 W. 237th St Torrance, CA. Unit I (that's an i). Follow the link to Bruce's post over on AudioAsylum.com http://www.audioasylum.com/forums/hug/messages/122277.html Regards, Chris PS Hey Allan, the wife, my son and the inlaws have been going to Merle's shows at LAX lately. There's been some pretty good stuff. Last week we heard Janis Mann with Tamir, Chuck Berghofer and Merle's husband. Great Show! Janis was unbelievably nice to us and may even be voice-coaching my son. Maybe you and the Mrs could meet us there sometime. The 6:00pm starting time makes it early enough for me to hear the 1st set and still be asleep by 8:00pm.
  12. Chris good to see you posting! How you been? Captain Grumpy? Who me [] Craig, I've been doing better than I deserve. Sounds like your hobby/business has turned into much more business than hobby! I still get viagra'd when I think of the pictures I saw here of the job you did on Allan's C-22. That's the prettiest picture of stereo innards I've ever seen! And if Allan gives it his stamp of approval, that's sayin' sump'n. Regards, Chris PS What ever happened to Kelly? Did his OCD get the best of him? kidding.....
  13. I have the same model (also expertly refurb'd by Captain Grumpy) with same cabinet (slightly lighter stain) in my 2nd system. At the asking price, it's a GREAT deal! Everytime I futz with my MC-225's and put the Scott back in the main system, it sounds so good that I wonder why I spent all the money for my separates.
  14. I tend to agree on everything you say about Armstrong. I have actually wondered why he doesnt show up much (or at all as far I have seen) in your recommendation or what you are listening posts. It has been one of those conspicuous by its absence sort of things. I remember is an old post about Teagarden, Jazzman referred to Armstrong as a novelty act. I let it go at the time but since kind of assumed that the die-hard be pop crowd didnt care for him much. I am happy to see that at least for you that is not the case! Josh BTW What do you think are the "have to have" armstrong lps? Josh, You are the devil! Chris PS Talk about suffering for your art..tonight, in the name of being a good...no...great father, I have to sit through a Los Angeles Clippers (that's a basketball team) game from the very highest seats in Staples Center. gotta go........
  15. Dean, Like the earlier poster, I'm interested in info regarding Cornwall Type B networks. Thanks, Chris
  16. Don't know if she's been mentioned, but Maura O'Connell is one of my favorites. Saw her here in Los Angeles at McCabe's guitar store last year. Oh my gosh! What a voice! She's Irish and lives in Nashville and was the lead singer of De Dannan. Works a lot with Jerry Douglas (Allison Krause's sideman). Giver her a listen.
  17. I had one in my system for a couple of years. Only sold it to try something else. Overall I thought it was a great amp and have thought about getting another one. Great sound, nice look (imho) and excellent resale. I have Cornwalls and your K-Horns might even be better suited, due to slightly higher efficiency and horn loaded bass. Give it a try, you could probably sell it for very close to what you payed if you buy one used. Good Luck, Chris
  18. I met her too. I just had the name wrong in my head for some reason! Did yoy listen to "Promise" yet? Yes, I've listened to it. Very nice record. Slightly funny story - Grandpa dragged my son up to meet Danny and get a cd autographed. Danny was very sweet chatting with Cameron (12yo). D "Do you play piano?" C "well...er...ah...sorta...but not like you" We all got a chuckle out of that. Chris PS Do you know Jimmy? (dearly departed Boots' husband)
  19. Allan, You and John Heard need to get your eyes checked. Danny married singer Patrizia Ferrara (although Vanessa Rubin would have been a great score also!). He introduced her to us at the show. What a great looking couple! Their kids will be coming from the DEEP end of the gene pool! Looks, talent, brains.....talk about born on 3rd base! Chris
  20. I absolutely second Allans feelings on the show! I was there with my son and father-in-law (who has only missed prior A Frame engagements if out of town), and we had a GREAT time!. One thing Allan failed to mention was that Danny had just gotten married on Saturday and seemed to have waaay too much energy for someone just waking up after his wedding night.... Allan, does Betty's carpet qualify as "Vintage"? I haven't seen powder blue shag in a long time. Hopefully I can sneak away for a burger with you Thursday night at the Crown Plaza. Chris
  21. Max, I'm very interested in your thoughts regarding Champion 2 vs Master Solution. I currently have a basic champion and am considering an upgrade. My good buddy Josh recently went from Basic to Level 2 after upgrading his cartridge/arm combo. His comments to me seemed to say the turntable upgrade was at least as dramatic as was the cart/arm change. A couple of thoughts - 1. I don't think I'll ever use 2 arms. 2. I still need to consider WAF. The solution looks a little more techno-contraptiony than does the Champion...at least I believe my wife might think as such... What's your take (sonics and otherwise)? Thanks, Chris
  22. I don't have my HT set up these days or I would have bought all of them. Not to mention I'm nervous about putting DualDisc's in my cd/sacd player. I wish they did vinyl or SACD....
  23. Last night I took my 12yo son to The Jazz Bakery to hear Gordon Goodwin's Big Phat Band. We're talkin' 18 pieces in a pretty small venue. They barely fit on the stage. Our seats were dead center, right down front. In a word, WOW! Those guys have some serious horsepower! Every time I finally get the hall pass to go hear live music I'm reminded of what most of us are trying to do here. Aren't we trying to, as closley as possible, re-create a live music experience? If so, last night was a fantastic reference point. I bought their latest cd on the way out and when we got home threw it on my system, cranked it up a bit and listened. I have to admit I was pretty pleased even if it didn't come close to being there. Most of the evening we were sitting about 3 feet from Eric Marienthal and even listening to the cd I could pick out his Sax. I'm not sure where many of these players stand in the jazz music hierarchy, but to me they sounded great! Moral of this story....GO HEAR LIVE MUSIC!
  24. Allen, Aron and I are taking my son. We'll see you guys there! Chris
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